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Vector WX-3 Prototypes Head to Auction, Expected to Fetch Over $500,000 Each  The Drive

For fans of 1980s and '90s supercars, the Vector W8 and WX-3 are as iconic as the Lamborghini Countach, Ferrari F40, and Porsche 959. The brainchild of Art ...

The Drive
Vector WX-3 Prototypes: Spotted  Pistonheads.com

They've already seen the underside of an auction hammer, but Aeromotive's inventiveness is still worthy of attention | PistonHeads.

Vector Motors Selling WX-3 Prototype to Fund New Hypercar Development  The Drive

Vector Motors is selling off the 1993 prototypes of its never-produced WX-3 supercar, apparently to fund development of its planned WX-8 hypercar. For those ...

The Drive
Vector W8 Twin Turbo: First Drive  RoadandTrack.com

Measuring the magnitude and defining the direction of America's supercar.

The Story of When We (Mostly) Tested a Vector W8 | Feature  Car and Driver

Before the word “vaporware” existed, there was the Vector. The promises were big, the styling jaw-dropping, and a drivable production car elusive. That's the ...

Car and Driver
Gerald Weigert to Auction His Rare Vector WX-3 Prototypes  Automobile Fanatics

Two one of a kind prototypes of the 1993 Vector WX-3 model will be going on an RM Sotheby's auction on 17th of January in Scottsdale, Arizona. Vector Motors ...

Automobile Fanatics
OMG You Guys, Here's A Vector W8 Twin Turbo For Sale!  Jalopnik

That spectacular Tucker 48 isn't the only car you should grab at the RM Auction in Monterey next month. Oh no. There's a Vector!

The Vector WX-3 Is the Only Car to Out-Countach the Countach  Automobile

In case you were ever worried about looking too conservative in your Vector W8, RM Sotheby's has a pair of wild Vector Avtech WX-3 prototypes ready to cross ...

The Vector M12 – America's Lamborghini gone wrong  AutoClassics

One man's dream to build a fighter jet for the road was derailed by short-lived Lamborghini owners Megatech taking over – the Vector M12 is wha...

Go Behind the Scenes At America's Greatest Failed Supercar Company  RoadandTrack.com

A documentary about Vector, the supercar company inspired by fighter jets, filmed in 1992 when Vector still existed.

Did You Know The Vector W8's Interior Is Delightfully Nuts?  Jalopnik

Here's something we can file under "extremely tragic": People don't talk about the Vector W8 nearly as much as they should. And when they do talk about the ...

25 Supercars From The 90s Car Companies Wish We Would Forget  HotCars

If it is this hard just to establish what a supercar really is, no wonder the manufacturers themselves occasionally get it wrong.

25 Cars That Flopped So Bad They Became Famous  HotCars

Here are 25 that gained fame for flopping so badly in the marketplace that their very names became symbols of failure.

1993 Vector Avtech WX-3 Prototype to go under the Hammer at RM Sotheby's Arizona Auction | Artinfo  BLOUIN ARTINFO

RM Sotheby's will present the 1993 Vector Avtech WX-3 Prototype at its 20th annual Arizona sale, to be held at Arizona Biltmore Resort & Spa in Phoenix, ...

20 Supercars The Whole World Forgot About  HotCars

Supercars tend to be cherished by the car world, but sometimes they can be forgotten through history.

In pictures: glorious but forgotten supercars  Autocar

Some never got off the drawing board while others didn't progress beyond a full-size mock-up – most are now long forgotten. We've collected 25 such glorious ...

This Mint 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue Led a Pack of Heroes at Radwood LA  Jalopnik

Call it a “Meh Car” all you want, but this minty *fresh* 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue had my coworker Andrew and me, well, intrigued. Among the many gems at ...

Holy Wiegert! There's A Brand New Vector Chassis On eBay For Just $68K  Jalopnik

It's not every day you get a chance to buy a brand new Vector chassis from 1978, but a W2 prototype's most important part just found its way to Ebay. Just think of ...

