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Dan Nielsen: Car label misfires from Lettuce to Scat  Traverse City Record Eagle

Another Christmas has come and gone, and — again — I did not find a new car under the tree with my name on it. Doesn't anybody in my family.

Traverse City Record Eagle
Firing Order: That Time I Bought an AMC Eagle  Four Wheeler Network

Ken Brubaker's Four Wheeler Firing Order editorial for April 2019 talks about the time he bought an AMC Eagle.

Four Wheeler Network
Street Machine Summernats 32 Meguair's Great Uncover - preview  WhichCar

ONE of the highlights of the Street Machine Summernats is the Friday night Meguiar's Great Uncover, where *fresh* builds are shown to the public for the first time.

2018 Was a Great Year for Sexy Gay TV Moments, and This Mega-Edit Is Proof (Video)  Hornet

It's no doubt that we're living in the golden age of television as 2018 gave way to some of the best (and sexiest) gay TV shows of all time.

Eilte show cars unveiled at Street Machine Summernats 32  WhichCar

FRIDAY night saw the biggest Meguiar's Great Uncover, with 17 cars unveiled to the public at Street Machine Summernats 32. We talked to all of the owners to ...

James Bond's AMC Hornet from 'The Man with the Golden Gun' going up for auction  Fox News

The only AMC Hornet that ever flew (at least on the big screen) should create quite the buzz when it hits the block at the Auctions America event in Auburn, Ind., ...

Fox News
Is This AMC Gremlin the Coolest Survivor Car Parked In Manhattan?  Jalopnik

I think I have a candidate for the coolest street-parked car in Manhattan, and it's not this AMC Gremlin still living on the Upper East Side. But I do think this ...

The Actual James Bond Barrel-Roll AMC Hornet Is Heading to Auction  RoadandTrack.com

One of the most gloriously camp moments in James Bond history was the famous barrel-roll scene in 1974's The Man With the Golden Gun. Notably, it was the ...

The Green Hornét: A Nitrous-Huffing, Straight-Six-Powered, Patina-Clad, AMC Station Wagon  Hot Rod Network

This 1972 AMC Hornet Sportabout, dubbed “The Green Hornét” by Freiburger himself, was acquired on a bit of a whim. After flying from Georgia to California for ...

Hot Rod Network
1974 AMC Gremlin 401-XR road test: Turn back the clock  autoweek.com

I can't really talk about this 6.6-liter V8, four-speed tribute 1974 AMC Gremlin 401-XR without talking about the original, and we can't talk about the original ...

This AMC Hornet is up for auction, but there's a twist  CarsGuide

James Bond's cars are among the most well-known in pop culture thanks to some truly epic car chases.

Prepping for a Modern Day Cannonball Run: The C2C Express Part Two  Hot Rod Network

In the weeks leading up to the latest adventure in my clapped-out 1972 AMC Hornet Sportabout, a car that looks like it would be more at home in a junkyard than ...

Hot Rod Network
1971 AMC Hornet – Twice Stung  Hot Rod Network

It took John 10 years to finish his 1971 AMC Hornet; performing most of the work himself in his home garage and now teamed with his AMX for a great pair of ...

Hot Rod Network
For $10,500, Would You Feel This 1976 AMC Hornet’s Sting?  Jalopnik

Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Hornet X Sportabout brings some serious seventies sexiness to the table. Let's see if its asking price gets you all hot and ...

9 Movie Cars That Get Two Thumbs Down (And 10 That Get 5 Stars)  HotCars

Cars in movies can often become as popular as the lead actors that drive them. Think of James Bond, The Fast and the Furious and the Back to the Future ...

The James Bond Corkscrew Jump Was The First Computer-Modeled Stunt  Jalopnik

I'm a little surprised that we haven't covered this in detail before, because it's so crammed full of Jalop-bait: jumping and flipping cars, AMCs, James Bond, ...

AMC's 'The Terror' brings failed Arctic voyage to life  The Hornet

AMC is no stranger to new and exciting shows, being that it is the network behind the instant classic “Breaking Bad” as well as the pop culture phenomenon “The ...

The Hornet
Project Car Hell, 1970s Designer Editions: Gucci AMC Hornet or Cartier Lincoln Continental Town Coupe?  AutoWeek

Welcome to Project Car Hell, where you must choose between two horrific-yet-tempting project cars. Last week, we offered a fabulous opportunity to choose ...

