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But I'd like to be able to guard. Without my clothes being on. My nose I also like to camp and enjoy abrasion Creek State Park just south of town would be nice to swim in a lake without warning signs factory farms are probably up uncheck all over the DNR the Environmental Protection Commission and the republican-led I repeat the republican-led legislature alternative blind eye. What happened to Iowa nice it Lincoln said progress without empathy is not progress a balance between corporate interests and rural communities to protect the environment. Needs to be made I'll have 750 impaired waterways already last Sunday's Des Moines Register reported at 40% out of 22,000 private whales tested positive for e.coli Thomas fuller says you never know the. Width of water till the well is dry if the wells not dry but you can't drink it what's the difference Bernie Sanders has been talking about climate change he cares about the environment as everyone should before it's too late I believe with Bernie because he had consistent and true. To the issues he believes he will break the to a few Bernie Sanders the next president of the United States good evening everyone I'm Emma Schmidt I live over in Rockville City I've looked there my entire life. Is where I graduated it's where I work so where I raised my five-year-old daughter it's my home and I want it to be her home too but like many small towns across America we're facing challenges that seem impossible to overcome what was once a bustling. Community has become a shell. Of its former self our towns where it used to be thriving with businesses but now it's littered with empty broken-down buildings. Our school system has had to consolidate multiple times because we no longer have the population to sustain it people have to drive out of town to find the work that pays a living wage family farms webs dotted the countryside but now over a. Hundred and eighty corporate owned factory farms have replaced them Donald Trump said that he would make America great again but he sure hasn't done anything for my community or the thousands of communities like I'm I live in an. Area that feeds the world if it's a food desert for residents I have to drive 50 miles. Round-trip for affordable groceries I work from home for an organization based out of Washington DC because I kind of find a use for my degree at a local employer it's. A 20-minute drive to the nearest hospital 20 minutes that can mean life or death in an emergency. Situation our rural communities are struggling and there is nothing great about it when Bernie Sanders ran in 2016 he promised a political revolution he promised to protect the voices of all of us and in the face of the campaign finance system that has allowed the government to treat corporations and things like constituencies he promised us that each and every. Single American would have access to affordable health care through a Medicare for All system he promised to take action to combat climate change and work towards making sure that our children have a chance at a. Livable future Bernie has continued to fight for what is just and right in this world with Bernie as president we can. Make this political revolution we can have a country where. Everyone receives a living wage we can have a country where education is not a life sentence of debt we can have a country or rural communities thrive. And rural families to stick around that's the kind of America I wanna. Live in that's the kind of America I want to raise my child in Bernie Sanders is our best bet Bernie has the policies the experience and the grassroots support to. Rebuild our country to what it should be we can become a nation where the American Dream isn't reserved only for those in the top where an elected official answer that us not the highest bidder or everyone has a seat at the table but we're going to have. To fight for. It we're going to have to organize for it and most importantly we're going to have to vote for it so I hope you'll join me in doing just that I hope you'll join me in supporting Bernie Sanders for president of the United States. Of America distinct pleasure of announcing our next speaker y'all know Ben and Jerry's ice cream I'm a little familiar with it myself I've enjoyed a. Minor - Wow I am proud to announce that we have been going here to talk next nice to be here on this incredibly beautiful day in Iowa driving normally we saw these beautiful amazing wind farms congratulations you know before Ernie I used to be the most. Famous guy thing for mine so but I'm really happy to give up that mantle to Kearney because you know ice cream is good but a President of the United States that truly believes in justice in all its flavors that is you for you know the euphoria is kind of a high-minded work but the. Reason why Ernie will be. Able to transform Washington is that he's down-to-earth he has a vision and it's pretty simple what would our country be like it was really run for the benefit of regular everyday people instead of huge corporations and the ultra wealthy and the thing about it is that he knows what he's up against he has no delusions he has. 30 years of experience in the cesspool of what we call our political process in Washington today and that's why he has the ability to flush the crap down the drain once we you know I'm not really a kind. Of guy who gets involved in electoral politics but Bernie inspired I don't really see him as a politician in the normal sense of the word he is a fighter for justice economic racial and social and. He uses politics as a means to. That end you know before Ernie I never had a mayor. That represented my balance or accounts or a senator and I just can't tell you how good it feels to have somebody there in Washington who actually represents what you believe in so I would encourage to work to do that and feel what it's like for you I just. Want to give you a taste of what's gotten to be so excited about seeing this guy in the White House in the last 40 years I've been Bernie's constituent I've seen how steadfast and determined and committed he is for the last four decades he's worked consistently to improve the quality of life for. Regular people and those that are oppressed in 1980 when Ben and Jerry's was first starting out in an old converted gas station early one any probable victory and became there of her mother his first act was to shut down plans for building expensive condominiums that would have privatized the shore of. Lake Champlain and instead he turned it into a public park that was to all when they became my congressman he personally took bus loads of senior citizens over the border into Canada so that they could buy their prescription drugs at decent prices the Progressive Caucus in the house which has now become the. Largest values-based caucus he voted against NAFTA before voting against NAFTA was cool he voted against going to war in Iraq twice then in 2007 he defeated the richest man in Vermont to become my senator as Senator he worked with conservatives to force the first ever audit of the Federal Reserve Bank after the financial crash. And what it revealed was that there were 16 