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It's the super-safe. Swedish sedan that started on sedate suburban streets but sped its way straight to souped-up sleeper status it went from Hall in the kids to Harlan it's been rallied it's been turbo and it saved lives this. Is everything you need to know to get. Up to speed on the Volvo 240 Yan ville scarred was studying design in Gothenburg this kid had promised so much so that Volvo plucked him right out of design school and got him to work right away kind. Of like how donut scooped me right out of yelling about cars on the Internet school long story sure the dude was good like really good during his tenure at Volvo Yann had his hand in pretty much every model they put out daddy knows. A thing or two about having his hand in models everything from the Amazon and the 142 the Philip they tamed a car Philip and you guys won't let me. Make the pump free fast-forward to 1972 Yana and Volvo were working on their new Volvo experimental safety car or the ESC the concept featured pedestrians safe bumpers reinforced doors for side impact protection crumple zones and a backup camera in 1972 it was a big camera on the trunk with a bigger TV in the. Dash Volvo was ahead of the safety game and they knew it they had to get this tech onto the street and make the road safer Yana and Volvo gathered all of Sweden's greatest minds to design their next car it was time to build the most iconic car that Volvo would bring into the world it was time for. The Volvo 240 like the BES. See the new car would be boxy just like my dad the 200 series borrowed styling cues from the concept and aside from the front the body was. Basically the same as the 140 the two 40s crumple zones. Were huge and the back was designed to protect the fuel tape if you crash the engine mounts would send the engine and transmission under the floor to keep them out of your lap the steering column would move out of the way these things were so good that the National Highway Traffic Safety. Administration was like Volvo we think these things are so safe we'd like to use some as the standard that other cars are measured against yeah okay then you can buy some so nitsa bought two dozen Volvo. 240 s next up was the engine Sweden's roads are twisty and narrow and half the time they're covered in ice and snow the. 200 series didn't need to be some crazy fast group b reject it just had to get its passengers wherever. They needed to go Volvo 240 s mostly had some version of a 2 ish litre four-cylinder engine yes why were they called red box the engines law it is called web blocks they were called red blocks because the engine blocks were red oh thank you you're welcome. Cutie the first two 40s were. Carbureted you want to know how those work check out this episode of science garage had pushrods had made less than a hundred her Spurs I wasn't kidding when I said it didn't have to be fast they switched to an overhead cam in 1976 and never looked back to conform to the progressive emissions regulations. In the United States the 240 got fuel injection but only over here an oxygen sensor combined. With fuel injection and a catalytic converter cleaned up 90% of the bad stuff coming out of the pooper the engine. Even won an award from the notoriously strict California Air Resources Board Volvo 240 s were not only safe for the people in the cars they even made the air safer for everyone outside of the car - that's. Safe during the 1970s gas crisis Volvo offered a 2.4 litre inline-six diesel engine that they borrowed from their buddies over at VW and those were so bullet proof that you can still find them cutting around Louisville Kentucky running on used vegetable oil Volvo wanted to make cars for people which. I know sounds obvious we're gonna make cars for dogs but when the people needed a more fuel friendly car. Volvo said your wish is my command but by 1980 the boys at. Volvo were trying to change their image they realized safety would only get them so far so they had to start making their safe slow to 40s into say faster to 40s the designers were like it's the 80s and the Germans are making faster sedans yeah so let's make a thought sedan this a turbo or something yeah I. Like that idea also is a weight room let us celebrate by working on a muscle ha ha lift me let's do gymnastics Volvo turbo turbos were finally added to the lineup in 1981 giving. Us a new sport trim the 240 glt where that T stands for turbo now that they were turbocharged and a little bit faster they had to get the word out and Volvo realized they need to test these bad boys on the track to get the 240 T into the group a touring car class Volvo motorsport had. To get a little sneaky rules stated they needed to build 500 homologation models to get into Class A so Volvo fitted a bigger turbo. And a bunch of other performance modifications they streamline the hoods a bit and these race specials became known as flat hoods but Volvo didn't have enough time