Is MoviePass Dead? Between Outages and Competition From AMC, It May Be  Hornet

Is MoviePass dead? After last week's *service* outage, today's price increase and new competition from AMC, the *service* may be on its last legs.

Cars We Remember: History of AMC muscle cars and racing: Three strikes you’re out and too little too late  Aledo Times Record

Q: Hello Greg and I am a big AMC fan. Looking back to your younger days, do you feel Rambler and AMC built formidable muscle cars of the era? Also, which of ...

Aledo Times Record
The Cummins Repower 2.8L Turbo is Right at Home in This 1977 Gremlin  TruckTrend Network

In just six weeks, this vintage Gremlin was updated with a modern 2.8L Turbo Four from the Cummins Repower Program, then driven on a 2500 mile trip!

TruckTrend Network
Original James Bond AMC Hornet from famous river jump scene to sell for more than £250,000  The Sun

The same car used to perform the iconic barrel-roll river jump in 1974 Bond film The Man with the Golden Gun is set to go to the highest bidder.

The Sun
Forza Horizon 4 gets James Bond cars like Aston Martin DB5  CNET

James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 is one of the ten 007 cars coming to Forza Horizon 4. Screenshot/CNET. Forza Horizon 4 is getting a Best of Bond DLC pack ...

The AMC Cowboy Concept Is As American As An Eagle Eating A Hot Dog  Jalopnik

Just take a moment and consider the full name of this car: the American Motors Corporation Cowboy. Just saying all those words together should materialize a ...

Lotus Esprit S1 gets wet and wild in 'Forza Horizon 4' James Bond trailer - Autoblog  Autoblog

The Forza Horizon 4 Demo is available now, with a worldwide launch of FH4 coming October 2. Enjoy this Best of James Bond Car Pack with all of 007's ...

Rare Rides: The First-ever Crossover, a 1987 AMC Eagle Wagon  The Truth About Cars

Back in 1980, AMC produced what is generally considered the first modern crossover vehicle. This excellent example of the type is up for sale presently.

The Truth About Cars
Variety: Two studios set to restart video-release fight  Seeking Alpha

At least two Hollywood majors -- Warner Bros. (T) and Universal (CMCSA) -- are ready to re-stir the hornet's nest around video-on-demand release windows, V.

Seeking Alpha
20 Muscle Cars In Bill Goldberg's Collection (And 5 He Should Buy ASAP)  HotCars

Goldberg's classic car collection is just a taste of the popular wrestler's personality.

Something different: 1982 AMC Concord is Pick of the Day  The ClassicCars.com Journal

Why not think about having fun with something different,” the advertisement on ClassicCars.com begins. The advertisement is for the Pick of the Day, a 1982 ...

The ClassicCars.com Journal
Drive Like Agent 007 With Forza Horizon 4's Bond Car Pack [UPDATE]  Motor1.com

Turn 10 Studios has announced the day one car pack for Forza Horizon 4 will include a total of ten cars from the James Bond movies. Some will have gadgets.

Where it All Began: A Trip to EL Mirage  Hot Rod Network

These hallowed grounds of El Mirage are a special place to our hobby—a place where the legends of hot rodding learned the elusive secrets of speed.

Hot Rod Network
Forza Horizon 4 features James Bond's cars  Windows Central

Today, Microsoft announced that Forza Horizon 4 will feature vehicles from the James Bond "007" franchise. A spokesperson for the company said, "The James ...

Windows Central
1978: The new AMC AMX dominates the Road Rodeo  Autoweek

The original American Motors AMX was a two-seat sports car based on a shortened Javelin, sold only for the 1968 through 1970 model years, and it remains a ...

Donked AMC Hornet Sportabout Sports Hella Bass, Truck Nutz  Jalopnik

Normally, we wouldn't recommend adding big ol' donkin' wheels, JC Whitney leaf-spring shackles, and Truck Nutz to a Malaise Era wagon. However, this ...

AMC car lovers put their classic rides on display  Kenosha News

For months, Bob Wunrow, a young college student, would walk past the American Motors dealership admiring his dream car — a hot, sunshine-yellow 1977 ...

Kenosha News
For $3,200, Me So Hornet Baby  Jalopnik

While X may mark the spot, for AMC fans AMX marks the hot. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Hornet may not be the ape-X of that hallowed marque, but will its ...

Bee Man removes massive European Hornets’ nest from car in Ohio  Global News

Travis Watson was called to tackle a European Hornets' nest inside an old car in Alliance, Ohio. The bee removal specialist filmed the process and uploaded the ...

