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Farewell, Chevy Volt: An Oral History of the Plug-In Hybrid  WIRED

The death of the Chevrolet Volt was a quiet one. It came in early December amid news that General Motors was cutting 14,000 jobs, closing three assembly ...

It's unlikely there will be a Chevrolet Volt successor  Digital Journal

When General Motors announced its massive global restructuring plan in November, the company also confirmed the end of production for the Chevrolet Volt, ...

Digital Journal
GM battery facility discharge suggests no immediate successor for Chevy Volt  Green Car Reports

Will the Chevrolet Volt get an immediate successor, or will any other model soon carry on with the potential of its brilliant Voltec plug-in hybrid system?

Green Car Reports
GM president dashes hopes of future Volt, says no more hybrids  Green Car Reports

Following news in late November that General Motors would kill off the Chevrolet Volt, one of the pioneers of modern plug-in cars, a senior GM executive has ...

Green Car Reports
Prior to Its Cancellation, the Chevrolet Volt Was a Big Hit in California  The News Wheel

The Chevrolet Volt helped bring GM vehicles back to markets in California like L.A. with its innovative and eco-friendly tech.

The News Wheel
Goodbye Chevy Volt, The Perfect Car For A Future That Never Was  Hackaday

A month ago General Motors announced plans to wind down production of several under-performers. At the forefront of news coverage on this are the ...

The Death Of The Chevy Volt Has Major Ramifications  CarBuzz

Just last month, General Motors announced plans to kill off six models and close down several of its North American factories. The canceled models include the ...

Man tries to carjack Chevy Volt but can’t figure out how to drive it  fox5sandiego.com

A man allegedly made a botched carjacking attempt in the Midway area Monday and was arrested a short time later, authorities reported.

Q4 Chevy Volt And Bolt EV Deliveries, Plus December Breakouts  InsideEVs

Because General Motors no longer reports monthly sales reports in favor of Tesla-like quarterly reporting, InsideEVs' monthly Chevy Bolt EV and Chevy Volt ...

GM plant idling injects uncertainty into lives of UAW workers  The Detroit News

Uncertainty has hit many of 1600 United Auto Workers members after General Motors Co. targeted the Detroit-Hamtramck plant for possible closure.

The Detroit News
Long-range Cadillac SUV to lead GM's next electric-car push, in 3 years  Green Car Reports

On Sunday night, General Motors showed renderings of a future long-range, all-electric SUV to be offered roughly three years hence by its Cadillac luxury brand.

Green Car Reports
The Chevy Volt is dead; long live the Chevy Volt  The Verge

GM just killed the Chevy Volt, its first mass-market plug-in hybrid, but the Volt has already helped push the whole industry toward a more electric future.

The Verge
Chevrolet Volt Did Not Fail -- Not In This ZIP Code  Forbes

The Volt may be dead but during its short life the pioneering EV succeeded in ZIP codes that had all but banished the Chevrolet brand. Let's begin with GM's ...

Detroit auto show: Firms bet on petrol to fund electric future  BBC News

Electric vehicles have been the number one topic of discussion at the Detroit auto show. But big fuel guzzlers are still crucial as carmakers need traditional ...

BBC News
Cadillac CT6-V Preorders Opened This Week  GM Authority

General Motors opened up preorders for the new 2019 Cadillac CT6-V this week, with prices for the 550 hp high performance four-door starting at $89000.

GM Authority
2019 Chevrolet Volt review: Making a stronger case for itself  CNET

The Good Updates for 2019 give the Volt even faster 240-volt charging times. Electric driving range dwarfs its plug-in hybrid competitors. New high-definition ...

2019 Chevrolet Volt LT First Drive Review  Digital Trends

Combining the best attributes from an electric car and a hybrid, the Volt is the ideal car for those looking for a gateway into the world of EVs.

Digital Trends
Cadillac is finally ready to take on Tesla with its own electric car  Digital Trends

At the 2019 Detroit Auto Show, Cadillac announced plans for its first electric car. The unnamed model will be a crossover, based on a new platform to be shared ...

Digital Trends
Dead: Chevrolet Volt (Updated)  Jalopnik

GM has been going through a tight restructuring lately, selling off brands, offering buyouts to workers, and shutting down plants. One of the next plants that could ...

