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Alright guys the volleyball PV let's see what we can do with this beauty this to me is one of the the most beautiful cars coming out of Sweden the Volvo TV I think it has some really. Cool unique features to the 50s. And the 60s 60s kind of cool to compare this style of European styling compared to the big American stylings of the time with the muscle cars and all that and fun fact my grandfather actually used to have one of these back in Finland my mom is born in Finland and he was the legend has it that. He was quite popular in the neighborhood cruising around. In his beloved Volvo TV and my mom told me that her her and her twin sister used to sit back here let's see if we can sketch two kids back here having the time of their lives looking back at the rear window of the wintery Finnish. Countryside as they were driving down dusty roads anyway what we want to do with this design I. Want to keep the main elements pretty much the whole shape of the car so think of this as a kind of almost like a form study I want to keep the form and focus on the form of the car and work on the detail so I want to modernize it as we did with it ether. Tea we're going to remove these trim pieces right here take them off right there we're going to remove this fender and this weird exhaust. Going down here as well we're going to change the wheels of course and make them classy but yet modern so that's what. We're gonna do with the wheels and I'm gonna keep this whole this whole section here I want to keep that as is going to keep the hood as it is and work on the details such as the the chrome pieces and the trim and. Also some design features of these fenders here because I love these fenders it's very typical for this time this era in car design got a lot of questions on what actually goes in to one of these renders I want to show you step by. Step the details Oh or these steps that I like to take when I create something like this so this is the first step here I'm trying to remove the the big dream pieces that I don't want in the car so that you see that the bumper here disappears right here. And I'm also trying to work on the fenders. And define them more than make them more pronounced than maybe a little bit more sharp because in today's world we have a lot of cars that all have some sort of sharp edge on them. So we can implement that while still keeping the round shape of the PV we can implement that in some certain parts of the car and I choose to do that on the fenders here next step is I wanted to keep the to make. The window bigger so to me this is kind of small and I wanted to make it just a little bit bigger so I just blew it up to feel it is where this form better this seems we have the problem that I had here was that this C pillar here it's kind of thick compared to the a pillar. I mean it's normal for cars like this to have that but at the same time I wanted to keep a nice clean line here with almost the same thickness going around and that means that I had to make the windows a little bit bigger than they were and you can see the difference here next. Up working on the roof of this car make it part of the rest of the shading and not have. It stick out so basically I went over the whole car and we shaded the whole thing just to make it. More it's like you have if you go into a paint shop and you're repainting your car sometimes you can see some differences in the shade so I don't want to have that I don't want to have any of the original image left on the car so. I just went over it and did the airbrush myself on top of it but I gotta stop right here this is kind of how I start a sketch and now we're gonna jump into the video so I'm gonna show you from this point on how we. Continued all the way to the final result so as you know I like to start on a Penant wood pen and paper just to get the proportions down and try to figure out the basic shapes of whatever car I'm going to sketch and in this. Case I'm using some toned paper the reason for that is because I wanted to have some cool highlights which I'm gonna add as a final touch to this quick sketch with my morning coffee I'm using alcohol-based markers because not our goal based coffee Alico based markers and the reason for that is because I want to be able to. Blend the markers and you do that's easiest is easier done with the marker markers that are alcohol-based it doesn't really matter. What type brand of mark are you using if you want to do this yourself you can get whatever brand you want to start with two or three markers and just try to. Blend them and have some fun and after this we're gonna jump into Photoshop and get started with the the. Main model of this video which is gonna happen right about now so we're actually joining this Photoshop render mid like halfway through almost I had some issues I thought it was recording the whole video and then I stopped for for a quick break and I noticed that nothing had recorded which was kinda frustrating but you know things happen. Technical stuff so this is after about 20 minutes this is 20 minutes in and what I've done is I showed you the layers in the. Beginning and that's pretty much where I stopped where I where I've started this recording again after the last layer that I showed you so I'm working on some shading here same thing here it's very simple the way I like to work I like to just use