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All right everybody we are live again dynasty mirror search for hooroo today's topic is a solution to all. The problems of black people worldwide and I have the brother Sports actuary on with us now brother do. You want to share your government name or no yes or no oh I'd rather not shared it okay well you have a very interesting and dynamic story so I'm gonna go ahead and let you introduce you to. Allow you to introduce yourself and share. With us your your story okay Oh brief resume I've visited eleven African countries including extended visits by extended I mean six months duration to four countries in one of those countries uh Ethiopia I stayed in a mud brick house I'm an honor graduate. Of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania a former recitation instructor in statistics two Wharton MBA students I'm a fellow the Society of Actuaries the 12th black person in the world to achieve this designation a former world class casino blackjack player I've been barred from casinos for playing blackjack all. Over the world I'm the only person barred from every casino in Atlantic City Atlantic City and since Atlantic City no longer bars players I am the only person that ever will be I am formerly the top seller of Bitcoin on eBay. In the world and currently I am one of the best players of NBA second halves in the world okay brother where is he from ah Philadelphia Oh Delphia okay okay now after why we're talking about Djibouti do you want uh you and a Shepherd to that. First SAR yeah yeah there's a couple couple. Are you know take it somewhere else before we jump at it you. Know shabooey yeah I wanted to just mention some things which weren't necessarily central to why I requested. This one-on-one okay I thought I thought it might be of interest to your viewers okay the reason I brought a digit buddy I haven't heard a lot of discussions about it well I think I think a probably djibouti me personally now it's just about every foreign militaries into Djibouti or trying to claim. The lay claim to it from understanding my right or wrong I tell the truth I'm. Not an expert on the history of the country or you politically let what's happening there I think there is a military base there isn't there an American military base mayor chin Chinese sadi I think. Everybody's in you believe but it's beautiful from what others they're right right they're an independent country III don't think they're controlled by anyone anyone else I don't believe they have a port there. Which Ethiopia uses because Ethiopia doesn't have a port. The reason I brought them up in my judgment they may be the most. Beautiful sub-saharan Africans there there are a. Hundred percent Muslim and they're really serious about Islam I mean if you meet a married woman you cannot you cannot touch her hand you can't shake her hand they're very serious about their religion if if you steal an egg you know you you could you could get your hand cut off real law. That was called sure right right they've got women on the street at 11 o'clock at night changing. Money and those women may have ten thousand dollars on them you know there's no security guard nobody's with them but there's no crime it's extremely hot but they I think I think that if a Muslim serious muscle Muslim brother were to go there he he could get a woman that probably wouldn't run. Fun from him if he brought her back to the u.s. that's a big problem with Ethiopian women so the machinist the topic as far as you know the solution to all the problems of black people worldwide. And what does you know yeah okay okay I just we you know but go ahead go ahead just mention it because I thought that might be of interest to some of your some of your viewers I just want to mention a couple other things as far as. But your your your channel deals with economic issues business and as far as a business tip regarding doing business with Africa I think that we should think in terms of buying not selling. Things to them this idea of getting things from China and taking them to Africa and selling them I I don't think that's the way to go I think the way to go is to go to Africa with hard. Currency and to buy things that have value somewhere else and I think the best thing to buy from Africans is if time because they they're willing to sell their time at very low prices corruption and embezzlement by employees is a bigger problem in Africa than in African America I've seen instances in fast food stores. Fast food restaurants where the employees they will collude to run a game on the on a store owner yeah. Have you have you. Seen that before that's yeah that happens I've never seen that in the US well colluding to run game on store on owners employees yeah with the customer uh I mean I've seen where you know an employee might say hey pay me cash on the side or you know something like that I mean. You know not only a restaurant every every industry ok well I never saw it in the US in a restaurant so that I think that that's a concern that anybody interested in doing business particularly setting up a retail operation in Africa should they. Should consider my focus as far as solutions is individual solutions a political or group solutions we remember the the series roots and. One of the big points and roots at the beginning is when. They said that when. The Africans were put on the slavers