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Postville raid anniversary: A timeline of events in one of America's largest illegal immigration campaigns  Des Moines Register

Ten years after the Postville raid, a town is still recovering.

Des Moines Register
Brett Kavanaugh Thinks Undocumented Workers Aren't Really Employees Under The Law  HuffPost

A dissent from Trump's Supreme Court nominee cuts to the heart of immigration, workers rights and Supreme Court precedent.

Prosecutors are getting overzealous to earn fame and fortune  Washington Examiner

Like a predator targeting its prey, rogue and overzealous prosecutors have for decades targeted high-profile political officials and successful business ...

Washington Examiner
WATCH IT: Sen. Durbin Grills Judge Kavanaugh About Rubashkin And Agriprocessors At Senate Hearings  Yeshiva World News

Millions of Americans are glued to the ongoing Senate hearings to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. To the shock of many, Shalom ...

Yeshiva World News
A decade after a massive raid nabbed 400 undocumented workers, this tiny town fights to reclaim its identity.  Des Moines Register

In the decade since almost 400 people were deported, Postville's school population has rebounded and the housing market has recovered.

Des Moines Register
Trump commutes sentence of Agriprocessors chief Sholom Rubashkin  Fox News

President Donald Trump on Wednesday commuted the prison sentence of an Iowa kosher meatpacking executive who received 27 years behind bars for money ...

Fox News
Agriprocessors, Ethics And Kashrut: 10 Years Later  Jewish Week

President Trump's commuting of Sholom Rubashkin's sentence and his release from jail has stirred up many memories for me. One takes me back to the spring ...

Jewish Week
'What Did It Achieve?': Documentary Examines Largest Immigration Raid In U.S. History  Here And Now

It was a normal day in May 2008 when helicopters surrounded the tiny town of Postville, Iowa. Then about 1000 ICE agents descended on a meatpacking plant ...

Here And Now
Chasidic man pardoned by Trump to visit London this month  Jewish News

Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin, jailed for 27 years after being convicted of 86 counts of fraud, will give several speeches in the capital.

Jewish News
Waterloo man who ducked Postville raid gets prison for fraud  WCF Courier

WATERLOO — A man who dodged the 2008 Agriprocessors immigration raid and then used false identification documents to obtain another job was sentenced ...

WCF Courier
10th anniversary of Postville immigration raid observed  Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier

POSTVILLE – On May 11, the 10th anniversary of the Postville federal immigration raid will be observed in Postville.

Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier
Why all the sympathy for this slaughterhouse executive?  The Washington Post

Too many Jews have one set of ethics for their own kind and another for gentiles.

The Washington Post
Hasmonean cancels talk by US Chasidic man convicted of fraud, and freed by Trump  Jewish News

Former kosher slaughterhouse boss Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin will no longer speak at the London Jewish school.

Jewish News
2008: Kosher meat giant with unkosher practices goes belly-up  Haaretz

On November 4, 2008, Agriprocessors, at the time America's largest producer of kosher meat, filed for bankruptcy protection in federal court in New York.

Scandal-ridden Iowa kosher slaughterhouse is back in business  The Times of Israel

Years after raid on Agriprocessors and arrest of CEO, Canadian billionaire breathes life into Postville's small but committed Jewish community.

The Times of Israel
Documental: America First. El legado de una redada migratoria  Univision

Ha pasado una década desde que el pequeño pueblo de Postville, Iowa, sufrió la mayor redada migratoria en un centro laboral en la historia de Estados ...

Brett Kavanaugh Once Sided With an Anti-Union Company That Scapegoated Undocumented Workers  In These Times

Judge Brett Kavanaugh poses for journalists before a meeting with Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-UT) in the Senate President pro ...

In These Times
Did Rubashkin derail the rule of law?  Des Moines Register

How did Rubashkin influence so many people to take up his cause when the truth didn't support him?

Des Moines Register
Postville rebuilding five years after Agriprocessors raid  Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier

POSTVILLE, Iowa --- As the sun's first rays fell on Postville on May 12, 2008, no one could anticipate the intensity of the spotlight that would focus on this drowsy.

Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier
The Orthodox Billionaire Who Saved Kosher Meat Giant Agriprocessors  Forward

When Orthodox Jewish billionaire Hershey Friedman bought America's largest kosher meat company, Agriprocessors, out of bankruptcy in 2009, it was the ...

