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Hi guys I'm Shmi hello to you and welcome back to the channel where today you join me for a video that may end up with some bleeding ears behind me is Mike's Ferrari laferrari with straight pipes this is going to be one of the noisiest cars I have ever filmed and currently. It is sitting here awaiting a cold starts when it's up and running we'll jump in and go for a ride and I have a feeling this is gonna be pretty epic the Ferrari laferrari sitting here in the garage alongside an Italian cousin in the form of the Pagani Huayra BC which we actually just took out for a. Ride and then Mike very kindly allowed me to take the wheel to experience driving it but today it is all about the very best from Maranello their hybrid hyper car which is quite literally named the Ferrari if you translate it back from Italian now it's. Loaded with technology the carbon tub the hybrid system but I think my favorite bit has to be what you have back here the mid rear mounted 6.3 liter naturally aspirated v12 everything you want to hear 12 cylinders of naturally aspirated glory and Ferrari have always made some of the very. Best engines now there are 500 laferrari coupe ace and just over 200 apart is the convertible version and I don't think. Any of them really needed a different exhaust system they are very. Loud to begin with I can tell you. From experience but I rather believe sound we're about to hear coming out of these quad tailpipes two on each side at the back is going to be completely deafening and ear bleeding because like I said it's a straight pipe system there's still a muffler in there but it's. Substantially louder than the standard laferrari now just as a. Reminder before we jump in and go for a ride later on take a look in here the seats are literally part of the tub they don't move the driver moves the steering wheel and the pedal box this. Is race car for the road it has things like an active spoiler back here that will pop out and tap. Back in as your on the go to adjust for downforce of course the doors are supercar in the way that they open from the roof mechanism they had to be reworked on the convertible. It's all open and flowing and look at the insect-like door mirrors I've always particularly. Liked that touch but I think what we need to do now is grab Mike because I want to hear what this sounds like and I'm pretty sure that you guys do too we're joined then by Mike how's it going are you ready to. Cause some pain here too anybody listening on headphones I think it's about to get really quite noisy in this room so the Huayra. BC is obviously a pretty good sounding car but I'm led to believe by Mike that when we hear this cold start now it's going to get pretty wild so I'm hanging outside the garage to prevent myself from literally having bleeding ears as a result of this I'm ready when you. Are try to get to the. Back you want me to come to the back of this yeah oh goodness me I'm just going to stand away and put a finger in my ear literally if anybody could see me right now I'm literally doing this with fear. For what this is gonna sound like I'm ready I'm ready I would not want to meet miss Davis I wouldn't wanna be his. Neighbor at all can't start is over absurd sound and look at it coming out look at. This Wow just this idle noise is ridiculous on its own but let's take a step inside the laferrari and get ready for this so swinging down inside the top here what a place to be it's actually quite a lot quieter in here the windows bear oh yeah yeah that just. That just opened our ears to a whole world of noise such as yeah I know this is just idle noises utterly unbelievable but at 25 miles per hour our way sorry hello son guys what's right in front of us Oh okay then oh. Well not only is this car ridiculously fast but the noise is completely all-encompassing it dominates the entire experience of being in the car involved it's by civilized with the indicator click is going on I. Say no all right now but then I know as soon as you downshift from there that's just like $3,000 yeah but still absurd electric electric mode Wow. So that just works at. A couple of miles an hour right now for parking and stuff basically you can't even touch a bottle as soon as it took the thought oh I get that the educational process is I can create a rolling kind of thing okay. Oh goodness me well I'm just going to say that the power of the laferrari is thousand horsepower now and it's instant with the hybrid system yeah all the power straightaway very low son of a moment simplistic that guys this. Is an experience in the past is some bubbly and snappy not even a high RPM's it still makes that sound so the craziest thing with this is opening up. The windows makes it so much louder as a puppy now a great experience so please. Do excuse the wind noise but the crackles those first gear cracks are incredible so bubbly I mean how else you describe that that is really really loud now we enter the freeway for a small section and this is a. Daily car right pretty much daily driven straight find a Ferrari together that's now shame about a little bit of traffic we. Go now I think it's possible right away such an idiot this is when we supply a little tunnel under which we are like this we know what that means oh. Goodness right in race the greatest noise ever it's been discovered straight line now Ferrari a Ferrari v12 join fully on it once I make substantive rights