they deliberately chose to take Africans from different tribes and then mix them all up so that they couldn't ask they didn't speak the same tongue and it would be difficult. For them to organize to stage a rebellion well I believe that that that act at the time we were brought over I believe that that has had a permanent effect on our culture and it makes it difficult. For us to work together oh I agree in my experience East Africans they work together better than. West Africans and and both of them work together better than we do I agree to a point I agree well I. Don't know that that could be disputed I mean I like I said I agree to a point but it 100 percent yeah the fish country I. Mean it's a lot you know which country East Africa versus which country in West Africa like it really depends on it's a lot to it okay in my experience the Ethiopians work together better than any black people I've seen in the world I can't I can see that I can see what somebody will say that as. Far as I'm sticking together. I can see why somebody to say that they they they seem to suffer from less self-hatred they trust. Each other they they say less negative things about each other and they they seem to genuinely like each other's company more than any other you know what I as far as Ethiopians I can see that I can't. Really argue with that especially the way the he killed me is already over here in America so I can see that let. Me ask you a question um I don't want dwell on this too long but what do. You feel is the major reason that China has made such a big move on the rest of the world there at the end of the day they're united they have a common goal I think that's the main the main factors but I mean like I said they united to have a common goal. They have a common objective well I don't disagree with that but what I would what I would identify as the number one reason why China. Was on a path to basically be the the most powerful force as far as a nation in the whole world is their policy of having just one child per family and that resulted in the family's resources being focused on one individual as opposed to being spread out amongst many individuals we. Then when you focus your resources in that manner are you usually get better results that's for anything. Is that I mean is it's like a school a school which has few students Houston few students per class is usually going to have better results than a school that has a large number of it is because. They are over overpopulated or because I mean they change that as far as the one-child law but you think it's because they're just overpopulated or was it more about focusing resources I believe it was focusing resources and yeah you. You're right they did change it and I believe that this this exponential growth that they were experiencing I don't believe it's going to continue the way it has as a direct result of them changing the policy I don't believe they're going to continue to be expanding the way that the way they have been as far as. The solutions that I have we remember you saw the UH the first blade film I don't remember it I've seen of this okay the the opening scene shows Sanaa Lathan on a medical gurney and she's being rushed to the emergency ward of a hospital because she has just been bitten on the neck. By a vampire and you know she's in the process of turning and at the time she was bitten she was carrying blade she was pregnant with blade and as a result of her being bitten while she was carrying bleed he had all the virtues of. A vampire would any of the inconveniences so what I believe the the solution well black people worldwide is we need to do things on an individual basis and what I've discovered is a method. By which we can become the people we need to be to make the changes that we need to make in our communities basically I've just I have come up with a system by which women while. They are pregnant can ingest certain supplements and nutrients and as a result of ingesting these supplements and nutrients the children will be the immune systems will be stronger the children. Will be bigger they'll be taller that be more athletic better coordinated they'll be more intelligent they have better concentration better focus that be more disciplined there there's also economic benefits to the family the overweight pop problem which. Is a epidemic in our community that vanishes so all these. Overweight people that we have they uh the child will never be overweight the child will will demand less food so the family is going to be saving. Money they're not going to be spending as much money on food because the child's not gonna be uh pressing them to buy them something eat all the time so the solution set out to Gregory wired brother. And everybody just to let you know we are sold out for the tour in August we've completely sold out so looking forward to August brother Gregory is rollin with us all right so so brother so you're saying the solution is this formula ah yes that's great okay so the solution for to. All of the problems of black people worldwide is health formula that training will take I'm fine I I didn't I didn't get the last thing you said and a solution to all the problems of black. People worldwide is a solution or formula that black women who are pregnant should take is that what. You're saying that's correct and the earlier they take it the better okay okay all right