19 Lightning Fast Cars From The 90s Everyone Forgets Exist  HotCars

Let's take a look at 19 lighting fast cars from the 90s that everyone forgets exists.

America's Vector wants to build a new WX8 hypercar  Motor Authority

Vector hasn't made a splash in the supercar scene since the W8 arrived in 1990 with a 6.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 and 625 horsepower of grunt.

Motor Authority
A true oddity lurks among the classics at Pebble  RoadandTrack.com

Pebble Beach plays host to the crème de la crème of the automotive world during their annual Concours d'Elegance, but this year a vehicle of truly questionable ...

Google spin-off Waymo set to beat Uber and Lyft to launch self-driving taxi service  The Independent

Alphabet subsidiary Waymo will launch the world's first commercial self-driving taxi *service* within weeks, according to a report. The Google spin-off aims to ...

The Independent
This Acura Integra Has a Twin-Turbo V8 and Drives "Horrendously"  RoadandTrack.com

It's got an 8.2-liter twin-turbo Cadillac V8 sitting in the trunk and driving the rear wheels. Apparently that changes the handling a bit.

Volkswagen and Seat accused of ignoring 'potentially lethal' seatbelt fault  The Independent

Volkswagen and Seat have been accused by consumer group Which? of selling thousands of vehicles with a “potentially lethal” rear seatbelt fault. In May ...

The Independent
20 Pictures Of The Worst Looking Supercars Of All Time  HotCars

The noble supercar, a machine whose sole purpose is to do one thing, push the boundaries of what is possible. The best supercars love to ride the edge of what ...

Grandmothers take on European road trip in new web series  The Independent

A trio of grandmothers have taken a road trip across Europe for a new web series that has been compared to Top Gear and Thelma and Louise. Pat Jones, 75 ...

The Independent
20 Radical Wedge-Shaped Cars - Best Wedge Shaped Vehicles  RoadandTrack.com

Recently we asked you which wedged-shaped cars are your favorites. As always, we got a ton of responses. Here are the answers we saw repeated the most.

Top 10 Forgotten Supercars That Deserve to be Remembered  AutoGuide.com

Just as the pop charts are filled with one-hit wonders, the automotive industry has more than a few shining stars that burned out pretty quickly. Nowhere is this ...

WX-3 prototype pair that tore Vector apart set for auction  AutoClassics

These Vector WX-3s never made it into production, but a pair of 1000bhp+ prototypes are now up for auction. You can even take your pick; coupé o...

This 1991 Lancia Thema Could be Your Ferrari-Powered Oddball  The Drive

This tops the cake for strange '90s cars. Well, maybe this and a Vector W8, but that's besides the point. During this period, Lancia was in kahoots with Ferrari, ...

The Drive
Ferrari Pininfarina Modulo concept drives for first time  SlashGear

When it comes to designing swoopy and sexy sports cars, perhaps the most storied name is Pininfarina. The design house has designed some of the sexiest ...

Eleven Worst Cars For A Cannonball Run Record Attempt  The Drive

What is the best car for a full on assault on the Cannonball Run record? I'm not talking about rallies by any name. I'm talking about a full-on, balls out race from ...

The Drive
The supercars that no one wanted  iNews

The big-money motors that dared to be different in a bid for fame and fortune – but were huge flops instead Building a supercar to rival mainstream names such ...

20 Retro Cars With The Coolest Digital Dashboards  Motor1.com

More and more of today's cars are getting digital instrument clusters, but these have been around for decades. Here are some worthy examples from the 80s.

This Wild New Year's Day Supercar Meet Is How Japan Rings In 2018  Jalopnik

Japan does the New Year differently. There aren't any major fireworks displays, instead countdowns are done at shrines and temples and people eat soba ...

How To Get Out Of A Supercar Gracefully  Forbes

It can be tricky for even the most elegant of drivers to alight from their six-figure carriage. Here's the best way to do it.