trillion dollars in ultra-low interest loans and numerous conflicts of interest with Wall Street banks then he led a successful effort to stop so-called chain CPI which would have reduced Social Security benefits and also veterans venom and last September Bernie introduced the stop diso's. Act that stands for stop that employers by zeroing out subsidence it required large employers that are paying lousy wages to reimburse the federal government for the food stamp and Medicaid benefits that their employees need to get by and the. Pumps later Jeff Bezos president of Amazon raised the minimum wage of Amazon to $15 an hour and just recently it was in this highly polarized political atmosphere that bernie was able to bring together Republicans and Democrats in Congress in both the House and the Senate to pass a resolution against. The United States participating in the war in Yemen when burning ran for president the first time and he said he wouldn't take any big money I thought it was a mistake I thought there was no way he'd ever raise. Enough money to run a competitive campaign and then I came to understand it he realized that if there weren't enough people hundreds of thousands of people that were willing to donate small amounts of money that he didn't want to become president because then. He would never have the army of people that he needs. To transform Washington once he gets into office so what do I think about Bernie the man well he's always been. The same incredibly consistent and committed he never wavers he has a clear vision of how to make America kind again and he continually comes up with innovative ways to do it he's not a fancy guy he's pretty down-home no airs and I like. His hairstyle that never changes he doesn't. Go with the trends he sets the trends small donor funded campaigns universal health care publicly funded colleges and universities burning the trends I know he's already leading the country just look at all the other candidates that are following thank you very much and now. It is my incredible esteemed pleasure to introduce to you ladies and gentlemen the next president of the United States of America and let me thank Emma Smith for the great work that she has done and Dave Eames what his great. Work and once a word about the been called I think many of you know. The event with his friend Jerry Greenfield they are the. Founders of Benin Jersey which is an enormously successful company. And also makes pretty good ice cream what what you don't know about that is that he has kind of been a revolutionary businessman and showing the rest of the country that you can make a lot of money if. A notorious makes a lot of money but yet be a good corporate citizen so they treat their workers with respect that they got to st. Albans Vermont Casias very contented workforce speak to feel proud of the work they paid well. Supporting agriculture in the state of Vermont and being an environmental champion. So what Betty is doing that a jury are doing is showing the country that you can be a successful businessperson and have a conscience and do the right thing. For your workers so I want to thank this and I say a few. Words about some recent developments in Washington that you. May be familiar with a couple of months ago history was made by in the house in the Senate in that for the first time since the War Powers Act because. Familiar with the War Powers Act that was passed 45 years ago both the House and the Senate I led the effort in the Senate passed resolutions to get the United States out of war that is unauthorized that unconstitutional which is the war in. Yemen led by Saudi Arabia all right and we want it with a strong bipartisan vote in the house in the Senate unfortunately the president despite his rhetoric about wanting. To get out of endless wars vetoed it we did not have the votes to override that. Veto but what is important is that is all of you know the constitution of our country is pretty clear it is not the president democrat or republican who has the power to send our troops into harm's way. It is the kindness and for a very long time on the Democratic and Republican leadership Congress has abdicated its responsibility and now you are seeing in a bipartisan way I work with a very conservative Republican senator from. Utah might lead you are beginning to see Congress say you. Know what respect the Constitution don't go to war authorised by you you you you a bar to come before the house talk about the Muller report he refused to come and this is. A very dangerous attack on our democratic institutions that is the houses job to rehab provide oversight and I will support the house if they hold the Attorney General in contempt. He cannot met with his authoritarian friends in Russia in Saudi Arabia North Korea kind of thinks that our government is about what person running the show and. Our job is to tell them that is not what American democracy is about our campaign is based on a couple of principles and one of those principles is the we intend to run a government and run a campaign based on the principles of justice justice and that means economic justice it means social justice it means racial justice and. It means environmental justice our approach about American society is just a little bit different than mr. Trump's what he is trying to do in a way that literally is unprecedented in the modern history of this country is to try to. Divide the American people up rather than bring them together and whether you have seen in the past conservative presidents or liberal or progressive presidents a president understands that one of your foremost responsibility is to make it clear that whether you're black or whether you're white whether you're native-born whether you're. An immigrant whether you gay whether your strength when the up Christian or Jewish or Muslim whatever you may be. You are American and we are all in this together this president and it disturbs me very much you know we can have honest disagreements on health care we'll talk about that tonight disagreements on the budget disagreements on the environment as part of American. Democracy but really it is not part of American democracy to try to win both by dividing the American people up that is demagoguery that is not democracy you know when we talk about economic justice let. Me raise some issues a lot of candidates do not and that is the issue of. Wealth and income inequality and one of my great fields is the United States Senator and as a candidate. For president is this country is moving. Rapidly in the direction of becoming an oligarchic Society you all know an oligarchy means and what we are seeing. Today and I want you to hear this if you're not gonna see as much on TV it's not talked about in the media much not talked about it all in Congress very few people talk about it we have to deal with the reality but today you got three families that own more wealth. Than the bottom 50% of the American people three families that ain't right you've got the top 1% owning more wealth than the bottom ninety two percent and at a time where here in Iowa and in Vermont and all over this country you've got people work in two or three jobs to pay