so that's a salute okay can you tell me more about this formula well some of the details I I'm I I don't want to reveal too much now because I'd like to profit from this it's. Not we were forever care like is this a MLM company you working for you're all my product has not been packaged I I haven't worked out arrangements with suppliers I don't have any packages I there's no warehouse there's nothing like that like this but it has been tested okay so basically your solution to. The all the problems of black people worldwide is your secret formula bet you sell. It well I'm not selling it selling it I mean I'm years away from selling it alright so you look at your solution to all the problems of black people worldwide is a secret formula that you you're trying to sell I. Would like I would like at some point to sell right a trick the other. The problem is a black people worldwide long as they get their hands on this secret formula praying a black woman that uh you know if we will you he's gonna make us fine I wouldn't what is this formula do like these guys so so basically you gave the blade analogy because your secret formula. Is gonna turn all the babies it's a blades well ran out they're not gonna be that strong they're gonna be x-men. Are all the babies they'll be x-men yeah what I would say is older sir yeah I don't think they're gonna be super but I think a high percentage of them will probably be a very competitive athlete in this. Dream I want you to show me your formula right now I need to see this formula in industry if I show you the forehead what am I gonna sell deines well. If I show you the form that I won't have anything I won't have anything to sell it there I mean why not allow me. To create where's O'Shea. Call call O'Shea right now hold on one second card is oh look a broom is both I'm trying not to cuss I'm trying to keep it clean I'm gonna call O'Shea's as a custom out right now oh no words I'll show you okay. Hold on hold on Carl O'Shea right now shit how's the secret formula fuck it O'Shea neck up my ass answer O'Shea no my full share to answer the phone no I keep dude out the chat that I kicked dude out the chat hold. On let me call it say that top secret. Formula Greg and Gregory did you did you send this dude Gregory Gregory Wyatt did you send him Gregory did you send this guy Gregory he says ok anybody want to come in on a chat anybody want to come in anybody want to jump in. Come on Shay answer is no kids item in big bet hey man I'm sorry Batman I was missing you know I love my people I love I love my black people my black people you guys. And I just I got a give I try to give everybody a fair shot that's just how I am I know I do Who I know I do a terrible. Job sometimes treating people but I try I try to give everybody a fair shot I just I do because I just I love I have so much faith in my people I love my people so. Much you know but I just try my hardest to give us the benefit of the doubt that's just how I roll oh my god but this this shit. Right here do you think this is April just April Fool's joke gone wrong is that do. You guys think it is was this a April Fool's joke gone wrong I'm just trying to give a guy the. Garlic guys shot you know that that's all but I definitely want to keep the show going you know well he said he was on O'Shay show so just on the strength I should have rushed out toshe before I had him on hey I'm Aramis Italy I'm a row I might have seen a link right. Now I'm a rachac your inbox I'm Mariah check your inbox I just emailed you to lean well yeah I just I love our people so much right vibranium he got the vibranium or what was the what's the flour. On Black Panther who's Ray Parker jr. now we got an honor ah who's gonna hop on. But yeah that would that was just embarrassing now it's just embarrassing of course actuary be quiet come on wasting our time especially with the topic I mean come on the solution to all the problems of black people worldwide and you and you come out it was shout out to. Doug everybody any talking about some of some secret formula some secret formula. Some secret blade formula he just finished Hakan O'Shea O'Shea okay hey I got you out of my show we're live streaming right now who is this who is this sports actuary clown why did you not warn me about him all right yeah talk about he got a secret. Formula turn babies it's a Blake I'm out of here right now you would have you and hop on no I just I just kicked them off I literally had to kick them off bro I had to add a kick a male yeah I let him come on me now did you know oh sure I. Have so much faith in our people and I love our. People so if they need opportunity I let them come on I gotta go pick up master the like 35 20 minutes so yeah I'm a rah go ahead I'm a raw I'm Mariah can't hear you I'm a raw that's where would you you just can't get it together today I'm Mariah you're Boost Mobile minutes in Kenya MetroPCS minutes have. Expired but we just we just can't. Get it together today I'm a rossport sports actuary we just cannot get it together golly I'm just I'm hurt today I'm hurt shoutout to uh miss Williams shoutout to miss Williams everybody please do t Kelly please do i Marah we. Can't hear you brother we just we can't we can't get it together today I'm just I'm so disappointed I'm so disappointed I'm so disappointed we just cannot get it together today but you know I'm still gonna continue to fight for my