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Tree-ring analysis explains physiology behind drought intolerance  EurekAlert

Tree rings tell the story of what's happening physiologically as fire suppression makes forests more dense and less tolerant of drought, pests and wildfires, new ...

Geosciences Professor Discusses Tree-Ring Work in the Amazon in 'Short Talks'  University of Arkansas Newswire

David Stahle's tree ring research has managed to extend the climate record in parts of the Amazon by hundreds of years.

University of Arkansas Newswire
UA tree ring research showing how climate change expands tropics  TucsonSentinel.com

Measuring tree rings shows climate change affects weather patterns that are driving tropics and deserts north.

Water, not temperature, limits global forest growth as climate warms  Phys.org

The growth of forest trees all over the world is becoming more water-limited as the climate warms, according to new research from an international team that ...

Tree ring research shows how climate change expands deserts  The Nation

LOS ANGELES-New research at the University of Arizona (UA) on tree rings has found that climate change caused expansion of deserts. READ MORE: Imran's ...

The Nation
Tree rings give clues as to how climate change could shift drought in the Sonoran Desert  Cronkite News

The tree ring lab at the University of Arizona recently looked at tree rings to make conclusions about shifts in the tropical belt for 800 years.

Cronkite News
Southwest forest trees will grow much slower in the 21st century: Even forest trees growing in average conditions may decline in productivity as much as 75 percent  Science Daily

Southwest forests may decline in productivity on average as much as 75 percent over the 21st century as climate warms. The finding is based on a treasure trove ...

Science Daily
Our current drought is worse than most megadroughts, new study says  Arizona Daily Star

A Columbia University researcher believes the West is already in a megadrought, although not all scientists share that view.

Arizona Daily Star
Global warming, climate change and hot air – Ohio Ag Net  Ohio's Country Journal and Ohio Ag Net

By Don “Doc” Sanders. You likely are aware of former Vice President Al Gore's book An Inconvenient Truth: The Planetary Emergency of Global Warming and ...

Ohio's Country Journal and Ohio Ag Net
Western Drought Ranks among the Worst of the Last Millennium  Scientific American

Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the ...

Scientific American
Learn about log cabins at Niagara History Center event  Niagara Frontier Publications

Ever wondered about the origins of the historic log cabins in this area? The Niagara History Center is hosting a program that will answer those questions.

Niagara Frontier Publications
UA tree-ring researchers cool long debate of ancient Thera volcano eruption  Arizona Daily Star

UA Tree-ring researchers have taken steps to settle a long-standing debate as to the date of the volcanic eruptions on the island of Santorini. Their methods to ...

Arizona Daily Star
UA Tree-Ring Researchers Add to Climate Study  Arizona Public Media

A team led by scientists at the University of Arizona is connecting the ongoing drought to an expansion of the tropics caused by climate change. The group ...

Arizona Public Media
University of Arizona College of Science: Science City open houses  Arizona Daily Star

UA Science plays a major role in presenting Science City at the annual Tucson Festival of Books, March 2-3 from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. each day. The festival ...

Arizona Daily Star
800-Year Tree-Ring Study Traces Movement Of Tropical Boundary  KJZZ

For four decades, the northern edge of the tropics has expanded faster than expected, and no one knows exactly why. Now, an 800-year tree-ring study offers ...

Using tree ring records to decode Earth's climate history  Phys.Org

Ed Cook is one of the founding directors of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory Tree-Ring Laboratory. During his 43 years at Lamont, Cook has used tree ...

I Beat Pete: Santa Land Christmas tree ring toss  KCBD

This week on I Beat Pete, we went out to Santa Land for a Christmas Tree Ring Toss.

52 million tree stories more accessible to science: Improved international tree ring databank helps ecologists watch climate change over time  Science Daily

The world's primary archive of tree ring data, which holds more than 52 million cost-free records spanning 8000 years of history, has gotten a makeover by ...

Science Daily
UA Minute in History: The Laboratory of Tree Ring Research  Arizona Daily Wildcat

Ever wonder how old trees can get? What if I told you that I know a tree that was over 2000 years old and weighed more than 4000 pounds? Where is this tree ...

Arizona Daily Wildcat
Science: Local weather change has made western megadrought 38 % extra extreme, say new estimates [Report]  Infosurhoy

Over the last few decades, the American West has seen major increases in wildfire activity and big decreases in groundwater supply. Warmer temperatures are ...

