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Hi guys follow me on Instagram to never ever miss any of my crazy updates hi guys and welcome to another vlog I am driving this the Hindustan ambassador let's open the engine bay right away and look at this okay it automatically opens you know. Why because the mechanism is said when you pull it up this gets hitched over there and where's the engine can't find it can't find the engine is really very compact and the engine bay. Is actually very massive you can see I think he's an aftermarket horns they must be absolutely mind-boggling ly. Loud of course now it is a little hot right. Now but yeah that's how you close this thing and this is closed and you get this I think for judgement. Anyways gets a crash garden lot of fog lights so yeah two pairs of lights one yellow one normal and you can see the crazy car is all over the place. But this being the Ambassador grant has certain changes. The classic obviously looks better but round headlight everything is round round round indicators everything is. Round the hood is really massive the wheels are small it runs on wheel caps the whole chart a version called a Vigo and that didn't work very well they came up with a grand the grand had. Decent success actually but this car is like the Royal Enfield of four wheelers now Bridgestone tires on this particular car its cars on 30,000 kilometers that is a very small in size 165 80 and these are 15 inches you can see there is absolutely lot of chrome here it doesn't even make sense that sentence chrome chrome chrome and. Yeah crash car on the side as well I mean plenty of garage guards two antennas. These mirrors are not internally adjustable but you get a Blind Spot Assist mirror as well and this is an antenna placed here anyways you can see this car actually measures more than. Four meters in length riding around four point four meters in length it's around a duster size and come into the rear you again notice that the lights are not in built with the car okay they seem to be aftermarket because they are jutting out meanwhile this seems to be a fake exhaust tip and. You get a garage guard at the rear as well exhaust is obviously very small power steering 1800 is Z because Isuzu engine mpfi JBL sticker ambassador grand ps4 I mean the whole brochure is there on the tailgate itself okay now to open the boot when. You turn it like this and yeah it opens it was already open you need to turn it at all but yeah this is how it works the mechanism now over here we have got an amplifier as well as a roofer and the boot is actually decent-sized. As you can see design is not really the USP of the ambassador although because it's. So all the designers kind of become iconic and retro let's quickly get into the rear seat which is the real USP of this vehicle so power windows in. This car and my goodness this rear seat is like a sofa or it's a complete so far windows are large enough and the seat is also wide so three people can comfortably sit this seems like an aftermarket center armless but it's not it is part of the package actually floor is. Almost flat in the center as well now this seat has been pushed behind however there's good amount of knee room and legroom and under that support is also very good. Because the seated actually too. High Headroom is go to the light list here and there's a reading light here yeah this is nice I. Remember we had put this in our STM in 2001 costed rupees 550 back then. Officially from Maruti Suzuki there's a light here as well high mounted stop lamp known as HM SL and seedbeds are also here by the way this is the. B s4 version ps3 version also had a sticker which says this car is equipped with mobile charging facility yeah that's funny anyways you can see the rear bench is really very comfortable I mean the car feels really very Airy but the dashboard feels like crap. Because it seems like somebody who is designed in the 1800 when cars are not even invented that is the time where the dashboard reeks too because it just feels so old it looks like a freaking cardboard to me anyways let's get into the driver's seat and there's a few things we. Need to eat spoken about now obviously since I had an ambassador before I can see a lot of things are different in this car because obviously he missed an Motors has upgraded a lot of things but usually conjugate rear spoiler this one gets. A front spoiler on the front windscreen a lot of buttons no concepts of door pockets on order pockets in this car. This hand brake lever is placed on the right like the Bajaj Q but doesn't really work. And over there in the foot area well there is no dead pedal and you can see the placement of the pedals is different okay one person designed this which comes. From down to up I think it's a complete mechanism it's two ways this comes from top this is comes from bottom anything anywhere anyhow that's how it is and you can see there's a lot of jugaad exposed wiring as well and these are a lot of buttons here I mean this button. Is I don't even know