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So we'll kick off this review from the from in here the interior obviously the first thing here which I've looking at other one now is well it's nasty I mean it's not my way to put it I mean oh you know listen to that it's quite it's plasticky it's a bit cheap doesn't look great in a. Car you know like this which when it came out was pretty expensive but twenty or phrase and pains so I wouldn't expect that you can see there I mean you've got the chrome anodized eyelet. Which is nice got the metallic gear knob you've got the glove box with a chrome lid you've got the chrome and the the vents as well and you've got you see there on the door cards you've got lovely love that lever that goes across it I mean that's lovely so I don't understand why they had to throw all. The way with that but whatever it is what it is after you can set I mean looking at the dashboard here as well you can see it is basically the same dashboard. That comes out of his sister cars the 1 4 7 hatchback and the 1 5 6 sedan that would be because this car is is basically a 1 5 6 with a prettier body maybe its design. By Buitoni unlike the others which are in house design but yeah it's um it's pretty unimaginative but you know it saves them money so we what's next we looked into the back now as you can see the rear window I. Mean it's very narrow tough to see out of its unless you're a chief park I see myself as quite a decent. Parker if you if you hate parking and you you know he's. A nightmare for you I would not suggest this car especially when you look at the bee pellets I mean that look at. The size of that huge I mean it's not easy and the blind spots are not great it's lucky this car does have parking sensors because I would be a little bit of trouble if they weren't speaking of. The equipment I mean if we come back around to the center console as you can see it's got air calm it's got a heated screen it's got it's actually got dual zone climate control as well so it's all throughout the car the you know the usual come over. Here to BM and the extra windows you've got the buttons on the wheel so you've got cruise control just tucked away there beyond the wheel so you know it's not bad in here and this is the optional black. Line pack as well this car sir we've got the as you can see there the Bose sound system which is I gotta say is superb I think it's fantastic very really properly bassy and also the red. Stitching as you can see there on the Alfa logo there on the seat I mean that is beautiful so that is so that is pretty much the interior I mean it's you know it's good it's great I mean it's generally it's very luxurious in here and. Very nice it's just as to say. This little were sent the consular here which lets the car down quite a bit actually which is a shame but you know anyway we've out for everybody I'm sure you want to know what the car it drives like so why don't we head out there did the open road I'll see out there in. A minute right so here we are on the open road now before. I start talking about the boring stuff of our ability the cops. That sort of thing I'll forego through the driving experience cuz obviously no eating in the bar car something like this so. What a car in general if you like cars you're gonna wanna know about the traffic experience idea of course so what about way to kick off with that. The engine now sadly because something is student I can't before the big thirsty v6 so I've got the 1.9 J TDM engine it's a good angelic Samba voxel or GM in the US produces 450 brake horsepower it's good I mean it pulls well it's you know it's it's not the most refined motor in the world but it does the. Trick you know it pulls well it's gonna feel I mean I get about 35 miles to the gallon in town coupes up to around 50 on top of the motorways faster roads as safe refinement isn't a strong seat it. Does not sound it's not silky smooth probably it's not great that way it's very kind of it's very tractor like I mean us comments like air from which everyone who's been just cold with me to be honest it's not very good in terms of sound it just sounds like a diesel they all sound the same you know you're gonna. Do my shopping the best idea is to move on from that buzzer so efficiency is awesome it's superb I mean it's it's it's better than my first cultures at one point. It clear so that tells you what we need to know brilliant ability but yeah I mean that's pretty much we can say about the engine there's no it's good it's solid you know it's nothing special it's good power you've got good efficiency good fuel economy yeah it's good at engine so really. I think brings us brings us onto the handling now the trouble with this is it's not really a G's it's cooler GT. It's not really a GT car not like an Aston Martin or sort of a you know like a Lexus LFA something you would normally think of this is more of a motorway cruiser you know the business sort of thing so because of that it's. Not the most sporty sort of vehicle in the world it's not bad I mean I've had some new tires fits the car recently and it handles that sweet is sweet now I mean it's good grip it's got good good feedback for the steering as well it's nice you know you feel what the car is doing through. The wheel but you don't get