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It is the BMW Bazaar push this button you can just ride like this I mean what's up everyone welcome to this POV review bio siddhappa now my name is Max and today we've got a very very very special. Car one of the most special cars ever made by BMW if you ask me it is the BMW z1 and it is sort. Of a start of the Roadster series by BMW you know there's that three the set for the z8 maybe but it was never intended to be the Roadster series does that series it actually means Zukunft which means. Future excuse me for my pronunciation of this word so BMW engineers or the new new division of BMW were given the challenge to build something special to experiment with new materials with new building processes and they came up with the said one which is truly special before we go. Any further don't forget to subscribe and hit the notification Bell to receive updates when we upload a new video. So you always get a notification when we do these POV reviews and maybe we do a lot of cars you guys really really like so this particular car is 12 Schwartz which means. Sort of dream black and it has some Alpina wheels which I think look really good on this car so there are a lot of design features that that sort of still are very recognizable BMW like. The kidneys but they are just smaller and lower down we've got very special headlight units that you don't really see on any other BMW but it is a very 80s looking car it was built between 1989 and. 1991 they made 8,000 of these so it's not super rare but. It's also not that common to see one almost all of them were sold in Germany well it's probably one of the most fun cars we've driven in a long time okay so this is a funk work check out this door handle it's actually it's not a door handle it's nothing it's really weird that they put. This thing here because you actually have to push this button to lower the door so that is the party piece of this car the really special thing so the BMW engineers built this chassis this welded monocoque and they had really. Deep sills very high and deep so that gave them the opportunity to make these doors slide down instead of hinge out which is totally. Insane I think it's the only car that has this it's just it's just so weird so there are a few more special things about this car apart from the doors as I said it has a very special monocoque. Chassis it's also all. Plastic so all the body panels are plastic and you could actually drive this car completely naked remove all the body panels and BMW said back in the day that you could swap out all the body panels for a different color and you could do that in one hour with a screwdriver but apparently it's more. Like a day it takes to swap them all out it's not as easy as BMW say so open the bullets which opens like this which it did in a lot of BMWs back in the day so basically it's based on a BMW e30 325i so we've got a tune of litre straight-six with 170 horsepower and 222 Newton meters. Of torque which is not that much I know but it's sort of enough to make it fun not entirely sure. How you close this I think it's like that yeah so check out the booth we took this car by the way from yes a bar set in the Netherlands it's for still over there so if you're interested go check it out because this is a very beautiful example of a z1 another cool thing back in. The day BMW made these these badges and they were all connected so they would save money instead of making all the difference numbers like. Three to five i it used to be one badge like this but because there's said and the one don't really connect well it sort of looks like it says za like za so you've got a little boot there with a spare wheel and i believe that is the. Roof vinyl roof which is underneath here i don't know how to put it up so i'm not going to try. I'll just get in which is quite easy actually and i'll show you the interior well some of this stuff is from the e30 like the air conditioning unit or the climate unit we've got. Some beautiful analog dials we've got a manual 5-speed gearbox you've got a very special steering wheel which is special because it's just the steering wheel nope you have to push this there we go okay so we will start with the doors down but when we go a. Little bit faster I have to put them up because the wind is ridiculous we also drove it with the doors down on the highway and it's just it's just too much just so much wind all right anything else I wanted to show you guys well we've got. The new book version which you know this is 28 years old so this is a little bit worn but we have these very cool sports. Seats remember BMW didn't make a sports car back in a day so they make these seats especially. For this car with sort of almost camouflage print but they are really nice I barely fit in this car but I think it's okay I haven't driven it at all so you are going to join me in my first impressions. We'll get the rev counter up there for you guys maybe that's fun to see clap for sink okay so very indirect steering . And a little bit wobbly but it I don't know why the fact that these doors are down it just immediately brings a smile to your face it's just the novelty. Factor you know the the crazy doorless thing I know that