for what there's another button here I honestly don't know for what all right you know this is obviously to turn on the headlight this is for the parking light this seems to be for I don't. Know okay so actually one of these reverses for the rear fog lights and. This was the wipers this was the headlight leveling and this one is obviously for the front fog lights so front fog light front fog light rear fog light these are the crazies which is on offer and you know what it has got two stalks one is for the headlight high beam low beam. And one is. For the indicators yeah Weinstock can't do both duties separately they do the duties anyways let's get inside a driver. Seat is also quite comfortable I mean the driver seat is really very comfortable and everything seems is very aftermarket here you can see the glovebox also although a decent side it feels kind of weird to operate it. There's a clock which seems to have been drilled here input and obviously AC vents are like real small is the audio system. And there is a cubby hole here as well now these are actually the power window switches yeah these are the power no switch is placed in the center it's kind of crazy right and the. Gear lever also feels a jugaadu and this seems like a treasure hunt to me because that's how it opens. There's a cubby hole here actually center armrest front center armrest but the ambulance is placed on the co-driver seat but it is used by the driver that's kind of awkward in viewing this for the hazard light so you just pull it up. And the hazard light turns on. Thought many things vibrate inside the vehicle so let's turn on the car as well and there the car is turned on it rose to life. And yeah listen to the noise there's a noise which comes from the steering column every time you move the steering yeah that's kind of awkward and weird of course no concept of NVH as such having. The motor and we are off we spin around Hindustan ambassador and here we go 30 km/h in okay power where is the power okay when you rev this motor there is some amount of power from this engine. But there's just too much noise I keep whining all throughout and that is a big problem because there is no concept of NVH in this car but this is the Patrol if this was the diesel trust me my ears would have flown out by now from the windows but hey there's decent amount of punch on. Offer the engine will actually refined when the car is at idle however as you keep pushing it it makes a lot of noise now I'm in fifth gear directly the gearbox is absolutely rubbish okay there's no concept of gear shift over here because it feels so clunky and it. Keeps vibrating you can't find what you're looking for like I was searching for first second third fourth fifth and I did not find it at all however now we are on the move and the galley was just obnoxiously tall somehow ok in one foot order right now and yeah it's picking up a so high speed stability is. Not there at all because the vehicle move around a bit too much for my liking and you can see the whole camera and everything is jittering if the camera is not jittering I've done a good editor but that said I mean you can cruise at six 70 to 80 km/h comfortably but anything above that the motor does. Feel very stressed somehow come to an open road and this car will actually do a talk you know 130 km/h my goodness I'm. Driving an ambassador childhood days I'm here because I actually learned driving on an ambassador my grandmother my grandmother had one and I learned I'm on that very car my uncle taught me something weird okay he told me that you see that line going through there. Okay if the other car is not in that line you just clear it right now I don't see that person in my line so let me just clear it and hey it actually worked no I did not I actually - under steering me anyways no concept of NVH. Here this is a 1.8 litre petrol engine producing 71 horsepower and 130 4.2 Newton meters of torque at a rather low - 2 5 0 rpm for a naturally aspirated petrol engine now very old-school technology uses a cast-iron block in this time that everybody is moving to aluminum such a heavy heavy engine as such and. Somehow it feels very heavy the front end just feels too heavy for a rear-wheel drive car okay turning radius is a pain in the ass power steering was part of optional equipment but you know. This just too much effort to drive this vehicle because even though this is. A rear-wheel drive there is just too much understeer on offer somehow. And my colleague is partnering I should go there so the pointing I should go there alright here we. Getting onto the gas and let me tell you that the steering although. Light and low speed power steering otherwise optional it doesn't weigh up at all had high speeds you can turn the steering any which way you want and just pray that it reaches. The direction where you want to go because there's just no feel or feedback as such you know it doesn't get a collapse of its tearing either so in terms of safety it is pretty bad as well yes it is robust but you know