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Quad-engine Lada is 16 cylinders of Russian fury  CarsGuide

If you know of Garage 54, you would have been following these Russian guys pushing the limits of a Lada Riva by adding extra engines to it. Starting off with two ...

The once popular Lada is now a rarity - but it could become a motoring classic  The Independent

Once insanely popular but the butt of playground jokes, the Russian built-Lada is now a rarity but one that basks in cult status. A lesson in Ladanomics.

The Independent
Future Classic Friday: Kia Rio  Honest John

Kia has come a very long way since the first generation Rio arrived on our shores back in 2001, but without it, the company wouldn't be anywhere near the ...

Honest John
Is the humble Lada now a classic car?  BBC News

The classic car speeds through the English countryside, a lovingly-maintained example of motoring heritage. It rounds a left-hand bend, negotiates a tight right ...

BBC News
1989 Lada Niva 4x4 for sale: A pint-sized tank  AutoClassics

Not only was it the go-anywhere car of choice in Soviet Russia, but the Lada Niva 4x4 also charmed western journalists. This clean example of the...

You can buy a brand new Lada Niva (well, technically it’s called the “Lada 4x4") today that’s r  Jalopnik

You can buy a brand new Lada Niva (well, technically it's called the “Lada 4x4") today that's really not much different than the Niva that launched in the late ...

Behind the scenes at Lada's Russian headquarters  Autocar

If your idea of Lada is a 1990s joke, think again: today, it's a growing global force with a bold vision. We visit its HQ in Russia.

Lada Unveils 4x4 Vision concept at Moscow Motorshow 2018 in Russia  News18

Though many in the West may have assumed that Russian carmaker Lada disappeared from the automotive market a number of years ago, Lada never actually ...

Cars That Won't Die: Lada Riva  CarBuzz - Car News and Reviews

The Riva was a Soviet rebuild of the Fiat 124, itself already a terrible car. Amazingly, the Riva is still built in Egypt today. You've probably never thought of the US ...

CarBuzz - Car News and Reviews
Once the butt of every car joke, why the Lada could be having the last laugh thanks to the World Cup  Mirror Online

For years the Russian built boxy Lada was mercilessly ribbed for its lack of style and performance. But as numbers have declined dramatically, it could be the ...

Mirror Online
The Lada museum in pictures: greatest hits and craziest concepts  Autocar

Fittingly, given Lada's reputation for no-nonsense, low-cost cars, the Lada Museum is a pleasingly no-nonsense affair. It's tucked away on the ground floor of the ...

When Even the Soviet Union Got Into Group B  Jalopnik

Group B's popularity wasn't just apparent from the huge crowds filling every stage. It was apparent from who was getting involved. Sure, there were some ...

5 Tonnes Of Concrete Are No Match For A Plucky Old Lada  Car Throttle

Ever wondered whether a Lada Riva would still drive after you filled it with five tonnes of concrete? Thankfully, Garage 54 is here to answer that burning ...

Car Throttle
Forget the Football World Cup – save a Lada!  AutoClassics

Ever since England failed to qualify for the '94 World Cup, 99.9 percent of all UK Ladas have been scrapped. Already bored of football? Save a ...

What It's Like To Drive The Greatest Soviet Car Of All Time  Jalopnik

Before I went to Iceland to review the Land Rover Discovery Sport, I had one goal in mind: drive a Lada. I've always been fascinated by the old Soviet-bloc cars, ...

Classic Ads: 1980 Lada Model Range  Motor1.com

It's Lada's UK model lineup for 1980. Some 37 years ago, the Russian manufacturer offered two sedans, a wagon, and an offroad vehicle to its British customers, ...

Can you run a Lada on Pepsi?  AutoClassics

What happens if you feed a car Pepsi, salt and two eggs? It does die, eventually, but this Lada showed the surprising strength of Russian enginee...

At $7,600, Could This Grey Market 1980 Lada Niva Have You Russian To Buy It?  Jalopnik

Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Lada Niva seems a propitious counterpoint to all the talk of Russian meddling in American affairs, seeing as it was never ...

Lada is back with 4x4 Vision concept  CTV News

Though many in the West may have assumed that Russian carmaker Lada disappeared from the automotive market a number of years ago, Lada never actually ...

