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Oscar not mister sheep give me mr. sheep let's go. Come on ladies and gentlemen good morning welcome back to the channel welcome back to the vlog and welcome back to another perfect day here in the beautiful state of Utah we. Got Jeep gladiator news and we're also gonna be test driving a Ferrari FF today Oscar Oscar mr.. Sheep get him no no. We have received quite possibly the single most important thing ever in the history of the vlog I can't even begin to describe the magnitude of what is inside this envelope boys we made it we've done it look at this guy what making lunch you. Got a protein shake are you kidding me hey we got a. Pull-up contest that's right we do once we do just over two months in I'm okay that was kind of. Embarrassing let's we're gonna cut. That walk dude do you is there something I should know about why this. Is addressed to you something Nick niggas it's awesome don't buy it don't buy dope it's to him I did fight I mean help look get it if you get a free movie ticket if you didn't owe auskey look bud look what showed up it arrived okay so we're gonna finally open. Up this action Oscar Oscar stay away no no no I kind of sort of snaked you guys in the last vlog and I already opened it up because I couldn't wait so yeah sorry I have been waiting for this for a very very long time ladies and gentlemen I present to you my new exhaust. Tips they're forged carbon whoa this is so sick we have a bunch of carbon on the Aventador but no forged carbon there's gonna be like the coolest little touch for the car we got the new forged carbon exhaust tips from frequency intelligence exhaust this just looks so sick so these four exhaust tips are. Gonna replace the current gold set up I love the gold the purple gold is very cool but we don't have any forged carbon on the car so yeah I mean it's forged carbon you can't go. Wrong so the FI exhaust is Valvetronic we also got this cool forged carbon remote this is going to replace our current remote for the Valvetronic system we're not gonna be installing this right now but we're going to in today's video we are headed off to envision cars and coffee as soon as we get home we're gonna. Open up this very exciting envelope so if you were thinking of leaving the vlog I wouldn't because it's well I mean if you have something like really important to do I probably would leave the vlog because it's not that exciting but it's pretty exciting . Sorry Sorry I think these white Brixton's look better today than they did. Yesterday I read a lot of your guys's comments a lot of you love him a lot of you hate him we could have gone conservative we could have gone silver black bronze gray that would have been boring but we went outrageous and we went outlandish I think the white and the purple works. I think so but we got to go we got to go come on we got to go so I kind of sort of lost Oscars leash so we're having to use this climbing rope but it's like paint a sample. But that's an expensive option come on we got to go stop number one is envision cars and coffee but that r8 v10 plus that is a. Six pack look maybe we should add some blue accents to you what do you think but no no your first Enzo but your first Enzo and a 918 spyder what do you think do you dig him yeah maybe the craziest end. Zone the entire world. One of 399 but this has a twin-turbo K. We featured this on a vlog a couple times this car was destroyed in a. High-speed rally completely rebuilt so sick to see an Enzo and of course we have the 900 spider finished there in liquid silver it kind of got. Carried away with the end zone the nine one eight we got this sick sick gt2 RS I have some news involving a gt2 RS very very soon coming to. The channel yeah soon soon I know the anticipation has been killing you guys the time has come application for exemption from tension window requirements no so. We've dollars it has finally arrived yes the Aventador is gonna look better with window 10 of course it is of course it is but I actually do have a legit medical condition I'm not just trying to bypass the law to make my way to. Make my car look better someone in my immediate family is actually going through skin cancer treatment right now their dermatologist told them specifically they have more early onset skin cancer on their driver's side face because of driving without window tint and so it's a hereditary issue I have very fair skin and I don't want to get. Skin cancer later on in life so yes the events tour is going to. Look better if you don't have a legit medical condition don't fill out this form don't go talk to a physician yes. The car is gonna look better but that's not the only reason so we need to take the r8 we are going to go test drive a Ferrari FF so we got to bounce the Guyardo out of the way I have not driven this car. In three weeks so I'm hoping that's going to start because if it doesn't we're going to miss our appointment Oh what's up how's it going what's. Up Braden you guys remember Braden you're the one who. Almost died in the floating unicorn yeah under that few. Underneath the bridge yes yes the new kanye's nope no what are they they're so so bugs this is sole custody does so because the built-in sound system that is cool that's a cool exhaust sound it's got that high-pitched Ferrari whine whoa all right so now. We're gonna Rev the r8 just for comparison sakes for scientific reasons to tell you guys why I should trade