people even though some. Of us is special I'm still going to fight for our people Andy I'm sorry for not believing you I just I had to give them the opportunity to speak become tired I mean I'm not tired it's only Monday but I'm not tired but I Marah can't get his wife I together you know sports actuary talked about he has the. Blade Sarah the captain American syrup you know hopefully O'Shea. Could jump on here pretty soon yeah. Brother this is just this is just embarrassing he had a different formula from O'Shea's interview hey Maddie you would hop on Matt D so you. Could please speak on this formula Idlewild a bunny Bhawani a costume hurry up O'Shea get up man please please come save us come save me please come save me that's right this guy went to the Wharton School can you hear me I hear you now you got you okay I have blue to fun. It was like. Messing everything up okay now we hello yeah you know go ahead I'm in Nairobi okay obviously is like a white wall at UH I mean I I'm in Nairobi in a hotel room. Okay and and I doesn't show them the front camera will show so I can see I'm looking at you but the camera is facing the opposite direction but you see yes and you see outside how busy Nairobi is I see it. This place is crazy man it's just too much business here is just now this is I don't know what times like eight it's 9 o'clock at night and the streets are still packed it's like New York okay yeah hey yeah I just gotta bring it up one time brother did you how close. You were getting you a passport well I really want to see you with that passport a really good Oh Kenny passwords no problem maybe I would like to get the East African passport that's what I had really it was a chat that was the time I was supposed to get the passport in and out they. Were talking about the East African passport was coming out but I didn't get it but anyway they clear up that point that. On the last show do me a favor just turn turn your camera off because you just look I don't want to look at your bed I don't know that you match like what is that I just turn the camera off which abattoir okay how's. That okay that's better go. Ahead oh okay I can walk around now huh okay yeah this my pet my my my from the last year we talked about just to get that out the way for the haters I've been a kid a long time this issue of the paper I guess just recently so it's not like I've. Been in kinder twenty years without having a pass for it okay so yeah you know I saw that that they were saying like oh he's been in the country for 20 years without a passwords ridiculous now this it happened a few years ago so it's just you know. No Harry in Africa and like I said but I don't know I've done a lot of traveling you. Know to different countries when I was here it in it and I have not I. Don't have any plans to travel you know soon so it's not a priority like that that's all all right so what do you idiot thoughts on the last caller just like. What do you really pass on it on. A rock from a black American who's left America to Africa what are your thoughts on his secret formula I see the hope the whole. Issue always he breaks down to one or two points either he's a Negro or he's an African cause he's talking about giving giving pregnant women this super formula that's gonna make him excel in sports and he's assuming like okay way to go get this. Money they're gonna get paid big money to play in sports this is our American concept you know. As you know Africa they don't really have that kind of pay for their athletes well I don't know this secret firm is gonna make secrets erm you're gonna make them super soldiers like you know like Captain America you know or you will say yeah but are they gonna be any are they gonna be. In the US or are they gonna be in Africa but if they gonna be super in Africa didn't air that's fine you know but if he's talking about heaven anytime mentioning about black community and we still have. That struggle people still believe the black community is there and it's no longer there so we have lot of serious. Problems that need attention now and need a solution now as opposed to waiting nine months plus another 15 years for the kid to grow up and then. You know hopefully he's gonna get signed with the Lakers silks okay so I guess I didn't hear him we said this firm was for athletics so I. Didn't hear that well I missed that I think I checked out after the blaze yeah cuz you know I. You know I I have a relationship with wit with Wesley or in the movie money train as you know my as you may not know my instructor was his personal bodyguard 14 years and I met. Him on several occasions so in fact the name of his. Production company was I'm and. Reproduction no yeah yeah so you see there isn't he you know he's black and his brother you know and I really like that he. You know he was trying to you know help martial arts also so I didn't see the connection either when he would from the blade story cuz. He was saying an independent we got a we got to work independently and I don't understand that what do you understand there no I still don't understand but they howl howl howl howl howl blades mother reckoning. On the hospital gurney but their hog was the connection to that our situation in the United States now you know I'm saying so no I guess the point was the secret formula would turn the babies. Into play Marvel character okay. Well when we look at it when it