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My name is Dean Carney and I'm the driver of along with historical lighting Dodge Viper and I got into drifting through a lot for rallying actually I wanted to go space rallying originally. And wristing was in its infancy at the time and started off feeling for fun or whatever and just kind of started getting better and better the sport was getting bigger at the same time so I suppose like in the right place at the right time. To grow actually with the sport at. The same time you know yeah I'm actually driving a Dodge Viper now longer than I'm driving any order of chassis which my never thought I would say but I started off I won the factory team with Dodge in 2011 and kind of snowballed from. There it was always a car I know I was a boy I had like a fascination with almost so when I got the. Opportunity to actually drive it like it was I would say at the start like almost a novelty and then actually drove the car and we found out hey it's actually so competitive and I just kind of I love with the chassis done compared to. Most conventional drift cars this is more this chassis is more based on a race car whereas conventional beautiful cars or whatever would have subframes than a unibody but this is a this is like a. Nasty tire basically so it's it holds a lot more. Advantages in the sense of mechanical traction itself. But we have to design an engineer and develop all the parts part actually ourselves and actually buy anything off the shelf absolutely every nut and bolt on this cars custom disc era we've ran for the last five years actually and Hornady in the. USA unique with the engineering with the drift cars I would say the biggest thing that's different to most conventional racing cars now is steering angle and before all you riff cars I would have said were more adaptive cars or like old man cars or ever like our street car was adapting our drift. Car but over the last or five years these have actually become complete race cars now like I feel like WRC cars like all like honesty's dial engineering and technology is going into them I'm older little actual race heads Philip Mane's Philip crank Pistons rods everything my dad obviously it's D stroke from 8.3 twas seven point. Nine and the revs the 7400 and we have a dry shot of nitrous finger father here we have a accident 2500 supercharger making about 16 pounds of boost putting herself to around eleven hundred and fifty. Horsepower at the wheels so like 1320 at the flywheel so it's. Pretty damn impressive then going to the suspension it's all custom knuckles awesome operates or a bottom control arm upper control arms everything costume we use a factory. Ace CRX brake actually cause them Dodge do a version of this car and if fantastic brakes they're super lightweight the Brembos actually is what they are damn we're on ik helis radial tires on it and I guess having slick tire Fronteras last about 10 to 12 laps back tires last about 60 seconds at full pipe. So this is the cockpit over Dodge Viper and we tried to keep it super simple very very basic so this is obviously the steering wheel then we do have an aim - just obviously the. Hydraulic ebrake for the secondary caliper on the rear and this is obviously my communications button to speak of Mike Oh chief or my spotter then this is a. Four speed g-force hands mission done dog engagement gearbox normally if if you changed your like an Erica it's like a really aggressive like bang like every time and everyone hints us broke when you're actually in the pits. And you're driving - OH oh my god let me hear it but no it's actually perfectly normal then in the rear end we use actually factory brakes again what we we do have secondary caliper on the rear for the handbrake. And because we do actually use quite a lot of handbrake input. In these parents because the tracks were starting to run on. Our getting more high speed every year we're on a big ape hey our performance wing on the back to try keep the back end mounted on the ground as best we can so that's pretty much a walkthrough of our Dodge Viper and. Hope you. Get to see downhill this year fires all the way down as far as the. Courts that's Jobrani.


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The Dodge Viper is a sports car manufactured by Dodge (SRT for 2013 and 2014), a division of American car manufacturer FCA US LLC from 1991 through 2017, having taken a brief hiatus from 2010–2013. Production of the two-seat sports car began at New Mack Assembly Plant in 1991 and moved to Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in October 1995.Although Chrysler considered ending production because of serious financial problems, on September 14, 2010, the then chief executive Sergio Marchionne announced and previewed a new model of the Viper for 2012. In 2014, the Viper was named number 10 on the "Most American Cars" list, meaning 75% or more of its parts are manufactured in the U.S.