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Oh that that's an Audi a3 sedan possibly the best looking small four-door saloon on the planet and a particular gray that we've got here is called a 35 TFSI I'll explain more about that later what we're gonna do here is gonna break this video. Review down into sections pricing features practicality driving safety eight of them a three section we're gonna give it a score at a ten and then using mathematics alone we're gonna give it a final score right at the end I'm also going to tell you something. Else right at the end which might make you take your money and put it back in your pocket and just wait more on that later let's look at the design first everybody seems to be doing that 10-year challenge internet meme thing at the moment the one where they post a picture of themselves from 10 years ago and. Then one from today and you're supposed to tell them how good they still look yeah that one I want to do the six year challenge with the Audi a3 sedan because it came out six years ago. It came out in 2013 and in car years six years is that's that's that's a lifetime this is equivalent of an 80 year old person. And it's still smoking hot that's weird okay look this is what the Audi a3 sedan look like in 2013 when I first submit it and this is it now just while we're here this is what I look. Like in 2013 before marriage and mortgage and children and this is me now yes sure there's been some cosmetic surgery they've changed the lights and the grill and there's a few other tweaks here and there. But it still looks stunning now as I've mentioned before this is the 35 T SSI and something you should know is that it looks pretty much identical to even the higher grades. In the range the difference really. Is the wheels not not those wheels these are optional wheels they come part of the style package they're 18 inch wheels but I love it it looks like a mini out ea8 actually it is quite small looking at the. Dimensions it's 4.5 meters long now look guys I know that you like me to get out there and measure cars with my body but I'm not gonna do it it's gonna happen anymore it's about 2 meters wide and only 1.4 meters tall does that affect practicality yes but this is about design. And if you look inside you'll see that even after six years it's still stylish it feels well put together with a great fit and finish but that screen which used to make me go oh well it first came out now makes me go yeah because it looks tiny. And it still goes out of a hole now that's green that screen is amazing it's a twelve point three inch virtual instrument cluster and it's part of the optional Technic package fitted to this car so even after all these years the Audi a3 sedan is still stylish we. Beautiful for design I'm giving it a 9 out of 10 let's talk practicality I'm gonna be honest with you this cars too small for me 191 centimeters tall and I need my space but it has a pretty good boot 425 liters that's bigger than the a3 Sportback the Sportback is. The hatch version of obvious car now what really kills me though is how low it is to the ground just getting. My son's child seat into the car and my own son has made me get on my knees it's been very painful on my back let me show you Oh the rear legroom okay so this this seat is in my driving position as I said I'm 191 centimeters tall and this is not. Very nice place to be I feel like I'm playing hide and seek and no one's ever gonna find me because I've hidden in a washing machine and it's. That cramped which is also strange because I've just wrote tested a Volvo XC 40 it's actually shorter than the Audi a3 sedan but it has way more leg and Headroom read the four of you cars go comdata you let's get in the front okay upfront now look it's not. As bad as a pack but I still do feel a little bit cramped look I feel like I'm in a gift shop and I'm gonna knock something over with my giant. Elbows and they're going to enforce the you break it you pay for it rolling I'm gonna. Walk out with a scented candle now look storage it's not terrific either there's a tiny center console been there you've got pretty actually pretty good door pockets in the front small ones in the back two cupholders up front if you want cupholders. In the back you have to pay more for them what else is there 12-volt power outlets there's one on the front and there's one in the. Back and a USB port as well it's only for charging so for practicality I'm gonna give it engine and transmission the 8335 TFSI has a 1.4 liter turbo petrol four-cylinder engine there it is there now a little while. Ago already completely changed the names of all its models this used to be called the 1.4 TFSI and then they changed it to the 35 TFSI what does 35 mean no one knows it's just an indication of how much horsepower the engine. Makes this makes 110 kilowatts the 40 which sits above it in the range makes 140 kilowatts but still the 110 is plenty of power transmission is a 7-speed dual-clutch. Automatic years ago these dual clutch is used to be a bit jerky in slow-moving traffic but not anymore for engine and transmission I'm gonna give the 35 TFSI a 7 out of 10 because you could always do with. More grunt right what's it like to drive let's find. Out well already know but I'm going to show you let's go now you know how before when I was complaining about the size of. The car and I was saying it was