reversed and he may say that we're weak okay and yes we're weak but we're not weak physically physically black people are still. The strongest people you know we're the original people you can't we can't the problem is not the AI the white man holds us based on our economics he strangled us economically and that. Is how we suffer you see he's not going to end up on our neck so I talk about the ados movement it ain't gonna never happen because he's never gonna he's got a he's got a hold on us economically we still. The last ones I'm a minority in a country where the oldest minority with a largely we were the largest minority but we have only less than 1% of American wealth this is because they're doing a great job on us keeping us oppressed economically and and the racism is only the economic. Oppression of people so I'm saying when you look back at the pictures of those guys when they were hanging us back in the 50s and 60s huh hmm when you look at live those photos. Oh we're hanging just take a go back and. Take another look at those photos most of those guys are hanging from tree are in suits think I didn't know khaki jacket so no slave clause or sag in and yeah yeah they're all in suits because they were there killing off the economic. Blacks that had businesses they were hanging them by the tree you see and then we're not then who are they gonna kill a perfectly good field hand they just beaten. Half the devil didn't. He yes straighten up but they were hanging this guy that had businesses and this is what I'm saying about Selma I mean it I mean that Selma but the black. Wall Street see but the end of our results they're gonna no. Matter what we do in the United States if we try to become prosperous at the end of the day he's just gonna burn us down when he see or he gonna buy us out see that's why. I'm saying that solution is not in the United States economically the white man if he holds his dark. Anomaly he holds us down in every which way he can control us and we're running around the United States looking for money so badly we're ready to do anything sell drugs to children you know prostitution you know anything the white. Man has sex with the white man's dog you think he won because it might ease next to him yeah we got a O'Shea on the. Line oh sure was this clown that you know shadow should I think we sabotage I think you sit him oh sure I think you sit him osho. Osho you can hear me yeah the white man is whole Shea's Wi-Fi back and yeah chasin Oh God O'Shea one should go to kidney and health at the brother I'm a rock sis you are right there but go go ahead on Iran yeah that's what I'm saying you know I always want to. Try to keep with it with the same point because a lot of us you know I usually go back and listen to the chat like look at the chat line after the after the show and then try to get a perspective or what the people are thinking about and a. Lot of them they want to start talking about China China China cannot you should stop talking about China anything in. Africa because there's nothing there is no we're deep in Africa then it is in the United States it's so much China it's so big in. The United States it's not even funny they're manufacturing they open up manufacturing plants a Chinese manufacturer in the United States in the superpowers on on own land they stole all the black job the black factory worker jobs they took them to. China made Detroit which we used to be our most proudest city the blacks most part city and we moved all the manufacturing jobs so. Let's not talk about China is controlling Africa because that's not true and I and you know dying is one thing I'm saying it's like these agents when they come up with these foolish. Nonsense about the Chinese doing checking over Africa and all of this it's really when you reverse it it's really them telling on themselves because definitely the Chinese is taking over the United States I mean that's what I doubt so you know who's the number one real estate owner. Foreign real estate owner of the United States its China who's number one foreign real estate owner in Africa or like they say in Kenya it's not the Chinese Chinese not buy a property was something they would have to do if it was. Controlled in the country you know so is you know are they giving out bad loans people don't know. The history of the IMF ah the press are they all the presence of the IMF we're rich. Americans and they came in and they really made Africa suffer and they after that they just left it and that was around that was around 2000 and the Chinese when they left Africa it's when they left Africa in Africa the African countries didn't want to do business with them anymore if you can remember that was the WikiLeaks scandal and. Then the African country Africa rooms like you know kicking our lair u.s. ambassadors out of the country so America just like okay fine we'll just leave you and when they left they left a vacuum and right then mm that's when the Chinese stepped in and said okay we're gonna have an African China agreement we're gonna give. You loans and we're gonna help you build these loans are only going to be for infrastructure building you see. Where IMF was was giving loans for fake basketball teams that you know buildings that were colossal. Projects that went half-finished none of the project that made the mega projects that the Chinese have have gotten into are stalled they're