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This catarrhalis inhale mode can answer session instructions will be provided at that time for you to come provisions copy the company's earnings press release. Management discussion and analysis as they have along their websites and includes cautionary language about for looking statements rhythmic and uncertainties which also apply to the discussion during today's conference call all amounts discussed today on the conference record of any Canadian. Dollars with the exception of un same store sales which recorded in u.s. dollars I'll again call over to mr. Gaines burdens. On Canada's chief Eden officer sir thank you good morning appreciate people calling in your interest in our company we announced her third quarter results yesterday and we are extremely pleased with how things are going in the strategy that we had started a mental illness we here at all unchanging transforming our business from a slow growth company with a failed. Us strategy to growth oriented company in multiple brands strategically targeted segments of the liquor industry in. Western Canada hopefully some to be Ontario as well as a cannabis retail sector as of a few weeks ago as. Everyone's aware of the regime star sales growth who has achieved margins better than yet hope for given the necessity of strategic pricing in order. To get that debt growth where we needed cannabis lunch has been a very very positive for us that's really expected and we announced yesterday it's the new strategic partnership with a discount liquor which we believe is comes as a direct result of the strategies we've put in place since January well we. Are very confident that what the learnings we've had already in the. Discount business with art in need to discount liquor manners that this is a very legitimate and tremendous business a tremendous growth opportunity first and foremost in sales and in market share and then in margin. As well significant progress in securing large-format brand which makes more and we're very encouraged with that three coming in will be open in 2019 and sites for six to nine more and shortly thereafter and possibly in 2019 more likely in true throughout 2020 and this is before our Ontario. Comes along with its proposed changes to retailing in that province which were anticipating to hear something. Early in 2019 and. With that the key play opening remarks very short I have with me here today our CFO David gurney and the president of our liquor division Paul Reid to answer your questions what are you offering thank you sir we have a question please press star one this. If you're using. A speakerphone please pick up the handset before pressing star one you may can't see her crush them everything the pound sign please press star one if you. Have a question there will be a brief pause allowing you to register my first question is from Crowley feed from court mark securities please go ahead hi guys just told me we could get some color on a profile of the base stores being vented into the new partnership just not stuff like average. Sales per store gross margin dollar back say run with any kind of would be appreciated even if it's just qualitative stuff maybe relative to the average Ocana liquor store morning Kyle David. Here the average sales per their stores are roughly 50 percent to 100 percent higher than our average will disclose more details once we get the definitive agreements done and their margin profile is in the mid to high-teens in terms of gross margin okay and the fair to say they run their stores from either you guys or it would. Be more bare-bones yes it's a little bit tighter than us they obviously don't have all the overheads that we have and they've been very entrepreneurial so they. Run a little bit tighter than we do different philosophy in terms of how they manage and the stars which we're very impressed with and excited to learn from so focused on a discount consumer. And the discount segment and so the stores represent that as well the power having said that they are very nice stores they're very comfortable. Environments okay thanks for that Claire and then on a similar note can you to speak to the type of stores that al canna will be vending into the partnership or these kind of average stores or maybe these are underperforming stores I can benefit from conversion to the discount there sure I can lease. We'd better not do specific numbers until we get the better term agreements done but on just a qualitative sort of level yeah the stores I mean you can do the math given that we're putting in give or take 50 and it has 12 the math doesn't quite fit so. Obviously if it was they're all more or less equal in terms of the entire contribution. So ours are tend to be storage and have not performed as well they're lower. Sales profiles in their areas or have competition from mother nor retailers and they're making we called some big landlord stores who started paying the rent and paying employees the people really contribute a lot to the bottom line these stores were selected very carefully by. Us in conjunction with mr. Mandor for the most part pretty well none that are really going to be directly competing with other remaining. Liquor depots and as well as some of the Alliance the partnership will will have certain markets that will be theirs and certain smaller communities source or relatively submitted sections of larger cities so that will be bears to run so we've been very very careful. About how we picked up for a vote of brightness factors okay good car that's and then I. Just wanted to make sure I understand the. Proposed structure here so this is just the two parties management stores to the partnership is non-capital changing hands and then the capex gone for it's just split based on ownership ownership capital structure there will be some cash going from us to be a ownership but won't define that in the coming days to get. To make sure this clean title and all assets coming in to the partnership to the extent that there was working capital loans and so on on some of the eight stores that will have. To retire that before their partnership then renounces as a standalone entity got it and the last question for. Me on subtopic here on the capex you're spending to build out your first 37 cannabis stores in Alberta looks like you lowered your guidance to the 20 to 25 million instead of 35 to 50 so big change they're just wondering what what the change is just when we got. Our first five stores opened and as Jamie mentioned they were successfully launched but over the last number of days we've been washing and learning how the customer shopping in stores let me accustom our patterns understand who the demographic is that is entering those stores today and we see the opportunity to lower. Our cabinets investments in our stores going forward with some slight changes and modifications to the store design so you also wanting if there's opportunities to lower capex in return raise the return on the investment okay that's it. For me thanks Chris thank you the next question is from George tomato supposed to bake leave yet yeah I stick to my questions right hi Congrats on the negative yearly based on performance from the Nova stores my understanding. There is that we're. Running margins in. The twenties competitors are kind of close to the 30s so just wondering if that's a game plan over the next 12 months and maybe can you talk to where you see a march and evolving over time George over time who knows it's slow early days there's significant supply issues developing in the rules when we're. Up but from our kanna's perspective and on the cannabis plant we will we've studied the markets where