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We would like to thank everyone, especially to our subscribers, who have contributed to reach us to 100,000 subscribers. - EightCylinder Family Hello everyone! We're on a very. Nice place, a golf course. It's inside of a site and a very very luxury environment. Now, we'll introduce a car that fits and becoming to this place. We'll show you a car that played at movies, even. Became the car of 007 James Bond, also pretty special, pretty beautiful. And pretty rare. Please welcome BMW Z8 The car itself is special, also its preservation conditions are special too. We want to show it to you firstly. Now, let's take a look at how they hide this perfect car. Our. Z8 stands inside of this plastic balloon as you see. Its colour of our Z8 is also very special. Look, it's a soft and flexible balloon in that way. It. Protects car from both hits or shocks and adverse circumstances. A great solution. And frankly, this method does this car good. Now, let's open this plastic balloon. Look, I'm opening it from. Here. Now it loses pretty air and it's coming forward to me. Yes, we opened it till here. I'm throwing it to top of it. Here. Is BMW Z8. The year of this car is 2000. And between 2000-2003, only 5703 units were manufactured totally. Also just 9 of them exist in our country, Turkey. In addition, at Turkey just 1 unit with. This colour exists, Topaz Blue, a special and nice colour. This car was inspired from BMW 507, that produced at mid of. 50's. Many details of Z8 were taken from that car. And that era, Chris Bangle, you may know, he was the BMW chief designer of 2000's. This car was designed by a team and the team leader was him. and. Henrik Fisker, he's also the designer of Fisker cars,. An automotive company as you know, more precisely the owner of Fisker. So Fisker was responsible for the exterior design of BMW Z8.. And this retro-classic perfect car came to exist. We're together with a car that have both modern appearance and classic lines of past. A pretty special engine is available on this car. But before talk about the engine, and talk about the general design, we must open the. Top first, worthily to Z8. We must show it topless. because this car seems more beautiful when it's top opened. first of all, we turn on the ignition switch. We'll hear its engine sound later all together, but first let's open our top. Yes, it opened in a short time. Now, I'm opening its windows, a. Switch is in here. When this switch is on left side, left windows; when on right side, right windows are controlled. What we're doing i,s bring it to middle and push it, so both of windows are opening as you see. Yes,. Our car is ready now. Firstly, let's show you its engine. Talk about its features, also talk about what are the other cars that have this engine. Yes, we have very very long. Nose as you see. A huge, an arm span nose exists on this car. And the engine is here, it's a V8, and it has double overhead camshaft (DOHC). 2 of camshafts are in here and others are in here. And there are 4 valves for each cylinders, in total. We've 32 valves. BMW used the double VANOS system for the first time. On a V8, at this engine. So it's variable valve timing system. But there are 2 of them, how can be? System exists on both intake valves and exhaust valves. This, of course, is an important feature that increase the performance and the traction power at some RPMs. Also this engine was available on E39 BMW M5 too.. That car was produced at. The same era with this car. It's displacement is 4.9lt. Actually it's very close to 5.0lt, so it was named as S62B50. But we can call it as 4.9lt. It is at the borderline. It has 400PS. Power and produces 500Nm torque.. There are some modifications at exhaust system on our car. Also locked differential was used, more precisely it has limited-slip differential (LSD). It's ratio was changed, for that reason acceleration specs are. A bit better than standard version. We drove this car, we really. Had great time and enjoyed it. The performance, traction and everything of car are great. Engine transfers its power to rear wheels by using 6-speed manual transmission. A really enjoyable driving feature come to exists because of this. Of course we must show you. This too. Before start to talk about interior and exterior features, let's show you driving part of this review and see; how we enjoyed it.. -laughings- Woohoo! It's like Top Gear! This episode will be really like Top Gear! How was it?, Did we drive it well and did we give our BMW Z8 emotions to you? This monster V8 carries this car excellently in that way. It increases the driving pleasure to the top. We really melted (fancy) during driving. Already it is probably understood. From our faces. We hope, we could transfer these feelings properly to you. Let's close the engine hood, and talk about general design features of the car. After that we'll drive it again. The story of the car, what it lived at past, who is the owner of it, we will talk about these topics. So, let's pass to. Exterior part first. Our car looks like a shark as you see. An unusual BMW kidney is available on it. We call this part (front. Grill) as BMW kidney as you know. And at that times normally, in 00's, while this kind (illustrated by hand) of kidneys. Were using, they're lateral and rectangular,. But look how wide are these. So, this detail was taken directly from BMW 507. Even there are shark gill slits at sides of car. Look they're in here and chromed, was taken from 507 again. The. General silhouette of car again, look at this design shape and this cute line at back, were transferred to this car from 507 model again. And very nice, they carried that car to present after nearly 45-50 years. They revealed a perfect retro-modern car. Also there is something like that, as we said. Before this car played at. James Bond movies. More precisely at a movie, The World Is Not Enough movie that Pierce Brosnan plays. Even they didn't have mercy to car and they cut it from middle with giant saw. It was one of the most important scenes of this. Movie, we all felt bad at that scene, And it was in 1999 and the car wasn't released to market yet. They used it at movie for advertising and did very well. Also we need to say this,. Rims of the car are OEM. However, on this car also one size bigger, 19 rims available. The owner of car uses 19 rims mostly. But frankly, I like more these. Rims OEM rims I mean. Other rims (19 ) are, of course, original too but a bit different. They are called as Motorsports rims. Now we're passing to rear side, actually a design that unusual at BMW cars, available on this car. But as we said before, because of transferring the design of 50's and taking of. Samples highly from 507, a different BMW design came to exist. And look at it, it gets thin. our mudguard line is ascending in here and it finishes again thinly. I want to attract you to rear lamps. These are neon stop lamps, signal lights that exist in front of car are same too. And they were. Used with chromes very well and tastefully. Location of exhaust, stop lamps, fog lamps and everything is really wondrous on. This car. If they want to transfer this car to present again, after passing 15-20 years, probably we won't see any changes There are some cars, you don't need to change anything on their design. I think that Z8 is one of those cars. Let's show its trunk, there. Are very nice details on its trunk. We need to mention them, let's look at. It together. Yes, we've a tiny trunk. But we've a very special equipment in here, look. We already mentioned that Z8 is. Ver special car and limited in number. So when you have that much special car, BMW gives you special accessories and gifts to you with. Car. Look, this is a. Booklet that was made by leather of this car. And various gifts are available inside of this booklet. They took this photo afterwards. And we mentioned before, other 19. Rims are those. This is the signature of the designer of Z8, Henrik Fisker. Owner of the car saw him, met with him and requested for signature. So this work came to exist, let's continue. Here is vehicle identification number of car, topaz blue metallic (colour). It exists in here like a data card. I'm turning. Pages, we'll see a nice detail, look please. They put a photo of car just after the production line in this booklet, in. This booklet, also it's not a printing, original photo itself was used. These kind of nice and fine details, We already think, that much special. Car deserves it. I'm closing it. Here is also an umbrella, it's good to show. It too. Yes, let's pass to interior part of our car. It has a very sporty interior,. Different interior design. Some details that we aren't used to seeing on BMW cars are available. Yes, we seated to pilot cabin. Look, how our steering wheel is different. Have you ever seen a BMW steering wheel like that, probably you haven't. Also indicators (dashboard) are located to middle of cabin. (dash). And some controllers that are unique to this car are available. Controllers that are not used on another BMW car, were designed just for Z8. Already gear knob is a very usual BMW feature. Look, this form of it and shift mechanism. Has hard and clear shifting. We already felt this at driving, you may felt it too. It's. Really perfect. Let's take a look at dashboard. Speedometer, fuel gauge indicator, tachometer, watch, temperature gauge and our odometer, it has 49,809km on it. This car hasn't reach to 50,000km yet. Air condition and ventilation controllers are available in here. Here is switch for tent, sport mode, flasher system etc. There. Are seat heater controllers at these two sides, and little pockets on here. Of course one of the main problem on this kind of roadster cars is places for stuff. For that reason, they used every space very well. Look, we've a partition. In here too. There are Z8 writing at interior of car on just one place, it was located at here. And background of writing was painted with body colour of car. If exterior is grey, cabin is grey too, if it's black coverings become black too. So, on this car a chic design was obtained with these details. These. Parts are for tumbling situations. They protects the head of driver and passenger on during a tumbling. Interior is in that way as you see. Everything were located very well. Door interiors also must be. Explained. Let's show them to you. What we said, this is a roadster car and so we've difficulty on interior space. Let's look, we've a partition on here, Yes, we've