Banzai Runners: Cracking the 200 MPH Code on California's Freeways  Driving Line

Once a myth that turned into a legend, the Bonzai Runners evaded cops and chased the 200 mph barrier.

Driving Line
What if... the Vector W8 returned? - Autoblog  Autoblog

What if, indeed. Many may remember Vector as the American company that attempted to build a world-class supercar but couldn't quite get its act together. Th.

Top Ten Best Wedge Car Designs Of The 60s, 70s and 80s  Jalopnik

In car design, the wedge is something we can appreciate. Here's our list of the top ten most influential wedge-shaped designs of the 60s, 70s and 80s.

eBay Find of the Day: 1999 Vector M12 is still wedged in our inner twelve year-old minds - Autoblog  Autoblog

Wow. No, make that whoa. Why? More rumor and myth than car, this here is an honest to goodness Vector M12. And its yours for the taking. Unsure as to what ...

5 Supercars That The World Seems To Have Forgotten  CarBuzz

In the world of supercars, there are many success stories. The likes of Pagani and Koenigsegg that spring up and challenge the establishment. However, these ...

Rare American Supercars Look For New Home  CarBuzz

America may not produce supercars in the same quantity (or, we might argue, of the same quality) as some of its European counterparts. But it has produced its ...

The Coolest Supercars of the 1990s  autoevolution

Supercars come in many different shapes and sizes. The question is, where do they come from and when did they get here? But first, let me ask a different ...

Gallery: On the ground at the 2018 Concours d'Elegance of America  autoweek.com

Bugatti Royale On the ground at the 2018 Concours d'Elegance of America Photo 1 Bugatti Royale On the ground at the 2018 Concours d'Elegance of America ...

15 of the Coolest Obscure Cars You Can Buy  RoadandTrack.com

Yesterday we asked you what the coolest obscure, rare cars you could buy were. You came up with a ton of answers, but here are the 15 cars we saw ...

Supercars that no one remembers  Autocar

Lamborghini's and Ferrari's are supercars that everyone remember, but do you remember these?

The 10 Most Forgotten Supercars in Automotive History  The Cheat Sheet

Supercars are built to represent the pinnacle of automotive technology. Brutally fast and impossibly expensive, they are objects of desire and the stuff dreams ...

The Cheat Sheet
Is This A Crazy Experimental Aircraft Hiding Behind Vector’s Factory?  Jalopnik

Who remembers Vector? Back in the 90s, they were creating some angular and outlandish super cars , and somehow they're still around today, likely performing ...

Eyes Wide Open: A look at the 20th Annual EyesOn Design Show  MotorTrend Magazine

EyesOn Design doesn't officially bill itself as a concours d'elegance, but this show, which is organized by car designers themed around elements of automotive ...

MotorTrend Magazine
198X Is Every 80s Game In One  Kotaku

198X, an upcoming game by a Swedish studio and team of international pixel artists, isn't just set in the 80s. It's visiting most of the decade's biggest genres in ...

Vector W2 in comercials  countach

Wedge of Tomorrow: 20 of the Greatest Sports Cars of the '70s and '80s  Popular Mechanics

The soft, gentle and voluptuous curves of traditional automotive design made a radical right turn in the late 1960s, when cars like the Alfa Romeo 33 Carabo ...

Popular Mechanics
Eleven Cars Worst Cars For A Cannonball Run Record Attempt  Yahoo Finance

These will take you straight to jail. Or a mechanic. Or worse.

Yahoo Finance
One in eight male drivers have a pet name for their car  The Independent

One in eight male motorists have a pet name for their cars - with "Scarlett O'Cara", "Ford Fiasco" and "Matt CAR-dle" among the more bizarre monikers.

The Independent
Supercars of the 1980s and 1990s that need to make a comeback: Cizeta, Vector, Dauer  autoweek.com

There is no shortage of supercars on the market at the moment, which may be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your theory of financial boom-bust ...

The Ten Most Obscure Supercars Ever Made  Jalopnik

Ferrari F40? Please. These ten supercars make that piece of junk seem as common as a Toyota Corolla.