the. Bills to get the health care that family needs forty-nine percent of all new income is going to the top one percent and our job is to create an economy that works for all of us not just the people on top because that kind of. Unfair distribution of wealth by the way has not existed since the 1920s and is worse than almost any other major country on earth that is not what. America should be about but. Then you have not only massive levels of income and wealth inequality such that I want to throw out I don't want to throw out. Too many facts here to bore you but the average worker today in America is making about five. Cents an hour more in real dollars than that man a woman made 43 years ago you got that so you know why people are angry why are they angry they're angry and are working like crazy they're worried about their kids having a lowest level of living then they will and they're going nowhere in a hurry and they have. Seen a massive transfer of wealth over the last 40 45 years from the middle class of working families to. The top 1% if we had the same distribution of wealth of income today as we had 43 years ago the average American. Family would have $11,000 a year more in income so what our job is is the stop this trend of. Seeing income going to the middle class and working class to the 1% and turn that around and create an economy that works for working my own state. Of Vermont and I hope you will come and visit us we're a beautiful state like yours and there are many similarities this both. States have a lot of hard-working people who are struggling but what you all should know that today despite the so-called. Good economy that Trump will be boasting about it half of the American people are living paycheck paycheck but you all know what that means picture picture like over a family I. Know a little bit about that because I grew up in a family lives paycheck section and what it means think about what it means what it means is that people are living in great stress I go all over the country and I. See the stress on people's faces and they're worried how am I gonna get through the week what happens if my kid gets sick and I run up a. $300 doctor bill you know what if I do that I can't pay for the lights I can't pay the lights how do I have my house if my car breaks down how do I get to work can't get the work or get by if I can fire how do I take care. Of my kids we are. A nation living on the enormous economic. Stress you've got 40 percent of all the. Workers who have nothing saved up for retirement so they're getting to be 55 60 65 years of age and they're worried about how they're gonna make it in their retirement if that's the kind. Of stress the people living on them and that is one of the reasons why in an unprecedented manner life. Expectancy in America is actually in decline the Drolma letter for the last three years people are living one life think about that you got all kinds of breakthroughs in medicine etc etc all over the world life. Expectancy is going up in America it is going down and one of the reasons that our going down is a phenomenon the doctors call diseases of despair and that is because when people especially in rural areas. Give up when you're a family farmer you're going to be driven walk the land that your family has owned for generations what ends up happening is people turn to drugs to try to ease the pain they turn to alcohol and in decreasing numbers they turn to suicide and those are the reasons why life expectancy is. Going down in. America so many people have lost hope in the future and they are scared to death about what happens to their kids who we if we do not turn this around will actually have a lower standard of living than they. So what we want to do is create an economy that works in a just and fair way for all people and we want to create a political system that is based on the principles that we all should hold dear and that is one person one vote now. In my state every March we have a gold talent meetings you. Have town meetings here they get done and we have town meetings with small towns like this town get together and people vote on the budget they voted how much they want to spend on the schools on the roads etc people stand up they argue about the budget in America. Today we are rapidly moving toward a political system in which number one billionaires because of this disastrous citizens united Supreme Court decision are able to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to elect candidate to represent the wealthy in the pattern you believe that see I'm a political system with the Koch brothers and a few other billionaires by the. Arocs to elect candidates pool represented their interest and that is why among many other things we have got to overturn this disastrous citizens united Supreme Court decision we want a just economy and we want democracy to be one person one but while on that. Subject of democracy it bothers me immense it really does I have running elections where I have lost I've run on elections where I have won but it has never ever occurred to me and I think most candidates to figure out a way to make it difficult for people to vote because they might vote against me we have parts of. The state where I'm very strong parts of the state where I'm less strong but it's never occurred to me to. Say hey how do we make it harder but people in those areas of the state that might vote against me how do I make it harder for them to vote but all over this country right now in an. Outrageous way you have cowardly Republican governors who are working overtime to suppress the vote to make it harder for young people poor people people of color to vote and when I say. To those cowardly Republican governors ifs if you don't have the guts to participate in free and VAM elections get out of politics and get another job every single American I don't care what your politics off but if you believe in your politics if you are a conservative and there are. Many decent conservatives who get up and try it on you know they give their point of view and that's called democracy and their progressive we will hog you an out but we don't and. Should not make. It harder for people to vote exist in New Hampshire last week they passed legislation which make it much harder for young people to vote in Tennessee right now they're discouraging people to do voter registration and in many southern. States of course they're making it. Difficult to people of color to participate. So my view is President this is what I would implement if you are 18 years of age and a citizen of the United States of. America you have the right to vote end of discussion one up say we're to you and I will a special thanks I think all of you know and it takes seriously of the fact that you are the first caucus that takes. Place in the presidential process and I've been deeply impressed really happen by the seriousness upon which people of Iowa accepted that the important responsibility and I know people go to here many many candidates they told the candidates they try to get their sense of which candidate they want to support of what I want to. Say from a personal perspective as I came. To Iowa four