Local agencies are wrestling with how to adapt to a warming planet, and the crises it will create.  Monterey County Weekly

Mankind has changed the planet so profoundly in the last few centuries that many scientists believe we have entered a new geologic epoch – the “Anthropocene ...

Monterey County Weekly
The remote Welsh farmhouse that is actually one of the rarest types of houses in the country  Wales Online

Llwyn Celyn is almost a century older than first though.

Wales Online
The Date of The Legendary Volcano Explosion of Thera Has Finally Been Traced  ScienceAlert

Thousands of years ago, on what is now the Greek island of Santorini, a mountain exploded in one of the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded history.

Longtime UT professor resigns amid probe of sexual misconduct accusations by current, former students  Knoxville News Sentinel

Henri Grissino-Mayer has resigned in lieu of termination amid probe into sexual misconduct accusations and reports he had sexual relationships with students.

Knoxville News Sentinel
Lileks: Looking for a winter forecast? Ask an Old Farmer, or a Presumably Younger Farmer  Minneapolis Star Tribune

We all want to know what kind of winter we're going to get, even though we know. It'll be cold, then really cold, then not so cold, and this goes on forever.

Minneapolis Star Tribune
Welsh farmstead is rare medieval hall house, experts confirm  The Guardian

New dating technique used to prove Llwyn Celyn farmhouse is medieval marvel.

The Guardian
Cambridge University scientists create ancient tree ring diary  BBC News

The "longest, continuous tree ring-based diary" is being created by scientists at the University of Cambridge to help map climate change. The diary documents ...

BBC News
UA Tree-Ring Research Helps Analyze Droughts in Mongolia  UANews

The extreme wet and dry periods Mongolia has experienced in the late 20th and early 21st centuries are rare but not unprecedented and future droughts may be ...

How Tree Rings Tell Time and Climate History  WeatherNation

[Concentric rings of various widths mark the annual growth of trees. Photo by Peter Brown, Rocky Mountain Tree-Ring Research via NOAA Climate.] [NOAA by ...

Busting the tree ring (The Tree Ring)  High Country News

How a landmark investigation unraveled a Washington timber-poaching gang.

High Country News
Digital Media Sounding Alarms About 'Ring' Security Devices  WEHOville

On Jan. 24 the City of West Hollywood is launching a promotion for Eastside residents of video home security devices by Ring – devices that have been ...

Tree rings helped scientists date ancient Greek eruption  UPI.com

Tree ring analysis has helped scientists pinpoint the date of Thera's eruption.

Lords of the rings: Four Utah trees reign as the oldest of their kind — and they provide peeks at the past, clues to the future  Salt Lake Tribune

Provo • In an arid mountain range of southwestern Utah stands a ponderosa, stubby by the standards of this stately red-barked pine species, that botanist Stan ...

Salt Lake Tribune
Records offer scathing review of UT professor now under abuse investigation  WBIR.com

Knoxville — A University of Tennessee professor recognized internationally for his expertise in tree-ring research has abruptly resigned amid an investigation ...

Tree Ring Record: Recent southeastern droughts “a drop in the bucket”  WUFT

By Shelby Krantz. Each year, trees draw in the water and nutrients around them to pack on a new layer of growth. The layers have many stories to tell about the ...

Most Likely to Succeed  Slate Magazine

You wouldn't know it to look at the products, but the school yearbook business is kind of shady. There's a good chance you and your kid's school are...

Slate Magazine
For Owners of Amazon's Ring Security Cameras, Strangers May Have Been Watching  The Intercept

The “smart home” of the 21st century isn't just supposed to be a monument to convenience, we're told, but also to protection, a Tony Stark-like bubble of vigilant ...

The Intercept
New study upends timeline of Iroquoian history  Cornell Chronicle

New research by an international team raises questions about the timing and nature of early interactions between indigenous peoples and Europeans in North ...

Cornell Chronicle
Pizza + tree rings: Get inspired by Tucson women of science  Arizona Daily Star

Learn about research being done by women scientists from the University of Arizona while you eat pizza with friends tonight.

Arizona Daily Star
Tree rings reveal our past — and our future  Mother Nature Network

It's called dendrochronology, the study of data culled from the growth patterns of trees. And it can tell us a lot.

