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the manufacturer calling their car the charisma deserves everything they get especially when the machining question is distinctly short of the quality unrewarding to look at and unremarkable to drive. It's a sort of Miss and Bluebird for the nineties never mind it's many worthy features the quality the reliability that value for money it's that contrast between the charisma name and the dull reality which is just too great but. You probably know all of this already the reason we're spending three minutes of your valuable time road testing this car is that it's now available. With what Mitsubishi claimed is a revolutionary petrol engine it's got GDI or gasoline direct injection it promises groundbreaking economy who comes in one size a 1.8 and costs a mere 250 pounds extra in this car that's around. Fourteen and a half thousand pounds the technology is exceedingly complicated but the idea is very simple you don't inject the petrol somewhere near the cylinders in the usual fashion but directly into them instead that way you control the way the fuel. Burns and use less of it at the same time you use more air and with a less restricted intake the engine is free to spin more easily and. So the theory. Goes more efficiently the only thing you'll notice that the wheel is a rather flat response of low revs were the engines using least fuel once over 4,000 or so though the engine comes on song and starts making a nice busy noise but it's. The economy we're supposed to be excited about up by 20 percent say Mitsubishi and prove it they dispatched a particularly abstemious motoring journalist to Africa who. Duly managed 65 to the gallon alas this is a figure which in our experience mere mortal drivers won't be able to. Match at all even without racing about I managed at least 32 to the gallon about the same as I normally get out of a similarly brisk 1.8 Mondeo and way short of the 40 plus you leak out of a VW or a rover diesel there may be some. Margin over ordinary petrol engines if you spend your entire life driving round town but otherwise I think you'll hardly notice and anybody wanting full-blown diesel economy is likely to be very disappointed so not. Planet-saving Lee impressive then especially since the big GDI badges will make the outside world think you're driving a diesel anyway direct injection will doubtless get more and more efficient and someday all petrol engines will be made this way but for the moment it's not a. Reason. For buying.


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The Mitsubishi Carisma is a large family car produced for the European market by Mitsubishi from 1995 to 2004. The model name was derived from a combination of the English car and the Greek kharisma, meaning "divine gift". It was co developed with Volvo, sharing its chassis with the first generation of the Volvo S40, and built at the NedCar factory in Born, Netherlands, which the two companies co owned at the time. Over 350,000 were built during its production run. The car was judged to be a reliable, low cost vehicle but lacked visual appeal and competed by price and size in two very competitive markets without a strong selling point.