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76 miles on this thing brand new dealership good. Morning and welcome back to garage garage yep another fine day in Southern California we finished our crazy card excel. It wasn't as good as I thought but we finished it and we stored it we stored it high like the wing today we got an extra special product for you guys something I. Probably not gonna help too much on but do enjoy and that is they Fiats that's right we got Fiat here we're gonna hand this off the old Dan because way too nice for me it's pretty nice for garage garage general so I'm excited for it we're teaming up with Fiat again for the hood Egan's want. The driver search this time it's open to men and women so if you sign up you get a chance to win this bad boy if you win. The competition sign up hoonigan 20 comm try and be one of us join the gang we're trying to look for another hood again if you want to get in something this nice that we're gonna build on garage garage by. We I mean Josh and I Brad's gonna get that get the heck out of here so we're not. Gonna use as much sawzall and stuff this time and it's gonna be a little bit more well calculated because Josh and I will be at the hands of that absolutely and we're gonna make it a little bit more tracked oriented and. Make it look a little bit cooler even though I kind of like it how it is right now I want to take it. Home we haven't even got a chance to look at it yet I don't even drove it yet we just pulled it in pretty much so it's kind of scary to already start working on a car that's nice this new but I'm gonna take. A closer look at. It and just suit this thing's all about before we actually dig into it so let's check it out take a look Josh what do we got here man 120 fold spider lightweight real wheel drive turbo four-cylinder I'm pretty excited to drive it but I don't think we get to drive it that's the problem we just get to build it. Yeah let's just take a gander what we have inside like man it's styled really nicely on the inside we never get anything that's. New so say in like shark hurts my favorite car this is a newer version of that like the red stitching is kind of cool there's speakers in the headrest I just feel like I could drive this like crazy good sounds. How many miles 76 miles on this thing it's brand new dealership why do we just take this thing on the 710 like so she's a six-speed oh yeah it feels. Really tight that's a pretty good short shift though sure this thing's pretty fun to slide around I've seen heard slide one around before I haven't got to you another thing we're gonna get to in this because we have to keep this. Kind of nice big turn that baby off I don't see what's under the hood pop that hood so yeah it's here before look at that Garrett sitting right there that's really far back no far back that sits back a firewall yeah way back into the firewall. There I'm front of the engines everything's behind the wheels I mean this has to be a Roadmaster he's sit in it and it feels like something you just want to go after it's Drive wheel base is one. Inch it's just one or two inches bigger than the enemy otta right which is awesome because that's one of the most fun cars to drive for me it hasn't been that way in a while and. These things are just like back to that day of of having just fun you know and make a shark make a supercharged turbo charge well this has about 180 horsepower from when I thought which is quite. Good for a 1.4 liter like that that's a monster this is too much brake for such a. Little car which is awesome just throw out that anchor when you have to I bet this thing rips around the track sounds pretty good we got a. Few parts and throw on it I think we should just get started we got some turbo smart kiddies whoops Mario goodies yeah turbo smart sent this a really. Cool care package some really nice things but this not it's not for today we're not doing that. Today we're gonna get into these BC Racing coil overs and that's what we're gonna do today well you got an iphone you already already a step ahead there's a dull knife yeah thought you came prepared Josh definitely double box it no. Don't care on instructions oh these are so straightforward though these bad boys might as well get them out. Soon easy what Swift Springs BC hooked it. Up we got there one right what front it's always like the first thing and the best thing I ever do to my car you know you always think like engine swap is the biggest thing man he put coil overs on there yeah well and it just makes a car just drive lovely right what do you think. Nelson I think we should get to it you want to get down on your civic yeah with some BC close on your civic Robin bill this is straight board now it's out of the box I think we just put it on that. And change the ride height a little bit I. Know I've said it a few times but just as a reminder if you want to try and win this car sign up right now hooligans want to. Calm all the information should be there for you it should be pretty easy to get through gotta have some talent to win this bad boy but in addition to this awesome Fiat that you can win we're also gonna build a trailer on. This series that you can tow behind this vehicle it's going to be track ready for you so you can take this to the track it'll be hitched right up to the car it's gonna be a pretty cool build I think it's a cool idea. For almost any car if you're gonna take it to the track but