a partition. In here too. we put a wallet for example. This is for opening windows, we mentioned to it before and it opens two. Sides when it's at middle. This is left side;. This is right and this is mirror controller. I'm removing it, look this is custom made. Name of the owner and car model were written on it. This key was produced by German Z8 Club. It's like, you may know standard E46 keys, BMW E46 3 Series and some BMW cars produced at. That times. we already listen to its sound before, but I think that it's also good to hear in that way. First ignition on, later you push the clutch and let the show begin!. There are grunts, whinings, cracks and hurly-burly sounds on this sound. It's really a magnificient car. Being produced of limited in number and produced as a very very special car, and coming to the fore with having its. Own unique details on it, most of them were just used on this car, already having a very high classic value at present, but a car that expected to rising in value much more at near future. Now, let's listen the story of this car from its owner. And where it came. From, what were changed on it, how it reached to present, let's see together. We started to our Z8 driving. We passed from a speed bump By the way you pulled away very. Nice with high engine sound. Let me introduce Ufuk, the owner of car, with you. He's the owner of this great, rare or how you call it.. Z8 which is also one of the most special cars of BMW. He has a nice story with car, he also traveled with his car a lot. Now, we'll. Ask him. We'll learn what did he do, how he bought this car and carried to present. Ufuk you've an awesome car. . - Thank you. And we thank you for giving this chance to us, we really. Think that it's a very important chance to review this car. Could you explain how you bought it and what did you do on it, let's learn all of them from you. - Of course, firstly welcome. I bought this car 15 years ago, it was July 2003 when I. Bought it. Those times, frankly, 2003 was the last production year of this model. I was also want to buy a car that model year. Luckily, I mean a huge luck, at 6600km mileage in 2003, I found a car on classified ads of Hürriyet newspaper. - In addition at 6600km, already these. Type cars don't use much but still a very low km value.. It was at very low mileage. - You found very well. Those times I was living in Ankara, I went to see the. Car to Istanbul at the earliest opportunity. Already there was no fault on the car, thanks to God. We bargained with the owner, dealed and I bought it. From that day to present, this car became like a child of us. It became a member of family, it's same on my. Wife too. We really love the car, we always drive around. Since that day, I'm trying to keep it on good condition as far as possible. When a piece of it need to renew, I care of this and I'm doing whatever necessary without delay. So the car stays youthful,. Alive and new in that way. I brought it to present in that way, I hope and planning to continue this condition at future too. - Hopefully your boys will. Keep it in the future. Yeah, we don't know what will happen. -laughings- Everybody asks: you're taking good care of it but when your sons grow up,. The situation will change? - So will they know its and your efforts value.. We'll see it, it's up to them. - Yeah you're right, you bought it at 6600km and now it's at 49,765km as you see. - Yes. You travelled a lot of way actually. People generally buy and put to. Garage these kind of. Cars and they stand like a trinket. I think you did very well, you travelled very much too. - It spent time inside of its capsule in. Winters of last 15 years at car park. Other times, we don't abstain from driving it.. Having memories and stories by travelling with it is much more important for me. - So you give it its due. Yeah I think so. . -Yes, I agree.. Because, if the car has no story and stays at one place,. It means nothing to me. Yes, these Europe travels we did first of them in 2012. We already send our car from Istanbul to Trieste with ferry at every travel. After we take it from Trieste, at first travel we went Nürburgring to drive on track. I found an opportunity to get onto the ring on there. With my car. It was very nice and good experience. After went to Switzerland, Nice, Cannes and Monaco we returned back. 100th year fest of BMW was in 2016, we were called. To there by BMW. We. Went to there, in Munich. Cars were exhibited, it was an event that all BMW clubs participated. I'm. Already a member of Z8 Club. Cars were exhibited on that event, it was a really good experience. We did a short Europe travel at that time too. And we went to Europe with this car again in 2017. And finally in 2018. So, we did nearly 4 Europe trip. I guess quarter of this mileage. Occurred on Europe trips. - Rest is occurred in Turkey? Yes, that's right. - For. Example, have you ever gone to Bodrum district or somewhere else with this car? No, it didn't happen. - So you have never driven in that way. No I have never departed like that and don't think to depart in that way. Because roads are really bad,. Also trucks are trouble, so many troubles.. However it went Ankara, Istanbul and Bursa for just one time. In addition it. Went to Izmir too for one time, but inside of an 18-wheeler. - This car really didn't stand, our Z8 didn't always wait inside of. Capsule. It saw many places, travelled over Europe. Ok, for example, this car is very rare in Turkey. We mentined to that before, there. Are just 9 units. 