Global News
For the Love of the Drive  Hot Rod Network

Classic cars are meant to be driven, and there's nothing quite like seeing America from behind the wheel of a vintage machine.

Hot Rod Network
Should I Buy This Barn Find 1968 AMC Javelin SST?  The Drive

Discover whether this Barn Find Javelin is worth the investment.

The Drive
1980 AMC Eagle  Classic Car News

AMC was struggling against the power of the Big 3 when it pulled out its ace-in-the-hole. That wild card came from AMC's ownership of Jeep and its famed ...

Classic Car News
The best James Bond cars that aren’t Aston Martins  Aberdeen Evening Express

James Bond, the world's greatest spy (albeit, in fiction only) has had more than his fair share of incredible cars over the years. Bond is best-known for his ...

Aberdeen Evening Express
Navy picks open-systems avionics flight computers from General Dynamics for combat jets  Military & Aerospace Electronics

PHILADELPHIA – U.S. Navy avionics experts needed replacement and repair of flight computers for the Navy's F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, EA-18G Growler, and ...

Military & Aerospace Electronics
Bee Man Clearing Chevrolet El Camino of Giant European Hornet Nest: 'I'm Going to Need a Bigger Bag'  Jalopnik

In his latest video, an Ohio bee removal specialist who goes by The Bee Man liberates a derelict Chevrolet El Camino from the huge nest of a swarm of giant ...

Wienermobile, Potato Truck in same week? Utah never sausage an a-peeling time  Standard-Examiner

In the next couple of days, Northern Utahns will be able to cross not one but two significant items off their bucket lists.

The one gremlin that you can get wet and feed after midnight  Top Speed

Warning don t feed it after midnight and don t get it wet. okay not really but we are talking about a gremlin here. not the kind from the awesome 1984 (...)

Top Speed
Bond Busts: 6 worst James Bond cars of all time  New York Daily News

James Bond has driven some amazing cars in 50 years, but more than a few of them were below average, at best.

New York Daily News
SoCal Cruise Nights: Torrance In-N-Out  Hot Rod Network

Southern California car culture and cruise nights go hand in hand, and this photo gallery gives you a look inside the action.

Hot Rod Network
The History of the Cannonball Run: The C2C Express Part One  Hot Rod Network

The Cannonball Run is a race that runs from sea to shining sea as a celebration of speed and the automobile pit man and machine against the country.

Hot Rod Network
One Year After Sir Roger Moore Died, Volvo Pays Tribute  The Drive

Sir Roger Moore died a year ago today, May 23, 2017. The actor was best known for his role as a certain martini-swilling, suave secret agent, James Bond aka ...

The Drive
This is the Ringbrothers Hellcat-Powered AMC Javelin  The Drive

This AMC Javelin named 'Defiant!' has more than 1000 horses of Hellcat power.

The Drive
10 James Bond Cars Will Be Available In Forza Horizon 4 at Launch  Game N Guides

James Bond is one of the toughest and smartest agents in Hollywood movies and believe it or not, James Bond-themed cars will be available during the launch ...

Game N Guides
Bill picks 10 from the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals  The ClassicCars.com Journal

The 10th annual Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals held in suburban Chicago this past weekend is known as “The Pebble Beach of Muscle Cars,” offering the ...

The ClassicCars.com Journal
License To Play: ‘Best Of Bond’ Car Pack Announced For Forza Horizon 4  Carscoops

Forza Horizon 4 hasn't even been released in full, but that hasn't stopped Turn 10 Studios from announcing the first car pack for the eagerly-awaited game.

Full Forza Horizon 4 Cars List including DLC Cars  GearNuke

Forza Horizon 4 is finally here on PC and Xbox One and we can't be more excited. The game is full of cars and no matter what type of car you like, you'll.

AMC's The Terror Is Getting a Second Season--But it's An Anthology Now :: TV :: News :: The Terror :: Paste  Paste Magazine

AMC's horror series The Terror garnered some pretty rave reviews from critics—including from Paste as well—during its first season, but it's safe to say that a ...

Paste Magazine
Forza Horizon 4 Post-Launch Roadmap Detailed  IGN Nordic

During today's Inside Xbox livestream, Playground Games has laid out a post-launch roadmap for Forza Horizon 4 after it launches on October 2.

IGN Nordic
Rare Rides: The 1978 AMC Matador, Baroque and Barcelona  The Truth About Cars

The Rare Rides series has previously featured a couple of AMC products. First up was the unique and stylish Eagle Sundancer, followed up by the Van concept ...

