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This is the new Audi a1 and it's a bit like polo fruits in the way that actually underneath the skin it's pretty much identical to a Volkswagen Polo which would be the plain old mint whereas this. Yes it's way way way more fruity and therefore exciting obviously they have to. Pay for that though it's a bit more expensive than. The Volkswagen Polo it starts from eighteen and a half thousand pounds but as you can see you can save almost a thousand pounds I. Want through Carlos if you understand which you. Can save on any new car click on the pop-out batting in the top right hand corner of the screen do the combo I start this review by talking about the design because I think this new a1 is a really good-looking car especially in this s line trim because you have some extra sporty. Bits and pieces almost like the two-tone bodywork this blue paint is lovely it looks great the good news is that when you step inside you're not left feeling disappointed it lives up to the exterior look at the design of the - it's really really cool I like the. Way this pot angles away from you then this animals towards you. The shapes around the. Instrument binnacle that's cool as well a lot this metallic trim here. Though I have. Noticed there's a little cheaper this bit here with me well not skid on those this look scratchy plastics on. The door mean that feels really really budget it's no worse than a VW Polo but it is a bit of a shame because this is a more expensive car still on the - you've got soft touch. Materials and the best bit is that as standard right across the range you get digital instruments they look really smart very clear you can change the displays actually to make them look more sporty or less sporty cycle through different menus and actually change the size of the dolls and the size of the sat-nav mapping on. There lovely lovely lovely what's also lovely is the main central screen as well it's quite easy. To use and just flick through the different menus like that it doesn't click or vibrate when you press it. Like your mobile phone does but it responds as fast as your mobile phone now I should point out though that this screen this car is it grated. Version it's slightly larger and it gets in dot satellite navigation you don't really need it because it's it's about 1,500 extra though that does include while it's charging for your mobiie one mobile phone doesn't have and some other bits and pieces as well I wouldn't bother with the upgraded system the normal one has. A decent enough screen or so you can just run Android or to an apple carplay and your own mapping from your phone through the screen so you don't really need the sat-nav although you do miss out on. The fact that you don't have sat-nav then in the instrument binnacle but hey I can live with that now you want to see what this infotainment system is. Actually life an in-depth review of it and another look around this cars coming click on the pop out balancer they have two I think on the screen my in-depth infotainment video. Review now moving on lack of everything in here is dead simple its classic only actually so you've got your climate controls they're very easy to use you've got some other buttons there for the drive select which use different driving modes down here you've got USB input there there's USB C and one. Needs that however if you're feeling a bit more old-fashioned there's good old 12 informant if you need to charge something like an old-fashioned sat-nav terms of the driving position it's really very good there's lots of adjustment in the steering wheel look at that you can. Jack the driver seat all the way up so if you're small you can get a good view out there's enough Headroom for that but problem I have is if you're really tall you like to sit nice and low this one just doesn't quite go low enough you could do with dropping by an extra inch another thing that's slightly. Annoying is this like the controller for the electric door mirrors it's very fiddly to get at that you need small hands like Donald Trump and I think that's bit annoying is when you've got the gear leaver up there it's hard to reach the volley control for the stereo as well and you have to. Do a bit of a reach around the knob can't believe I said that and you'll actually want to use that so. You don't want to turn at the volume if you've got the upgraded Bang & Olufsen sound system it sounds really good. The weird thing is that it comes as part of a comfort pack which also includes heated seats and parking sensors and I wouldn't put those three together and a rated stereo heated seats and parking sensors odd anyway that pack cost 995 pounds so if you want it you're going to want to save. As much as you can on the initial purchase price so I put this cars details into the. Car line configurator so it's a 1 litre 115 horsepower version of the a1 with Sportline. Automatic gearbox when only cost about twenty two and a half thousand pounds but I got enough for back saving just over 800 pounds when buying on PCP finance so that opening pay for extra pack won't it there's so much storage finally so it's alright you've got a couple of cup holders. Here up and actually lit one in the middle which is perfect for an espresso cup and it's just a space into here for your sugar for your coffee there's that storage tray that I've already shown you you've also got a little drawer underneath the driver's seat where you can keep. Your fruit and normal polos if you'd like the glovebox it's an alright size with a tea special but the door. Bins are really large tada look at that impressive huh right let's go to the back here in the back but the rear door bins are really big as well in. Fact they're pretty much as big as in the front. That's for passenger space well look if I sit up dead straight still. Got all at Headroom decent me room it's really spacious back here for a small car but people over six foot will be fine carrying three in the back at once though not so great you have to lift the leg over that lump in the. Floor and then look I'm hitting my head on the roof here three kids in the back will be alright know what they might not like so. Much is the fact that the window ledge is quiet height it's. Harder to get a view out and you put the window down you'll see and then he goes down this far another thing worth mentioning you got to speak I'm right up there by your ear now that might be a good thing if you love music or it might be a bad thing could end up with tinnitus some of. The things worth mentioning on the fact that look you've got a little coat hook there which I'm gonna have to demonstrate by taking my coat off would be really laborious and where you all click out the video so yeah and quite like. This you've got padded pockets in the. Seat back so you can slide an iPad in there even if you haven't got a screen protector on it won't damage it what's not so great though is the fact that there's no kind of charging sockets back here so if you want to charge people's iPads or device in the back you. Probably enough to bring some of those battery packs along there's no armrest either look no no another thing that it's annoying is this look it's real it's pretty hard. To remove the isofix covers yeah and once you remove them you might just lose them feeling a child seat is alright in the back that is just about enough room to maneuver it what there's hardly any