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As the oldest running sedan in Nissan's North American lineup the company would like you to think that the Maxima is still very important to them in the nearly 40 years since it's been on. Sale we've seen eight generations of this four-door sports car at least that's what Nissan likes to call it with the current generation debuting back in 2016 so for 2019 in response to the new competition from the Avalon and Kia. Cadenza Nissan has given the Maxima a pretty subtle refresh and today we're gonna find out if this. Is still the four-door sports car that nissan wants you to think it is so. It's been nearly three years since I shown you guys the current eighth generation maximum back then I thought it was a really nice premium sedan that had a really unique look to it especially when you looked at the rest of the bland full-size sedans in the segment now you can see for 2019. Nissan is tweaking the exterior ever so slightly for this nineteen Maxima the biggest change the headlights these multi-reflector full LED headlights are standard. Equipment across the board before you had to get a top trim these headlights seriously remind me of what you got on a lot of top trim Honda and Acura products you have the Nissan signature LED running light LED turn signals and then LED fog lights the grille the V motion girl hasn't really been. Changed all that much it has kind of a dark chrome finish the radar sensor for the adaptive cruise control is behind the Nissan badge. And then overall it kind of has that traditional Nissan look with a V motion grill it definitely will stand out in this segment that's one thing that the Maxima has always been good at is kind of blurring the. Line between what you expect a full-size sedan to be and a premium sedan now you can see in terms of the wheel sizes this SR trim rides on 19-inch. Wheels with a black finish now these wheels are about 10 millimeters larger than what you're gonna find its riding on 245 40 series tires usually other sedans in the. Segment have a 235 with tires so these are a little bit fatter to give the Maxima a little bit more grip and it also makes the maxima look a little bit better as it sits you know what LODs sitting still because this again it was supposed to be a four-door sports car now the Maximus. Size is definitely interesting in the Nissan lineup because its wheelbase at 109 point 3 and an overall length of 192 point nine inches. Long this is actually shorter than the current generation Altima the all new ones so even. Though this is supposed to be above the Altima it's not necessarily larger that's the thing about the Maxima that makes it a unique entry in the marketplace of course it also has that signature floating roof design which I don't really like this rear quarter view of the Maxima it just kind of looks a little bit strange it works. A little bit better on Nissan's crossover it's just not so sure I like. It on the Maxima the back you can see the rear has also been slightly redone it's got tweaked full LED tail lights with a slightly new shape the SR trim has this black finished rear lip spoiler and then all Maximas now get the quad tipped exhaust which. Actually isn't even connected to the bumper of the car it's actually just a little finisher piece there's only one exhaust behind it but I'll let you guys hear that v6 really quick and the v6 has that typical raspy vq noise it actually isn't even a sport-tuned. Exhaust like it should be on the sr trim but it sounds good nevertheless now looking underneath the trunk capacity the maxima because of its smaller. Size does mean that you have a slightly smaller trunk than. Most of the competition Nissan rates that fourteen point three cubic feet that's about two cubic feet less than what you're get and what you're gonna get in most of the this cars competitors the seats fold down 60/40 it has a relatively large. Opening but these little areas here do eat up into the cargo area and then if you guys look underneath the floor here Nissan still gives you a temporary spare tire so you don't have to deal with a fix applaud kit so obviously the outside of the nineteen maxima doesn't look all that different but let's. Hop into the interior and see if Nissan made any changes now you can see here here's the current old Nissan key fob it's literally coming up on 20 years this is actually standard. The intelligent access key it does come with remote start so just push the lock button once push and hold this. Button at the top and the vehicle will start right up for you if you'd like to turn off the engine you can. Do it from the remote just touch the top button again and hold it until the engine shuts off now as you approach the door handle of the Maxima you're gonna notice there's. A button here on the outside of the handle that basically will lock the doors for you if you push that button if you want to unlock it Nissan doesn't do a sensor you have