you know people with a Wrangler can also do this but I think this is the only sports car that you can do this with oh what a what. A lovely sound that quintessential BMW straight-6 sound off man really nice it actually burbles a little bit as well which is real no computer-generated pop some banks. Is very wobbly and indirect but you do sort of feel you do feel how how good this chassis is which is which is sort of contradictory I freaking love this car so it's not super fast or anything like it's known that. Files but it's just fast enough so you can have a little fun but this car is all about speed and white the the thing while you enjoy this car most is because those doors are now it's incredible what an effect this has called my smiling muscles so as I said it's a tune of litre straight-six but tuners. Like alpena or bhakta used to offer tuning bekandjesse or upgrades to 2.7 meters. And you would have a little over 200 horsepower if you went for that tuning package so that's nice and it's it's very you know old-school tuning just just increase the capacity of the agent well gearbox is really nice as well I feel like you're it's like 14 turns. Walk to look with this steering rack I love this I love this so much you could just drive like this I mean imagine driving along the beach you know. You've got your flip-flops or. Slippers off they're just you know relaxing you can put your arm here as well. And as I said the steering is like is like super slow so you have to turn a little but once you turn it in and once the suspension sort of settles you do feel. There is a lot of feedback it's really old-school okay. I'll put the bores up so there's a little you get her down there put this one up. As well or listen to that that's just lovely oh man and this was just a normal agent back in the day you know we've gotten so used to these four cylinders three cylinders even two cylinders man this was just the regular BMW 3-series engine it's really really. Good I didn't really expect anything from this car because I really didn't know what to expect but it's so much fun I totally get why you would buy this car you know especially if you have like a. Beach house or something like that where you live in the South of France or you live in Spain this car. Is a really good shape as well I mean it has done 100 at 7,000 kilometers but and it's 28 years old almost 30 years old but it feels great the engine feels great the gearbox feels good it looks good still and man mad man I love being surprised by cars. We drive that this has definitely surprised me so I just pulled up a lot of cool feature on this car you can see that those doors there's nothing on there because you. Know if the doors went down you can use anything same goes for the mirrors they are mounted on the car instead of all the door so everything is down here you've got your windows and you've got your mirror adjustment right there which is pretty cool so I'll just put the door down. I mean come on I hope you guys can hear me properly there's not too much with oh this car is so special I mean check out so weird so we will do 0 to 100 kilometres an hour and 7.9 seconds top speed is 225. Although I wouldn't recommend doing that with the doors open it's just one of the most special cars I've driven I think that it's a shame that the said preset for I mean there are nice cars in old but they don't have something that sets them apart like this does I mean it has a sandwich underbody. With molded plastics it was it was just very it was ahead of its time because he BMW engineers. They sort of got the they got the challenge to build something new and innovative so the the underbody is almost completely flat which reduces lift and the air that goes underneath it then goes up and goes through the rear bumper - and that means it goes over to. Sign the serve of the exhaust and through the rear bumper so that means. That you sort of have an underbody spoiler then that gives you downforce I mean there are a little special things on this guard and that's sort of. This nuts on that nerve the future of BMW like the. Multi-link system at the rear which made it too thirty which made it to the e36 3-series after this I did this was the first one that's why they also call it the 7x oh man and it just feels like you. Are now in control it feels like you are connected to everything this. Is driving there's a big gap between second and third the problem that corners you would need third gear but it's too high so you go back to second by you're too high in a. Rap song oh man oh this is awesome guys big thanks to yes a basa for giving us the opportunity to drive this awesome car I hope. You guys enjoyed this little review of a well of a classic they're. Not that expensive though you can still get one you know just hang out put your leg out freak out people and get one of these because it is super special one of the most special cars I've ever driven mostly because it puts a smile on my face from the first time I lowered those doors so thanks. For watching guys you can subscribe by clicking a big button you can check out this beauty review or go check out this playlist of BB reviews see it the next one right.


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