Hasmonean High School cancels talk by Sholom Rubashkin, kosher meat boss convicted of fraud  Jewish Chronicle

Hasmonean High School has intervened to cancel a talk by Sholom Rubashkin, a former kosher slaughterhouse chief executive convicted of fraud who was due ...

Jewish Chronicle
Ten years after Postville immigration raid, a priest calls for solidarity  Des Moines Register

A Postville priest remembers the 2008 immigration raid with fear that history will repeat itself.

Des Moines Register
Remembering the Postville Raid 10 Years Later  Iowa Public Radio

In the early morning hours of May 12, 2008, large numbers of U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement agents moved in on a kosher meat processing plant in.

Iowa Public Radio
Hiring of undocumented workers at Agriprocessors was no surprise  Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier

Second of two parts. POSTVILLE, Iowa --- A badly kept secret. That's how one former prosecutor describes suspicions that sparked the investigation into illegal ...

Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier
After Iowa Raid, Immigrants Fuel Labor Inquiries  New York Times

POSTVILLE, Iowa — When federal immigration agents raided the kosher meatpacking plant here in May and rounded up 389 illegal immigrants, they found ...

New York Times
Editorial: Did federal prosecutors railroad Rubashkin?  DesMoinesRegister.com

Editor's note: President Donald Trump on Wednesday commuted the prison sentence of former Iowa slaughterhouse executive Sholom Rubashkin, who was ...

Postville raid 10 years later: We can't forget  The Gazette

As Cedar Rapids prepares for the 10-year anniversary of the worst flooding in its history, let us remember another disaster that occurred 10 years ago. This other ...

The Gazette
How an immigration raid threw a small Iowa town into economic crisis  Marketplace APM

Signs are displayed in Postville in 2009, a year after an immigration raid crippled a meat processing plant. “It cratered the Northeast Iowa economy,” says Aaron ...

Marketplace APM
Rubashkin supporters have forgotten Postville. I can't.  The Gazette

Greed knows no religious boundary. On May 12, 2008, the day federal immigration officials raided the Agriprocessors plant in Postville, I was two hours away at ...

The Gazette
Workers detail jobs at Agriprocessors plant  Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier

WATERLOO --- Among the mountains of bogus immigration records and job applications with fake names and birthdays in the case against Sholom Rubashkin, ...

Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier
Memorable stories: 7 retiring Register colleagues recall career highlights  Des Moines Register

Seven retiring staffers represent a collective 195 years of work at the Des Moines Register. They recall some memorable times from their careers.

Des Moines Register
Agriprocessors manager goes to prison  Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier

CEDAR RAPIDS | Had Hosam Amara stayed in the country following the 2008 immigration raid at Agriprocessors, he would likely be free by now.

Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier
Inquiry Finds Under-Age Workers at Meat Plant  New York Times

State labor investigators have identified 57 under-age workers who were employed at a kosher meatpacking plant in Postville, Iowa, and have asked the ...

New York Times
Postville to observe 10th anniversary of immigration raid  KCRG

Members of the Postville community will observe the 10th Anniversary of the Postville Immigration Raid on May 11.

Meatpacker in Brooklyn Challenges a Union Vote  New York Times

Agriprocessors, the Brooklyn-based company that is the nation's largest kosher meat producer, is well known for the labor troubles at its meatpacking plant in ...

New York Times
Large Iowa Meatpacker in Illegal Immigrant Raid Files for Bankruptcy  New York Times

The kosher meatpacking company in Iowa that has been struggling with criminal charges and huge fines for labor violations, a dwindling work force and ...

New York Times
Tiny Iowa Town's Jews Bounce Back After Agriprocessors Raid  Forward

POSTVILLE, Iowa (JTA) – On a frigid evening late last month, Aron Schimmel, the Chabad emissary here, sat in a deli at the back of the glatt kosher supermarket ...

27-Year Sentence for Plant Manager  New York Times

A federal judge in Iowa on Monday announced a prison sentence of 27 years on financial fraud charges for Sholom Rubashkin, the former manager of a kosher ...

New York Times
Prosecutors, judges decry Rubashkin "witch hunt"  DesMoinesRegister.com

Shocking case of prosecutorial misconduct leads to 27-year prison sentence.