Mid-Engine C8 Corvette Caught On Video Again  GM Authority

Chevrolet's worst-kept secret has returned in another quick video snippet. The mid-engine C8 Corvette was caught on camera somewhere in Colorado, and a ...

GM Authority
The fastest cars in history: 1946 to now  New Atlas

Updated November 19, 2017: There's only one fastest car in the world at any given time, and the car that holds that title has captured the public's imagination ...

New Atlas
In pictures: The greatest hypercars of all time  Autocar

It'll be the latest in a long line of ultra-high performance cars that wealthy enthusiasts have been able to buy, but at what point did the supercar turn into the ...

Five failed car companies Faraday Future can learn from  Driving

Take note, Faraday: You need vision, luck and a car that people actually want to buy.

Rights To The Saleen S7 Supercar Now Up For Sale  Top Speed

Depending on who you ask the first american supercar was either the 1911 mercer raceabout or the 1992 vector whowever when it comes to production (...)

Top Speed
13 Coolest Digital Gauges Ever Made - Best Car Dashboard Designs Ever  RoadandTrack.com

Digital gauges first started showing up in 1980s cars to varying degrees of success. Automakers pushed hard for them, but the trend all but died in the 1990s.

Is Variable Twin Scroll Turbocharging the Answer to Future Turbos?  RoadandTrack.com

Turbocharging technology has come a long way, becoming more and more efficient with time. Engineering Explained goes in depth to explore a new type of ...

The greatest hypercars of all time  Autocar

Only a few months ago we saw the new AMG Project One hypercar, and since then McLaren has shown its new Senna and Senna GTR concept hypercars.

​The Five Most Fantastic Vanity Cars  Jalopnik

The Youabaian Puma debuted earlier this week at the Los Angeles Auto Show, and I think it's great. It's hilarious, it's loud, and its logo is possibly a thong ...

25 supercars that never made it to the showroom  The Independent

Entering the supercar market against the established names is like joining a fixed high-stakes poker game. Even if you're ready to back your dream with hard ...

The Independent
What's the Diff? We Put the Torque-Vectoring Differential to the Test  Car and Driver

Can a couple of clutches and a pair of planetary gears transform a car's handling? Find out at Car and Driver.

Car and Driver
Fierce and Forlorn – The Supercars You Forgot Existed  The Truth About Cars

Even when a designer or firm achieves the goal of making the world's fastest supercar, they don't necessarily have a winner on their hands.

The Truth About Cars
10 Supercars You've Never Heard of  Complex.com

When it comes to supercars, Ferrari and Lamborghini are usually the center of the discussion, with a few other well-known players like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, ...

Charred Vector M12 Proves Fiberglass Body Can't Hide Italian Supercar Roots  Jalopnik

If you've never heard of a Vector M12, we can't say we are shocked, only 18 were built between 1995 and 1999 before the company folded for the same reasons ...

2020 Toyota Supra News, Price, Release Date - Latest Details on the New Toyota Supra  RoadandTrack.com

Toyota's got a new sports car to slot above the 86 on its way. Here's what we know about the MkV Toyota Supra as we approach the 2019 Detroit International ...

280mph SSC Tuatara confirmed for Pebble Beach  Pistonheads.com

For those thinking that the name 'SSC Tuatara' sounds awfully familiar, then you're correct: the car first appeared back in 2011. And, well, not a great deal ever ...

The greatest cars ever made with pop-up headlights  Autocar

Nobody had ever created anything like it but it would be another 30 years before the technology would become more widely adopted. By the late 1960s and ...

LG SIGNATURE Appliances and TVs Now Available at Bloomingdale’s Flagship Store  Gearbrain

LG Electronics partners with upscale retailer, Bloomingdale's, to offer high-end appliances and TVs in a store-within-a-store at its flagship NYC store as well as ...

30 Supercars Every Highsnobiety Reader Should Know  Highsnobiety

The ratio of people lusting after supercars to those that will ever own one is depressingly low, but that's no reason not to dream. Here we present a definitive list ...

