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now I'm stuck in the middle no unicorn go I'm in San Jose California at RRS Auto Group here to look at this 1988 Ferrari Testarossa to replace my 1990. Of high for re f355 that unfortunately burned to the ground but I'm well prepared this time beautiful car I have always wanted these the donors name is Steve and this is his shop I think he probably lives here I would live here how's it going alright so this is a crazy. Setup you have here I think it looks. Like mostly Porsches though huh right so where'd this Ferrari come from well so a friend I'm 15 so I'm brilliant ooh Miami Vice was my friend. He bought it and I talked him into selling to me really fucking this yeah yeah so why are you selling it so you as you observe. My heart at the NS in Porsche and Lamborghinis right this is amazing where I have a really good time with it but I I'm just not part of Ferrari crowd I. Decide have someone else enjoy yeah okay well. Let's walk around this thing I I'm just I'll put it down maybe on the test drive you don't think we'll need it oh okay I'll put it down all right let's look I just wanted to be ready Wow Wow flat 12 and the wheels are not factory but there's a reason for that. Right okay sorry it's not your 355 you can be gentle oh yeah so this is the early 88 with the single bolt but not only that could this have the metric size metric wheels super rare super collectible I still have to set. Original wheels the metric wheels but it's. Very hard to find new tires right I have to confess I ain't never spent too much time searching right well these wheels are period correct and appropriate kind of makes it one of a kind so yeah I'm into it yeah we should probably take it for a test drive though you know let me drive it you get. To drive it in a shopping mall. This is weird this is California where there's like a collection of businesses in here like it's a mall except it's for cars and Motorsports so is it. Okay if I call you Rico through the rest of this that'll work oh that's a heavy steering there yeah can I got non. Manly arms I'll probably grow some takes a little bit of effort to get it in the gear with this gated shifter is that normal almost feel like I'm forcing it does it get better when it warms up though he. Does so line it. Takes a while it sounds good but yeah it's a little quiet though that's factory exhaust you know it is so to beat sauces are pretty yeah I got so used to that Capristo with the 3:55 is just. An amazing noise see I do not want to hit a Camry on the test-drive no. I've been waiting for this moment oh yeah that's great and this is actually really comfortable - I'm surprised I guess the size of it it's not good visibility which is a thing that you don't get on super cars all over the trail Road tracks yeah I recall now they make a left at the right and then are we. Gonna yeah yeah Oh Rico Rico Rico Rico you know it's not nearly as much of a pig as I thought. It would be especially after it warmed up yeah it is fun it's definitely heavy especially in the parking lot with the steering but but once you're going and once it's warmed up and you know it's it's it's a fun car for sure so cheapest running Ferrari. Testarossa in the USA and that's and I'm getting a really nice one that I don't even know I don't know what to do god this is this is amazing so yeah I'm definitely sold man. Thank you thank you so much welcome when you email. Me I was really impressed for two reasons first you've done your homework you told me exactly what you looking for you've done your pricing homework you even. Told me that you offer was on the low end and hoppy you didn't tell me who you were so I. Google the email address well that's a that's a cooties garage yeah obviously is finding the cheapest car yeah but I was the press you would be came across as very sincere you didn't brag about being a celebrity give me a clever answer half a million followers ain't bad but you didn't brag about eating I asked for. The car for the month right yeah you the right owner for your. Car I can't wait to get this back to Kansas and we're actually will take it to future Tyler back in Kansas hello tire front of the future welcome enjoy your car Thanks past who me you. Handsome devil you now be sure to hit the like button and subscribe to that guy because he's. Really something something stupid anyway but I imagine a lot of you are hearing these Miami Vice references and they're going right over your head so let me give you a little history lesson here apparently in the 80s you needed to wear pajamas and. Drive a Ferrari to solve crimes in Miami and initially detective Crockett and Rico Tubbs we're driving around in a black Ferrari Spyder like I was now coincidentally that black Ferrari convertible was blown up by a Stinger missile it exploded which later birthed an internet meme with Crockett sunglasses Liam Neeson is involved in this. Episode somehow as an IR a guy who's sleeping with a female detective in Miami Vice while also wanting to use another singer missile to blow up the Concorde but yada-yada-yada Liam Neeson is shot. Off a building to his death and after the Ferrari exploded Crockett got a white Testarossa to continue his very important. Police work so in this instance life imitates art as my black Ferrari exploded and I bought this so I could continue my very important YouTube work it's life and death YouTube work and if you want more of my thoughts on my. Latest Ferrari purchase link below is my article on autotrader.com slash overseer now back to the blown-up Daytona on Miami Vice it actually wasn't real they use kick cars that were based on the Corvette. C3 and the company that was building them was eventually shut down after a lawsuit from Ferrari apparently Enzo Ferrari himself was a fan of the show but hated seeing the replicas being used so much that he offered to give to testarossa's for free to use on the show one for beauty shots and one for stunts but it's also. Rumored that it was under the condition that the fake Daytona gets destroyed on-screen somehow he must have really hated it so that's why the original Miami Vice Ferraris death is kind of random but fans didn't have to mourn it for too long since the white Testarossa