all going and finishing and especially finishing on time so this thing that I'm talking about the Chinese in Africa our people need to quit that your only solution is. To come to Africa and you ought to be thanking the Chinese for helping bring the nation up so quickly so because they're only only investing in in. China and China in infrastructure loans you know Kenya now has a high-speed railway I'm here. In Nairobi and I went to some place and they tricked me and once again I'm like how who built this I'm right right I'm like who built this freeway well I was not here the last time I was here you know so it's just amazing you. Know I went to Nakuru they building the highway and the crew and our infrastructure loans are you see like 3040 Africans there working on the on the highway on a Sunday on a. Sunday don't even care for Sunday and you see one Chinese guy he's just there standing around but the Africans are doing all the work they are learning the trade they're learning how to do these how to build these infrastructures like major highways I would say this I think your Chinese definitely don't. Have the best interest of Africans at heart and you know I think these African governments could reach out to black people and use like ingenuity to do the same projects that's just me personally okay okay I appreciate that and I'm not talking to you personally well I'm. Talking about I'm talking to you. What you're saying go ahead and and I wanted and I want to say I want to put it for another perspective from what you're talking about you're you're talking about black like blacks gotta engineering companies in the United States they don't we do. Like they got engineer no they don't have the same they don't they don't have the capability to put a mega. Project together and bring it to. Africa okay that's. What I'm talking about I mean anyway brother you know you know Johnson & Johnson engineering company might be there but he you don't have you don't have what it. Takes African cities is large but it this is big you know ek they came it no engineer coming come building a high-speed railway the Chinese are the best ones for that and they're in business to do business they're doing business in 39 countries I don't know why we focus on Africa like they're. Not doing the same thing in India there's nothing they don't there's nothing that done in Africa that they're not doing in India they're not doing in Europe you see that they're all over so we're focusing on Africa like that like the. Chinese I have us have some sort of suspicious thing that they're doing just to Africans know that is that's why I'm saying the agents like to do that when you twist it around that's exactly. What the fucking white man did you came in here and tried to. Run things his own way for his own benefit didn't he he had a nasty habit of exploiting Africa now China Africa agreement has been here for 19 years no exploitation yet so what's he waiting on. You also say if it was going to happen it wouldn't happen no I say that the the Chinese are blessing because. The Africans have been able to move up I can expand their economies a lot faster you know so I think if you come to Kenya deines and yeah you say and you said on the. Video I can remember remind you she is the best place - okay Kurian that's the most potential but for somebody that just wants to you know plug and play I mean Kenya and the midea of course South Africa even I would not suggest want to stop out for right now but definitely Kenya Namibia I see. Here of course well Wanda my understanding I haven't. Been yet piranha are. Definitely plug and play getting crack in. 24 hours electricity you know in Devon and whatnot yeah I would say that me I I said this for another. Reason to that Kenya because what people don't realize what they're trying to do here is create East African Federation and when they created the East African Federation there's going to be a conglomerate of all these countries including Iran de and South Sudan and it'll be an economic zone that'll make it the second-biggest zone in Africa after. The Congo and like the 14th largest country something like that when it's I mean as. As far as the work force in population and you know they were doing the East African Community and I don't know what's this that had always the hell that was been going on for a long time in fact it was there at one time but. Now they're talking about a staff a confederation of states and probably make that could be very big for sanctuary when you have a finished product mid holla at me. Bro when you have a finished product that your willingness offer. To the people you know for people to get samples I mean I don't know when you're done with all your testing and all this up then did come. How that but for right now whatever you're doing and in my eyes mister story is BS I'm just gonna put that out there. Right now when you have a finish product okay sample something they come come back at 11:00 we follow are going I'm Barack Barack Barack everybody just go ahead wouldn't we think so I think I'm here maybe now go ahead then you can't be now okay that's not. On my end because I my little bar is showing me speaking so anyway the East African Federation is going to be something that's going to be really big and. That's why I say black people who are smart we'll get on it at the ground floor again if you had a if you have a thought