years ago and I think it's fair to say relatively few people in Iowa knew who would be hue senator. From the state of allotments in fact some people did not know what the state of Vermont and anyhow we started the campaign at three or four percent in the polls and we went around the state I don't know I can't compare what. I've done to other candidates but we work and the work this campaign very long we ended up doing a hundred and twelve events exactly like this one from bloggers in the bigger cities some. Smaller and we ended up speaking as I recall to some 73,000 people in Iowa admittees exactly like this which is the way I like to do politics this is what I enjoy and when. We came to Iowa the criticism that I received to the degree that anybody paid attention was that the ideas that we brought forth were too extreme were too radical too crazy and would not be supported by the people of Iowa or by anybody else and then what happened is after we spoke to. 73,000 people that are hundred twelve meetings it turns out that on caucus night in Iowa we won 50 percent of the vote nobody thought that happened in the importance of that it's not just the thank you for that and it enabled us to go on. To New Hampshire and win that state by good victory and end up winning 22 states 13 million votes 1,700 delegates to the Democratic National Convention but the point that I want to make is that when Iowa showed the entire country is that the ideas that we brought worth were not radical decree ideas but were ideas that. Made sense to a very common-sense state and let me give you some examples of. What I mean by that and the progress that we have made four years ago we came into Iowa and we said that if you work 40 hours a week you should not be living in public now I've gone around the state and. I have talked to. Many many people just at a forum yesterday with a woman with two kids making Schwartz at Dunkin Donuts she makes $11 an hour she's spending 50% of her limited income on house and I've talked to a number of people in. Iowa in that position this is the wealthiest country in the. History of the world and a people are working 40 hours a week they should not be living in poverty because we must raise the minimum wage to a living wage of 15 bucks an hour and when I taught them to them four years ago it seemed like a pretty radical idea some of you. May remember Bernie wants the warden double the federal minimum wage that's double the minimum wage here in the state of Iowa it's too radical it's too crazy maybe we can go to eight once an hour nine ten bucks an hour 15 - right well I want to tell you and it. Started here in Iowa that since that campaign six states in the country have passed legislation raising the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour and unless I am very mistaken and I don't think I am the United States House of Representatives is gonna pass legislation in a month or two raising. The minimum wage naturally the fifteen bucks and I come to the Senate and I beg of you to tell you a senator senator Ernst senator Grassley tell them that people cannot live on ten dollars or less an hour tell them to. Join us and raising that federal minimum wage to $15. A night and when we talk about wages we. Have got to end the. Absurdity of women making 80. Cents on the dollar compared the women in the men and women of deserving of the whole book 986 and we got to move in that direction and we also have to make it easier for workers to. Join unions four years ago when I was here I said in America today our infrastructure our roads our bridges our water systems sound like a problem in Iowa now wastewater plants our rail system is in many ways crumbling inadequate and I propose an investment. Of a trillion dollars over ten years which would create up to 15 million jobs to rebuild our infrastructure and by the way also talking about affordable housing a trillion dollars oh my god can't do that well I gotta tell you I'm now with the concern we gonna. Raise that number because everybody thinks that's too small. Now but we've come a long way in raising consciousness about the D to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure four years ago I said that it does not make sense or is not fair for elderly people in Vermont and. In Iowa to be living on twelve or thirteen thousand dollars a year Social Security how can somebody who was 85 years. Of age make it on twelve thirteen thousand dollars and the answer is they can't that's about 20% of the senior. Citizens in this country my Republican colleagues want to cut Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid we're not going to let. Them do that in fact we are going to expand four years ago I was in. A national debate television debate and the moderator said okay candidates tell us what you think the major national security crisis facing the country is and. I think people expected me to say okay dough Isis which are very important threats country I said the greatest threat actually is climate change and moderators literally left they left well people are not laughing. Today because they understand that the scientific community tells us not just that climate change is real not just that it's causing devastating problems right now but that it is caused by human activity and. If we do not transform our energy system the time immediately before the next 12 years there. Will be irreparable damage done to our irreparable damage so what I believe is that we must summon up the courage to take on the fossil fuel industry and tell them. That they have short-term profits are not more important than the future of our planet and in that regard I want to congratulate the people of Iowa I know that President Trump after deep research has concluded because you know he's a is to quote the president a stable. Genius end of quote he has determined that wind turbines cause cancer this is kind of interesting he's the only person in the world who has come to that conclusion but in any case as you know Iowa gets about thirty five percent of its electricity from wind turbines and I congratulate you for that and what we have got to. Do is not only move aggressively to energy efficiency we have got to also invest heavily wind and solar and other sustainable energies what is its take to you you know and I use the word not quite through what existential means it's a big word and I use it occasion and not quite sure what it. Means but it sounds pretty ominous but what it does mean you talk about an existential threat to the planet it means that I got four kids and seven very beautiful grandchildren. And you have kids and grandchildren as well and we have a moral responsibility to leave this planet in a way that is healthy and habitable the future generations not an issue withers when out maybe this'll maybe that we have got to act aggressively. To save the planet that is how responsibly I don't want to be in a position and I don't want you to be in a position 20 30 years ago kids. Say to you and you were alive then what did you do to prevent the disaster that we that's what the scientists are telling us with patient interruption with drought or flooding or extreme weather disturbances