GM to kill Chevy Volt production in 2019 (Updated)  Green Car Reports

General Motors confirmed Monday morning that it plans to cease production of the Chevrolet Volt in March, as part of an effort to streamline production and pivot ...

Green Car Reports
2019 Chevy Volt first drive review: Still one of the best plug-ins around  CNET

The second-generation Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid is about to enter its third calendar year of existence, so the powers that be are throwing a few key updates ...

These vehicles will be killed in 2019: Say goodbye to Chevrolet, Ford, Nissan cars  USA TODAY

Automakers, including General Motors and Ford, are killing vehicle models at a steady clip – largely because consumer preferences are changing.

What killed the Chevrolet Volt? 6 plausible factors (and a couple of dubious ones)  autoweek.com

For a vehicle billed as the savior of General Motors not that long ago, amid the darkest days of the recession and the automotive industry crisis, the Chevrolet ...

Hamtramck Plant Idling Uproots Long Time GM Workers  GM Authority

General Motors decision to idle production at its Detroit-Hamtramck plant has uprooted the lives of longtime employees as they await news on its future.

GM Authority
What will happen now that the Chevy Volt has been discontinued? Twitter poll results  Green Car Reports

When General Motors announced in November that it would stop production of the Chevrolet Volt, it was a shock to many green car fans' systems. The Volt was ...

Green Car Reports
Auto Review: Chevy Volt blends green tech and driving fun  The Times

Everyone should spend some time with a Volt, a Prius, an Insight and a Tesla. Then everyone would really understand the pros and cons of all types of electric, ...

The Times
Why General Motors Is Ditching the Chevy Volt  Greentech Media News

When General Motors launched the Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid in 2010, it was heralded as a breakthrough "car of the future." Turns out it came with an expiry date ...

Greentech Media News
Cadillac decided not to kill one of its cars  Fox News

DETROIT – The rumors of the Cadillac CT6's demise were apparently exaggerated. Cadillac President Steve Carlisle told Automotive News at the Detroit Auto ...

Fox News
What will happen to GM's Voltec system now that the Chevy Volt has been discontinued?  Green Car Reports

GM's discontinuation of the Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid—sorry, extended-range electric vehicle—technology last month came as a blow to many plug-in car fans.

Green Car Reports
2019 Chevrolet Volt First Drive  Edmunds.com

It isn't often that a first-to-market vehicle manages to define a segment right out of the gate, but the first-generation Chevrolet Volt did exactly that. It was the first ...

EV Pioneer Chevy Volt: Plug-In Hybrid Is Still A Great Idea  Forbes Now

My 2013 Chevy Volt is the best car I've ever owned so why do I need a Model 3? I'll answer that question: the Model 3 is a force of nature with the connectivity, ...

Forbes Now
Did You Work on the Original Chevrolet Volt? We Want to Hear From You  Jalopnik

General Motors hyped the original Chevrolet Volt as a world-beating car. Its development took years and was rumored to cost about $1 billion. We were told to ...

News of the Weird: Jan. 17-23  Arizona Daily Sun

People With Issues. KION TV reported on Jan. 7 that a Salinas, California, family's Ring doorbell camera captured video of a man licking the doorbell for more ...

Arizona Daily Sun
2019 Chevrolet Volt First Drive: 108 Million Saved  Motor Trend

Long ago, McDonald's signs kept a running tally of the number of burgers served globally. At the launch of its midcycle enhanced 2019 Volt, Chevrolet triggered ...

Motor Trend
RIP Chevy Volt: USA’s Best-Selling Electric Car Of All Time  InsideEVs

It's with a saddened heart that we here at InsideEVs bid farewell to the Chevrolet Volt, which believe it or not, is the #1 selling electric car of all time in the U.S..

Is The Chevy Volt Your Best Bet For A Used $15,000 Car?  InsideEVs

Yes, we need to get more used car shoppers on board with offerings like the Chevrolet Volt. Few realize the true potential of this car.

Cadillac to take on Tesla as lux brand leads GM's EV push  The Detroit News

GM's march to 20 zero-emission vehicles by 2023 will be led by Cadillac when a new model for 2021 is built on GM's new EV platform.

The Detroit News
2019 Chevy Volt charges in half the time of last year's model  CNET

In a world where long-range electric vehicles are becoming more common and more affordable, the Chevy Volt often gets overlooked, and that's kind of a shame ...