CTV News
Why young Russians are racing with faulty, Cold War-era cars  PBS NewsHour

On the streets of Moscow, young Russians are participating in a highly symbolic race: they're scooping up Ladas, an old-school emblem of the Cold War era, ...

PBS NewsHour
Top 10 Best Selling Vehicles in History | iDSC139  Tom Smith

What do you think are the Top-1o best selling vehicles in history? When we saw the headline we had to dive-in! Take a moment to write down...

Tom Smith
Why do some Americans, Europeans and Australians love vintage Soviet cars?  Russia Beyond the Headlines

In early 2017, Russian-made cars once again went on sale in Germany and Cuba. A few decades earlier, in Soviet times, Ladas, Volgas and Moskvitches were ...

Russia Beyond the Headlines
Historically best-selling cars: Global Edition  Autocar India

A list of the biggest sellers, of all time - in every major country, worldwide.

Autocar India
One of the Best Old Top Gear Episodes Featured Polish Car Culture After Years of Martial Law  Jalopnik

In late 1983, Poland was just stepping out from under the crushing weight of martial law from an extremely oppressive government, which suppressed ...

Lada 2107 production ceases after more than 40 years  Telegraph.co.uk

Russian car-maker AutoVaz has announced that it will stop production of its Lada 2107 model, better known in Britain as the Lada Riva, after more than 40 years ...

Driving your first car at 70, after years of restoration  BBC News

Bob Miller has been restoring his 1936 Austin 7 Nippy since he was 17.

BBC News
Lada Riva with 20 Miles on the Odometer Listed for €7300  autoevolution

Lada Riva, Lada Nova, Lada Classic or VAZ-2105, whatever you want to call it, this Russian creation with Italian origins holds the title of third best-selling ...

Russian decides to build tyres out of 3000 nails  AutoClassics

Ever wondered if it was possible to drive a car with tyres made of nails? Armed with a Lada 110 and some home-made wheels, an intrepid YouTuber f...

The best selling car ever, in every country  Autocar

We've got our calculators out to look at the best selling cars in most major car market countries, going back to the dawn of the automotive age. Some are familiar ...

How a rugged Soviet relic became one of the car industry's most iconic survivors  The Conversation UK

When mass market 4x4s first appeared on the scene in the 1970s, I was a little boy. I was in awe of these huge, rugged things that started appearing everywhere ...

The Conversation UK
History's 10 Best Selling Cars Of All Time  MSN Autos

Neither exotic nor rare, the best selling cars of all time won't get any car enthusiast's heart pumping. These cars are like Starbucks, there seems to be one on ...

MSN Autos
Watch This Gorgeous Footage Of A Whole Lada Sideways Ladas In The Snow  Jalopnik

I can't get enough of this beautiful golden-hour Lada drift session. Here is the Soviets' most infamous everyman's car, getting sideways gracefully in the snow.

Drift Gone Horribly Wrong Ends With Lada Riva In River  Jalopnik

The irony of this is just too much. Here we have a Lada Riva falling into a river after a hilarious horrible drifting accident.

Me and My Motor: Jo Wood, model and entrepreneur  Sunday Times Driving

JO WOOD was married to the Rolling Stones guitarist and hellraiser Ronnie Wood for 24 eventful years and somehow lived to tell the tale. While on tour with the ...

Sunday Times Driving
Are Russia's best-known cars enjoying a World Cup renaissance  Motor1 UK

The number of Ladas on UK roads dwindled to a mere handful, but could the Russian rip-off saloons be making a comeback in time for the country's World Cup?

Motor1 UK
24 Strange Cars That We'll (Probably) Never See On US Roads  HotCars

Some of these cars come without airbags or any other safety features. Of course they can't be put on our roads!

The Unusual Suspect: A Lada With Attitude  Speedhunters

When you're invested in automotive culture in any way, shape or form, it's very easy to get drawn into one particular genre or niche. You can easily become a bit ...

8 imports Canada got but America did not  Autoweek

The Canadian automotive market was always a little ... off. For decades GM was convinced it required unique brands, which led to names like Passport and ...

Lada axes the venerable 2107  Top Gear

Oh no! After a 30-year production run, the Russians aren't going to build any more Lada 2107s! AvtoVaz is axing the three-box saloon after sales dwindled by ...