Mother Nature Network
TreeRing Workforce Solutions Launches TreeRing Time Mobile  Field Technologies Online

TreeRing Workforce Solutions, Inc. (http://www.treeringws.com), a leading provider of enterprise Time & Attendance and Workforce Management...

Field Technologies Online
Rockin' Around The Tree - Geological Applications Of Tree Ring Research  Forbes Now

Climatologists, historians, geologists and even lovers of classic music like trees, not only as Christmas trees, but because we can learn a lot about the past ...

Forbes Now
Tree rings provide vital information for improved climate predictions  Science Daily

Using a decade-long sequence of annual growth rings from pine trees, scientists have introduced a highly advanced technique for tracking the carbon ...

Science Daily
Wood chunk found at UA consistent with wreckage from 17th-century treasure ship  Arizona Daily Star

In the fall of 2016, Chris Baisan was perusing the archives of the Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research at the University of Arizona, where he is a senior research ...

Arizona Daily Star
Tales in a tree  taosnews

The study of tree rings has led to insightful discoveries about the history of people and places. Dr. Tom Swetnam is an expert in using tree rings to learn about ...

How tree rings help measure Arizona's 'mega drought'  ABC15 Arizona

After a record low winter run-off, some water experts are now calling this Arizona's worst mega-drought in recorded history, even when compared to tree-ring ...

ABC15 Arizona
Global Warming's Tree Ring Circus Brings Us The Costliest Show On Earth  Forbes

If global warming isn't the Greatest Show on Earth, it's certainly the costliest and most bizarre. An early act featuring a hockey stick –shaped graph published by ...

Tree Ring Close Up [image]  EurekAlert

Hydrologists at USU have demonstrated that monthly streamflow data can be reconstructed from annual tree-ring chronologies.

Justices let stand order that climate researchers hand over University of Arizona emails  Arizona Daily Star

PHOENIX — An organization that questions the role of humans in climate change is going to get access to the emails and records of work done by two scientists ...

Arizona Daily Star
UA laboratory educates students, community on tree-based science  Arizona Daily Wildcat

In the middle of the exhibit hall at the University of Arizona's Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research stands a 4000-pound sample of a Giant Sequoia that began its ...

Arizona Daily Wildcat
Why some tree ring records haven’t tracked recent warming  Ars Technica

Rising air pollution reduced sunlight in places that were already cloudy.

Ars Technica
Raiders of the lost bark  Scienceline

Tree-ring researchers are used to rough conditions — but they're not survivalists. Fortunately, Nicole Davi had already taken shooting lessons when she found ...

Tree ring study shows California’s drought worst in 1,200 years  EarthSky

Scientists say California's drought is being driven by low (but not unprecedented) precipitation and record high temperatures.

Study of tree rings offers more evidence of poleward migration of tropical storms  Phys.org

An international team of researchers has found evidence in tree rings that backs up prior research suggesting tropical cyclones (typhoons in the east, hurricanes ...

Arctic study sheds light on tree-ring divergence problem  Phys.Org

Changes in tree-ring density in the Arctic may be evidence of changes in light intensity during the trees' growth, according to a new study by San Francisco State ...

Laia Andreu-Hayles explores tropical forests in a warming world  Phys.Org

Laia Andreu-Hayles is a tree-ring scientist and Lamont Associate Research Professor at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory who uses the data contained in tree ...

Tree rings reveal plague hit medieval Europe’s construction industry  New Scientist

Dating timber used to build European houses between AD 1250 and 1699 reveals that building activity fell during the Black Death and the Thirty Years' War.

New Scientist
Archaeological excavations show Thomas Harrison House not built by its namesake  WHSV

The Thomas Harrison House is located in downtown Harrisonburg, and the story has always been that it was built by Thomas Harrison in 1750. However, before ...

Uncertainties in tree-ring-based climate reconstructions probed  Science Daily

Current approaches to reconstructing past climate by using tree-ring data need to be improved on so that they can better take uncertainty into account, new ...

Science Daily
Between the lines: Tree rings hold clues about a river's past  Science Daily

By analyzing centuries-old tree rings, researchers are extracting data about monthly streamflow trends from periods long before the early 1900s when recorded ...

Science Daily
Hunting for Landslides from Cascadia's Great Earthquakes  Eos

Researchers examine the rings of drowned trees in landslide-dammed lakes for clues to today's earthquake hazards in the Pacific Northwest.