the airbrush as much as I can and. The reason I'm using the airbrush is because it gives me very smooth transitions between colors and I can I can decide whether I want it to be a sharp reflection like here in the window I'll have a sharp reflection I just use a sharp eraser to do that and after this I'm gonna go in. And erase the details that I don't want such as the windscreen wipers right. Here I don't want. Them visible so I'm gonna remove them by just painting over them with the background color very simple adding some highlights here as well to the Chrome I want to keep the chrome I want to keep it classy at the same time I want to make it modern looking and I talked about that earlier I think the main feature. Of this TV this pv render is the defenders that have a completely different design to them than the original I added some. Some sharpness to. Them to make it look more modern the wheels same thing there I wanted to keep it classy I want to keep it you know in in in line. With the time of the time period of the car so 50s 60s these are some what are they called wire wheels I guess they're called just have to put them in there copy paste from fine whatever wheels you want if you want to do this yourself I just find. Wheels that I want and copy and paste them into Photoshop and then adjust the color correction to make it look like they're actually. Part of the same image and within. The same lighting this is all Photoshop stuff that you can probably just Google how to do this the technical part of it and also want to. Add these white walls to the tires. Because I look it I think it looks so good and I think some cars should actually have this and bring it back and have some cool white walls I don't know. Why why they don't really exist anymore I think it'd look cool on certain vehicles and especially on an on an old TV so the idea with all these render I'm doing is I'm rendering them as I if if I owned the car and can do anything I wanted to the car this is. What they would look like so the three series of how I would definitely want it to look some beefy old three series it was super cool to have and this PV though I don't want to make it beefy because it's not that's not what it's about it's not a it's not a angry BMW this is a. Classy stylish old Volvo but at. The same time we can make it look modern and we can make some upgrades to it I don't like all the trim parts that I showed you earlier which is why I removed all. Of them the the chrome lists and so on went on the door and defenders those can be removed I don't I don't care about that but I would keep this chrome around the window for sure because that's just adds to the. Style of this car and you know I want to keep the as I did before I just kept the chrome grill as well so I think it's cool that the chrome is actually showing up somewhere else on the car as well as on the wheel so you can have those. Chrome if you want to do that or. They can be steel right here I'm just adding some final touches to this design. This as you know is my favorite part is to go in and make the car shine and this is obviously a very shiny paint job I would say otherwise I wouldn't make all these details and highlights and burn points it all depends on what kind of paint you want on the car if it's supposed to. Be a matte paint you can't have a lot of reflections on it the reflections are need to be more subtle and need to be mixed into each other so you don't have very sharp reflections in a matte paint but. Since since that I want this to be very shiny it's very easy to create shininess in shiny that's in the car all you got to do is think about where your light source is so where is the light actually coming from. There is always there has to be a light source because you can see the car if we have zero light sources the image would be completely black so you got to think of where is the light coming from usually you can just think of it as the skies it's coming from the top and that means that all surfaces. That are facing upwards and all edges they're facing towards that light source they need to have some some light reflections on them and some highlights and that's exactly what I'm doing right now I also added a overlay layer. To make the front fender to have the focal point on the front fender which is closest. To the viewpoint so if you have if you think of this as a camera looking at. This car the closest part to the camera is the left front fender so I want to put some focus on that that's exactly what I did there with it overlay image final touch of course you gotta sign your. Work and then I'm gonna compare these two to show you before and after I hope you enjoyed it just as much as I enjoyed making it this was a lot of fun an old Swedish classic and before I finish off want to add some highlights to. The door because I forgot to do that and that's about it I hope to see you in. The next one. If you like this kind of videos please hit the like button that means a lot to me if you're new to the channel. I have a lot of these redesigned videos and also a lot of sketching tutorials to help you get started with sketching if that's something you want to. Do so you can check those out right here on my channel if. You like what you see hit the. Subscribe button I'm the sketch monkey and I. Hope you have a fantastic day I will see you in take it.


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