Top Gear
VIDEO: C5-gen Audi S6 plays tug-of-war with a Lada Niva 4x4  QuattroDaily - Audi Blog, Audi News and Audi Test Drives

This latest match of Tug-of-War is Germany versus Russia in the snow in Russia. Calling it the Battle of Stalingrad II might be a bit of a stretch. Still,

QuattroDaily - Audi Blog, Audi News and Audi Test Drives
The Grand Tour’s Next Stop is Your Couch  Wheels.ca

Amazon Game Studios has just announced that The Grand Tour will be coming to Xbox and Playstation 4 in video game form. The Grand Tour The Game will be ...

10 of the worst production cars of all time  Sunday Times Driving

Not all turkeys have two legs; some have four wheels. They're our Christmas turkeys: the motor industry's unloved motors that gobbled up cash in depreciation ...

Sunday Times Driving
The First Lada Was Way More Than Just A Re-Badged Fiat  Jalopnik

I'm sure many of you think the Soviets simply copied the Fiat 124 to create the Lada 1200 and all its numerous siblings, but now that we bought one, it's time to ...

Rare Rides: The Beige 1988 Lada Samara is Neither Sporty Nor Luxurious  The Truth About Cars

Our Rare Ride today is a tidy old Lada Samara. A dealer in Utah recently imported this beige hatchback, and the quality it exudes is exceptional.

The Truth About Cars
Five automotive cockroaches  Stuff.co.nz

The Land Rover Defender finally chugged its way out of production at the start of this year, ending a production run that essentially started in 1983 with the ...

A Look Back at Cars Created by a Legendary Late Russian Car Designer (PHOTOS)  Sputnik International

Former AvtoVAZ chief designer Georgi Mirzoyev passed away this week at the age of 83. Sputnik has compiled a slideshow of the many, many vehicles created ...

Sputnik International
Arms maker Kalashnikov has created a retro-looking electric car to rival Tesla  TheJournal.ie

RUSSIAN ARMS MAKER Kalashnikov has presented its new electric car inspired by a rare 1970s model, saying the new technology will rival Elon Musk's Tesla.

Lada: Russia announces it will end manufacturing of much-ridiculed car  Daily Mail

Makers AvtoVAZ have announced that it will halt manufacturing of the box-like sedan (pictured), which became a proud symbol of the Soviet era despite often ...

Daily Mail
The story of the Yugo, the worst car in the world  Car Keys

Plenty of cars have been described as the worst of all time, but the car most deserving of its reputation for disastrousness has been the unfortunate little Yugo ...

Car Keys
Lada has the last laugh  Telegraph.co.uk

Once the butt of jokes, the Fiat 124-based Lada saloon became renowned as a rugged workhorse.

Return of the Lada: Much laughed at car set for comeback after Land Rover Defender demise  Express.co.uk

LADA, the brand who were once the butt of many jokes on British roads, is set for a comeback after the demise of the iconic Land Rover Defender.

Remembering 10 of the Most Iconic Cars Built Behind the Iron Curtain  autoevolution

Since it was born in 1922 with the Treaty on the Creation of the USSR to its dissolution in 1991, the Soviet Union was a powerhouse of scientific and medical ...

Pretty Much Everything Was Crazy About Soviet Cars Sold In The West  Jalopnik

If you thought Vector was responsible for the most ridiculous press shots in human history, just look at this British art piece depicting just your average day with ...

British car designer Steve Mattin has put the brakes on Lada jokes  Telegraph.co.uk

Ask Steve Mattin whether he has any qualms about moving to Russia, and he answers with another question.

Soviet people's car reborn as modern Beetle conversion  AutoClassics

It's not the most loved classic car in the world, yet the ZAZ Zaporozhets has now inspired a retro revival, with a custom car built on a modern-d...

Lada Classic ends 40-year era of Russian car-making  Telegraph.co.uk

The last ever Lada Classic, which has always had an affectionate following despite being the butt of countless jokes, has finally come off the production line, ...

Ranked: The longest-ever living cars  Autocar

As the Beetle bows out again, time to look at the longest surviving production cars.

Forgotten Hero: The Lada Niva | CCFS UK  Classic Cars for Sale

All Blogs We are often led into a false sense of snobbery when talking about Soviet vehicles. Easy targets for motoring journalists and sneered at by many a car ...