with some of the later alphas the heavier ones it's got good because this is lighter it does fill on its feet compared to the later cars but said that the problem is a suspension is very soft to. Deal with the bumps on the motorway and also around town but the thing is because it's got the 18-inch low-profile tires they're quite stiff so you kind of get this really weird sort of double. Standards almost where you've got the soft suspension so you go over bumps is my soft. Light sort of more consistent bumps but any hit this sort of sharp the bumps you. Know on speed bumps and it just almost shocked you how. Kind of tough the ride is says you get this weird sort of both of it so when driving around town this is not great thing however when you're at home here and on the open road it's actually very good because you've got a kind if you've got quite sharp handling from the tyres which of course is. The most important thing this is the tyres are the only part of the vehicle. Which actually touch the road so that's the best thing about it you know it really does handle very well because of the tyres but you also then get the suspension we just a bit soft. So if you push it a bit harder you start to then work out its deficiencies in terms of dynamics but again it's not bad considering I mean it's. Not a race car of course so it's not bad you know it puts a smile on my face on the moment roads so what more can you ask for really so yes there's a solid point to be honest driving. Position wise as well I mean it's it's alright it's a bit high for my life I've got to see as low as it can go and I'm a little bit clearer looking down on the controls which I'm not a fan of pedal. Wise okay I create which in the middle that's fine you know I've got I'm getting my feet all over there yeah not really a problem oh good I'm out of space down there so yeah after our musician voice it's not bad it's just the. Seat could be lower but overall yeah good solid but then this brings us on to the reliability which is obviously the trouble of reliability is very kind of personal to you into what your car. Has done and mine is a tale of two hearts really I mean first driven in this car I wanted to get rid of it I wanted to crush it simply because it was a nightmare. I mean I had so many problems of it I mean it was just it was thing after thing it was terrified it was cloak springs to science dummies tons of it and I was very frustrated however since about June last year I've had nothing nothing absolutely digit the cars been. Perfect I've driven into London I've driven it to Brands Hatch very circa typing Ken I've gone so you say I've driven plenty of places around in this car done loads of it it hasn't missed a beat in the last year which is very strange it's just. Suddenly it was a nightmare for a year and suddenly it just seemed to stop one day and since then the last year has been superb and absolute fantastic of barely spent any money obviously I've spent the basic things like these light bulbs stuff like. That but it's been fantastic and it's been. Oh but I've been able to solve really fall in love with it again and the way I did when I first bought that color so that's that's really nice so yes a real ability wise is. Kind of no I'd say it and the things thing is the things that went wrong with all basic stuff you know it was just to say that as I said to have a bunch of things it was all fun a basic normal stuff so actually it wasn't that bad I'll just unlucky be. Able to start the hit at the same time so I would say the sort of the scary you know. When alpha is gonna blow up it's gonna die obviously those days are long gone in my experience yeah I mean finally I think with this car of sale go into some general cost as well I mean as I. Mentioned fuel wise it's superb on them with how much I Drive at the moment 20 quid by two weeks so pretty good pretty solid again insurance because I'm a student is a little higher it's like now I jump and a year but you know compared to other similar car it's not bad. So see honestly in terms of dynamically I think it's been great you know it's real liabilities when it's but I've sorted it all out it's not bad at all I've been happy with it and yeah I would say if you're worried about a dynamic. Driving experience I mean certainly get the high e the black line one I would. That is my one piece of advice get the big wheels because I think with the smaller lobe high profile wheels I think this car would be very soft. And I don't think it would be that great to drive so yeah I would definitely say get the big wheels aside from that yeah I think you're gonna love it just as I have you're gonna love it. So now I think really it's time to wrap up this review so I'll see you back at home in a minute so to summarize the Alpha GT in my opinion after two years of ownership I would say a hundred percent worth it I mean you would regret it if you didn't. Try it and I certainly would have done if I'd if I didn't yeah it's great fun to drive it's generally. Reliable once you get any. Gritty bits out of the way yeah it's cheap so I mean what more could you want if you want a cheap Alfa you want to go you want to be stylish but for no money a GT is a perfect choice for you you.


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