The Truth About Cars
News James Bond cars allegedly coming to Forza Horizon 4  Team VVV

An array of vehicles driven by cinema's most iconic spy will be featured in Forza Horizon 4, if an alleged leak is to be believed. Claimed to have been discovered ...

Team VVV
Marlins and Hornets and Gremlins, Oh My: The Quirky Classics of A.M.C.  New York Times

DRIVING a car from the sketchbook of a distinguished American designer need not be prohibitively expensive, so long as one is willing to think beyond pricey ...

New York Times
Drive like Agent 007 with Forza Horizon 4's Bond car pack  Motor1.com UK

Turn 10 Studios has announced the day one car pack for Forza Horizon 4 will include a total of ten cars from the James Bond movies. Some will have gadgets.

Motor1.com UK
VIEW FROM THE SIDELINES: Mountain Lion bleeds orange  Omak Okanogan County Chronicle

Fitzmaurice makes Syracuse women's basketball team.

Omak Okanogan County Chronicle
25 Cars Everyone Forgets Actually Existed  HotCars

Man's memory stretches far, except when it comes to cars.

AMC's Amazing Experiment In Cheapness  Jalopnik

AMC was the perpetual underdog of America's motor industry, and the only reason they survived as long as they did was because they were so damn clever.

AMC Gremlin Jeff Dunham on Jay Lenos Garage  Autoweek

In an effort to show all kinds of cars, Jay Leno invited comedian, ventriloquist and avid car collector Jeff Dunham to bring some underappreciated gems to the ...

Spurs Guard Tony Parker Leaving for Charlotte Hornets  The New York Times

The Spurs made an offer to bring back Parker, the free-agent guard who has spent his entire 17-year career in San Antonio, but he has decided to move on.

The New York Times
'Forza Horizon 4' Release Date And Complete Car List Revealed  Forbes

Forza Horizon 4 is coming in October and the list of vehicles is staggering.

How About $4,000 for a 1977 AMC Gremlin X That’ll Lend You A Hand?  Jalopnik

Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Gremlin is set up for a previous owner who required a hand throttle and brake. That'd be way interesting to drive, even if you ...

Roger Moore's top movie cars  Stuff.co.nz

Not an Aston Martin in sight as we take a look the memorable cars the late British actor shared the screen with.

2016 Southern Nevada AMC Club Reunion – 100 Rare AMCs Gather in Las Vegas  Hot Rod Network

One of the more proactive AMC clubs in the Western U.S. is the Southern Nevada AMC Club. We take a look at the 2016 reunion, the mosr recent of the last 10.

Hot Rod Network
The Aston Martin from 'GoldenEye' is going up for auction  Driving

The 1965 Aston Martin DB5 used during the filming of the 1995 James Bond film GoldenEye will cross the auction block in England in early July, with an ...

Davis talks about his road from Newnan to 'Hot Rod Magazine'  Newnan Times-Herald

People generally follow a frequently traveled path to success, like going to college. Jacob Davis, a former Newnan resident, choose to take a bumpy path on his ...

Newnan Times-Herald
Jaguar E-Pace Debuts With Furthest Barrel Roll Jump World Record  Motor1.com

Famous stunt driver Terry Grant just completed a record-breaking barrel roll in the new E-Pace, and it was quite an impressive stunt.

American River Courtyard voted 2018 'Best on-campus housing' at Sac State  StateHornet.com

The American River Courtyard was voted 'Best on-campus housing' in The State Hornet's Best of Sac State poll. The housing is for any students who are ...

1969 AMC Hurst SC/Rambler Scrambler  The ClassicCars.com Journal

Powered by a big-block V8, the lightweight coupe was a limited edition that came from the factory painted red, white and blue - by Bob Golfen - last modified ...

The ClassicCars.com Journal
Licence to thrill: life as James Bond’s stunt driver  iNews

We speak to rally star Mark Higgins, who for the last decade has been lighting up the silver screen performing some of the most spectacular car stunts in the ...

Junkyard Find: 1979 AMC Eagle  The Truth About Cars

Since I've only been wandering about in Denver junkyards for a year, I have no way of telling whether the current glut of junked AMC Eagles I'm encountering ...

The Truth About Cars
5 insects that could be good news for your garden  BT.com

It's National Insect Week (June 18-24) – and some creepy-crawlies deserve to be celebrated, says Hannah Stephenson.