or rising sea levels or acidification of the ocean we are facing a future but we have the. Technology and we have the wisdom to turn this around this is not this is not this is a political issue not a technology issue we know what we have to do and we can do it by. The way the silver lining in all of this may be you know when you think about history can think about the trillions of dollars that countries have spent killing each other terrible terrible. Wars money on weapons of destruction maybe just maybe under good leadership but I would very much like to provide that leadership. Think about a world in which we bring China and Russia and India and Latin America and Africa together because every single country on earth is being threatened by climate change. And will it be extraordinary in southern vesting in weapons of destruction and figuring out ways that we. Kill each other that we bring the world together to fight a common enemy called climate four years ago we said that maybe with massive levels of income and wealth inequality which have only gotten worse in the last four years maybe instead of giving tax breaks to the wealthy and large. Corporations we should demand that they start paying their fair share of variable by established media by my political opponents for Republicans they say Bernie is such a nice guy he wants to do this and he wants to do that housing up a free well maybe some of those. People might ask how does it happen that a company like Amazon that made eleven. Billion profits last year owned by the wealthiest person in this country did not pay a nickel in federal income tax maybe we should ask that court so to the people who owned Amazon and the dozens of other large corporations that have received huge tax breaks under Trump's tax plan we. Got some bad news for you and that is we are going to rescind those tax breaks and invest them in the middle we have today a criminal justice system which is severely broken I want you to think for a moment how does it happen to think. About it that in the United States of America today we have more people in jail over 2 million people than any other country on earth China is. A communist authoritarian country that does not tolerate dissent terribly well we have more people in jail than China we are spending. 80 billion dollars at the local state and federal level to lock people up all right what I believe and I'm proud that we have made in recent years some good progress a few years ago there are a handful of organizations. Black lives matter was one ACLU was another and a few others that we're talking about this broken criminal justice system but over the years we're beginning to make some real progress let me just tell you what I think we have got to do I think we have got to invest. In our young people in job training and in education there are kids all over this country in Vermont I'm sure in Iowa all over America or falling through the cracks. These kids are going to drop out of school they can end up on street corners without the job skills or the education to get a decent job in this economy and it makes a lot more sense to me to invest in those kids in Trog training and an education than in more jails and more incarceration ergo further we need. To end private prisons and privately what razors should not be making money locking up Americans thirdly and maybe most importantly and I want to say maybe. It's fodder here in Iowa again where we have made real profits and that is ending the so-called war on drugs it means that over a period of time a long period of time millions of people have received criminal records for possession of marijuana and. The racial bias is very clear because whites and blacks to marijuana are about the same level but blacks end up getting arrested by clients more all right and then if you get a criminal record let's say. You're 19 years of age you got a criminal record and you go in looking for a job and your employer says well tell me about your past if you have any criminal record well yes I do the likelihood is you may not get in that chocolate if you don't get that. Job you're gonna end up out on the street you can end up out of the street you're gonna get in control and the cycle all right I am very proud to tell you what you already know is that state and the state in the last few years is not only moving toward the decriminalization of. Marijuana but towards the legalization of marijuana and I think that the sector. And also what we are seeing is actually some communities expunging criminal records of those people who were. Arrested for possession of marijuana and. I have to tell you the truth that I did not know about this until a few years ago today we got about two million people in jail about 400,000 of those people about 20% are in jail have they been convicted of nothing why are they in jail. Anybody know that's right they are jailed for the crime of being poor and not being able to afford cash bail they can't come up with the 500 bucks they need to get out of jail it is unbelievable when you think about it that in the United States of America we still have what amounts to debtors prison. People are in jail because they are poor so if elected we are going to get rid of that whole cash bail and there. Is another issue that we have got to deal with and that is to understand that with some 10 million undocumented people in this country today what we should be doing is not demonizing those people in a demagogic way which is what Trump is doing but we should move be moving to a comprehensive immigration reform and a path toward citizenship. That means among other things providing immediate legal status to the 1.8 million young people in the doctor program and it means developing a humane policy at the border for those people who are seeking asylum America. Must never be the country that snatches babies from the arms of their mothers let. Me just talk about some of what I think has to happen for us to do with this country needs and I want to tell you very honest and that the decision to run for president was something that my wife and I had anguished over. Month after month we've never had to deal with a very personal moment with an issue like that one day we said we should do it not do it we argue to them but at the end of the day we decided that we should do it for two reasons and one. Is that it goes without saying and I would not be good tonight or otherwise we're running to win the Democratic progress obviously. Second thing obviously we if nominated will defeat the worst president in the modern political opponents say all Bernie can't be trumped but I would suggest take a look at virtually every poll that hasn't been. Done including a couple of weeks ago we did three there were three polls that came out in. In battleground states we. Didn't poll I work within Michigan Pennsylvania and Wisconsin we beat Trump nine ten and eleven percent and those three and but it's it's you know what Jane and I concluded it's not just you know being president of the United States I have to admit is pretty cool White House is a nice place they guard a kid. Grandchildren would enjoy it very. Much but I'm running for not just to be