to touch the button again and that will unlock. The door for you now my petition my particular SR trim has its own unique interior color combination it looks great with the. Orange stitching with the diamond quilted Alcantara with the leather these seats themselves are heated and cooled they're ten way power adjustable with a 2-person memory over there so the interior is very Infiniti like and Nissan didn't really make any changes. To the design they didn't really need to but it is a little bit on the cozier side if you guys prefer a beige leather or you can also get an orange leather you can basically upgrade to the Platinum trim and that'll give you a different. Combination if you guys don't want the black now getting into the inside of the Maxima it definitely has a low step in. Height it feels a little bit lower than the last Altima that I drove the new one and then when you want to shut the door it sounds solid but not. Quite as solidly sounding as what you get in the new. Altima so just keep that in mind now start the. Vehicle up just put your foot on the brake here and then this button here to fire up the engine now the gauges do a nice sweep there's a nice little helper screen in the center there this is Nissan's vq35de v6 it's really quick. Revving and Nissan actually doesn't even give you a redline or you can rev it all the way up to. Its redline in park if you guys want to listen to that engine all day long now looking at the rest of this interior you can see the first thing that. Kind of catches my eye is the stitching here on this - it is a faux stitching this is a soft touch injection molded plastic it all feels really nice and high-quality the stitching over the instrument panel though is real stitching this is the same leather that's over the seats and then. The door panels this upper part of the door panel is also soft touch with more that faux stitching you have one touch Express up/down windows for just the front windows not for the rear kind of wish Nissan just made it for the rear as well you have a padded armrest right here a. Nice little area here we where you have a grab handle then there's a little bit more storage down here where you have two cupholders it's all hard touch plastic now the steering well you can see here it's suede Alcantara it's a heated wheel you have controls here for your cruise control. For the adaptive cruise control you have steering wheel mounted arm sir you have column mounted paddles which are definitely nice they're very GTRs if you guys want paddles. In a Maxima you have to go for the SR trim the lower terms of. The Maxima simply do not have paddle shifters the. Wheel itself is just a manual tilt telescoping the Platinum trim is the one that gives you the full power tilt telescoping so that's something to keep in mind the center stack here this is basically the newest feature for 2019 push the apple carplay display there and you. Can see you've got apple carplay and you've got Android auto this is new. The when the Maxima first launched it. Didn't have this feature this is basically the eight inch touchscreen of the standard equipment it does also have embedded navigation but as you can see it's the much older navigation display versus what we've seen in the other newer Nissan products it works fine but most of you I imagine are. Probably just going to go to menu go to car play and then just pull up the ways that you have in your phone. Since some people end up like teen liking to use anyways it's one of the reasons why nice on out of this feature going. To the menu display you can see you can kind of customize the icons in here the Nissan navigation system works for well quick responding can turn on off on. And off that beep it also has a wireless hotspot which is nice you can go into the settings here you. Can customize all. This other stuff over here the camera system you guys push the camera button. You can see there's a 360 camera top-down view it's part of a premium package for eighteen hundred dollars that my tester has the resolution is definitely a little bit on the crunchy grainy side but you do have moving object detection detection with rear automatic. Braking so that's definitely a nice feature to have the audio system as you can see it'll go to your phone on your system there unless you guys go back here to your. Traditional sources and it'll show you all your different usual presets over there you can adjust that to your liking dual zone climate control is included on this trim most of them will have it as standard. There's a good. Area here where you can plug in your phone you have a USB C and a USB port and an aux port over there which is nice all this piano. Black plastic trim definitely looks good. You have this. Satin a dark aluminum look trim on this is our model which has a textured look if you guys prefer wood there's also a faux wood available it definitely looks interesting the cupholders are down here infinity like