Chevy Bolt vs Volt: Which Electric Car Is Best For You?  InsideEVs

The decision by General Motors to give the company's two plug-in electric vehicles such similar names was bound to create confusion. “Did you say Bolt or Volt?

GM Unplugs the Volt, But Electric Vehicles Aren’t Dead  Bloomberg

Farewell Chevy Volt, we hardly knew ye. General Motors Co.'s award-winning plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), launched in 2010 as the company was ...

2019 Chevy Volt gets higher prices with more equipment  Green Car Reports

In June, we heard that the 2019 Chevrolet Volt will come with a faster charger and more luxury features. Now, CarsDirect has learned how much those features ...

Green Car Reports
The 2019 Chevy Volt enables you to get more all-electric mileage  Electrek

At Electrek, we try to focus on all-electric vehicles and not plug-in hybrids because they most often offer only very little electric range. The Chevy Volt is the ...

Chevy Volt Was A Huge Success In Certain Areas Of U.S.  InsideEVs

In high-end cities in California, the Volt put Chevrolet back on the map. Now, the Tesla Model 3 is dominating in those some locales.

2019 Chevrolet Volt  MSN Autos

The Chevrolet Volt remains one of the best plug-in hybrids on the market, with impressive all-electric range and everyday practicality.

MSN Autos
Chevy Volt debuts new external sound safety system for GM  Automotive News

The 2019 Chevy Volt includes a new version of an external sound feature designed to meet coming federal regulations for EVs and hybird vehicles that run ...

Automotive News
2019 Chevy Volt Drivers' Notes Review | The lame duck  MSN Autos

What a week. When we took delivery of this 2019 Chevy Volt just before the Thanksgiving break, we didn't think it might just be the last time anyone on staff ...

MSN Autos
Five Facts About The 2019 Chevy Volt That You Should Know  InsideEVs

With competition from the Prius Prime and Clarity, the Chevy Volt needed updating. Watch the video for 5 things you should know about the 2019 model.

GM cutting 50 jobs at U.S. battery plant tied to Chevy Volt  Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - General Motors Co (GM.N) said on Tuesday it plans to cut 50 jobs at a suburban Detroit lithium-ion battery assembly plant after the ...

Chevy Volt Quarterly And Monthly Sales Way Up, Chevy Bolt Rising  InsideEVs

Quarterly numbers for the Chevy Bolt EV are chugging along but not picking up too much speed. However, the Volt is another story.

Why the 2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV and Volt plug-in hybrid are better than before  Boston.com

The 2019 Chevrolet Volt and 2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV offer enhancements that make them more attractive to those ready to go electric. Read more on ...

Edmunds Drives 2019 Chevy Volt 70 Miles On Single Charge  InsideEVs

Our friends over at Edmunds are quite pleased that they managed to drive 70 miles in a 2019 example of Chevrolet's plug-in hybrid on a single charge.

General Motors ending production of six vehicles including Chevy Volt, Cruze  WXYZ Detroit

Shortly after the news that General Motors would be ceasing operations at several plants in 2019, the automaker also announced that it would stop production of ...

WXYZ Detroit
GM pulls plug on Chevy Volt, an electric car trailblazer  USA TODAY

The first pre-production Chevrolet Volt rolls off the line at the Detroit-Hamtramck manufacturing plant Wednesday, March 31, 2010 in Detroit, Michigan.

To Date, Chevy Volt Drivers Have Saved 108 Million Gallons Of Gas  InsideEVs

In total, some 147000 Chevrolet Volts in the U.S. already covered some 2.6 billion miles and saved 108 million gallons of gas.

Chevy Volt and Bolt Estimates: Sales Skyrocket In November  InsideEVs

The Chevy Bolt and Volt turn it up a notch in November with both units hitting yearly highs based on our sales estimates.

2019 Chevrolet Volt Will Cost $300 to $550 More Than Last Year  The News Wheel

The 2019 Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid, which is adding several features for the new model year, will also cost at least $300-$550 more.

The News Wheel
Cadillac shows new EV as brand looks to electric future  The Detroit News

Cadillac gave a sneak peek of the brand's first-ever fully electric model, which will establish the luxury brand as General Motors Co.'s electric-vehicle leader.