president for the sake. Of being president I would not be running unless I thought it absolutely imperative that we transform this the message of our campaign you may have seen it says us not be see that anybody knows what Whitney might and this is this is not just the public if this is something little. I believe from the bottom of my heart white why are we saying that wasn't it's saying they'll say that again that's right exactly number one I know many of the people who are competing in the Democratic factory some of them. Might not for 25 years and almost without exception they have good honest decent people so the first thing I want you all to know and I'm gonna answer respond to you at the point is that what we all know we're gonna compete you know I don't in. A very aggressive way I'm sure with on the issues but. I hope very much that there are no personal attacks that we just we developed the issues that you have to make your choices that we support but I. Can tell you that without exception many of these Democratic candidates would be but the second point that I can tell you which I think all. The candidates may not is just what this woman said what what did you name it Chris but Chris hit the nail and here's the pen and again even you're not gonna see this on TV because most candidates say elect me and I will do a B and C well like you I talked about some of my. Agenda and I'll talk about one but what I'm telling you is if you elect me I cannot do it alone why is it because the powers that be in this country are. Sociable have so much money have so much cloud that no president no matter how well intentioned or honest he or she may be can do it below Wall Street don't want to just mention this thing all right not talked about very much six largest. Financial institutions in this country have assets equivalent to 54% of the GDP of the United States of America six banks control the flow of trillions and trillions of dollars it is not that the government regulates Wall Street it is that Wall Street regulates the government. So at a time. When was terms of making huge amounts of money you know when you choose rates. You paying on your credit Kalon anyone know the payments on average 17% if you buy a product in a store and you're paying it off you paying 26% on money that Wall Street borrows but. Two and a half percent now we're going to introduce and I hope passed legislation to lower those interest rates but the power of Wall Street is extraordinary that you take a look at the pharmaceutical industry right now you walk into your pharmacy tomorrow to renew a prescription and you find that the price of. Your medicine has doubled and that's what the drug companies do because they can't do it and there is no law to stop so what you should know is that the ten largest drug companies last year made sixty nine billion dollars in profit and one out of five Americans cannot. Afford to build the prescriptions they thought that's right because we pay almost double when any other country on earth pays for prescription drugs I know who the pharmaceutical industry I have dealt with them they have endless amounts of money and incredible power an example people in California a few years ago wanted to pass a modest. Effort to control drug prices in California the industry. Spent a hundred. And thirty 1. Million dollars in one state to defeat one ballot item they have endless amounts of money so no precedent is to go in there and say hey drug companies be night-sky stop ripping off the American people and it's the same thing with the insurance companies the insurance companies right now working with the drug companies are. Going to spend endless amounts of money you will see the antia pretty soon I expect here in Iowa tell me you how terrible Bernie is and how terrible Medicare for all is. And it's going to be terrible but understand that the insurance companies every year make billions of dollars in profit you guys though United Healthcare right played a role yep you don't know that the head of united health insurance last year made 83 million dollars in compensation you may not. Know that the head of Edna put together a merger with CBS drugstores which will raise health care costs in America you know how. Much he got for his. Merger efforts and in the bonus he got five hundred million dollars well I think those types of guys are not particularly. Sympathetic with a Medicare. Boil health care system whose function is to provide health care a remand woman and child in a cost-effective way and not make the CEOs of the drug companies and the insurance companies incredibly rich so when we talk about us not me what we are talking about is in fact a political revolution which gets the establishment somewhat nervous very content. Where they are drug companies are doing great shirts. Companies of them great Wall Street is doing great military industrial complex is sewing phenomenally well Trump has given them all kinds of money we now spend more. Than the next ten countries combined fossil fuel industry is doing just great helping to destroy the planet top 1% are getting much richer and what our campaign is about and why it is a threat to all them is that we are saying loudly and clearly enough is enough to come back. To Chris's point about like all of us needs to be involved anybody here who knows anything. About American history understands that the real significant changes that have taken place in America have never come from on top but always from down below that's just the way history is the leaders followed and the people we so you just think about American history 100 150 years ago when you had workers employed in factories working 15 hours a. Day they can be fired off but rarely the hams were getting cut off yeah children working in factories in children working in the fields workers had no power at all and with great courage what they said is that we are human beings we may be working people we may be poor but we are. Human beings and not animals and we're going to come together and we're going to form unions to collectively negotiate contracts nobody and as a result of the union movement we have now the middle class in America and I want you to think about the civil rights movement it wasn't dr. Martin Luther King jr. was one of. The great leaders and as an inspiration to me personally one of the great leaders in American history it wasn't that not the king himself created the civil rights movement he would be the first person to acknowledge that what happened is that millions of people black and white stood up and said you know what we are not going to. Do everything we and the end racism we're gonna end segregation in America not so many years ago young people don't notice you know in states in the south blacks can go into a movie. Theater couldn't go into a school we're gonna end them and we are gonna get the right to vote took a great struggle until finally President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act that did not come from on top it came from millions of people standing up for justice 100 plus a few years ago women. In America did not have the right to vote you know that that's such a long time ago from