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Dun-dun-dun in this corner we have a big old chunk of sixty l4b titanium in the other corner we have the Canon metal harvey ultra 8 x. 28 inserts full we're ready to cut. Some chips before I guess I just want to invite you if you love this video at the end please hit the subscribe button hit the like button put your comments down below we're bringing the heat when it comes to CAD cam and CNC machining education so today we're going to cut some chips so this is the. Harvey ultra 8 X the 8 X stands for 8 sides so. Basically every insert actually has eight cutting surfaces and this specific tool which. Is a 2-inch diameter with a 2-inch length of cut this guy has 28 inserts alright so we kind of treat it like it's a 4 flute but as the flutes go up you see insert after. Insert after insert after insert 7 stacked boom boom boom I've been hearing crazy things about this tools and I actually looked at the data and. It is insane you basically can take this entire tool drop down and slot full jep with this thing in titanium big horsepower just pushing it through they say that the only limitation on this tool is the machine not the cutter this thing's just gonna go and go and go I will also say that this. Is a dmu 50 it's a rigid 5 axis machine and it's made for getting after it. But it's also made for speed so we have 40 horsepower but the torque is on a higher level besides the tool I actually have an HS k63 holder so this isn't an extremely rigid. Holder so when choosing that type of tool and the diameter of the tool the length of the tool I took. All of that into account I'm on a machine with 40 horsepower but the torques on the. Higher end which is not. Really built for a tool like this you got machine tools with low in horsepower big power at lower rpms and you have other machine tools with power at higher rpms like this. Guy but we're gonna make it work all right so you ready to cut some chips let's do this all. Right to start things out we're actually gonna do a. Radial cut of a hundred and fifty thousand and we're going to drop all the way to the. Bottom two inches deep all right so we're two inches deep and 150,000 and that's our starting point right now we're about 40 to. 45 percent on the load. Meter so I think we can actually kick it up a little bit so we're actually going to take a point three diameter radial cuts over three hundred thousandths and. Then we're still that full depth at two inches and that'll push us up. Just over 80 percent which would be good for this machine so it shows you that this thing is over 300 thousands and it's actually just eating titanium but it's all about. The Machine it's all about the load so when you grab these big machines with a big horsepower on the low end you basically can just shove the cutter all the way into the material and just eat that titanium all day all night all this thing is a beast Oh tie scepter pass after PLAs Singh looks good. It looks good all there one thing that I want to say also man this thing is like cutting crazy right but let me let me just. Say that this is a 2 inch diameter and it's 2 inches long they actually make these cutters up to 3 inch diameter and 9 inches long so when you actually look at. The application you look at the tool with the right horsepower on the right application I mean you can just go beast boat and then your only problem is what to do with all of. The chips right make sure that conveyor is. Working good oh this thing is awesome check out this cutter check out the cutter let's check. It out oh it looks so good it looks so good oh so we have a little bit of discoloration on the insert but the inserts look absolutely perfect oh. You see all these chips on here this is awesome that's money baby right there oh man all right so that concludes our tests of the kena metal heartbeat ultra 8x all right so I reminded before I go. If you love what we're doing please subscribe to our channel if you love this video hit the like button with your comments down below and I will see you. On the next vlog.


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I have 2 concerns w/ these inserts, 1st due to the chip breaker on the neutral grooving insert, the "bottom" of the groove is "crowned" & has to be removed w/ a file. Secondly, I was thinking of getting parting inserts suitable for aluminum. Talking to the Kennametal rep today in Toronto & I'm ...
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