showed up in the next episode sadly nobody at Ferrari wanted to. Give me a Testarossa so as you. Saw earlier I had to go out and buy this one which at 83,000 dollars was the cheapest running and driving Testarossa that was available to me at the time as for how I'm able to afford this I really can't with my original. F355 I bought it broken by treating my Acura NSX plus $10,000 I could have sold my NSX for $38,000 or so so when you factor that plus the 10 grand plus the few grand in repairs I was around $50,000 into. It now it was worth a bit more than that and when I insured it I didn't do collectors insurance with the greed value. Because I didn't want the mileage restrictions I know you idiot but it actually kind of worked out nice sunglasses definitely aren't working out so when my. Ferrari blew up it took two weeks to get the insurance settled since it needed a special team to investigate and come up with a value and they initially came up with a very low price which made me mad so I sent over. All the most overpriced listings that I could find which range from seventy to ninety thousand dollars and we eventually settled. Things pretty quickly actually and I got our $74,000 check pretty good so as devastated as I was to lose the 355 with its glorious Capristo exhaust and gated shifter it put me within spitting distance of this Testarossa now this car is a 1988 with the same Miami Vice cocaine whites I. Mean Bianco white on cookies and cream color scheme in the interior but you can tell it's a few years newer than the Miami Vice car since it has two normal mirrors rather than a single flying mirror it has low mileage a recent full engine out major service. And it drives really well so why did I get it so cheap well other than the seller giving me a d-list youtuber celebrity discounts they they really don't trade for as much money as you think ten. Years ago this would have been a forty to fifty thousand dollar car that's it now a few years ago these things were trading for over a hundred thousand dollars but now they've come back down to earth some now in my opinion eighty three thousand dollars is really cheap for an 80s poster car. Icon especially since his main rival the Lamborghini Countach sales for a quarter million dollars or more nowadays and the two cars certainly share a similar cache a crazy styling twelve cylinder engine celebrity ownership and endless 80s pop culture credits but the Countach is a much rarer car as less than 2000 of those were. Built while total Testarossa production was a little over 7,000 to me the Testarossa is the much better by the bunch not just because of the lower price but also the drivability the visibility is actually pretty good out of this thing got a back window you can see out of and as far as supercars go. This is the land yacht of the bunch it's pretty smooth comfortable quiet and for the most part pretty easy to drive there's no wonder dr. dre sir mix-a-lot and michael jordan had one along with elton john and don johnson the guy that played Crockett and Miami Vice he was actually given another. Testarossa by enzo ferrari and now you can add me to the illustrious list of testa Rossa owners that dog will not shut up now despite the way. It looks this really is more of a comfortable touring car than a supercar I know that sounds crazy but see for yourself Oh get low get. Low get low do the windows ah snake attack snake attack hey you ok ha now inside you have nice comfy seats that you're definitely secured into with the automatic seat belt a gated dogleg 5-speed manual transmission and most of the modern conveniences but it's placed strangely down by the shifter. In a configuration that makes zero sense you have climate control buttons in different places mixed with window switches and hazard switches cigarette lighter and a button for the electric popper for the glovebox now the Sun visors they don't have mirrors but when you open the club box there's a giant. Mirror inside of it it doesn't fold horizontal blow or detach it's just just for doing your makeup the Testarossa was also delivered without a radio installed at all you've got speakers but no radio and that's. Because dealers or the new owner could decide what head unit they wanted to put in and I'm thrilled that this one has a period Alpine unit inside of it which it's like the poster I had when I was a kid that my dad actually. Gave me although that had a Countach on it now one more weird part of this car even though the cigarette lighters down here the ashtrays are up here in the door or probably the window switches would be and the passenger has one as well riddle me that but despite all this weirdness it is very functional ah. Now the Testarossa isn't all that fast by today's standards 385 or 90 horsepower with a 5.2 seconds 0 to 60 despite. It being a giant 12 cylinder engine I mean look at this this flat 12 goddess is a total work of art but it could have been a lawnmower engine for all I care because outside of this. Thing is a style icon these side strikes feeding into the wide. Swooping rear is just gorgeous but it's also functional as it feeds air into the radiators on both sides they kept the strakes going with the back as well across the taillights and then there's the wedge nose and the pop-up headlights it's just sensory overload me so while the 355 was great. The purchase was more of a crime of opportunity as I wasn't looking to buy a 355 but I was thrilled to have it this car on the other hand is a childhood dream come true I'm not sure why since I was barely potty trained by the end of the 1980s but still I've always wanted one now they say. You should never meet your heroes as it's usually a disappointment but at this moment there's zero regrets. Buying this thing still that may change when something breaks as the running costs are supposed to be obscene plus my mechanic the car wizard hasn't looked the car over yet I bought it without a pre-purchase inspection wish me luck on that one and thank you for watching yeah I look cool don't. I oh yes it's really hot today and I'm not sweating too bad because these pajamas pants breathe. Really well it's. Actually a very functioning costume for Miami they own.


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