British Airways data breach: What you need to know  iMore

British Airways has suffered a data breach. Or, more appropriately, British Airways' customers have suffered a data breach and have had their information stolen ...

Is the McLaren F1 Really the Greatest Supercar Ever?  The Drive

Considering how contentious a discussion over the definition of the term “supercar” can be, trying to figure out which supercar is the greatest of all time seems ...

The Drive
The Ten Most Ridiculous Dashboards Of All Time  Jalopnik

Car interiors should be simple, clear, and not distracting. Jalopnik readers, however, have found ten absurd dashboard that don't follow that formula.

7 Supercar Companies Who Completely Failed  CarBuzz

For every successful person, there are countless others who tried to reach those heights, only to get stepped on and overshadowed. Such is the case in the ...

Boutique Supercars: Vector M12  CarBuzz - Car News and Reviews

It seemed like a good idea to start this series off with a cautionary tale, an example of how not to start your own supercar company. This should help not only to ...

CarBuzz - Car News and Reviews
State of independence: American cars that broke the mould  Motoring Research

To celebrate Independence Day (no, not the Will Smith movie), we've put together a list of American cars that broke the mould. Automobiles that deserve a virtual ...

Motoring Research
Rare Vector M12 For Sale at Cats Exotics  GTspirit

A yellow Vector M12 has been listed for sale at Cats Exotics, its a rare example of one of only 17 that were made. View more details here.

New Vector WX8 revives iconic American supercar name - Autoblog  Autoblog

If the name Gerald Weigert sounds familiar, you're probably a car nut of a certain age that remembers his travails trying to launch his pet supercar project.

Funny Car driver Alexis DeJoria makes her own way in NHRA  USA TODAY

The offer stands, but NHRA Funny Car driver Alexis DeJoria is never going to accept it. Her father, John Paul DeJoria, says he'll pay his daughter a million ...

What Made the McLaren F1 the World's Greatest Car  RoadandTrack.com

The McLaren F1 turns 25 years old in 2017. Owners, drivers, and the team behind it give us the full story of this astounding vehicle.

LG OLED65C8PLA 4K OLED TV review  What Hi-Fi?

LG OLED65C8PLA review: a big and beautiful TV with a vibrant picture rich in detail, this is another LG OLED we'd be proud to own – read at What Hi-Fi?

What Hi-Fi?
Driving With Setorii Pond, California's Car Queen  Forbes

The Los Angeles-based fashion designer and auto enthusiast shows us her cars.

The Ten Greatest Drag Races In Movie History  Jalopnik

Movie drag races are different than normal drag races. The burnouts are bigger. They shift more frequently. They take much longer than they should. And they're ...

2015 Pagani Huayra Bingo Sports Edition  Top Speed

The pagani huayra made its debut as the successor to the zonda though several special-edition zondas showed up subsequently. the huayra like the zonda (...)

Top Speed
The Huayra gets an optional kit that gives it better handling and a new exhaust system  Top Speed

Pagani has been known to create some pretty wild vehicles. i mean look at models like the zonda revolucion and the huayra bc for example. they are (...)

Top Speed
Wall Street supercars: Fast money, fast cars  Classic Driver

Automotive understatement didn't exist among New York brokers of the 1980s and 1990s. The million-dollar bonuses of the 'Wall Street Boys' were spent on ...

Classic Driver
Return of the Vector Supercar? Could happen... - Autoblog  Autoblog

click above image to view additional high-res photos of the Vector V8 Biturbo concept.

First Drive: BMW 2002 Turbo  RoadandTrack.com

For those who thought the 2002tii was to be the ultimate BMW in the "02" series, the Munich factory had a surprise in store. Unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show ...

2015 Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse Cristal Edition  Top Speed

When bugatti introduced the grand sport vitesse la finale the last production unit of the supercar at the 2015 geneva motor show i honestly believed (...)