Postville, Iowa, Is Up for Grabs  New York Times

Around 10 on a clear May morning in 2008, two black helicopters circled over Postville, Iowa, a town of two square miles and fewer than 3,000 residents. Then a ...

New York Times
Remembering the Postville Raid  Workday Minnesota

For speakers and assembled guests, the memories of that day began with the sound of helicopters, which descended on the rural Iowa town of 2200 to detain ...

Workday Minnesota
Lakewood: Faith the focus of Sholom Rubashkin speech  Asbury Park Press

Former slaughterhouse exec Sholom Rubashkin says faith carried him through his prison term, which ended early when Donald Trump commuted his sentence.

Asbury Park Press
Was Slaughterhouse Exec's Conviction Excessive?  CNBC.com

When Sholom Rubashkin was sentenced in June, 2010, to 27 years in prison for financial fraud, it was two years more than prosecutors sought. It also was ...

Life Sentence Debated for Sholom Rubashkin of Agriprocessors  New York Times

A federal court in Cedar Rapids heard arguments over the sentencing of Sholom Rubashkin, the former chief executive at a kosher meatpacking plant in Iowa.

New York Times
ICE arrests 32 in raid at MPC Enterprises in Mount Pleasant  The Gazette

MT. PLEASANT — Federal and local law enforcement officials arrested 32 men on what they described as administrative immigration violations during a raid ...

The Gazette
10 years after Postville raid, officials to host 'summons' calling for immigration reform  telegraphherald.com

POSTVILLE, Iowa — Sister Mary McCauley recalls hearing rumblings in the days leading up to what was then the biggest immigration raid in U.S. history.

As trials set for some of 32 men detained by ICE in Mount Pleasant, 2 in custody miss hearings  Des Moines Register

Judges have begun setting trial dates for some of the people detained on immigration charges in Mount Pleasant, but two have missed hearings.

Des Moines Register
Convicted former Agriprocessors manager claims prosecutors' misconduct cut sale price of Postville plant  The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines

A convicted former Agriprocessors vice president filed a motion this week, claiming prosecutors in his bank fraud and money laundering case interfered with the ...

The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines
107 former Justice officials think this case was handled unjustly. DOJ must act.  The Washington Post

Sholom Rubashkin was sentenced to 27 years for bank fraud based on perjured testimony and prosecutorial misconduct.

The Washington Post
Here’s how immigration officials treat parents and children in Indiana  Indianapolis Star

On any given day, Indiana's lone ICE facility could house 65 undocumented immigrants.

Indianapolis Star
Immigration raids can have long-term consequences on communities  UPI.com

June 18 (UPI) -- U.S. immigration agents raided an Ohio gardening company on June 5, arresting 114 suspected undocumented workers.

Moral stakes in Rubashkin child labor case were high, both sides say  Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier

WATERLOO --- Although Sholom Rubashkin is facing up to 25 years in federal prison for a fraud conviction, the recently concluded state trial over misdemeanor ...

Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier
Rubashkin prison release doesn't end obligations  The Gazette

In the case of a former Postville meatpacking executive, political clout appears to have once again thwarted justice. While the scenario does little to ease our ...

The Gazette
How Immigration Raids Destroy the Lives of Food Workers  Eater

Comparing the tactics of Trump's administration to the Bush era.

Forever changed, Postville remembers  The Gazette

POSTVILLE — The sanctuary at St. Bridget Catholic Church in Postville was overflowing Friday as community members and faith groups gathered to mark the ...

The Gazette
ICE raid devastated tiny Midwest town; 10 years later, it's still recovering  UPI.com

POSTVILLE, Iowa, Aug. 29 (UPI) -- A tiny Midwestern town where a decade ago federal agents carried out America's largest immigration raid shows what can ...

Rubashkin Backs Prison Reform 10 Years After Postville  Forward

Since getting out of prison, Sholom Rubashkin has made statements pushing for prison reform.

Remembering the Postville raid 10 years later (PHOTOS)  WCF Courier

POSTVILLE — May 12, 2008, started out as a regular school day for 13-year-old Pedro Lopez.

WCF Courier
9 9s: Last year of a decade can be overlooked  telegraphherald.com

Before we know it, the intriguing decade of the 2020s will be here. Maybe everybody will stop pronouncing years as “two-thousand eighteen, two-thousand ...