about coming. To Africa come. On an educational tour I think what you're doing with the with the tour once an idea is a good step brother should be able to come and go. Ahead and look at the look at the country okay not from a cultural point of view that's why I differ they should come for i opening business. Oh man that's in living everybody shout out that huge nice huge night is in the chat room all the way from frizzing shout out the SOOC not everybody there for all records everybody's in these in the chat room all the way from pretty alright go ahead okay yeah so he. Said it's in prison yeah Suze. Not is in prison child is huge night everybody chatter I'll go ahead okay yeah so something is that when that happens and history shows that this is the were actually net we're going to go these African. States are unifying it's gonna make an economic zone that's going to be just really powerful you know they're gonna have one currency and it's gonna stress across from like almost half of sugar so on the on the east side Hidy Hidy peroxidase should not shut night is shut your suit son. Suit I knew they do for death row records son it is Chuck shoe whatever oh yeah yeah one day was one day was with too far okay okay okay back in prison sure okay Shoob night my bad shoo good night I'll go ahead yeah yeah so I'm saying once we understand that Africa. Is the only solution moving to Africa is on the only solution then it's a matter of where you want to go and and you know I look people are saying some people saying Ghana which I disagree with some people saying Nigeria which I say it's very properly populated hey Nigeria. Is the future I'm wrong. But we can listen I'm saying that I'm saying the East African Federation is going to be also the future well I mean well we are gonna be already got ECOWAS you know what's that that's a trading zone it's gonna be a country one united country one currency throughout. A whole region from South Sudan all the way down to Tanzania I'm where they're doing know that they're gonna be doing on what currency in the ECOWAS here I think in the next two or three four years as long. Thing you're ready to take up the the first big countries with the safe huh but it's most important that course one current school boy every boy okay okay doing that dienes also they're talking about this on the East Coast. So anyway yeah so I'm for a this time either side Africa is the way to go and it's and if you and if you are ever thinking about making a trip to Africa don't listen to all the propaganda you'll. Be much safer in Africa than you would ever be in the United States so yeah you know that's the key now those people who like signai and maybe he can't come yeah sure it's true it's a kind of sugar sugar goodnight that's soon sure nice shit not you right now well you gotta you. Gotta keep you know well he well he's let me locked up for life. Anyway so you can't. Go boy all right no it's gonna be locked up for life but anyway most guys. Y'all are they have a felon record most guys and I said they have a felony on their record we really. Have a lot of trouble getting a passport so it's like you're. Like trapped in the. United States we don't see that and uh you know the same thing here when you had when they made it mandatory for you to have a passport to go to Mexico they actually. Locking a lot of black people stuff a lot of blood from leaving the country you're like you can't you're not free can't leave you know so government is. Really watching over you so it. You know you if you have that if. You if you have with that issue rather than try to focus on your issue which might be very. Difficult you might start thinking about having your kids educated in Africa there's a you know a an Africa the 40 schools are normal I was just with a cousin of my having a month even. That yeah it's a lot cheaper but he you know he put his son in the boarding school and I was talking with the son. You know he's my man he said he liked it you know it would put it puts discipline on him it takes a lot of strain away from the the the normal workings of the family keeps him out of trouble you know gangs no smoking because he's in a controlled environment he has. To study all the time you know it's a great it's a great option I wasn't for. It because I was from the United States when the first happened and my woman was telling me no no my kids are going to boarding school and I was like no no no but at the end of the day even my son you know he. Came out of boarding school and I see I see that that was the best option you know so yeah and they could probably educate get you give their children and their children a good education and. A cheaper price and that's included with the put it with the airfare you see so what. We do people don't realize that there are a lot of foreign kids from different African countries and some from one from the US like my Cub there and they built their own boarding school in Africa and once a year they can fly back. To United States or the parents can fly into into the country and then you know visit with them and of course you have social media like this like this here they can they can do hangouts at any time and see their kids so the social media is making it a lot easier to keep in contact know with. Their with their children while they're in boarding school far away from all the gun shooting and drugs and gay ism gay ism