Top Speed
The Most Ridiculous Limited-Edition Supercars Ever Made  Jalopnik

Ferrari will make 499 examples of the new LaFerrari. Ha! Jalopnik readers know ten limited-run supercars that make it look as common as a Camry.

PEBBLE BEACH: Ferrari Enzo Designer, Ken Okuyama, Reveals The Kode 0 — Are You IMPRESSED Or DEPRESSED This Use To Be An Aventador?  AutoSpies.com

PEBBLE BEACH: Ferrari Enzo Designer, Ken Okuyama, Reveals The Kode 0 — Are You IMPRESSED Or DEPRESSED This Use To Be An Aventador?

Inside Bob Pond's car collection  AutoWeek

Robert Pond was an industrialist, an aviator, a Navy pilot, an aircraft designer, a genuine car enthusiast, a philanthropist, a Minnesotan at heart and a man who ...

Dazzling cars in Dubai for the Gulf Concours – in pictures  The National

Some of the finest cars in the Middle East – and, indeed, the world – went on display on the lawns of the Burj Al Arab on December 7 as the second Gulf ...

The National
RM Auction roundup: James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 + more  Evo

James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 sells for nearly £3m at RM Auction. Enzo, F40, Zonda R and Miura also sold.


Vector W8 Videos

Vector W8 Twin Turbo: Why Did People Bash It?
Vector W8 Twin Turbo: Why Did People Bash It?
Vector W8 - Everything You Need to Know
Vector W8 - Everything You Need to Know
Vector W8 Twin Turbo (w/ engine start, short drive)
Vector W8 Twin Turbo (w/ engine start, short drive)
Vector W8 out driving in Beverly Hills
Vector W8 out driving in Beverly Hills
Vector W8
Vector W8
The Vector Freaking W8!
The Vector Freaking W8!
Vector W8 Twin Turbo - Ride Rev Accelerate
Vector W8 Twin Turbo - Ride Rev Accelerate
Old Top Gear 1998 - Vector M12
Old Top Gear 1998 - Vector M12
Vector W8, chassis PP-2 driving
Vector W8, chassis PP-2 driving

Vector W8 Images

Vector W8 picture # 29360 | Vector photo gallery ...
Vector W8 picture # 29360 | Vector photo gallery ...
1992 Vector W8 Twin Turbo
1992 Vector W8 Twin Turbo
Vector W8 - Bornrich , Price , Features,Luxury factor ...
Vector W8 - Bornrich , Price , Features,Luxury factor ...
Supercar Series: Vector W8 - Truck Driving Jobs 2Go
Supercar Series: Vector W8 - Truck Driving Jobs 2Go
Vector W8 - car classics
Vector W8 - car classics
1990 Vector W8 Wallpapers & HD Images - WSupercars
1990 Vector W8 Wallpapers & HD Images - WSupercars
Vector Avtech WX-3 Prototype - YouTube
Vector Avtech WX-3 Prototype - YouTube
Vector W8 Twin Turbo, 1999 Nissan R34 GTR V Spec Skyline ...
Vector W8 Twin Turbo, 1999 Nissan R34 GTR V Spec Skyline ...
The 90s Fastest Cars
The 90s Fastest Cars
1993 Vector WX-3 Twin Turbo - Images, Specifications and ...
1993 Vector WX-3 Twin Turbo - Images, Specifications and ...

Vector W8 WebSites

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Vector W8 Wiki

The Vector W8 is an American sports car produced from 1989 to 1993. It was manufactured by Vector Aeromotive Corporation, and was designed by Gerald Wiegert while receiving refinements by Vector's head of engineering David Kostka. The company utilized the newest and most advanced aerospace materials in manufacturing the W8, and the term "Aeromotive Engineering" was used by the company when referring to the manufacturing process of the W8. Only 22 W8s were produced, including 17 customer cars, two pre-production cars, one early prototype (Vector W2), and two successor prototypes—an Avtech WX-3 and an Avtech WX-3R (roadster)—with 7.0 liter DOHC twin-turbo V8 engines. The production W8 had a base price of US$283,750 when new.