More than 100 officials support former Postville meat packing plant executive  KCRG

Dozens of former judges, prosecutors and law professors signed a letter, showing their support for a former executive at the kosher meat packing plant in ...

A Federal Judge Put Hundreds of Immigrants Behind Bars While Her Husband Invested in Private Prisons  Mother Jones

It was almost lunchtime inside the country's largest kosher slaughterhouse in Postville, Iowa, on May 12, 2008. The meatpackers, mostly migrants from ...

Mother Jones
Trump set him free; now, Iowa slaughterhouse exec coming to Lakewood  Asbury Park Press

Freed by President Donald Trump in December, Sholom Rubashkin was celebrated in many Orthodox Jewish communities, including Lakewood.

Asbury Park Press
Immigration Raid Jars a Small Town  Washington Post

POSTVILLE, Iowa -- Antonio Escobedo ran to get his wife Monday when he saw a helicopter circling overhead and immigration agents approaching the ...

Washington Post
In addition to Mount Pleasant arrests, ICE detains 25 throughout Iowa in Midwest sweep  Des Moines Register

ICE has arrested 25 people in Iowa as part of a five-state immigration sweep in the Midwest in addition to the 32 who were detained in Mount Pleasant.

Des Moines Register
NEW UPDATE: Accountant testifies in slaughterhouse fraud case  Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier

CEDAR RAPIDS (AP) - An accountant testified Thursday that prosecutors who won a conviction in the financial fraud trial of an Iowa kosher slaughterhouse ...

Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier
Orthodox billionaire tells why he bought a scandal-plagued kosher meat giant  The Times of Israel

Hershey Friedman spent millions to upgrade Agriprocessors, pull it out of bankruptcy and have it meet animal welfare standards.

The Times of Israel
Humans for sale: The issue of labor trafficking  Iowa State Daily

Imagine looking down at a factory floor full of hard workers. Imagine the feeling of knowing those workers are saving the company massive amounts of money by ...

Iowa State Daily
New Rubashkin claims garner Who's Who list of supporters  DesMoinesRegister.com

Prosecutors used disturbing tactics that secured a 27-year prison sentence for Iowa kosher slaughterhouse executive Sholom Rubashkin, according to a letter ...

Ex-prosecutor criticizes Rubashkin’s early release  Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier

CEDAR RAPIDS — A former federal prosecutor said it makes no sense President Donald Trump chose to commute the sentence of former Agriprocessors ...

Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier
After raid, life ‘fell apart’ in El Rosario  DesMoinesRegister.com

When many villagers worked at Agriprocessors, families were on sounder economic footing.

State: Rubashkin knew minors working at meatpacking plant  Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier

WATERLOO - Prosecutors said Sholom Rubashkin knew there were minors employed by his meatpacking plant but continued to let them work until federal ...

Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier
Rubashkin Scandals  FailedMessiah.com

Agriprocessors, the Rubashkin family's Postville, Iowa slaughterhouse, was found to be in violation of Humane Slaughter guidelines after PETA released an ...

Northeast Iowa city, county still fighting Agri Star  Quad City Times

POSTVILLE, Iowa — Four years after an immigration raid on a kosher slaughterhouse put a national spotlight on the town of Postville, about 140 miles northwest ...

Quad City Times
Fresh Out of Prison With No Means of Support, Agriprocessors Workers Tell Their Stories  Forward

When Gabriel Calicio was released from prison, five months after being arrested on immigration charges at the nation's largest kosher slaughterhouse, his only ...

Iowa's hometown to the world: Postville immigration raid leaves lingering fears, new hopes  The Gazette

POSTVILLE — Nearly nine years have passed since immigration agents swooped into Postville, a northeastern Iowa town of fewer than 3,000, and arrested 389 ...

The Gazette
Meatpacker Faces Charges of Violating Child Laws  New York Times

The Iowa attorney general on Tuesday brought an array of criminal charges for child labor violations against the owners and top managers of a meatpacking ...

New York Times
270 Illegal Immigrants Sent to Prison in Federal Push  New York Times

WATERLOO, Iowa — In temporary courtrooms at a fairgrounds here, 260 illegal immigrants were sentenced this week to five months in prison for working at a ...

New York Times
New Owner of Agriprocessors Faces Old Questions About Its Plans For Company  Forward

The new owner of the Agriprocessors plant in Postville, Iowa, whose bid of $8.5 million for the troubled kosher meatpacking plant was accepted by a federal ...