The Detroit News
Bolt vs. Volt: Chevy’s electrified models explained  Digital Trends

Bolt, Volt. Chevrolet's two electrified models sound a lot alike, but they're completely different cars. The Bolt is an all-electric car, meaning it does not run on ...

Digital Trends
Three Decades Before the Chevy Volt, There Was the GM Silver Volt  The News Wheel

The Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid has a little-known ancestor from 1980: the General Motors Silver Volt.

The News Wheel
2013 Chevrolet Volt: Recall Alert | News  Cars.com News

Approximately 3200 2013 Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrids are being recalled.

Cars.com News
Chevy Volt Sales Decrease 19 Percent To 4,336 Units In Q2 2018  GM Authority

Chevrolet Volt sales decreased 19 percent to 4336 units in the second quarter of 2018 in the United States. See Chevy Volt Q2 2018 sales results here.

GM Authority
Overachieving Chevy Volt Surpasses EPA Fuel Economy Ratings  The News Wheel

There's a good reason that fuel economy ratings from the EPA are usually followed by a disclaimer mentioning that your mileage might vary depending on ...

The News Wheel
2019 Chevy Volt Gets Faster Charging & Convenience Upgrades  CleanTechnica

GM recently announced the recharging time for the 2019 Chevy Volt is cut almost in half by a new 7.2 kW charging system.

2019 Chevrolet Volt offers 7.2kW charger, improves convenience  Green Car Congress

A new 7.2 kW charging system on the 2019 Chevrolet Volt cuts recharging times nearly in half by adding about twice the all-electric driving range per hour of ...

Green Car Congress
2019 Chevy Volt Still The Plug-In Hybrid Champion  InsideEVs

Thanks to long electric range and a variety of improvements, the 2019 Chevy Volt remains "The plug-in hybrid champ" according to CNET's Roadshow.

GM recalls 2013 Chevrolet Volts for battery software (Updated)  Green Car Reports

GM said Friday that it will recall 3233 2013 model year Chevrolet Volts to remedy a problem with battery cell balancing that could cause the car to shut down in ...

Green Car Reports
Chevy Volt First Plug-In To Reach Cars.com Most American-Made List  InsideEVs

Prior to 2017, the AMI was based more heavily on the American Automobile Labeling Act (AALA) that does not distinguish between U.S. and Canadian parts.

2019 Chevrolet Volt Offers Speedier Charging, Other Enhancements | News  Car and Driver

Quicker recharging headlines the changes to the Chevy Volt for 2019. Read more and see pictures at Car and Driver.

Car and Driver
2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV vs. 2019 Chevrolet Volt PHEV  Automobile

I went to Vermont to drive the 2019 Chevrolet Bolt and Volt and to see if where the Bow Tie's electric offerings lie on the spectrum of boring to All-Star.

Honda Releases Clarity Plug-In Hybrid Versus Chevy Volt Video  InsideEVs

Interestingly, Honda just released a new ad about how its Clarity Plug-In Hybrid is better than the Chevrolet Volt. Talk about impeccable timing.

An In-Depth Look At The 2018 Chevy Volt From A New EV Owner  InsideEVs

Taking home your first electric vehicle is truly an exciting experience for new owners. After a driver goes day after day without using a drop of gasoline… they ...

Hundreds of GM hourly workers transfer to Flint, leaving family behind  Detroit Free Press

About 700 hourly workers at General Motors Detroit Hamtramck and Lordstown assembly plants, are transferring to other plants to keep their jobs.

Detroit Free Press
General Motors Brake Recall Hits Chevy Volt, Bolt Too  InsideEVs

GM is recalling a long list of cars in the U.S. and Canada for a braking issue that could lead to a collision. The 2018-2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV and Volt are ...

Nissan LEAF, Chevy Volt Among Top 10 Cars With Highest Depreciation  InsideEVs

According to a recent 2018 depreciation study by iSeeCars, the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan LEAF make the top ten list of cars with the highest depreciation. In fact ...

GM to Stop Production of Chevy Volt  Plastics Today

Chevy Volt, the face of vehicle electrification at General Motors for the past eight years, will be discontinued in March 2019, the automaker announced this week.

Plastics Today
OPINION EXCHANGE | GM factory closing is bad news for the environment, too  Star Tribune

The Chevy Volt, whose production will cease, can cut emissions sharply. It's also a terrific car.