controller over here for. The infotainment system which honestly this is better than what you get in some. Infiniti products this controls the xtronic CVT transmission you also have a manual mode and the shifter here and then on this trim you also get heated and cooled seats controlled by this little dial which. Is definitely nice the center console here is pretty large you have a good amount of storage there's no USB just a power outlet in there it's a nice padded armrest and then you have real leather stitching on the side here of the center console which is nice the seats are also pretty comfortable a. Little bit on the harder side but love the sweet Alcantara if you guys don't. Like suede the other terms will have a full leather the glove compartment is pretty big actually its massive. You have a felt lined damped dent lid which is definitely nice so decent storage over there above you this panoramic sunroof is optional part. Of an 1800 or. Premium package which it kind of went all the way to the back here I wish there wasn't this little area here but nevertheless nice the Nissan throws that in I'm noticing they're missing kind of like a head-up display which would have been nice to have but overall there's. Very little features that this car is actually missing now because of the Maximas smaller size the rear seat is definitely a lot smaller than what you expect a full-size sedan to be but getting back here nice dawn actually rates the legroom at around thirty four. Point three inches that is roughly about six inches less than what you're gonna get in most of the competition the floor here is almost flat which is nice for three people across there's actually a USBC and a regular USB port which surprised me you have rear seat air vents and then you have to map. Pockets now in terms of the actual space I'm five foot seven I'm pretty comfortable back here but again you do feel the tight quarters the panoramic sunroof above me does add in. Some nice light you have really nice soft touch materials throughout the rear seat so they didn't cheap out one thing I am noticing this particular trim is missing no heated rear seats and then no rear sunshades. You can get that on the table line platinum reserve trim if you guys want now there's a nice little armrest that folds down gives a little bit of storage to cupholders but overall the back seat is definitely nice but keep in mind a lot of mid-size sedans offer more space than. This Maxima now under the hood of the 2019 Maxima Nissan also didn't make any changes to this vehicle and while the engine is still a 3.5 liter v6 with just port injection it's the same vq35de engine it makes 300 horsepower 291 are 261 foot-pounds of torque it all goes out through a continuously variable transmission the one thing that. Nissan should have changed is they should have added all-wheel-drive to this vehicle it's still a front-wheel drive car whereas the Altima now offers all-wheel drive of course that's. Limited to the base engine but it's just confusing to me why Nissan decided not to put all wheel drive in this vehicle nevertheless it's still a 300 horsepower front wheel drive family Sam with the Nissan's current generation xtronic CVT it weighs. Around 3,500 pounds maybe 3,600. Pounds depending on the trim level you get fuel. Economy is actually also not too bad it's rated at 20 in the city 30 on the highway Nissan requires that you put premium gas in ascension so be sure to do so so it's been about three years since I drove this. Generation of maxima and back then it was like in 2015 I thought it was still a very pleasant driving sedan not really the four-door sports car that Nissan wants you to. Thinking that it is but still a very competent and pleasant driving premium sedan for sure as you can see that tradition kind of carries on for this 2019 model Nissan didn't. Really make any changes to the powertrain or the suspension this sr version is the sportiest maximum that you can buy and the CVT transmission as much as I hate them it's surprisingly good in this Maxima I mean when you pair it with the. Company's vq v6 it is really responsive this car still feels very quick and it's still front-wheel drive which Nissan would do an all-wheel-drive version but as you can see here when you find some twisty back roads the car will hold its own and thus Maximus smaller size. Definitely makes this a much more playful full-size sedan it's not even really considered a full-size since this car is now. A tenth of an inch shorter than the new Altima but the car feels heavy it feels a button down the steering is a little bit on the light side although it's quick and precise enough the brakes are also a little bit touchy Nissan brakes. Tend to be a little bit on the touchier side but for a front-wheel drive sedan the Maxima can certainly still hustle not necessarily a four-door sports car again but not a. Bad driving full-size vehicle either now being front-wheel drive you do notice