Undercover ICE Officer Reportedly Lured Workers at Ohio Garden Store with Donuts Before Massive Raid  Splinter

A plainclothes federal officer walked into an Ohio gardening store early Tuesday and allegedly lured workers to gather themselves by offering free donuts.

Farmers racing to tap into $35-million energy efficiency program  Alberta Express

Producers have been flooding the Alberta government with applications for its new suite of energy efficiency incentive programs. The province is offering.

Alberta Express
Judge Kavanaugh Cast Dissenting Vote in Rubashkin's 27-Year Sentence  The Jewish Press - JewishPress.com

In 2005, Agriprocessors Inc., run by CEO Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin, a Lubavitch Chassid, lost its case before the National Labor Relations Board, appealed ...

The Jewish Press - JewishPress.com
Convicted former Agriprocessors manager in hot water for contacting jurors  The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines

Private investigators apparently working on behalf of former Agriprocessors vice president Sholom Rubashkin have been contacting jurors from his bank fraud ...

The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines
Rabbi Sholom Rubashkin to Speak at Englewood’s Cong. Shomrei Emunah  Jewish Link of New Jersey

On December 20, 2017, President Donald Trump commuted Rabbi Sholom Rubashkin's 27-year prison sentence for bank fraud. An executive in Agriprocessors ...

Jewish Link of New Jersey
How an immigration raid changed a town  Christian Science Monitor

Tiny Postville, Iowa, struggles to regain its footing one year after the largest immigration sweep in US history.

Christian Science Monitor
Slaughterhouse Manager Convicted in Fraud Case  New York Times

Sholom Rubashkin faces a sentence that could total hundreds of years in prison and a second federal trial on 72 immigration charges.

New York Times
After Postville raid, advocates hope next step is immigration reform  The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines

The immigration process is slow-moving, as immigration attorney Sonia Parras Konrad knows all too well, but she hopes reform is the next chapter in the ...

The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines
Postville's Rubashkin has criminal case expunged  The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines

This can't be what Iowa lawmakers had in mind when they agreed last year to make some criminal records private. The legislature created a new section of the ...

The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines
Federal judge chastises former Agriprocessors manager's lawyers over violating court rule  The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines

U.S. District Chief Judge Linda Reade chastised attorneys of convicted former Agriprocessors manager Sholom Rubashkin Monday, over violating local court ...

The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines
Judge denies Rubashkin path to shorten sentence  DesMoinesRegister.com

A federal judge has denied a bid by former slaughterhouse executive Sholom Rubashkin to get a reduced sentence for bank fraud and money laundering ...

In an Iowa town, a Kosher Meat Plant Struggles to Recover  TIME

A small Iowa town struggles to recover from the downward slide that began when immigration raid that removed half the staff of Agriprocessors Inc.

Iowan has hearing on nomination to become US Northern District judge  Radio Iowa

An Iowa magistrate judge in the U.S. Northern District of Iowa appeared before the U.S. Senate judiciary committee today for a hearing on his nomination to ...

Radio Iowa
Court attendance puts Trebas in hot seat  Great Falls Tribune

From the dome to your home. Ramblings, mutterings, keen observations and things you ought to know out of Helena from the mind of Phil Drake.

Great Falls Tribune
Going Home to Guatemala  Slate

SAN MIGUEL DUEÑAS, Guatemala—One year ago, Freddy Granados said goodbye to his wife, Hilda Gil, and their two small children here in a shack tucked ...

Postville remembers, but is moving on  The Gazette

Note: Postville Mayor Leigh Rekow submitted a rebuttal to Lynda Waddington's column published Dec. 31: Lynda, you are invited to visit Postville one more time ...

The Gazette
Handling kosher with care | 2018-11-29  Meat & Poultry

Religious slaughter has been a polarizing subject in the meat industry and the meat consuming public for a number of years. Compelling undercover videos ...

Meat & Poultry
No Employers Charged In Immigration Bust  CBS News

After the biggest immigration raid in U.S. history, hundreds of workers have been sentenced but not one company official as yet faces any charges - something ...