that is also available for the win you're gonna get this and a trailer so sign up hooligans wanted. Calm right now follow the. Instructions should be pretty simple and see what you got let's get started Josh whoever's had done that was super easy way too easy yeah BC Korres went straight up in there we're not gonna adjust the ride height today because we don't have wheels. Yet but it is already gonna be lower but I actually want to look underneath this thing because I have not seen it yet it seems easy looks like it's got same little yeah all race power frame okay yeah that's waste outer than but we're gonna take that up this looks. A lot beefier than the old Miatas pretty much the same just way way way upgraded and way more developed so friends so man everything is so easy to get to what I want to do for the trailer that we. Were speaking about before mmm is we will take the rear suspension parts and all the rear suspension components and use them on the trailer so if you want to go go off and bent an arm or an upright or something like that or broke a coil over. You can take it off the trailer put it on your car take your car home and then figure out the rest. Later what you think just too boring I think just to Burke the only challenge I foresee is that on this arm right here pivot point to. Pivot point here is pretty narrow yeah the upper would be the only thing I'd have to worry about there but if we were to set it up on top of it right so even if we could use the subframe it would be cool or we're gonna have to replicate this subframe mmm of tubing which. I have no problem doing basically what we should do is just measure this absolutely should drop some plans. For this trailer that's gonna be way harder than modifying this car should probably get on that I don't know Sketchup that yeah why not all right let's get drawing something happened in there yeah something happened in there so why don't we. Do I'm gonna have to do a 3d dimensional like version of this actually wise this is a single axle idea you. Know we have our elevator trailer here super kind of basic or whatever the hell but then an actual structure comes up like this and then has the control arms upper and lower mouth another set of wheels up top here and then there's two and then two more wheels sit down low like. That so the whole assembly is you made of the arms to hold it in place yeah so there's actually idea using the trailer but hey if you need another controller or whatever it's already elevated you don't even have. To like men down unbolt it off the trailer it's already there right in front of your face that's true and we already got two wheels mounted to it to just kind of make it look cool and save space and suck I still say we use the hubs in the no axle no I've so we. Can run the same wheels and stuff to you yeah but that is a good idea I like that and. Then if you want to be even more gangster we could even. Like make this go all the way up to the front here or something like that and do the front suspension here down here will be the jack over here will be the jug in the toolbox now it just looks like a bunch of screws now it looks yeah that's pretty horrible so you kind. Of follow where I'm going with it yeah so maybe like here's a side view so here's like front suspension rear suspension toolbox pill jug now how do we make that look cool you can instead of like having this flat like this maybe you can do like a radius bent we're gonna have to do a lot of. Cool to work. For sure yeah yeah you like to do it I like to do. It that's gonna be cool maybe I'm exaggerating these dimensions you know like even the solid axle thing doesn't really have to be a solid axle so we can just bolt it to the. Upright and the hub so but there would be no suspension involved in that yep and then I'd like to do that blah blah blah something like that the structure. Just to make it look rad but this thing would have liked. The way that one PE would be like you have a hole on like extra set of suspension front and rear he's just gonna all we have to do is keep this mindful what we need to do is. Measure everything out we need to measure all the parts that we have and see like how much they weigh and the wheelbase this is something we'll have this start next time cuz we're running out of time this is gonna be sick I don't want to give this away and that I want both of. These things maybe I want to be on hoon against one thing whoever wins this should be really happy I hope you guys all enter I hope to see some good competition I won't be excited to give this away but maybe I will okay maybe this. Smile and someone's face to be should be good enough we're gonna start on this next time we're gonna hopefully have a good idea as you follow along with this we've got some more upgrades for the Fiat we got some BC forged. Wheels we have Magnaflow to replace the exhaust we have K&N coming in for some intake filtration stuff Pegasus Racing for all kinds of different cool stuff we might have to figure out a couple things for that because. They have a lot of stuff and then we got turbosmart sending a bunch more things for us too so we have quite a bit to do to the. Car rather than just the trailer but I think we're pretty excited before the trailer it's gonna be a cool build regardless so follow along we'll put all those new parts on do we wrap this we have to say that's a wrap.


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