5703 units were produced at worldwide as we said before. How is the interest to it, does it get attention at abroad or in Turkey? It's very hard to see, getting into it is, actually I consider myself as a lucky person because of this. However seeing it is still a very rare situation. How are the. Reactions of people to you and your car? - Let me put it this way, in Turkey, it attracts notice pretty much more in Europe with respect to Turkey. Because European people doesn't avoid from show their interests. They behave in a relaxed manner. There are people that taken photo with car. Also there are couples that taken photo with car when. We're at red light and inside of car. One of the most. Interesting examples of this topic was lived at London, last year.. - There was a bride, wasn't it? I saw it on Instagram account. By. The way let's say your Instagram account for any our followers that. Want to follow. You. When we go there, we coincided with it in Hallstatt, Austria. I wanted to take a photo at place where they took photo. We asked for permission, we said our work is short and we'll shoot and leave. They allowed us and we took our. Photos, but while we're leaving they asked that can we take a photo with your car. We said. Of course, it would be nice. So they took photo with car and very. Liked it. That was in that way, other is at London trip last year. It was very interesting in London. There are nearly 80 of this car in England. However their almost none of them are driven. Turks that see. Number plate of car were very interested in car at there. -laughings- - 06..(Ankara, the capital city of Turkey) in Germany or in Austria, Italy, Switzerland they don't find odd to see these types of cars or this Turkish plate at that countries. But people can not believe in when they see a Turkish plate car in England. - Steering. Wheel of car is LHD, they think that he came to here from there with this steering, wow. Of course -laughing-, later there were many people who. Asked Did you come from Turkey? When we say yes, they surprised :) There were people that wave their hands, so many interesting stories.. - You mentioned that you went to Nürburgring. How was it? Could you talk about the general performance of car. Briefly? What did you feel for example? We're on a very very special car. And on its era, with regards to its technical specs and its power was one of the cars that have close. Features with Ferrari F360 Modena - That's true. Eventhough these cars have different characters, F360 and Z8 have close performance values. Could you explain us what do you think about it, so what is the point of Z8? - Now, the biggest feature of Z8 is being a very good Tourer. It has a long. Nose. We're very close to. Rear-axle as sitting position, for that reason controlling of car and being sitted at rear side gives an unique driving pleasure. Controlling it is very nice. It's corner performance is good, but of course this is a GT as we said before. So Z( is not a track focused performance car . - Yes, that's true. When I get the ring, it was joyful. It was also scary as well as enjoyable. It was my first time on there and going with this type of. Car brings responsibility to person. When you look from side mirrors, there are some drivers that drive very fast and. Also they know the track very well. Facing with them, they never abstain, they always tend to speedup. And they don't remove their foot from gas pedal by thinking that you shift to right side of road when you see them. - Yeah, you of course take it slow. Yes, I was driving carefully but of. Course not like. I'm at sunday tour. As far as possible, as far as I can, I drove it by avoiding from risks. It was a really nice conversation, so we saw where this. Perfect car travelled and how it reached to today. By the way the top of car is closed now as seen. We closed it. Because of sound recording problem. Top is closed but we're opening it. We used this before on our video shootings. For that reason you'll see it in that way at the full video. And we came to the end of our Z8 review. We hope that you liked it. Ufuk, I. Very thank to you. You gave this chance to us. We really had a tasteful review with this rare and beautiful car. I thank to you from that view too. I hope that you drive your car always in peace and nicely. - You're. Welcome, I very thank to. You, you came and shoot it. This shooting will be also a very nice memory for me. Thanks again. Thanks for watching us.. Wait, let me look at the sound, did we turn on sound recorder? Also there is something like that, it's a MOVIE that played at James Bond movies as we said. - Good luck! Okay. -laughings- -. There is dirt on there too, at left. At left left left. I can't clean. It. -laughings- - Okay you cleaned it.. Is it okay? Yes, we. Opened it till here. I'm throwing. It to top of it. Bro, I couldn't start. It.. -laughings- So the case closed :) This is directly behind the scenes bro.


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