CBS News
Federal convictions against Sholom Rubashkin upheld by Court of Appeals  Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa --- Former Agriprocessors CEO Sholom Rubashkin's convction and sentence on 86 counts of bank fraud, wire fraud, mail fraud, making ...

Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier
Sister, priest, teacher recall memories of Postville raid  thewitnessonline.org

By Jeannine M. Pitas Witness Correspondent. On May 12, 2008, the town of Postville, Iowa, received a shock. In cooperation with federal, state and county ...

How a major immigration raid affected infant health  The Conversation - US

The stress of immigration enforcement has implications for health.

The Conversation - US
The absurdity of achievement | Articles | News | OakPark.com  Wednesday Journal

This sixth episode aired a few days after Judge Brett Kavanaugh's Senate Judiciary Committee testimony, so pardon me for this somewhat discombobulated ...

Wednesday Journal

Agriprocessors Videos

AgriProcessors Kosher Slaughterhouse Undercover Investigation
AgriProcessors Kosher Slaughterhouse Undercover Investigation
Rubashkin Plant Revisited  -=-  Part One
Rubashkin Plant Revisited -=- Part One
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In the Shadow of Agriprocessors Immigration Raid Part 1 of 2
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agriprocessors rubashkin not kosher 2
Kavanaugh Questioned By Durbin About Rubashkin And Agriprocessors At Senate Hearings
Kavanaugh Questioned By Durbin About Rubashkin And Agriprocessors At Senate Hearings
Chabad Mafia Rubashkin Agriprocessors Worker Abuse
Chabad Mafia Rubashkin Agriprocessors Worker Abuse
Agriprocessors worker describes conditions
Agriprocessors worker describes conditions
In the Shadow of Agriprocessors Immigration Raid Part 2 of 2
In the Shadow of Agriprocessors Immigration Raid Part 2 of 2
Prayer service supports immigrants from Agriprocessors
Prayer service supports immigrants from Agriprocessors
Fmr. Agriprocessors Mgr. Sentenced to Prison
Fmr. Agriprocessors Mgr. Sentenced to Prison

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A year after Agriprocessors raid, Postville still ...
A year after Agriprocessors raid, Postville still ...
The Story - Justice for Sholom Justice for Sholom
The Story - Justice for Sholom Justice for Sholom
Iowa raid helps shape immigration debate
Iowa raid helps shape immigration debate
Chabad-Lubavitch Drug Dealing, Trafficking, and Production
Chabad-Lubavitch Drug Dealing, Trafficking, and Production
7+ adp check stub | Pay Stub Format
7+ adp check stub | Pay Stub Format
Trump commutes sentence of kosher meatpacking executive ...
Trump commutes sentence of kosher meatpacking executive ...
Rabbi Moishe Silverman stocks liver in a partially empty ...
Rabbi Moishe Silverman stocks liver in a partially empty ...
File:Agriproccers protest 1.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
File:Agriproccers protest 1.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
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7+ fake pay stubs online | Sales Slip Template
Scientists Start To Tease Out The Subtler Ways Racism ...
Scientists Start To Tease Out The Subtler Ways Racism ...

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Agriprocessors was the corporate identity of a slaughterhouse and meat-packaging factory based in Postville, Iowa, best known as a facility for the glatt kosher processing of cattle, as well as chicken, turkey, duck, and lamb. Agriprocessors' meat and poultry products were marketed under the brand Iowa Best Beef. Its kosher products were marketed under various labels, including Aaron’s Best, Shor Habor, Supreme Kosher and Rubashkins.The firm was founded and owned by Aaron Rubashkin, who purchased the meat-packing facility in 1987, and managed by two of his sons, Sholom Rubashkin and Heshy Rubashkin. Eventually it became the largest kosher meat-packing plant in the United States.Agriprocessors faced accusations of mistreatment of cattle, pollution, and a series of alleged violations of labor law. In May 2008, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) staged a raid of the plant, and arrested nearly 400 illegal immigrant workers. Agriprocessors plants stopped operating in October 2008, and the firm filed for bankruptcy on November 5 of the same year. Sholom Rubashkin as the highest ranking day-to-day corporate officer was charged with federal financial fraud and sentenced to 27 years in prison in June 2010, and was let free after U.S. President Donald Trump commuted his Prison sentence on dec 22 2017. The Agriprocessors plant was bought at auction in July 2009 by SHF Industries and has resumed production under the new name Agri Star.