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Lagonda Rapide Car News

Thu, 28 Apr 2016 15:16:04 GMT

Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf Tested on 'Ignition'  -  Automobile
To create this extravagant sedan, Aston blew the dust off the very old and storied Lagonda nameplate. The so-named Aston Martin Lagonda Taraf, when boiled down to its elemental parts (and VH-platform chassis), is an Aston Martin Rapide with some ...
Thu, 29 Oct 2015 11:21:56 GMT

Glide over London's cobbled mews streets in an ultra-rare Lagonda Rapide  -  Classic Driver
Can there be a better car in which to prowl around London on a foggy November morning than the ultra-luxurious Lagonda Rapide? This fabulous example is currently for sale with Classic Driver dealer Nicholas Mee…
Wed, 02 Sep 2015 16:42:06 GMT
Aston Martin Lagonda: More Exclusive Than Any Rolls-Royce or Bentley?  -  The Cheat Sheet
While the Lagonda name all but disappeared shortly thereafter, Brown revived it in 1961 for a DB4-based Bentley fighter called the Lagonda Rapide. While only 55 of them were produced, that car served as the inspiration for today's DB9-based Lagonda ...
Fri, 03 Jul 2015 09:47:34 GMT
This Lagonda LG6 Rapide is a teal treat that charmed the world's elite  -  Classic Driver
With only a day to peruse the soon-to-be-auctioned, 48-car Frederiksen collection, we must admit to browsing rather more hurriedly than we'd have liked. But one car we just couldn't pass by without further attention was the stunning, one-of-six Lagonda ...
Wed, 24 Jun 2015 19:39:57 GMT

Ron Rezek Collection of Lagonda and Bentley Going to Pebble Beach  -  BLOUIN ARTINFO
They include a 1937 Lagonda LG45 Rapide, a 1939 Lagonda V-12 Rapide, a 1927 Bentley 6 1/2 Litre Le Mans Sports, and a 1949 Bentley Mk VI Sedanca. “They are wonderful examples of cars by these British marques,” David Gooding, president of Gooding ...
Mon, 13 Apr 2015 18:07:13 GMT

Goodbye Aston Martin Rapide, Hello DBX-Inspired Crossover  -  The Cheat Sheet
While it's sad to see the Rapide go, it makes sense to have Lagonda be the division that's responsible for sedans. As for the DBX, a crossover SUV is certainly way outside the wheelhouse of what Aston Martin is traditionally known for, but crossovers ...
Fri, 10 Apr 2015 18:20:12 GMT
Aston Martin Rapide to be Replaced by New Lagonda, DBX Crossover  -  AutoGuide.com
Speaking with Car and Driver, CEO Andy Palmer revealed the company's plan to introduce a five-door DBX crossover along with a new sports sedan that will carry the Lagonda badge. These two cars together will act as the successors to the Rapide, a sedan ...
Fri, 10 Apr 2015 13:08:27 GMT

Aston Martin Rapide To Be Replaced By Global Lagonda Sedan And DBX Crossover  -  Top Speed
Introduced in 2010 as a spiritual successor to the Aston Martin Lagonda (1976-1990) and updated in 2013, the Rapide isn't a sedan I'd consider old, not even by today's standards. Yes, the VH platform it's built on is long in the tooth, but, thanks to ...
Fri, 10 Apr 2015 03:29:27 GMT

Aston Martin Rapide to be replaced by next-gen Lagonda sedan, new DBX crossover  -  CarAdvice
The Aston Martin Rapide will not enter a second generation, instead it will be replaced by two vehicles: a new Lagonda sedan and a DBX crossover. Speaking with Car and Driver about the company's model plan for its next-generation of vehicles, Aston ...
Thu, 09 Apr 2015 17:35:53 GMT

Aston Martin to replace Rapide with DBX crossover, Lagonda sedan  -  Autoblog (blog)
Speaking with Car and Driver at the New York Auto Show, the company's new CEO Andy Palmer reveals a two-pronged plan to replace the four-door Rapide. One will be a new Lagonda sedan; the other a production version of the DBX crossover concept.