that it has a little bit of torque steer there's some slight tugging at the wheel and the front tires will do a Burnout if you guys really put your foot down hard but the CVT which still doesn't make the most attractive noises when. It's just holding the revs really where you judge a CVT is not in the sound Department it's not supposed to sound all that impressive where you judge the CVT is in the responsiveness so right now my foot goes to the floor and it's really. Quick to pull down a ratio the engine goes into the meat of the power event and then it kind of a mimic shifts Nissan does a good job at their xtronic with the six-cylinder and. This car feels like. It'll get to 60 in just under six seconds maybe like 5.9 seconds it's one of the quicker entries in the segment is this quicker than the new Toyota have along quicker than the key it hit cadenza and despite the fact that it has a CVT. It also gets better gas mileage in my weeks worth of testing I've been averaging around 26 miles to the. Gallon in mixed driving a little bit better than what the EPA predicts at 24 mpg now the steering in this car as I said it is definitely quick ratio but it could be a little. Bit heavier I wish it was just offered a little bit more feedback through the tires it's a little bit on the numb so the body leans a good amount but you can tell Nissan has tuned this SR version. To be a little bit sporty err and honestly you don't really get tired of just wanting to put your foot down in this car the v6 is a little. Bit on the raspier side it has that typical VQ drone not as smooth and refines what you've. Got in the Honda J series of the Toyota Toyota v6 engines but it's still a very potent engine so glad to see that Nissan has kept this naturally aspirated v6 on the maxim and that's the key differentiation between this and the Altima now is because the ultimate is only a four-cylinder now you can get you know. A v6 still with the maxima but still no all-wheel drive now in terms of the drivability the visibility in this car is not quite as good as some competitors the pillar hairs on the thick side the hood has these interesting bulges. So your visibility is a little bit terrible from the front from the side it's ok from the rear the view out of the back is good because the window is. Large the driver assistance is not standard on the maximum you do have emergency automatic braking is standard but if you want intelligent cruise control you want blind-spot we're at cross driving braking you have to go up to an SV SR and then the fully loaded trims to get that Nissan's Pro pilot assist also is. Not available in this car so it's their older driver driver assistance tech this also does have pedestrian detection but just keep in mind the maximum is an older platform so you're gonna notice that now the ride quality is also an area where the SR trim makes itself known this is a firmer ride than. What I expect a full-size sedan to be and honestly I need to. Stop calling this thing a full-size sedan because it doesn't feel like a full-size sedan in terms of the interior space it has a bumpy ride quality so if you guys are looking for a little bit of a softer ride quality I would highly suggest test driving the platinum trim or the SL trim because the SR with its. 19-inch wheels and its sport-tuned suspension does transmit a fair amount of bumps into the cabin that some competitors definitely won't now this car does have paddle shifters and then there's also a sport mode here which I've had. It in sport the SR trim is the only trim to give you paddles it offers seven different ratios which they don't really do a really great. Job with mimicking gears it kind of has that fake CVT ratio adjustment and it's very slow to grab match on your downshift so the paddles while. They are nice because they're mounted to the column they're just plastic paddles they're not the same like wonderful stuff you find like on a Nissan. GTR but nevertheless I'm glad that Nissan threw in some paddles but if you're gonna give us paddles give us a step automatic see like when you pull the paddle it just it's really lazy to actually adjust the ratio and shift so I find myself not even wanting to use. The paddles and we're just gonna leave it in drive mode and leave it in sport setting now in terms of. Quietness the maxima. Is not as. Quiet as some of the competitors there is. A fair amount of road noise that creeps in slight wind noise you do hear the engine whenever you put your foot down hard but I did also hear a couple of squeaks and rattles coming from the rear and from the roof of this vehicle. So again a. Little bit concerning considering this is supposed to be Nissan's flagship sedan they they really need to work. On just improving the overall ambiance in this cab and it's got a nice premium looking interior but in terms of the rest of the feel like from the ride quality to the noise. Levels to the overall structure it could do to you know be