Star Tribune
Chevy Volt Electric And Fuel Economy Tests Exceed EPA Numbers  InsideEVs

So you think the 2018 Chevy Volt can go only 53 miles on electricity and achieve 42 MPG and 106 MPGe? Well, those estimated EPA numbers of course vary by ...

Chevy Bolt EV Back On Top Of The Chevy Volt In October Estimates  InsideEVs

After 6 months of poor sales, the Chevy Bolt EV continues to rise, passing up the Chevy Volt in our October sales estimate.

Nissan Leaf e+ vs. Chevy Bolt, Hyundai Kona Electric: How they compare on paper - Autoblog  Autoblog

2019 Nissan Leaf e+ compared on paper with Chevy Bolt EV and Hyundai Kona Electric. We look at range, power, interior space and pricing.

2019 Chevrolet Volt Interior Colors  GM Authority

The 2019 Chevrolet Volt is available in three interior colors and two seat trim materials. See 2019 Chevy Volt interior colors, accents and trims here.

GM Authority
Quarterly Chevrolet Bolt And Volt Sales, Plus June Breakouts  InsideEVs

Bolt inventories have been weak all quarter as GM has prioritized exports. Meanwhile, Volt inventories have been strong all quarter. How did this translate into ...

Chevy Volt's Discontinuation And 'Gilets Jaunes' Riots In Paris Have Something In Common  Forbes

What does the decision by General Motors Co. to discontinue production of the Chevrolet Volt have to do with popular unrest in France as evidenced by the ...

5 Reasons To Buy A 2019 Chevrolet Volt, And 5 Reasons To Pass  GM Authority

2019 Chevrolet Volt was updated from the previous model year and has five strong reasons for why to buy it, and five minor reasons why somebody would pass.

GM Authority
2019 Chevy Volt, Bolt EV Pass Automobile Mag #noboringcars Test  InsideEVs

Automobile Magazine Thunderdome: Two Chevy's enter; both Chevy's leave with high marks. The Chevy Bolt and Volt both impress. But one gets the win.

Chevrolet Bolt and Volt: Our first-drive review of the 2019 models  Autoblog

The Chevy Bolt and Volt precisely answer all of the questions and concerns customers might have about an electric vehicle, but without necessarily coalescing ...

Plug-In Hybrid Comparison Test: 2018 Chevrolet Volt  Kelley Blue Book

When the Chevrolet Volt debuted for 2011, it was a revelation heralding the modern-day mass-market plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV).

Kelley Blue Book
GM, Ford, Toyota sales fall in December, but auto industry posts surprisingly solid 2018  USA TODAY

U.S. auto sales appear to have enjoyed a surprising, albeit slight, uptick in 2018, according to analyst estimates. With automakers reporting their full-year and ...

2019 Chevy Volt has a new, weird pedestrian warning sound - Autoblog  Autoblog

Chevrolet has given the 2019 Volt quicker charging and a new pedestrian warning sound. What was a high-pitched buzzing before, is now an alien-like noise ...

2019 Chevrolet Volt Colors  GM Authority

The 2019 Chevrolet Volt is available in eight exterior colors and three interior color combinations. See 2019 Chevy Volt colors here.

GM Authority
Report: Chevrolet Volt Not Dead After All, New Electric Crossover Coming  GM Authority

General Motors will reportedly not kill the Chevrolet Volt and a new electric crossover SUV could be in the pipeline for Chevy, too.

GM Authority
July 2018 Chevrolet Bolt And Volt U.S. Sales Estimates  InsideEVs

The Chevrolet Bolt EV again under-performs and Volt continues to tread water. But Bolt inventories are finally rising and the 2019 Volt will see huge quality of life ...

2019 Chevy Volt Blackout Package Overpromises, Underdelivers  GM Authority

Though we've already outlined the various improvements in store for the 2019 Chevy Volt, we have yet to shed light on the PHEV's Blackout Package. Assigned ...

GM Authority
Chevy Volt didn't have to fail, but GM mistakes doomed it | Opinion  Detroit Free Press

Readers sound off on why the Chevy Volt failed, Motown memories, immigration and climate change.

Detroit Free Press
Chevy Sales Estimates: Volt Hits Yearly High, Bolt Begins To Climb  InsideEVs

As the 2019 model year begins arriving at dealers, Chevy Bolt EV inventories in the U.S. finally climb to their highest levels since February.