to build them in Europe so they threw all the race goodies into the trunks of the standard 240 T's and set them to the US of a 250 of their homologated. Cars were made on each of the US coast and all 500 were ready to be inspected in just three weeks a US representative of the FIA approved the cars and Volvo would get to go race with gay abandon they sent one car back to Europe to race in group a touring and. The rest of the homologated 240s all stayed here in the states but could Volvo's Boxey reliable cars handled. Themselves in a race yeah they could in its stock form the 240 wasn't fast but it was light and handled well make it a 350 Hurst. Perversion and the 240 can run with the. Best of them it ran in British Touring Car European Touring Car Australian Touring Car and DTM championships and it won a lot when the smoke had cleared and Volvo was on the podium news broke about a little sneaky sneaky myths that Volvo pulled during the. Homologation process they were supposed to be 499 cool Volvo racers in the States but there weren't turns out that as soon as the door hit the FIA inspector in his little but Volvo strip to go fast parts off all. But one car the one that they sent back to Europe everybody was pretty ticked off that Volvo skirted the hardest part of the homologation process selling a race car for the street to the public but Volvo motorsport was like oh the rules only. State that the cause need to be built and inspected not sold amen don't hate the player hate yourself for not being as clever as the player. And those other 499 240s were sold here with a bigger intercooler and the signature flat hood these Volvo's became the first batch of the. 1983 240 turbo intercooler models and they sold quite well thanks to the success of the 240 in racing abroad Volvo now Emily I'm beginning to pull away when we talk about other cars that have been around for over 20 years we say things like the. Second gen Camaro or the third generation Mustang but not with the 240 no sir or ma'am other than minor changes. To the lights and grilled there was one generation of Volvo 240 for 20 years and. The trim levels and special editions l4 Lux DL for deluxe GL for Grand Lux G le for Grand Lux executive they had so many trim levels I can't even list them all for you but they got so nuts with naming that the options in Scandinavia with a catalytic converter was called the Volvo 240 catalyst sutter why even put that. On the car if you like special editions the 240 s got something for you everything from long wheelbase limos and wagons for government and school bus duty to cop cars and hand-built Italian Chop top Bertoni coups everyone who owned one of these cars absolutely loved it as a result Volvo built the. To 44 19 years and sold 2.8 million of them and between 1990 and 1994 not one new 240 sedan driver died in a solo accident not one much like how brendon frasier didn't have. A bad film within that same time period coincidence I think not this is a fixed OBT to reader who's that thing in my body the whole time this connects wirelessly to your smartphone to read all the codes that your engines giving you we're in this fantasy situation your body yeah isn't fixed offering up the speed fans. 10% off of their order if they enter the code donut at checkout yo you are throwing a lot of codes James you gotta start drinking more water probably should get to sleep or earlier okay 10 smart fix got to start working out maybe should get. A purse all right Volvo got so many letters and calls from owners thanking them for making cars that saved their lives the PR boss Bob Austin got an idea hey Greg come in here I got an idea sure what's up all we'll get so many letters from the owners taking us. For making cars that save their lives I think we should start a club Oh what's week old. Man I'm thinking the Volvo saved my life Club ooh it's a little on the nose you know what Greg Q I hope you get in a car wreck but you don't make it. Into the club so Bob started the Volvo saved my life club in 1990 with members from all over the world United in their belief. That if they had been driving any other car they'd be dead top this all off with that crumple. Zone under the hood not only is there a ton of space to. Fit whatever engine you want there we will drive the body is pretty light and they handle surprisingly well and with a reputation for slope in safety they're the Perfect Sleeper nobody expects to get their doors blown off by an old Volvo today it's not uncommon to see two 40s drag racing. Drifting rallying Road racing even offroading it's. Not fast it's not fancy it's just an honest car yo I am super excited to officially collaborate with tabasco sweet overt super deluxe on his new show cheap thrills boosted we turned a truck into a Gucci flip-flop if you like Swedish cars watch. This episode of up to. Speed as. Always click that subscribe button I'm. Gonna go to. The Gucci store.


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