the r8 for the FF I have no concerns being right next to the exhaust because it's done it sounds like the new Dyson it's just not very nice this will definitely do this interior is next level you a quilted Alcantara. And you have white carbon this thing is sick and it has the glass roof like this thing is spec to. The max you got the silver a Ferrari horse you got Clayton's new kicks this thing is sick by it yeah yeah probably so this FF is kind of sort of for sale. But kind of sort of not but it is it like definitely is but it's not but it is kind of like the r8 so I'm gonna try to convince Braden his plan to sell it to me so we'll see we'll see in the comments below should I trade the RA obviously you're gonna. Say yes that's a stupid thing to ask so this FF has twenty two thousand six hundred and seven miles sounds pretty good but it can sound better Clayton is now gonna drive. The FF because I want to experience the passenger seat this interior is sick it's not gonna match the purple wrap but it's still very cool if I do get an FF I want to. Do the dream roadtrip I want to circumnavigate the United States of America do turn an FF. Remove the rear seats build a custom kettle for Oscar and go to or the nation so if you guys think I should do that smash the like button they look sick I'm. Just grabbing it it does it guys he just is not a good sounding car but it looks good oh we know we're. Gone I want this car guys this is this is the car this is the carburetor I want this car make this happen perfect something and make a little trade yes that's what we gonna do guys not like. Not like right. Now but sue who is that who is that Aki's time as ruler rises and falls like the south we're not buying the f-m today but. Maybe tomorrow it's all why there can't make up its mind it's not pouring rain that FF looks so cool it's almost like a liquid silver blue looks so good now window 10 is killer too picture that purple white we hills and a purple ski box that would be. Money that they you sit come on Utah go get your weather together it's supposed to be 75 tomorrow but we'll see good thing the FF has all-wheel drive the r8 has all-wheel drive as well Clayton just detail that thing and the whole front end is. Just caked in ice one key detail. If I trade the r8 for the ff+ cash. There is no way the ffs could fit there with the guy or two. Parked here this parking spot is going to be filled with a new car tomorrow. Not the gladiator it's not the gladiator I do have some gladiator. Updates I received an email yesterday confirming receipt of my order so that's the gladiator. News for the vlog oh yeah so this this spot right here. Is gonna be filled with a new car ffs can't fit there if I got a four-post lift I could park the Guyardo up top the FF below I think that's my best option we're gonna try to install these in today's video but we're gonna go do a little bit of a photo. Shoot unfortunately the weather's looking a bit ominous oh yeah no don't tell me they got him for window Ted no another window 10th violator I'll give it to them they are. Relentless do you live in North Salt Lake or Davis County this is Rio their favorite tuk I don't know where Jeremy is taking us but this weather is pretty sick these. Clouds looks old so insane perfect perfect coverage for a photo shoot throughout here off-roading the Aventador I'm telling you cleaning these white wheels is gonna become a full-time job but what you gotta do so that's Jeremy right there that yellow headlight film looks so good I got pulled over for my red film four hours after a install get. Your wind sprints dude get your wind sprints we got to get you in shape. Dude you gotta get in shape for getting chubby you're gettin chubby dude whoa what I wasn't filming no I did I wasn't filming Nate Oscar we missed it directed temple send never doubt never doubtful send there we go this is. My I need that thumbnail I need a thumbnail for today's video so you know yeah I I've been there I know what it's like and I wouldn't recommend it 9 hours guys 9 hours I spent in the ditch about 3 hours that we look right there you have. No idea I want to do launch controls oh that I don't want to I just know that I shouldn't because I would destroy the car but. Check this out we got views on this initiate time-lapse in 3 2 1 in the history of the YouTube channel I don't think. There's been a more appropriate use often check that these white wheels look so so good I'm so happy with the Brixton's. The 10:16 kit this car is just completely exceeded my expectations for me the Aventador is just like the quintessential car it checks every single box and here finishes a purple boy I love salgo and it looks so good I cannot wait to get the carbon splitter and the carbon skirt and then ya know I never. I was not gonna say anything about wrapping hood trust me I wasn't the adventurer has seventeen thousand nine hundred and seventy nine miles I gotta stop. Driving this car I'm racking up the miles too much what a day unfortunately kind of some bad news. We are not going to be installing the new forged carbon exhaust. Tips in today's video but Nick's vlog absolutely what do you guys think of that Ferrari FF let me know in the comments below I definitely see an FF trading spots with the r8 sometime in the future as always I hope you guys enjoy today's video if you did like squad be sure. To smash that like button but just.


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