in terms of. Spreading all the collision forces discard is a pretty bad job over there and the clutch is extremely heavy the gearbox is rubbish and when you get on the throttle it's somehow you know it's a little jerky now this 1.8 liter motor like I told you okay I have to take a u-turn now and even the stocks feel very cheap. To operate somehow so this car is from nineteen fifties and it does feel like that as well elevator to base. On a Harley Nana Nana here we go come on so like I told you low end is fine. Mid-range is strong and that's because of the peak torque coming at quite low in that every inch I usually have not heard of peacock being so much or rather people are coming at so low in the rev range however the motor doesn't have anything in the top and it just makes too much. Noise it's so freakin noisy this is mine it's like we can't want to. Blast any moment becoming through a sort of a corner right now and yeah welcome onboard to this beautiful road will you make it through will we make it through oh my goodness I'm going through a corner in an ambassador and I'm feeling very understood if and I'm not I'm feeling why am. I not feeling oversteer it's a rear-wheel drive isn't it of course it is he will drive it's a heavy car it weighs 1,200. Kgs but 100 kgs might not be really heavy as far as current standards of hatchbacks becoming heavier now don't look at Maruti hatchbacks because they obviously light in terms of fuel economy this car doesn't it don't great fuel economy because it runs somewhere between 7 to. 8 kilometers per liter and it has a fuel tank capacity of 54 liters but the motor does make a lot of noise now the gearing is both shortened or lower gears are short gain and higher gears are tall. Gate and when I say high gears are tall gate a really very tall. Gate in fact in 3rd gear itself you can go all the way to 120 km/h and you can pick it up from as low as 30 km/h and the right quality is also. Very good in fact it does a great job unfortunately. Because it uses the age-old leaf springs at the rear it kind of feels uncomfortable over bad roads and I mean it feels really uncomfortable over bad roads it does move around a. Lot so there is no concept of high speed stability there's absolutely no freakin concept of aerodynamics. Over here because this guy is just like a box ordering there is no flowing lines over here and that's the reason at higher speeds it just doesn't maintains its line and obviously there's a lot of body roll look this is a body-on-frame. Vehicle and because of body-on-frame obviously there is a lot of roll on offer the tires don't offer any grip whatsoever very thin ties 165 tires on this vehicle which base are lured by the way so it's a very different kind of a car because. Like I told you your engine body-on-frame platform and they have the 1.8 litre petrol which is available in petrol there's a CNG variant which produces slightly. Less of power then the LPG because it's an LPG variant as well and there's the diesel there were two Diesel's actually if I am I saying there is because there was this car company has shot and gone bye-bye but talking about the diesels they were - one was the 2-liter diesel which was sourced from. Isuzu and there was a 1.5 litre diesel as. Well look that 1.5 litre diesel was an absolute joke okay it is to produce around 35 38 horsepower. My cycle it. Doesn't even have an engine produces more horsepower than that how is that even possible anyways performance was atrocious in the diesel was diesel is even. More noisier than this so yeah it doesn't have any sort of concept of NVH or handling but the ride quality is. Great okay because for the most part it does right well independent suspension at the front the rear shocks are gas filled and when I get hardened to the throttle in gear. Okay this spawns takes time this is drawn which is continuously happening in this vehicle okay now where does this ambassador actually come from. 1958 when it was launched I believe it's based on the Oxford Morris and since then Hindustan Motors. Has done a. Lot to change this vehicle but overall the concept is the main model is the same and. That obviously started to show its age and that is one of the major reasons by the Ambassador could not keep up with modern competition and when you drive. This car you realize there's a lot of things which are wrong with this vehicle considering modern times where cars have really upgraded themselves of course it doesn't excel in. Safety brakes are extremely poor trust me when you apply brakes you just pray that it's tough because the brakes are really atrocious it. Does get this if it had got drums trust me I mean Flintstone would have been smiling in his grave right now thinking that okay my legs did a better job of stopping a vehicle what. Is up with the Ambassador now my ran can keep continuing however let's look at the positive side of things this is the car which has served the Indian roads for the longest possible time all right from 1958 to almost 2000 and. 16 this car has been