Climategate Revisited: New Theory Explains The Tree Ring Controversy  Newsweek

The tree-ring divergence problem, at the center of 2009's “Climategate,” can be explained by normal changes in light intensity.

Unusual climate during Roman times plunged Eurasia into hunger and disease  Science Daily

A recent study indicates that volcanic eruptions in the mid 500s resulted in an unusually gloomy and cold period.

Science Daily
A yearbook for the Facebook generation: Rich Barton, Mike McCue back TreeRing  GeekWire

Call it a yearbook for the Facebook generation. TreeRing, a San Mateo, California startup, has landed $3.6 million from some heavy hitters in the tech industry to ...

Tree ring history spurs actual climate science debate  Ars Technica

Scientists argue about errors in tree ring records vs. cooling from volcanoes.

Ars Technica
Tracking the Movement of the Tropics 800 Years into the Past  UANews

For the first time, scientists have traced the north-south shifts of the northern-most edge of the tropics back 800 years, reports a University of Arizona-led ...

Tree rings shed light on past—and future—droughts  Futurity: Research News

More than 2000 years of historical data, captured in tree rings, offer scientists a surprising preview of coming droughts in Mongolia.

Futurity: Research News
500 Years of Atmospheric River Landfalls in Southwestern USA  Eos

Atmospheric rivers are long, narrow regions in the atmosphere that contain and transport large amounts of water vapor, like rivers in the sky. When atmospheric ...

Ten Rules for Building a Good Company  Customer Think

Today, I stumbled upon a book – “Tree-Ring Management” by Hiroshi Tsukakoshi. Hiroshi san is the Chairman of a kanten manufacturer far from the bustle of ...

Customer Think
Lords of the rings: understanding tree ring science  Ars Technica

Ask any second grader what you can do with the rings on a tree, and they'll respond, "Learn the age of the tree!" They're not wrong, but dendrochronology—the ...

Ars Technica
Tree Rings Tell Story of Jet Stream  Arizona Public Media

The North Atlantic jet stream has been changing over the last half century, as have extreme summer weather events in Europe, a University of Arizona-led team ...

Arizona Public Media
Climate extremes are putting species in sync – and in danger  High Country News

Shifts in coastal weather systems could make the West's species less resilient.

High Country News
New radiocarbon cycle research may alter history  Cornell Chronicle

New research from a Cornell-led team reveals variations in the radiocarbon cycle diverging from the standard calibration curve used to achieve precise ...

Cornell Chronicle
Ice-core dating corroborates tree ring chronologies  RealClimate

You heard it here first… Back in February, we wrote a post suggesting that Greenland ice cores may have been incorrectly dated in prior to AD 1000. This was ...

University of Tennessee professor accused of sexual misconduct had 'creepy' behavior for years, ex-colleagues say  Knoxville News Sentinel

Ex-colleagues of Henri Grissino-Mayer, the UT professor who resigned amid a sexual misconduct probe, say he had "disturbing" behavior for decades.

Knoxville News Sentinel
Vegetation phenology variability based on Tibetan Plateau tree-ring data  Phys.Org

In recent years, researchers have focused on how vegetation phenology on the Tibetan Plateau (TP), the Earth's largest surface area above 4000 m ASL, ...

Researchers use tree-ring science to study area log cabins  Appalachian State University

Saskia van de Gevel looks closely at the ends of logs used to construct two cabins located in the Bear Paw State Natural Area in Watauga County.

Appalachian State University
Tree rings tell tale of drought in Mongolia over the last 2000 years  Science News

Semifossilized trees preserved in Mongolia contain a 2000-year climate record that could help predict future droughts.

Science News
Facts and figures about the four Utah trees that are the longest-lived of their species  Salt Lake Tribune

(Photo courtesy of Doug Page, Bureau of Land Management) Botanist Stan Kitchen discovered the oldest known ponderosa pine, pictured here to the right of ...

Salt Lake Tribune
Tree rings tell stories of the past, assist planning for the future  Albuquerque Journal

SANTA FE, N.M. — Their boss says trees are “libraries,” serving to document and archive the ecological history of the areas where they grew. And Collin Haffey ...