Classic Cars for Sale
Can the Lada make a British comeback?  BBC News

Lada, the car that spawned a thousand playground jokes, could be returning to UK showrooms. But will British motorists take the Russian marque to their ...

BBC News
10 Cop Cars That Could Catch Anything (And 10 That Couldn't Catch A Beater)  HotCars

Police forces around the world use some very interesting cars to pursue people on the roads.

Russian military hardware may look good – but it’ll work as well as a Lada  The Sun

WHEN it comes to military hardware, the Russians are artists. Their tanks, missile launchers and, most of all, their planes, look a symphony of pointy perfection.

The Sun
car news Jaguar Land Rover to auction off 100 affordable classics from its own collection  AOL UK

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) seems to have a few too many classic cars in its collection. In order to make space and to recoup some of its costs, it's selling off ...

Memories of my father: Why the Jaguar XJ6 means everything  Yahoo Sports

For some of us, the old family car is purely a memory. For others, those memories bring back powerful emotions. Chris Jordan is one such person, as the Jaguar ...

Yahoo Sports
Fast and furiously patriotic: Young Russians rev up Soviet-era Lada amid defiance over Western sanctions  Telegraph.co.uk

At the wave of a flag, two cars took off, screeching as they skidded into the turns on an S-shaped track marked by cones at a military base outside Moscow.

Ethiopia to assemble Ladas  Nazret.com

Ethiopia to assemble Ladas By Andualem Sisay Capital Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Holland Car plc, which is currently assembling DOCC, is to start building Ladas ...

Check Out The Weird And Wild Cars Of Soviet Russia  Business Insider

This is the AvtoVAZ Lada Classic, also known as the Lada Riva, or the eloquent VAZ-21073. It is basically a 1970s Fiat 124 with a heavier body, worse brakes, ...

Business Insider
Lada love for a laughing stock  Stuff.co.nz

Ladas may have more jokes than you can poke a dipstick at but one Nelson College boy loves his Russian runabout. At just 16-years-old, Tom Henman's first ...

The Oldest Cars Still In Production  Jalopnik

The announcement last month that Lada will finally stop building the 2107 (also called the Riva) was sad news. At least sad to those of us perverse enough to ...

Porsche Once Redesigned The Lada  Jalopnik

Back in 1975, Porsche's chairman Ernst Fuhrmann met with the Soviet automotive industry minister Viktor Polyakov and agreed on a three-year partnership ...

Reuters: Russia's Avtovaz says Lada sales up 16 percent from February - Apr. 01, 2015  Kyiv Post

A VAZ-2107, known as \u2018Semyorka' (\"The seven\") in Russia and as the Lada Riva in most Western European markets, built by Russian car manufacturer ...

Kyiv Post
Review: 1982 VAZ 21033 – Lada 1300 for the Soviets  The Truth About Cars

Everyone knows it by its export name, Lada, but its real name was VAZ and that is how it was commonly known in Soviet Union. Like all other Soviet automakers, ...

The Truth About Cars
When your fidget spinner isn't enough...  BBC News

A group of Russian motor enthusiasts found the handheld fidget spinner wasn't doing it for them, so they have tried to make a version out of cars.

BBC News
OnePlus Nightscape vs. Gcam Night Sight: Which one is better?  Pixel Spot

Lights out, night mode on — the OnePlus 6 edition.

Pixel Spot
Lada, Nissan GT-R news - Lada goes GT-R - 2009  Top Gear

See more 'Ladaline Turbo' pics. It's turning into a good day for bizarre hybrids. We've already seen the Citrrari F355CV, and now here's a creation all the way ...

Top Gear
Top 10 WORST cars of all time revealed - and 3 of them are British  Irish Mirror

From shocking design and shoddy performance to appalling handling and horror styling - we look at the motoring models which failed to hit the mark with ...

Irish Mirror
Put your money on the Favorit  Independent.ie

Some of our younger readers might be shocked to learn this, but once upon a time Skoda's were considered rubbish. No, let me correct that: Skodas were ...

Best selling cars of all time, from each car maker  Autocar

But our recent feature on the top sellers in every car market got us thinking – what are the individual brands' biggest selling cars of all time, globally? So we ...