running on roads tirelessly and although it's not the most polished it has been reliable and durable because. It's very simple spares are available any given place and of course it still has the charm because the looks have become iconic right now I only wish that Hindustan Motors wouldn't have shut shop and would have got back the Ambassador. By modernizing it completely the Copa legato. Man if you're not here it's terrible of the GoPro right now the specific emergency. And off we go alright so one winter I had gone to Lucknow and that. My grandmother had this scar okay they hired for. 25 years actually so I learned driving on this particular vehicle it was a lot of fun because. This car actually has a field which is missing in modern-day cars obviously it feels heavy but it has a sort of hood character which makes ambassador such a favorite with the government officials because I mean you don't want to be driving just another car yeah you can mana you taneema know what is a no skater of okay. Relax you've done my ups curve re we are a full lifetime I myself enjoying it. Alright come into this corner lot of role just too much role and the reason for the role is because the suspension is extremely soft like really very soft that obviously gives it a very plush ride quality however bad road specially like real bad Road now you can feel the leaf. Spring nests now they could have given it a more advanced. Suspension but consider the fact that this is actually a body-on-frame vehicle not the monocoque and as I given up the throttle there is just so much sound inside the vehicle because. Obviously there is no freaking concept of NVH and you can't expect a concept of engage to be there in 1958 when this car was actually designed somehow Hindustan Motors did not update it I don't know why and if they would have and they. Would have come to the modern times the Ambassador would be a hot favorite that said I absolutely enjoyed driving this car because it has a soul it's actually fun to drive because I mean there's a mechanical feel to everything like even when you change a gear. You know there's a war you're fighting with your left arm and of course the gearbox who's going to win I've won I'm in fifth right now all right but it's even the steering wheel you don't know if you're going to make that corner that gives unpredictability and life is. All about unpredictability the more unpredictable things get the more fun it is and right now what I'm saying this my friend here is looking at me and saying what are you talking dude come on ambassador show me what you re about that anyways guys this is my review of hindustan okay. Why am I talking so fast anyways guys this is my review of the Hindustan ambassador a car which is kind of very old right now but back in the days it was an absolute legend my grandmother had it for 25 years 25 taking years and this was the only car you could fit. Like 15 people in the rear seat because of the comfort on offer and the price of this vehicle is around 6 lakh rupees because the price ranges from 4.8 to Six Flags something around that and this is on-road rising I'm talking about so affordability check comfort check ride comfort check easy to maintain check easy to maintain. Because yeah I mean spares are easily available but not the most reliable. In terms of certain parts tend to fail earlier and now since I am a person who's very biased because all I look at is performance and handling let's ask the neutral party so what do you think about the car how do you like the performance like you. Look at it I put my foot down right now and I don't have to worry about you know anything at the time because power delivery is. So freakin linear everything is so smooth I mean smooth in the sense that it's not like you accelerate and you know people fly here and there which usually happens in newer cars nowadays so here's the thing okay you're driving out only having most you're. Gonna have a driver when you have this car okay I'm driving over the highway I am the driver you're the boss you're sitting behind and you. Need to make a quick overtake here I go I'd downshift to. Third all right and I wrap the nuts out nothing happens it's. Just the sound which increases inside the vehicle getting the concept it is just the sound which increases which means that you can have a comfortable ride at the rear and that makes it a great. Chauffeur driven car anyways. Guys if you like this would you know what you should do give it a thumbs. Up that's the like button and also subscribe the channel meanwhile my Google Maps is telling me to take a left turn and I don't know. If you're gonna make the left because I bought you roll but if you like this video. And keep tell me same thing again again let's just shut up and let's try to put it down in third gear and here we go. Through this corner come okay pull the handbrake that order. Is my hand written and it doesn't work bye-bye What did he. Say pero Pacheco to him is Jonker oh. How.


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