too small for me well look that small size does work to its advantage in the city. Where you've got narrow streets and small car parks and. You're all competing for space the size of this car is perfect for the city now I've always loved driving the archery sedan from the very first time I drove it back in 2013 I loved how nimble it feels I love how balanced it feels it feels. Agile the steering is really light and really direct and at the same time has a really good. Feel to it as well this is a car that's very hard to fault from a driving perspective now this car is fitted with sports suspension it's an option even on a road like this though this ride is not too. Firm the sports suspension actually improves the handling but it's still comfortable still keeps the ride composed and compliant like here's an example for you the other day I did something silly I drove to work with my lunch in the footwell of this car it was in a bowl it was sitting there there is. A before shot of it for him and that is the after shot I was completely expecting it to be flipped over it was the drive to work I was running late it's very competitive at that hour of the day and yeah thanks to that comfortable compliant ride. It didn't end up all. Over the floor and me having. To clean it so yeah happy with that I mentioned earlier that the full name of this car when you check it out in the spec sheet is actually a 335 TFSI co d and the co d stands for cylinder on demand basically it deactivates two of the cylinders as. He can just running the other two when you're just coasting along just when you're cruising and look that is excellent for your fuel efficiency but still 110 kilowatts is the output of this vehicle and it's it's it's not it massive horsepower but it's. Just adequate really so the score for driving I'm gonna give it out of ten and eight that's right edit it in. Right fuel economy officially LD says you should get four point nine litres per hundred after driving on motorways and country roads and urban streets and that type of thing four point nine is hugely fuel-efficient I've been getting and I'm looking at the. Trip computer here eleven point nine now that's more to do with my driving and it's also to do it where I'm driving the car that's really only been you know the commutes to the city in the morning and the daycare drop-offs and all. The driving that we've been doing today just in this urban area so that's what you'll probably see if you just stick to stick to the city eleven point nine liters per hundred. If you spend a bit of time on a motorway you'll see that drop down quite a lot you'll you'll get very close to that four point nine serving suggestion so for fuel I'm giving it at a ten now safety the a 335 TFSI has a five star and cap rating but that was given to it in 2013. And safety tech has come a long way since then all a three s that were made from late 2018 come with a EB that can also detect pedestrians it really super safe but there are some holes in its safety armor it doesn't have. Blind spot you've got a option that it doesn't have lane-keeping assistance you've got a option that as well you've also got to pay for adaptive cruise control my god. I drove a Kia Cerato $28,000 Kia Cerato the other day and it came with adaptive cruise control as standard so for safety I'm giving it a 7 out of 10 if you want to read the full review go to cars cut calm day year and how you look if you've enjoyed watching this click like and subscribe you. Want it tell you cuz you do right price and features the 8335 TFSI lists for forty two thousand three. Hundred dollars and for that money you get that seven inch screen you get a CD player which is hiding in the glove box you get dual zone climate control you didn't eight speaker stereo and you get leather seats you don't get apple carplay you. Don't get into an auto and you don't get wireless charging either you've also got to pay for those LED headlights they don't come standard with this grade either but I tell you what I would sacrifice it all just for one thing and that's proximity unlocking because I'm telling you when you've got a baby in your farm. And you're shopping it and you just need to rock the car it makes it very difficult to get a hand free so for price and features I'm giving it a six out of ten ownership the a 335 TFSI comes with. A 3-year unlimited kilometer warranty it sounds good to you doesn't sound good to me most car makers these days are moving to five years lisa is a servicing plan but for ownership I'm giving it a six out. Of ten that warranty could be better at the time has come to give the LD a 335 TFSI its final score but first a quick summary design it looks amazing even after six years its aged superbly well it's great to drive and it's really fuel-efficient they're not so good things the safety Tech's falling. Behind it's not the best value for money and it's not particularly practical so what's the score something I need to tell you. First remember at the start I said you might have to put your wallet away and wait well this is this bit in about twelve months time a new generation Audi a3 sedan will be arriving it's going to have better tech more room and better features my advice is to wait for. That car to arrived. In the meantime though the final score for the Audi a3. Is 35 TFSI is 7.1 out of 10 .


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