Seven of the best communist era race cars  Red Bull

Communism and motor racing don't really go together. While communism places the importance of comrade joining with fellow comrade and working together ...

Red Bull
7 cars that are on the verge of extinction  Aberdeen Press and Journal

There may be 30 million cars on Britain's roads, but some models that will still be *fresh* in many memories have all but disappeared. The RAC has delved into the ...

Aberdeen Press and Journal
Last laugh for the Lada as it returns for age of austerity  Telegraph.co.uk

Once the butt of jokes in pubs and playgrounds, the Lada is set to have the last laugh amid plans to relaunch it into the British market.

The cost of a car the year you were born  Motoring Research

Ever wondered how much it cost to buy a car in the year of your birth? Wonder no more.

Motoring Research
Cars of communism  The National

Tim Brooks discovers a growing appreciation among car enthusiasts for no-frills, communist-era vehicles built for the masses.

The National
Russian army TV channel invites Jeremy Clarkson to present motoring show  Telegraph.co.uk

Russia's army TV channel has issued an offer to Jeremy Clarkson to present a motoring show, noting his interest in tanks, aircraft carriers and other hardware.

Extraordinary Collection Of More Than 100 Affordable Classic Cars Are To Be Auctioned With No Reserve  SWNS

An extraordinary collection of more than 100 affordable classic cars are to be auctioned with no reserve after Jaguar Land Rover decided to streamline its fleet.

Automotive Antiquities: Five Of the Oldest Cars Still In Production  autoevolution

Before we press on with the five of the oldest cars that are still being produced despite their old age, what sort of car qualifies as a four-wheeled old fogy?

British sales of Lada 4x4 tipped to leap as alternative to Land Rover Defender  This is Money

Tough safety regulations mean farmer's favourite, the Land Rover Defender, will finish production in the UK this year. Could the Lada Niva prove its cheap ...

This is Money
Russia's Most Iconic Car Just Jumped In Price Due To The Ruble Crash  Business Insider

REUTERS/Eduard Korniyenko AvtoVAZ, Russia's largest car manufacturer, is increasing the price of its iconic Lada cars by an average of 9% blaming the ...

Business Insider
Brits name the top 10 ugliest cars ever made – and the worst offender is from Britain  The Sun

The three-wheeled Reliant Robin was named the worst looking car of all time.

The Sun
Here's an AWD Yugo with Two Cadillac V8 Engines  autoevolution

Time magazine recently placed it at number 39 on its "50 worst cars of all time". It can only be the Yugo. Built in Soviet-era Yugoslavia, what started out as a bad ...

Jaguar Heritage to auction off part of its classic-car collection - Autoblog  Autoblog

The Jaguar Heritage car collection will auction off at least 50 cars, possibly 100.

Cars of The Simpsons – 30 Years of Vehicular Mayhem  The Truth About Cars

Yes, dear reader — that cartoon family from Springfield turns thirty today. A brief list of items not yet invented or discovered in 1989 include the internet, reliable ...

The Truth About Cars
Toasty Heater, Cold War: Lada Nostalgia in Finland  New York Times

Production of the Russian-made Lada is about to end, and it doesn't seem the car will be missed much. But for a collector in Finland, the Lada retains some ...

New York Times
Lada Samara on the brink  Eurekar

By Ian Johnson on 2017-01-05 - Ian has been a member of Driving Force since its inception. He began his career in journalism in 1962 on the Cheshire ...

26 Things People Don't Know About How Police Cars Are Built  HotCars

Here are 26 secrets that we didn't know about police cars and the way they are built.

Forget the Austin Allegro, the Morris Marina and even the Lada, the ugliest car is the SsangYong Rodius thanks  Daily Mail

Voted for by the readers of Auto Express magazine, the SsangYong Rodius was said to be the worst car ever made with one critic commenting: 'If it were human, ...

Daily Mail
The 25 Best-Selling Cars of All Time  The Cheat Sheet

The following 25 cars have sold more than any other model out there. They may not be the fastest cars on the road, but they sell like hotcakes.

The Cheat Sheet
Meanwhile in Russia: Man Builds Tank From Car to Save His Farm Animals  Sputnik International

Let's be honest, Lada cars aren't known as the best vehicles out there, but in the hands of a Russian master, a Lada could be turned into… you probably didn't ...