wheel arch intrusion so you really can just slide out the only problem is is that this roofline is. Quite low for the back so taller people might just bang their head just worth noting I think okay right the boot while it is actually a decent size you know for a small car it's pretty much as big as it gets and there's no load lip really to lift stuff over which is. Great well I say there's no load lift that's if you have the optional convenience or storage pack I think it's only about fifty quid it includes this net. Which is good for tying stuff down but it also I'll just have to undo this it also includes this adjustable boot floor which you can raise and lower so gives mix of storage underneath there you'll probably notice actually this car has. A space saver spare wheel once again an optional extra but it's not too expensive and I'd say it's worth having there's some tethering points there which you saw that the net was attached to we've got some hooks that you can hang your shopping bags off so all your bits and pieces don't roll about the. Cabin I should show you this as well look that just stays up there because you've got these little CAPTCHAs for it to attach to now you want to carry longer items of course I have to me my way items there we go put this back on as you see I've got quite a. Big load area there and it's nice and flat so you can quite easily slide things turn the front like I know for more information on this cause practicality click on the pop-out banner to rank. On the screen just up there there's my detailed practical editing with you so you just how big the boot is what you can fit in it but it's like with three adults in the back. Of this car and how easy it is to fit a child seat now then it's time for the car why five annoying things about this car when you're driving along past trees you get their reflections just flickering in this gloss trim. And it's like really really disrupting they're not quite as distracting as doing it again when you're driving there are quite a lot of fake plastic vents on this car as I'll demonstrate now with the car - stick of truth so look fake bake these here fake they like on the hind. I Kona though not quite so tacky and that bothers me the most is this big sway the plastic here this vent which is also fake a part of the look at this point so it's good but they actually stick out a bit further the back so when. You get out of the rear you end up I mean the backs of your legs on them and then if tries are all covered in dirt you're not gonna wear the same drivers for the next few days the continuity. Because there's no runner or guide or hold it for the seat belt when you pull down the back seat well it doesn't snag when you put the seat back you can see that the seat belt is then kind of caught up behind seats to do. That which is unnecessary if you'd like an armrest which I'm sure you probably would you have to make sure for it is 150 pounds in fact there's quite a few options fit to this car in total according to the spectra from Audi it comes. To 30,000 pounds all the more reason to check out a magic assailant gawa. I think don't worry there's still plenty to like about this car is the car y5 call features check this out you need to remove this low cover don't worry you can keep it. In the car still it fits neatly into the fourth floor. I love it when that happens with the 150 pound optional ambient light impact you can choose from 30 different colours for the lighting on the dash or on the doors. And he can go for like purple colours there's blues there's greens there's yellows there's oranges reds or just plain. They sell a button on the steering wheel is customizable so when you go into the main infotainment system you can assign it one of seven different functions so I'm gonna set it to switch. Between radio and media and. Now when I press that it switches between radio and media with everything around it's just a shame you can't assign more functions do it if you don't want. Your car's manual to take it room. From the glovebox this is a special storage drawer for it here just in the different passenger seat. There's isofix anchor points on the front passenger seat which is ideal if you want to carry a child seat here in the front listen that was it secure in there look this little a1 is nice and easy to drive in town. So the bond is quite small so it's easier to tell where the corners are so you don't damage it the only issue I have is that you do get a bit of a blind spot from that huge rear pillar so when you're like looking over your shoulder to pull out filter junctions it can. Be quite awkward because the rest of experience while the steering is. Nice and light its precise also this is the automatic and so changes gears for you so it's easier in town though sometimes it can be a bit clunky and jerky at lower speeds also if. You're just in normal drive mode not sports mode for the gearbox and you put your foot down lock foot. Down now taking off that delay can be a bit of a pain when you're pulling away at junctions in terms of the suspension how it deals with bumps well if you have the normal car the SI on smaller wheel say 16 inches it's very very good this is the S line so you have lowered stiffened sport suspension. And it's got 17-inch alloys and as a result your do for the bumps a bit more it's not terrible just not as comfy as it could be and annoyingly unlike with some other ID cars you can't have the S line with the softer suspension don't know Tony as a result I don't think it's quite so comfy maybe. As a Volkswagen Polo but there's really not much in it now when you get out on the motorway this little a1 feels like a bigger car and that's because you don't get that much noise entering the cover it's really quiet also the engines there more than up to the jobs I've got a 1-liter 3-cylinder turbo Pech or it's got. Plenty of punch or did not 16 less than 10 seconds. Company wise I'm getting almost 45 miles per gallon the only issue I have with it is that. When you do thrash it it can feel a little bit rough you can get some of their engines though there's a 1.5 liter 4 cylinder which is smoother and has more performance you can also get a. 2 liter which is. Really quite quick but it's quite expensive to buy that. Car so really I think this one liter does suit this a won the best when you leave the. Motorway and head out onto a twisty road this I want is pretty good it doesn't have the same dirty fun feeling that you get from a mini but it's sure-footed it goes to your point it it doesn't lean over too much through the bends it's all just very safe and secure and sensible that's all you need it. To be if you want to see how much you can save on new audi a1 click on the pop-up banner in the top right hand corner of. The screen to get a car whoa so then my verdict on the new audi a1 should you avoid it should you consider actually shortlist it or should you just go ahead and buy it well I reckon you should shortlist it yeah it might be a bit expensive. But it's a cool little car enjoy. This video please like it comment on it and share it also click on our logo. To subscribe to this channel if you click on the bottom right hand corner you can actually watch more of our content meanwhile click over to the right to go to our deals page to see. How much money you can save on a new car of car whoa now did he spot the easter egg in.


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