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NRA Gun of the Week: Kel-Tec PMR-30 Pistol  -  American Rifleman (press release) (blog)
The Kel-Tec PMR-30 is one such pistol. Made of high-strength polymer, the full-size repeater weighs a scant 13.6 ozs. empty yet sports a 4.3” barrel and boxes 7.9” long and 5.8” tall. The slide is fitted with bright, fiber-optic sights and features a ...
Tested: Kel-Tec KSG-25 Shotgun  -  American Rifleman (press release) (blog)
based Kel-Tec CNC Industries, Inc., forever changed the accepted idea of defensive shotguns with the debut of its highly distinctive, dual-magazine, pump-action, 12-ga. KSG. Its successful launch lent credence to expanding the line, which the company ...

SAFETY RECALL - Kel-Tec® Recalling SUB-2000 Rifles  -  Officer.com (press release) (blog)
Kel-Tec CNC Industries, Inc. is voluntarily recalling a limited number of SUB-2000 rifles because of a heat treatment issue that could potentially cause the barrel to rupture when a cartridge is fired and could result in serious personal injury. The ...
Advertising: For Those Who'd Drink Their Own Urine, the RDB Survival  -  The Fire Arm Blog (press release) (blog)
What we would do “if we had to” hopefully we'll never have to find out. In the last edition of Recoil magazine (and perhaps elsewhere, but that's where I found this image) KelTec suggests their ad that people who would drink their own urine also should ...
Review: Kel-Tec PMR-30 Pistol  -  Shooting Illustrated (press release) (blog)
The Kel-Tec PMR-30 is a full-size pistol chambered in .22 WMR. Full-size, however, is a relative term. The PMR-30 has a slender slide and a lightweight polymer frame that translates into an unloaded weight of only 13.6 ounces. Even when fully loaded ...

TANDEMKROSS Partners with Kel-Tec CNC, Inc.  -  AmmoLand Shooting Sports News
Kel-Tec CNC, Inc., an industry-leading manufacturer of high-performance firearms, is the first gun manufacturer to sell TANDEMKROSS products directly to its customers. Kel-Tec customers are now able to purchase two popular TANDEMKROSS upgrades ...

Kel-Tec: Maker of America's favorite weapons is based in Brevard  -  Florida Today
It seems once a year I put in a request to talk to the folks at Kel-Tec CNC Inc. in Cocoa. And once a year, I usually get stiffed. Sometimes I might get lucky and get a statement via e-mail but by and large ... Now maybe one reason I can never ...
NRA Gun of the Week: Kel-Tec SUB-2000 Carbine  -  American Rifleman (press release) (blog)
There's a lot to be said for a carbine that folds in half, is quickly deployable and accepts a variety of common semi-automatic pistol magazines. Chambered in 9 mm or .40 S&W, the SUB 2000 is available in configurations that accept Glock, Beretta ...
Review: Kel-Tec CMR-30 Rifle  -  American Rifleman (press release) (blog)
Few firearm introductions have generated the buzz and demand of the Kel-Tec CNC Industries, Inc., PMR-30 pistol. That's unsurprising, though, as a lightweight, .22 WMR-chambered, semi-automatic, full-size handgun utilizing a 30-round-capacity magazine ...

Gun Review: Kel-Tec PMR-30 (VIDEO)  -  Guns.com
The Kel-Tec Industries PMR-30 pistol, chambered in .22 magnum, is a full-size handgun with a lot to offer. We had the opportunity to test both the pistol and its larger companion, the CMR-30 carbine. Each of these firearms is a standout on its own ...

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Kel Tec CNC Industries
Kel Tec CNC Industries
Kel-Tec Guns Are Garbage
Kel-Tec Guns Are Garbage
Pocket Pistols: Keltec VS Ruger
Pocket Pistols: Keltec VS Ruger
KelTec (Kel-Tec) - New for 2017 || SHOT Show 2017
KelTec (Kel-Tec) - New for 2017 || SHOT Show 2017
How a Kel-Tec PLR-16 works
How a Kel-Tec PLR-16 works
The Perfect Sub2000
The Perfect Sub2000
Kel Tec RFB 308 Rifle
Kel Tec RFB 308 Rifle
Kel-Tec CNC Industries - WTS Outdoor Adventure
Kel-Tec CNC Industries - WTS Outdoor Adventure
WTS Outdoor Adventure - Kel Tec CNC Industries
WTS Outdoor Adventure - Kel Tec CNC Industries
Midwest Ind. Red Dot Sight mount for Kel-Tec Sub2000
Midwest Ind. Red Dot Sight mount for Kel-Tec Sub2000

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Kel-Tec CNC Industries Inc. is an American developer and manufacturer of firearms.Founded by George Kellgren in 1991 and based in Cocoa, Florida, the company has manufactured firearms since 1995, starting with semi-automatic pistols and expanding to rifles and then shotguns.Kel-Tec is a privately owned Florida corporation. George Kellgren is the owner and Chief Engineer.
NEWS Range Review: Kel-Tec KSG-25 Shotgun Read More >> TLP 199 Vol 3 NRAAM Freedom Munitions, Do All Outdoors & NAA Read More >> Compact & Lightweight Guns Every Bug-Out Bag Needs
The Kel-Tec PLR-16 is a gas-operated, semi-automatic pistol chambered in 5.56 NATO, manufactured by Kel-Tec Industries of Florida.. The PLR (Pistol, Long Range) was designed for recreational target shooting, and small game, varmint, or predator hunting.Due to the PLR's 9.25 in (235 mm) barrel, the 5.56×45mm bullet's velocity is slightly reduced compared to its velocity from a traditionally 20 ...
Product Description... Tec SUB-230A Sling for the Kel-Tec SUB-2000 Carbine Rifle. The sling ...
Tacticool Products Gen 1 Comfort Pack Duo - Bolt Tube Cover and Operating Handle Cover for the Kel-Tec Gen 1 SUB-2000
Hi-Tech's Defender Muzzle Brake, Nut Remover Tool & Extended Tube Position Arm (Gen2+) Combo pack
Surefire G2X Pro 320 Lumens LED Weaponlight, Sideclamp & Mini-Angle Rail Combo Pack
Click pictures for a larger version. Kel-Tec's SUB 2000 is a nifty little 9mm semi-auto carbine that folds from its maximum length of 30 inches to an easily-stored and easily-concealed 16.1 inches.
Mousegunner's Kel-Tec P-32 Review. The Kel-Tec P-32 has been around since 1999, and is tried and true. It was improved slightly a few years ago by changing the extractor to an external instead of internal version.
Kel-Tec is yet another American firearms success story. After making his gun designer bones for foreign firms, Swede George Kellgren landed in the Sunshine State to work for Swedish subsidiary Intratec, makers of the infamous TEC-9.
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