a historical perspective women did not have the right to vote women could not get the education that they wanted women if there. Was a divorce did not get a fair shake disabled East but women said you know what this is America we will not be second-class citizens and the supper guests and their male allies stood together and said that in America we are going to end the kind of discrimination that exists against and obviously. We still have a long way to go in that regard but no one can deny that because of. Women standing up and fighting back we have made progress I don't want to say work on that issue because it applies where you don't mind me I get sick and tired when we hear about women's rights sick and tired of hearing my conservative colleagues in the Congress tell us that they hate big government talk about the government get the. Government off the backs of the American people except if the American people are women who want to control their own bodies. There are strong differences of opinion about boys at all that I am saying is people are entitled to their views but the government is not entitled to. Tell every woman what you can what can I do with our body that's hard talk about struggle. I'm old enough to remember this and that is 3040 years ago if you were gay in America you kept that to yourself and think as a result of with great courage people standing up and marching and saying we will love the people we want regardless of. Their gender these people were beaten and humiliated and intimidated but they continue fighting and we pass obviously gay marriage we have made enormous progress. Because at the. Grassroots level a by the way I mean this is how change takes place you go out and you ask young people about gay marriage it's almost a non-issue anymore all right it's become accepting what's the big deal about it trust me 25 I was there in Vermont. Vermont actually was the first state to help lead in December I was there watching in the parades and heard what people on the sidelines the ugly statements that people were making but things changed because people stand up and fight back here's where we. Are today we are a nation with massive levels of income and wealth inequality we are a nation in which working families here in Iowa cannot find quality affordable childcare for their kids we are a nation in which teachers are not respected and not paid well and I want to applaud all of the teachers all over this country. Including most recently in South Carolina and North Carolina where I had the guts to go out on the streets and protest to demand eastern education today hundreds of thousands of bright young kids cannot afford to go to college because their families don't have the money we are a nation in which millions of people have graduated college 50. $100,000 in debt and we just were in meeting earlier today where a family was talking about they're going to be paying off that debt for decades okay which is why I believe we have. Got to make public colleges and universities tuition-free and we are a nation which. Our infrastructure is in horrendous shape where people turn on their forces and the water that comes out. Is not drinkable we are a nation in which too many elderly. People are living in poverty and all the workers are scared to death about retirement and on and on it goes now if we were a poor nation we could say that's the way yeah we'd like to have healthcare for all about people as a right but we're too poor we don't we can't educate people to. Become doctors and nurses we can't do it which is poor we are not too poor what we have is a system in which a handful of people have. Much too much wealth much too much income and much too much power and what this campaign is about is taking those people on frontally so let me just conclude by saying this I obviously need your help. To win the caucus here in Iowa if we win the Democratic primary I'm gonna need your help big time I think we can defeat Trump in Iowa and I'll tell you why I think that the people of Iowa and many other states that voted for Trump are catching on got a lot of what Trump campaigned on what. He said turned out to be a lie you remember during the campaign Trump was here and I already said it's gonna provide health care everybody remember that well there's a lot you worked overtime to try to throw 32 million people off of. Health care we ended on preventing that from happening by one vote the lady would not cut Medicare Medicaid and Social Security take a look at his budget trillion and a half dollar cut over a 10-year period of Medicaid significant cuts. To Medicare and some cuts to Social Security as well Trump said that his. Tax plan would not benefit the wealthy well that was a lie 83 percent of the benefits went to the top one percent Trump said he would stand up to Wall Street. And the establishment he brought walk billionaires and Wall Street executives into his administration than any president so what I am asking from you tonight is a big accident it really is and something you may say you know so I'm asking your help to win the primary I'm asking for your help to win the nomination the defeat. Trump but I'm. Asking something else and that is for the sake of our kids and our grandchildren I'm asking you to be with me if I win the presidency in the fight to take on incredibly powerful special interests because it is about us not. Me I cannot do it alone so our job is. To have millions of people begin to stand up to understand that healthcare is a human right not a privilege to understand that we're not going to. Continue to have the highest rate of childhood poverty of almost any country on earth that we can do much them but the only way we. Do when millions of people stand up and fight back thank you all very much one day but I love to take any questions or comments than anybody made right stand up we have a Mike tell us. Your name or taking my husband the state of our ports right now I'm a survivor of sexual violence I was one of those traveling to Washington DC because I knew that we needed to make our voices heard to speak out against I think that that process is bad. Not just because. He's immoral it was an immoral choice authorities hope the qualifying and it's not just. Happen staff or with these right-wing hi going largely unnoticed and basically the Heritage Foundation your federal society or thinking the people or threatening Queenie's of color women thousand waa unions is a huge problem and I think down the road it's gonna make a lot of our communities so what I want to know is what is your position. But would you be open to reforming the size of the makeup of the report restore the legitimacy in the tag well I. Think the the proper work Sara the residence packing positions all right okay I think no and the reason for that is tempting as it is I agree with everything you said is that as much disrespect as the court has now if you started adding to progressives to the going to give us a a six. The final publicans come back next time they're. Gonna make it to 76 well but I think we. Can do as a couple of things I think we can figure out a way to rotate Supreme Court justices down to the appeals of what which