American Motors Patton ad from 1970: AMC TV commercial  Autoweek

When the film "Patton" hit the theaters in early 1970, it became an immediate cultural sensation. President Richard Nixon was so inspired by the film that he ...

Drag racing returns to Osoyoos on April 29 - Osoyoos Times  Osoyoos Times

Dick Warren brings his '72 AMC Hornet (Rant-n-Rave) from Tonasket,WA across the border to the Richter Pass Motorplex in Osoyoos and lines up against local ...

Osoyoos Times
Collectible Classic: 1971-1974 AMC Javelin  Automobile

Here's why the 1971-1974 AMC Javelin merits a look from classic-car fans.

How Roy Lunn Invented the Crossover for Just $6.5 Million  The Truth About Cars

Roy Lunn passed away recently at the age of 92, not long after being named to the Automotive Hall of Fame. The name may be unfamiliar, but any one of his ...

The Truth About Cars
For $4,900, This 1982 AMC Eagle SX/4 Looks Ready To Fly  Jalopnik

Did you know that the Eagles started out as one of Linda Ronstadt's back-up bands? If you don't know who Linda Ronstadt is then maybe today's Nice Price or ...

Why John Cena still drives the 1989 Jeep he bought with his first WWE paycheck  CNBC

The WWE's John Cena has found success in his career as a professional wrestler and now as an actor. His new Universal movie, "Blockers," hits theaters ...

Tales of the Doomed Franklin Expedition Long Ignored the Inuit Side, But "The Terror" Flips the Script  Smithsonian.com

The new AMC television show succeeds in being inclusive of indigenous culture.

The 10 Strangest Special-Edition Cars  Automobile

Every once in a while, a manufacturer will team up with another brand to produce a special edition tie-in model. Here are the 10 strangest special-edition cars ...

The Ten Greatest James Bond Movie Cars That Weren't Aston Martins  Jalopnik

Aston Martins are machines of power, beauty and soul, or at least that's what the little screen in the gauge cluster says. They've been the go-to spy vehicle for ...

Let Us Remember Eagle, The Car Brand Made Of Four Other Brands From Three Different Countries  Jalopnik

Sometimes, what makes something interesting is its absence. The Headless Horseman, for example, would just be another boring colonial equestrian if he was ...

The Lasting Power of Ugly: The AMC Gremlin Los Angeles Magazine  LA Magazine

The AMC Gremlin, a fast and colorful Jolly Rancher of a car, was the result of reduced gasoline supplies in the late 1960s (which played a role in the 1973 oil ...

LA Magazine
Forza Horizon 4 car list officially revealed  WhichCar

After some of it was leaked on reddit a few weeks ago, the Forza Horizon 4 car list has been officially revealed by Turn 10 Studios. A lot of the leaked car list ...

1972 Plymouth Duster 340, Matching Numbers  http://fastmusclecar.com/

Engine: 340ci. V8 transmission: 4-speed manual. Price: $22,900. The Plymouth Duster ran from 1970–1976, originally based on the Valiant platform. Built to ...

Remembering the Hudson  Herald Palladium

In respective Nov. 26 and Feb. 11 columns I picked my favorite automobiles by American independent automakers Nash and Studebaker. Today I'm writing ...

Herald Palladium
1977 AMC Pacer racer that's ready for some track-time fun  The ClassicCars.com Journal

The Pick of the Day is a 1977 AMC Pacer, the original fishbowl on wheels, that has been set up for fun at the dragstrip an unusual dragstrip competitor.

The ClassicCars.com Journal
Junkyard Find: 1971 AMC Gremlin  The Truth About Cars

Once American Motors was absorbed by Chrysler in 1987, after lingering on the ropes for a few years during a series of early-1980s bailouts by Renault (i.e., the ...

The Truth About Cars
I've decided to go carless in Detroit — and it's liberating  Detroit Free Press

Can you go motorless in the Motor City? By choice? My wife and I, as downtown Detroit residents, are about to find out. This wouldn't work for everyone and it ...

Detroit Free Press
World's Greatest 1,100 Horsepower AMC Javelin AMX Now Available In JALOP GOLD  Jalopnik

The only thing better than a Hellcat is a Demon. The only thing better than a Demon is a Hellcat engine with 1100 horsepower. The only thing better than that is ...

Roger Moore's Best Bond Cars  RoadandTrack.com

Roger Moore passed away this week at the age of 89. These are our favorite Bond cars from his long career as 007.