Albuquerque Journal
Our Lord of the rings  ANU Science

Q&A: Dr Matthew Brookhouse Dr Matthew Brookhouse, BSc (Forestry) '97, PhD '08, loves to peer back through time by examining the growth rings from trees.

ANU Science
UA has plenty of cool attractions for summer  Arizona Daily Star

Temperatures are on the rise in Tucson, and here are some choice ways to keep cool this summer at the University of Arizona:

Arizona Daily Star
Arctic study sheds light on tree-ring divergence problem: Changes in light intensity may impact density of tree rings  Science Daily

New research has found that changes in tree-ring density in the Arctic may be evidence of changes in light intensity during the trees' growth. The finding has ...

Science Daily
The Tools of Tree-Ring Research  New York Times

Kevin Anchukaitis, an assistant research professor at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University, is conducting a tree-ring study to analyze ...

New York Times
Tree-ring Temperature Reconstructions May have Masked Prior Warmth  Cato Institute

If it can be shown that past temperatures were just as warm as, or warmer than, they are presently, the hypothesis of a large CO2-induced global warming is ...

Cato Institute
Solving the mesopotamia timeline puzzle with tree-rings and radiocarbon research  Science Daily

Tree-ring dating and radiocarbon research has established an absolute timeline for the archaeological, historical and environmental record in Mesopotamia ...

Science Daily
Tour the UA Tree-Ring Research Lab | The UA Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research | Museums  Tucson Weekly

Tour the UA Tree-Ring Research Lab Docents guide tours of the center of some of the world's leading research about dendrochronology as it relates to the ...

Tucson Weekly
Tree rings show how the tropics shifted over time  Futurity: Research News

New research reveals 800 years of history of the tropics, including how they've shifted over centuries and their connection to climate.

Futurity: Research News
Latest: Northwest timber poaching increases (Latest: Tree poaching)  High Country News

Forest *Service* rangers manage to bust some tree thieves — but most still get away.

High Country News
Volcanoes, Tree Rings, and Climate Models: This is how science works.  ScienceBlogs

One wonders if anyone felt it. Did Charlemagne feel it as he led his forces across Pagan Saxon Westphalia, knocking down Irminsuls and making everyone ...

'Abnormal solar activity' from the sun detected over 7,000 years ago in 5480BC  Express.co.uk

THE sun went through an astonishing change exactly 7497 years ago, analysis of TREE RINGS has revealed.

5 best yearbook software to preserve special moments  Windows Report

Yearbooks are a great way to highlight and/or commemorate the past year in terms of events and other treasured occasions of a school, or other institution.

Windows Report
Rebecca Fowler, Author at  State of the Planet

I'm a science writer and the communications manager for the Center for Climate and Life. I've ventured to the Arctic, across the Southern Ocean, and many other ...

State of the Planet
Analysis of Himalayan tree rings shows decline in summer monsoon for the last 180 years  Down To Earth Magazine

Tree rings have commonly been used to reconstruct past environmental and climatic conditions in the absence of direct observation.

Down To Earth Magazine
Woman Finds Passion in Unique Artwork  KEYC

The Mankato Makespace is filled with many talented artists. After taking a class, Jessica Schwantes Greve found a new passion for acrylic paint pouring.

Search for old trees can hold surprises for Tucson ring scientist  Arizona Daily Star

It's not on the "oldlist," but a cypress from Vietnam is definitely the oldest living tree in Asia, except for maybe that juniper in Pakistan and all those others that.

Arizona Daily Star
How Tree Rings Solved a Musical Mystery - The Crux  Discover Magazine

Just over a decade ago, dendrochronologists analyzed tree rings in the wood from which the world-famous Karr-Koussevitzky double bass was made.

Discover Magazine
Here's how to fix the school yearbook business  Chicago Daily Herald

You wouldn't know it to look at the products, but the school yearbook business is kind of shady. There's a good chance you and your kid's school are paying way ...

Chicago Daily Herald
Space Explosion to Blame for Tree Ring Mystery, Astronomers Say  Space.com

A spike in rare chemicals recorded in tree rings from 775 A.D. may have been caused by a space explosion called a gamma-ray burst, according to a new study.

Ancient tree-ring records from southwest U.S. suggest today's megafires are truly unusual  Science Daily

Today's mega forest fires of the southwestern U.S. are truly unusual and exceptional in the long-term record, suggests an unprecedented study that examined ...

Science Daily

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