would I think have some positive effect can I be open to. That you raise a profound question but what Sarah is saying in autumn in the Senate so I see it. Every day use all the conventional Connell is doing them is rushing through judges most of them really right-wing judgments not impossible and by the way you know chuck grassley is chairman of the Judiciary Committee he could be of help on this but it is a problem. And there are ways to fight back but I think I am not in favor of packing yep right yes senator thank you for coming my question for you is what is your strategy for uniting the country after Trump good art here's the good news thank you for that question and it's very good news you. Know the media will tell you that we are a very very divided country and in some areas by the way most Americans buy a pretty good number do not believe we should. Overturn Roe versus Wade you should understand that okay Oh God so an issue where there is a debate but to answer your question it turns out that on issue after issue a strong majority of the American people are in agreement should we raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour you know what American people. Say yes should help can't be seen as a right and not a privilege people will disagree. About the means to get there but very few people think it's okay. That we pay far more than any other country but healthcare we've got 34 million people uninsured even more underinsured we have the people on our side in terms. Of real health care reform most people do not believe that women should make 80 cents on the dollar compared to men people believe we should rebuild our infrastructure people especially young. People believe that climate change is a real threat to this country go out don't take my work go out. Into the conservative parts of this state I don't even a conservative part of this thing know that but go out and ask people whether they think we should give tax breaks to billionaires and then cut Social Security Medicare and Medicaid and you know what whether they're right-wing people or. They're left-wing people very few people will tell you yes so. What is my point my point is you bring the American people together by saying look yeah we're gonna have differences on it that's kind of natural my wife and I disagree on issues but on virtually all of the major economic issues facing this country we are all on the same side people in Iowa and the people. In Vermont do not. Believe we should have trade policies which a lot of corporations to throw American workers out on the street and hire people abroad 50 cents or two dollars an hour okay so you build on the issues that we have income you do exactly the opposite that Trump is going to do Trump is trying to divide us. Up by our sexual orientation by the country. We came from but the color of our skin by our religion and we say we're all. In it together we all have kids we all are looking forward to a better life for our children let us stand together. Are the issues that we have where we hold common views you mentioned prison reform yes what is your punishment I think there are people who committed heinous crimes and everybody is disgusted they're angry and people whose terrible things the children just do you know terrible. Things in general but I think we have got to be better than those murderers and I think that the state itself should not be involved you know this is not just my idea this is what in fact existed in most. Countries around the world right now and I think you're seeing in California I think they would more capital so I mean I understand that that's an issue that people will disagree with me on but better that is my different okay I just you you they'll get into for the easier and I and it doesn't work because last. Year my way we said a thousand dollars on medical bills last year and received not one penny back from the ACA ACA over $12,000 and another one go back that's not okay no I didn't what I said do you know what you are on Social Security are. You on Medicare and your wife is done would you like us to expand Medicare to come to your wife boy yes all life all right I got it you watching Fox TV I don't need to be they're entitled to you doing and I respect your point of view Harbor. Living and I do thank you and that's a point I think we can disagree on. An issue but not be disrespectful to each other and I thank you for coming but let me just speak to the gentleman's point in my view our current healthcare system is dysfunctional you. Gave us an example of how it is dysfunctional the other reason it is dysfunctional is that we pay the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs because the drug companies can charge us any price they want to thank the other. Reason it is dysfunctional is that even if you have health insurance that you gave us an example of that if you have a high deductible in a high co-payment you still can't go to the doctor when you should because the deductibles of the co-payment is - i it is dysfunctional because when you submit your claim to. The insurance companies they will work overtime to deny that claim all right every other major country on. Earth guarantees healthcare to. All people as a right okay and they do it for significantly less cost per person we are now spending in this country eleven thousand dollars every man woman and child but health care family a pole does any. Person here was independently employed family of four to spend on average twenty eight thousand dollars. A year so when you get rid of the profiteering of the insurance companies and the drug companies and when you get rid of all of the administrative waste that exists in terms of building you've got zillions of people. Out there billing you. Driving you crazy when you submit a claim and when you have a simple system which other countries have you're gonna save substantial sums of money and cover every man woman in China that is my view I respect that. You disagree with. It but that is my view okay one other question is. Who we got okay gentlemen right thanks Jeremy my question these are dirty climate change why my priorities well thank you very much this is. Gonna be the last question and thank you for asking that of what I pledge to you tonight is that my due regard climate change is a major major threat the future of that planet and I can't think of an issue that is more significant for my. Kids and my grandchildren and we. Have got to do everything that we can to transform our energy system away from fossil fuel to energy efficiency and sustainable energy while at the same time understanding that workers in the fossil fuel industry are not how enemies they're just trying to make a living all right but we have and we've got. To hold them harmless and we can do that but at the end of the day I will do everything I can not only in this country because it's not we can do all the great things but of China and Russia and India are not doing similar things the planet future the planet. Since things. So this is an issue we need international cooperation and I as president will help me on that thank you all very.


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