Chevrolet Volt May Be Discontinued In 2020  GM Authority

The Chevrolet Volt plug-in electric car is reportedly being considered for discontinuation as consumers flock to crossovers and SUVs.

GM Authority
Tesla Model 3 orders open, 2019 Chevy Volt, dieselgate update, Volvo plans: The Week in Reverse  Green Car Reports

Which country plans to put a million electric cars on its roads by 2022? What mountain did an electric car climb this week? This is our look back at the Week In ...

Green Car Reports
This is Cadillac's first fully electric auto  Stock News Press

This is Cadillac's first fully electric auto. On the heels of its announcement of the 2020 XT6 three-row crossover with 3.6L V-6 engine with cylinder deactivation ...

Stock News Press
GM's Barra: We have more products to build in U.S.  The Detroit News

As General Motors Co. undergoes a restructuring that will indefinitely idle four U.S. plants this year, the Detroit automaker plans to build more cars in America, ...

The Detroit News
2019 Chevy Volt specs, Tesla Model 3 orders, and Faraday Future investment: Today's Car News  Family Car Guide

Chevrolet reveals updates to the 2019 Volt plug-in hybrid. Tesla opens orders for the Model 3 for all U.S. and Canada buyers. Faraday Future receives another ...

Family Car Guide
2018 Chevrolet Volt vs 2018 Hyundai IONIQ: What to buy? | Car News  Auto123.com

Hesitating between a Chevrolet Volt and a Hyundai IONIQ plug-in hybrid? Auto123.com compares the two and declares a winner!


Chevrolet Volt Videos

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Chevrolet Volt Wiki

The Chevrolet Volt is a plug-in hybrid car manufactured by General Motors, also marketed in rebadged variants as the Holden Volt in Australia and New Zealand, Buick Velite 5 in China, and with a different fascia as the Vauxhall Ampera in the United Kingdom and as the Opel Ampera in the remainder of Europe. In November 2018, GM announced it would cease Volt production in March 2019.Sales of the 2011 Volt began in the United States in mid-December 2010, followed by various European countries and other international markets in 2011. Global combined Volt/Ampera-family sales totaled about 177,000 units by the end of October 2018. The U.S. is the leading market, with 148,556 Volts delivered through October 2018, followed by Canada with 16,653 Volts sold through September 2018. Just over 10,000 Opel/Vauxhall Ampera cars had been sold in Europe as of June 2016, with the Netherlands leading the European region. As of September 2018, the Volt/Ampera family of vehicles is the world's all-time best-selling plug-in hybrid vehicle, and the Volt is also the U.S. all-time top-selling plug-in electric car.The Volt operates as a pure battery electric vehicle until its battery capacity drops to a predetermined threshold from full charge. From there, its internal combustion engine powers an electric generator to extend the vehicle's range as needed. When the engine is running it may be periodically mechanically linked (by a clutch) to a planetary gear set, and hence the output drive axle, to improve energy efficiency. The Volt's regenerative braking also contributes to the on-board electricity generation. Under the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cycle, the 2013/15 model year Volt all-electric range is 38 mi (61 km), with a combined electric mode/gasoline-only rating of 62 mpg‑US (3.8 L/100 km; 74 mpg‑imp) equivalent (MPG-equivalent).The second-generation Volt's improved battery system and drivetrain increased the all-electric range to 53 miles (85 km), its EPA-rated fuel economy in charge-sustaining mode to 42 mpg‑US (5.6 L/100 km; 50 mpg‑imp), and the combined city/highway fuel economy in all-electric mode to 106 MPG-e, up from 98 MPG-e. Deliveries to retail customers in the U.S. and Canada began in October 2015 as a 2016 model year.The Volt has won several awards, including the 2009 Green Car Vision Award, 2011 Green Car of the Year, 2011 North American Car of the Year, 2011 World Green Car, 2012 European Car of the Year, and 2016 Green Car of the Year. Controversies regarding the Volt include the extent to which the U.S. federal government may have participated in the Volt’s development, which continued through General Motors' 2009 government-led bankruptcy, and concerns about the battery-pack fire risk following a crash test that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) performed on a Volt in 2011. At the completion of its investigation, NHTSA concluded that no discernible defect trend exists.