is. A big problem now they're gonna be introducing that into schools and you know you can come home one day and your son and your daughter can just be a dad you know I'm I'm gonna be gay and you know there. Goes your family you know the next generation might be just killed off because your son may never have children because they think that they want to be gay so you know these are these are these are things that are possible for those people that might find it difficult to try to move to Africa. Right away I'm we're all Americans we're gonna do we're gonna clothes outside I gotta go get man sir I'm out of school so the solution to all the. Problems of black people worldwide lesson on. That what what's the solution go and I'm alive you got got if you're if you're African if you're an African living in Africa do business in Africa what's the solution do you need you're already at home you've got land you've got a country. You've got a stable government you got military you got you know Navy if your country's on that oh shit you know you got too many hundreds of thousands of beautiful women that are there looking for men to get married and have a family you have a structure yeah cloture. You got great food you got the best weather in the world damn you okay so this thing of blacks worldwide it's like that blacks worldwide and that's suffering hello the blacks of the United States are the only ones that are suffering nobody got it. Worse than you guys nobody got it worse than you guys and because you're living in their hell you just had you've learned to adjust and you think like you just okay but you're. Not okay you know you know Lipsy hustle you see I was on your show the other day you remember and I was talking about how haters haters can go through a lot of things and I said clearly on your show you got you guys are hating each other you're. Murdering your own people today that's a dead guy guy got shot up right there on Schloss and that's where I grew up right there right there yeah so I know that. Life you know I'm saying and that was way back in the day I know that life and that's no life you know that don't get me wrong don't get it twisted being in the gangs. That's not that's like that's not the majority of the people most people are not in gangs I wasn't in gangs but I know a lot of guys that was in gangs and you know they. Weren't they weren't a majority of the population by no means you saying the rest of us have to be sitting there and be are in that madness you know they shoot up my neighborhood and they. Go my property value goes down even more so it's like this is a this is the issue but no matter now a lot of those those those black communities are gone so I mean Slauson in those areas you know it's so many Mexicans are there you know he's been some I mean college. I found the college at no he just made something about property values going down to black areas in America but property values all over Africa no matter where or going up man I'm telling you I just got to mentioning about how I was just coming. From another part of the city over here and I saw this area I know like they had like 20 mansions like I mean this is like big matches I was looking at this and it's like they're like they're making it like. An S state but it's like big man that they're building right outside us at the city because the influx. Of people here is just too much it's just it's just - it's just too great and you know I watch - nakuru which is like the fourth largest city in Africa. I was invited to. A martial art seminar there and I was well taken care of and I was taking all around the. City I was like wow you know I mean is I had that bit yeah like you're going it out okay hey I'm nariah your sound is going on in an hour bro you know as you start talking like that they somebody's somebody's holding the switch. And you know I'm. Wrong with that we got it will close down how can everybody reach you okay I'm on Facebook. The black man's guide to moving to Africa the web site is I open. Over eight years old now and it's always been talking about moving blacks having that as a solution now that is the only solution it's only a matter of time before everybody realizes that that is the only solution maybe they I realize it's a good solution but. Today they might say like it's a solution tomorrow they'll say it's a good solution and then eventually they'll say it's the only solution because we have tried everything else packing up go. To the airport leaving the United States that Isis tyrannous growing like I said I'm gonna do a separate show on that as far as property values you guys like here in Atlanta you got areas like Stone Mountain you've got a I mean just the. Majority black areas property values for the most part go down so all over Africa property values are going. Up all over although replaces like Stone Mountain they don't go anywhere or. They go down you know until they get ginger fire once I start getting get your fire then all. Of a sudden the prices go up property values go up but on the outside of that then go down. Or do they to stay the same but in Africa no matter where you at property fires are always going up so everyone thanks for joining us make sure you go to search for a guru on Instagram. Snapchat Twitter and Facebook Like share subscribe all that. Good stuff - next time.


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