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I'm with these two knuckleheads right here two of my favorite guys the fish went in the world Nick and JG from T and moving waters we got Richard Pini the director of operations of kbf and we're about to hit a little remote River. Just outside of Cookeville Tennessee chasing some big ol smallmouth and maybe even a musk we just happen to be in a river today it's got small mouth in muskie in it. So I don't want to lose a $75 bait so I put a metal leader on here keep it away from those two t critters some JG almond with Tennessee moving waters guide. Service we're a River and stream specialty guide service we only fish rivers and streams we target multiple species of fish we do everything smallmouth bass muskie trout and we also do giant River striper as well so a lot of people love come and fishing with. Us because they just don't get to experience things like this and they're just stuck in their electronic world staring at a screen oh they're half the time we fish places I. Don't even think we have cell phone service today which is a bonus so JG I've had four blowup so far but they're really blowing up kind of behind it and more vertical right and they won't hit a follow up sometimes that's how muskie act you know and. It's just it shows you that they're just not ready to eat yet you know yeah we're just in the front side of the window hate to say this but you could put the training wheels on and throw the Whopper Clopper I'm already. Doing Nick's got a large-mouth looks like he just broke the missin it on top streak we're coming out of the peak. Period when we got on the river and so now it's time to slow it down a little bit and. I'm gonna switch to something that I've used for several years. And I've actually never even talked about it but this is a Iike it's a Yamamoto plastic and it's. One of those do-nothing baits you throw it out I like the Texas rig it and in current this skirt this head just really has a lot of crazy action you just barely got to move it and I. Use that oversized hook so that when this mom I pick it up they're pretty much hooked so just basically I'm using a 8. Ounce whoo tungsten weight I'll drop down to 1/16 in a bit and that eco rig right there has got a lot of volume it doesn't fall down in the cracks really well and like I said you can tell about how I'm holding. It there it's just crazy action works really well in rivers works great for punching and flipping just one of my favorite little setups yeah look at that right there look there's the little brother right there but man that fish right there put up a fight jump twice and. Just demolished that Iike so that Iike let me show you that set up real quick after I get this guy back in the water give you a little bit more insight on it but pretty fish right there that's what we came for. So one of the great things about this setup is about ninety percent of time when you hook them. It does that right there it just runs the bait. Up the line and then you just pull the hook back through. And rear it but I'm gonna pull it back through and show you how I'm rigging it and why I'm rigging it. The way that I'm rigging it you know so let's go ahead and just completely break this thing down so let me show you this set up and one. Of the other reasons that I. Like this is we just saw I ran that that lure up the line but because this lure is pretty much the same all the way around any time you tear it up or you rip it out you can actually go into the bait rotate it and come out another spot and you get a lot of mileage out. Of it I like to rig it toward the hook tip the. Hook is barely sticking out and I like to use a hook that lines up right with the edge. Of the skirt and I rigged this by running the hook right through below the skirt Texas rig and then I just barely Tex pose. It right there clean and then what that does is the the action of that skirt allows that to fall slower so when it. Hits that skirt is sticking up and then when it lands it lands with part of the skirt sticking up it has action even if you're not moving it but the reason I like to use a bigger hook is so that when that fish grabs it. That hook point is right there in its mouth and pretty much every time I don't have to wait for meeeeee to take it as soon as they pick it up a reel down I'll stick them and I catch. Them in a corner of mouth almost every time so that a 8 ounce tungsten weight from Lu tungsten 6 aught must add big mouth to book I use a tube hook because I like to. Keep that bait from tearing up 12 pound fluorocarbon leader and that is a. Perfect little set up one thing to keep in mind when you're river fishing everybody wants to downsize for some reason when they're fishing a river and they're fishing for smallmouth but I like to use a heavier rod that. Way you can turn that fish. If you happen to hook up with a muskie you've got the power to not get completely worked so I'm using the seven foot three because I like to be able to cast a long ways I like that leverage to. Take up line I'm using a high speed a high gear ratio reel. And I'm using a heavy a heavy power and a moderate fast action that moderate action gives me a lot of forgiveness on the river because it bends a lot deeper so I've got myself set up that way we've got rich set up that way both Nick and JG or fishing pretty much the same setups they. Like to use spin and tackle for a. Lot of the same presentations