beefed up significantly considering this is real where this is a Nissan's lineup and that leaves me with my final thoughts with the Maxima because this sedan honestly hasn't changed in the last three years and. That's the thing is the full-size or premium sedan market or the sedan market in. General has completely shifted I think what Nissan needs to do is they need to make the Maxima the next-generation all-wheel-drive for sure perhaps even give it that hatchback lift back body style that the kia stinger has. For example I could see Nissan completely turning this vehicle into like a key a stinger competitor and the problem was I think why they haven't done it is because. If they put the 3 litre twin-turbo v6 from the q50 in this thing it's going to render the q50 kind of obsolete so Nissan needs to definitely work on where they're gonna position the Maxima because it where it is now it's a little bit of a confused vehicle and really the only reason why. You'd buy one of these is. Because it's you know it's got a six-cylinder engine and you just really happen to like the maximum you like the design and you like the name of this vehicle and right here is the reason. Why the Maxima just desperately needs all-wheel drive so hoping that Nissan puts it in the next generation not really much in terms of. Torque steer but the fact that it keeps spitting the tires when you turn the traction control off is the reason why Nissan seriously needs to put all wheel drive in this thing so at the beginning of this review I asked a simple question. Is the Maxima still the four-door sports car that Nissan wants you to think that it is well after spending the week with the refreshed 2019 model. It clearly is not a four-door sports. Car four-door sports car needs to be rear-wheel drive it needs to have a dual clutch or manual transmission it needs to be a lot more hard edge and the Maxima still isn't any of those things. But what it is it's still a very nice driving premium looking full-size sedan that isn't really a full-size. That surprisingly still does relatively well for them in terms of sales Nissan managed to move about 3500 of these Maximas in January. Of 2019 which. Is actually double the number that Toyota sold of their Avalon which is all based on an all new generation so with all that said where does it leave the 2019 Maxima if you guys. Are looking for something like this well thankfully as you guys saw it's still a relatively sporty driving vehicle that isn't really sporty enough to justify the harsh ride quality that I noticed in this vehicle it also has a little bit more interior noise so what I would. Like Nissan to do for the next generation is move the Maxima on to a an all-wheel drive rear drive platform maybe even give it a hatchback utility kind of. Like a Kia stinger I think if Nissan made this Maxima reborn like what what. Kia did with the stinger I. Think it would really solidify the Maximas place in Nissan's sedan hierarchy as their flagship. Vehicle it doesn't necessarily need to have more interior space than the Altima but it does need to offer is just a level of specialness that the maxima has kind of been lacking for the last couple of years considering the fact that the old one used to offer a manual transmission and. They desperately need to put all-wheel-drive in this car but despite all of my quibbles with the car where is what does it cost to actually put a 20-19 model in your driver if you guys are looking to purchase one well this car starts at thirty three thousand nine hundred dollars for the base S trim now keep in. Mind the S trim has cloth seats most competitors have leather most of you are going to spring up to the sv trim for another two thousand dollars it adds the leather heated seats it adds the cruise control and the upgraded infotainment system that one is. Right around 36,000 my tester being the SR trim starts at around thirty eight thousand. Dollars plus a two thousand dollar premium package that rolls in that panoramic sunroof and the 360 camera and the Reaver rear cross-traffic braking this one all in stickers for around forty. Two thousand five hundred bucks which makes it a pretty good deal surprisingly in this segment and I'm imagining a lot of Nissan dealers are discounting the Maxima significantly which is probably why they've been able to still sell a fairly good amount of these it is probably the best selling. Import full-size sedan in the American. Market it out sells the cadenza and the Avalon in January of 2019 but I hope you guys have enjoyed my photo review on this 2019 at Nissan Maxima SR. If you're also looking to see latest cars I'm testing be sure to follow me on Instagram at red line underscore reviews like us on Facebook and as always guys. Please keep subscribing to the red line of easy Jeep channel for. All the latest reviews. Thank you so much for watching I'll catch. You. All in the. Next.


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