around the very back of this sound. Oxidizing of what now that Mike is just very kindly offered to let me drive this as well to experience the laughs quite out with the open exhaust game on ok then how we hope it's actually really easy to get out of here with this very nice let's go around towards the other side this thing. Okay first thing a step inside all right door down it's time for. The experience of the laferrari here we are goodness me manatee now in race maybe we should start with that in sport just just to be on the sensible side right let me pass you this then okay okay 7-speed dual-clutch that's some cars coming sub to give them a moment just to go. Past it myself comfortable feels good maybe just slightly just the mirrors they're cool okay here we go into gear we're in manual we've got an empty road sound the sound business and that's gently driving this is not even been particularly aggressive when you get in enough Ferraris you immediately realize help pinpoint precisely as the steering is selected gently along. Pedals have very little travel in frosted break that second and by the way you can pull both paddles go into neutral and. Then it revs up so quickly oh my days right green lights. That means I suppose I better put it into race try even more aggressive shifts in the laferrari racing really loads the big down in the world I'm. A happy bunny right now this is epic a Ferrari is just epic squared off. Steering wheel you've got the shift lights up at the very top of it the floating controls here for automatic reverse and the like digital displays in front of you has tracked telemetry through USB but it does the bumpy road and it's often suspension a small black crazy impressive really loud. I'm about to get my. First sensor but it's been a tunnel and it slowed down I lost my sunglasses they fell off the back of my head you know much power in this car sound sound at the top even at slow speeds it's just I don't know how to describe it to be honest because it's such a sweet symphony' it's a. Lovely lovely noise in those cracks reven inside the garage years will be you just want to be driving this on a racetrack it's so blisteringly precise but powerful and it feels it feels easy to drive hard that's the thing with the laferrari it's not intimidating it's not. A scary car to push it on with much less so I would say that say that why RBC I feel like this is a car that you. Can be more friendly with immediately what a crazy experience I'm not gonna forget this one in a hurry driving in the laferrari. Swap backgrounds at the start even on the inside is truly nuts laferrari well and truly done Ferrari here we go then laferrari have a. Live system by the way up. And down we are back I need to plug it up again. But the one thing we need to do before we park. It up let's hear what it sounds like from outside in the garage are. We really doing that yes really truly you gonna set off the Pagani's alarm no it's long is that like no. Problem then alright let me help out then and enjoy some grumbles. As the car goes back. It's the garage honestly the idle noise in. Here just idling in the gara that sound is loud enough on its own and that's before we hear any more noise out of it where it's probably going to get even Wilder sorry for magani you're about to be different I couldn't come. In I wouldn't be able to come in that was so like you blew the boxes the cardboard boxes at the back thankless give us water. Wow flaming well there we go we've seen some flames out at the back of it as well absolutely my ears genuinely heard that one that I didn't have a finger in. Because it's holding the camera he's now a little bit sore but that was the noise of the laferrari blowing the cardboard boxes all over the place behind it Wow you touch those exhaust tips right now you will be burnt that would not be a good. Idea and silence there we go that's from revving the events during the garage you. Cooks the garage wall oh well I was a bit worried you might cook a cardboard box to. Be honest when I still flames coming out a foot or so maybe that kind of thing didn't flame out of the back yeah true the event still makes a massive fireball well there we go the laferrari the loudest laferrari in the world I reckon potentially one of the loudest cars in the world based on our experience. Today awesome to be able to get behind the wheel big thanks to Mike for that I'm just trying to take this in right now because well firstly my head is spinning from the sound just the end of the revs secondly my ears. Aren't working properly and thirdly that car is just. Mega every possible word I could use like epic would describe what this has been about just getting behind the wheel again actually it's such a precision tracked focus tool you don't feel scared about it though that's what's so crazy you've got nearly. A thousand horsepower but you could jump in and just drive the thing Oh anyway Wow thank you very much Mike appreciate it thank you thank you for the experience with your cars and today with a straight pipe laferrari goodness I don't think I'd ever actually say that but there. We have it so thank you very much for watching guys I hope you've enjoyed the video I'd certainly enjoy filming this afternoon so Mike's Instagram link is down in the description below do go check out his page but that is it for this time I will see you. Again very. Soon Cheers.


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