There's One American Carmaker That Seems To Like Cartoon Mascots More Than Any Other  Jalopnik

I'm sort of surprised how rare cartoon-character mascots are for cars. You'd think having some fun, distinctive character associated with a particular model of car ...

Kenosha’s Finest AMCs Congregate in Detroit During 2017 Woodward Dream Cruise  Hot Rod Network

Coverage of AMC-related AMO and Nashnutz shows at the 2017 Woodward Dream Cruise.

Hot Rod Network
Celebrating AMC’s Racing & Muscle Heritage at the 2016 American Motors Owners Association International Convention  Hot Rod Network

The 2016 American Motors Owners Association (AMO) International Convention at Rockford, Illinois, was a perfect balance of passion and car-guy camaraderie.

Hot Rod Network
Rare Rides: This AMC from 1981 is Pure Brougham and Very Targa  The Truth About Cars

In a bid to capture convertible sales from other manufacturers in the early 1980s, AMC came up with this rare targa — the Sundancer.

The Truth About Cars

AMC Hornet Videos

1973 AMC Hornet Commercial - Introduction Film - Mason Adams Voice Over
1973 AMC Hornet Commercial - Introduction Film - Mason Adams Voice Over
[HOONIGAN] DT 084: Nitrous Injected AMC Hornet
[HOONIGAN] DT 084: Nitrous Injected AMC Hornet
AMC Hornet, SC/360, and Spotabout Weekly Whatever Ep. 5
AMC Hornet, SC/360, and Spotabout Weekly Whatever Ep. 5
'74 AMC Hornet X chases '74 AMC Matador
'74 AMC Hornet X chases '74 AMC Matador
1970 AMC Hornet
1970 AMC Hornet
My 1977 AMC Hornet
My 1977 AMC Hornet
1971 AMC Hornet SC 360 - Review Muscle Car
1971 AMC Hornet SC 360 - Review Muscle Car
Finnegan's Garage Ep. 15: The Green Hornet Project-Part 1
Finnegan's Garage Ep. 15: The Green Hornet Project-Part 1
Flamethrower install on an AMC Hornet!
Flamethrower install on an AMC Hornet!
1972 AMC Hornet 2 door sedan
1972 AMC Hornet 2 door sedan

AMC Hornet Images

1971 AMC Hornet - Twice Stung - Hot Rod Network
1971 AMC Hornet - Twice Stung - Hot Rod Network
AMC Hornet - Wikipedia
AMC Hornet - Wikipedia
Just A Car Geek: 1972 AMC Hornet Sportabout
Just A Car Geek: 1972 AMC Hornet Sportabout
AMC Hornet – Wikipedia
AMC Hornet – Wikipedia
A 1974 AMC Hornet That Was Rolled by James Bond is Heading ...
A 1974 AMC Hornet That Was Rolled by James Bond is Heading ...
File:1971 AMC Hornet SC360 red md-Da.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
File:1971 AMC Hornet SC360 red md-Da.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Amc Hornet X
Amc Hornet X
AMC : Hornet
AMC : Hornet
1974 Amc Hornet | Autos Post
1974 Amc Hornet | Autos Post
OLD PARKED CARS.: 1973 AMC Hornet X hatchback.
OLD PARKED CARS.: 1973 AMC Hornet X hatchback.

AMC Hornet WebSites


AMC Hornet Wiki

The AMC Hornet is a compact automobile, manufactured and marketed by American Motors Corporation (AMC) in a single generation from model years 1970 through 1977 — in sedan, wagon, and hatchback coupe configurations. The Hornet replaced the compact Rambler American marking the end of the Rambler marque in the American and Canadian markets.Hornets were marketed in foreign markets and were assembled under license agreements between AMC — for example, with Vehículos Automotores Mexicanos (VAM), Australian Motor Industries (AMI), and by Toyota S.A. Ltd. in South Africa.The Hornet became an important vehicle and platform for AMC, serving the company in one form or another for eighteen years, until the 1988 model year. It would outlast other compact platforms from the competition, including the Chevrolet Nova, Ford Maverick, and Plymouth Valiant. The Hornet was also the basis for AMC's Gremlin, Concord, Spirit, and all-wheel drive AMC Eagle.The AMC Hornet served as an experimental platform for alternative fuel and other automotive technologies. Hornets were campaigned in various motorsports events with some corporate support. A hatchback version was also featured as part of a special aerial jump in The Man with the Golden Gun, a James Bond film released in 1974.