Sputnik International
The Simpsons and Russia: A tale of love and hate  Russia Beyond the Headlines

The Russian TV channel 2x2 has decided not to air a new episode of The Simpsons, which depicts Homer playing Pokemon Go in a church. This is exactly what ...

Russia Beyond the Headlines
Fourteen of the Coolest Italian Sedans Ever Built  RoadandTrack.com

Italian carmakers are perhaps better known for their sports cars and their city cars, but they can make a mean four-door, too.

The Cars Of Mother Russia Make A Strong Case For Capitalism  Jalopnik

Welcome to Sunday Matinee, where we highlight classic car reviews or other longer videos I find on YouTube. Kick back and enjoy this blast from the past.


Lada Riva Videos

Classic Top Gear - Lada Exports
Classic Top Gear - Lada Exports
2008 LADA VAZ 2107. In depth tour, Test Drive.
2008 LADA VAZ 2107. In depth tour, Test Drive.
Lada Niva & 2107
Lada Niva & 2107
lada riva or lada 2107 english-mini-testdrive RUSSIAN CAR
lada riva or lada 2107 english-mini-testdrive RUSSIAN CAR
Lada Evolution (1970 - 2018)
Lada Evolution (1970 - 2018)
Comparing Yugo 45, FSO125, Škoda 105S and Lada Riva - Top Gear 1986
Comparing Yugo 45, FSO125, Škoda 105S and Lada Riva - Top Gear 1986
Lada's on fire at Rally Legend!! - Always Sideways, Show & Jumps (Lada VFTS, 2101 & 2107)
Lada's on fire at Rally Legend!! - Always Sideways, Show & Jumps (Lada VFTS, 2101 & 2107)
Lada 21051 (1700S) Cold start
Lada 21051 (1700S) Cold start
Lada - Evolution (1970 - 2018)
Lada - Evolution (1970 - 2018)

Lada Riva Images

VAZ-2107 - Lada Riva - Lada Nova - YouTube
VAZ-2107 - Lada Riva - Lada Nova - YouTube
Review: 1982 VAZ 21033 – Lada 1300 for the Soviets - The ...
Review: 1982 VAZ 21033 – Lada 1300 for the Soviets - The ...
British car designer Steve Mattin has put the brakes on ...
British car designer Steve Mattin has put the brakes on ...
IGCD.net: Lada Riva in Cars: Mater-National
IGCD.net: Lada Riva in Cars: Mater-National
Lada Riva RB25 Engine Swap, Anti Lag on Dyno. Link ECU ...
Lada Riva RB25 Engine Swap, Anti Lag on Dyno. Link ECU ...
lada niva 2018 - YouTube
lada niva 2018 - YouTube
Lada 2105:picture # 11 , reviews, news, specs, buy car
Lada 2105:picture # 11 , reviews, news, specs, buy car
LADA Samara 5 Doors specs & photos - 1984 - autoevolution
LADA Samara 5 Doors specs & photos - 1984 - autoevolution
Het algemene Lada-topic deel 2 - AutoWeek.nl
Het algemene Lada-topic deel 2 - AutoWeek.nl
Mercedes-Benz GLS 63 AMG 2015 [Add-On / Replace | Animated ...
Mercedes-Benz GLS 63 AMG 2015 [Add-On / Replace | Animated ...

Lada Riva WebSites


Lada Riva Wiki

The VAZ-2105, VAZ-2104 and VAZ-2107 (collectively known as the Lada Riva in the United Kingdom and the Lada Nova in much of continental Europe) are a series of compact cars of Zhiguli brand built by Russian car manufacturer AvtoVAZ, introduced in 1980 in the Soviet Union, and progressively in other European markets through the early 1980s and sold in sedan and station wagon versions. AvtoVAZ cars are currently branded as Ladas.Today they are generally referred to as the Lada Classic series, being derived from the original Fiat 124 platform which has been the now-iconic mainstay of the AvtoVAZ lineup since the company's foundation in the late 1960s. The production in Russia ended between 2010 and 2012, however, the Lada 2107 remained in production in Egypt until 2015.It is the third best selling automobile platform after the Volkswagen Beetle and the Ford Model T, and one of the longest production run platforms alongside the Volkswagen Beetle, the Hindustan Ambassador and the Volkswagen Type 2.