but that set up right there and the Iike from Yamamoto you can. Play around with the weight size but for the most part that. Hook six off that bait in the river deadly and lots of decent fish so one thing we are doing today man is wearing waters. That contain musky and as you can see this small mouth carriers nothing I had a leader on this so you don't want to break off a bait like this in a muskies mouth to pin its mouth. Shut so it can't eat or something like that so when you're in waters at duquesne tain muskie especially if you're using top waters man the smallmouth are not going to care as you can see so if you listen behind this to when we were talking about earlier I mean we. Even have a nonstop action for about the last hour and part of reason is we've got a big thunderstorm rolling in you guys can probably hear that thunder in the background that's a nice decent smallmouth I'll take those any day fish on fish all nick is hooked up. Rough ice nice so we've really had the action pick up in the lake the last 32 minutes or so we've got numerous smallmouth strikes all back-to-back hook one smallmouth had a giant smallmouth follow it tagged it in the side and try and take the bait. From it then wasn't ten minutes later and catch a whopper popper up by a tree was bringing it back in a 48 49 inch muskie just rose up right. Behind it turn right away from the kayak but I mean it was a massive massive muskie beast and all this is happening because we have a storm rolling in these guys are all there's three guys in front of me and they're all throwing. Reaction baits and I'm just coming back behind them with soft plastics and you know I've had several bites picked up three fish are ready so so far that's been the producer for the day now the giant Benny means it's pretty little Tennessee smallmouth so apparently rich doesn't understand the lunch rule because while we're all trying to take. A little bit of lunch break he's over there laying the smackdown old. Smallmouth so so far today we've had the slam we need is a muskie for the Grand Slam alright guys so we just. Finished getting our snack on now it's time to get our fish alone of course rich never stopped getting his fish on and I thought he just started catching fish apparently. He's been coming along behind us batting cleanup catching fish the. Whole time so I'm super excited super jacked up let's get on down the river first cast I switched from the Eco to a swimbait thumped it yep there's a nice hole right below the current is always smallmouth sitting there get that choke right there baby that's worked a whopper popper over the. Top of the current you come blasted it Blackie I was little blocking yeah good colors on that thing pretty well even though he's pretty he still gets stuck dink. Drop so this isn't really much of a large-mouth River but anytime you find little dead pockets of water back behind a. Tree or something for our largemouth in the system that's where they're going to inhabit usually the smallmouth are gonna. Be way more related to the current so this guy was back behind a tree in a slack pocket Oh fish on fish gold all right little buddy go home and see your friends I just want to say if you think you built a extreme. Bike jump ramp. When you were a kid you ain't got nothing on this crew right here that's ridiculous that's some that's some full commitment you can't bail you get about halfway down there there ain't no like run off ramp or Nothing you're committed so we just went about I don't know power and a half without really a bike we had. A couple little Dinks here and there but not any good solid bites I look at the app on the phone and saw that it had just gone up one one bar up on the solar lunar table into the minor bike. Window for the day but I put my phone away and within about ten minutes had a strike then a minute of me landing my fish chad lands a fish but it's all just coincidence don't believe it don't believe the hype don't believe what you. Heard about Jay G not fishing in front of you either because that's that's all hype yep definitely and one of the things that professionals do is they like to hold back some of the better tips I've got one that I've been holding on to. For a long time but I'm going to finally share it with you folks and that is matching your color scheme of. Your lure to your reel I don't know wait what it is exactly but it just does something to the fish and. Now that I've tied this on I fully expect to catch more match a reel to the deal on the end of your line the catch more fish to that professional foot stop on the tree it's another one that's what we call them the business a twofer I just catch this fish I go. To try and unhook him I look in his mouth and there is a zoom lizard in his mouth so let's see if there's even a hook on it or if he's just holding on to a plane he is he's holding on to a plane zoom. Lizard Wow so question is he find that floating down the river or has he been carrying it around for days and he went to spit it up I'd say so back fight another day alright guys hope you enjoyed this video and I hope you go watch one of these other ones floating around my. Head don't forget to smash that thumbs up button takes a little bit of effort from you means a whole lot to me and as always. If you're new to the channel please subscribe if you've been here for a while thank. You. Forr support.


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