cannabis has been retailed recreational can dismiss illegal in the United States including Alaska where we have. Our liquor stores two and a half years the cannabis is also been side. By side with us. So it's relatively clear where the market for the current products that were allowed to sell dried flower essentially and you know a little bit of oil capsules is going to. Go and we just didn't see any reason to take advantage of limited and retail outlets or shorter supply in the short term and gouging people we don't have artificially inflated merchants that we've been raising stock raising prices of any problem from investors to justify pretending to get totally unsustainable. Margins and any but the long-term saline price really varies like I'll leave just Christ according to the AGL. See that everyone online store website and we are just a little noticeably different than their so their time ninety five or ten forty five if is their 996 will will be nine ninety five they did nine ninety nine forty five so I mean just just a little bit lower adjusted within range of that. And we have our black-market Buster always one strain at six ninety five which is marketing but it's also mistake in the ground that this is about the black work at the. End of so-called retailers are not competitors the black markets the competitive. And that's what we're after and that's the long-term success or failure of just all of the initiative is getting the black market out of its product as as edible topicals and other products come online we do still see margins longer-term in the. Students and high 20s low 30s somewhere in traditional thick retail when the other products recover ones that exactly but for this is for the stuff that's here no no that's right no no and it to pretend otherwise it's silly yeah miss legally oh yeah so for guys you guys books earlier about the mba's partnership and just get on margins. I'm just wondering to what extent do you guys think this this partnership will improve overall gross margins over time so there's significant upside in a couple perspectives one is obviously as they look to grow the Alliance and build on that business and gain market share there'll be an opportunity to potentially improve margins and pricing as they go. Forward to is we plan to provide them access through our private label product which is something that these stores haven't been able to have access to this point just because they can't they don't have the big enough volume to support. A program like that and so we see significant opportunities in. The private label yeah exactly and I think well we'll call it spam Don you know what we've learned in. The discount business and we can learn a lot from tank in terms of color merchants can really be raised merchant owners I think that in the end drive driving market share increasing footsteps driving sales is first and foremost the. Paramount concern and over the. Last five months we've we've spent those five months testing different initiatives and different ways and marketing strategies to drive traffic and pretty confident and and what we've seen out of results and pretty happy with the results. That we've seen that certain marketing. Tactics driving that twenty times the sales revenue is three times the traffic drivers in stores and at the same time driving traffic well was the big concern. And media proves that we drive tasks and resources we could drive volumes i driving. Margins obviously as another key consideration and employing tactics such as bundling items or employing tactics such as grouping products together both with our private label products and national brands gives us an opportunity to drive margin that store level in a sitting African way and and again provide sell products to consumers that they might not have had access to and. Done in the past but first and foremost it's about driving volume and getting those footsteps in the door you know there that's the challenge in this market to be quite honest I've got a lot of experience in retail and driving larges there's lots of ways to drive margins lots of ways to to build the basket in stores I'm. Pretty confident but for the most part those solutions are low-hanging fruit drive traffic was the big challenge and we were able to do that and the tests that we employ over the last five months are tests that we're going to continue to use and leverage into the back half of the year next year. And a lot of those learnings we're going to take and implement the alliance's wall to drive market share with that group co stores as long thanks and that I got traffic point is probably a good time. Around last question now it's looking for some context around the 1.9 positive 1.9 comma number for Canada how much that was I guess the result of more aggressive promotions how much of it was a stronger Albert on the other factor isn't that in there that could have made me well into the lift yeah I think that you. Know I'm not sure whisper seen any kind of movements in the Alberta market to be quite honest I think the Royal sixteen dollars that's the traffic driving was was in my opinion solely a result. Of the marketing tactic we employed and put into the marketplace and those marketing tactics once again not only drove footsteps and good golf results I think they were those tactics for the. Most part in in a small store accounts in many ways really drill market share and enter of the opportunity to gain market share in the environment so I meant to be quite honest that that needs to be our go forward plan and. And growing market share growing our comp. Store basis comp store sales. Is a focus for us and. The tactics that we've employed once again that prove that we can see success and where they continue to grow that market share and employ those times it's always tough because there's no publicly available information around the total. Size of the industry but for a year today it appears and we're pretty confident based on vendor data that the market has shrunk overall. But while the market is shrinking we've been gaining significant market share against our competitors through both all of our channels frankly one beyond. Lickity Bowl and then the deep discount liquor and vendor data shows that some of our major competitors are down high to double digits vapors in 2030 percent you have evening me and so we're very confident with the strategy that we employ thank you the question is from Derek Lee from Catholic clergy dude please God. Yeah I guess I'm just wondering on the 50 stores that are entered you may have mentioned this I had it up on a bit late the 50 stores that are gonna be going into the ACE partnership are those existing locations within ELQ in this liquor network that's correct so then. Can you explain to me the combination of you're gonna have the partnership with ace but are you still planning to further developed a deep discount liquor brand or is I just gonna be ten stores all of our all of our deep discount stores will be rolled into the new partnership that'll. The new partnership really will operate the discount banner and operate in the discount segment while we focus on the wine and Beyond and liquor Depot segment of the market just to be really fun of you haven't decided in the new partnership tank Bandar and done Bobi will be moved into partnership from Al Kenna I. Have not really decided yet store my store which banners are going to mace and some may remain as deep discount liquor it literally store my store there may be a few that actually stays with their. Depot for a variety. Of reasons but then will be under their control leo about. The partnership okay okay so that discount your guys assorted discount footprint will be 50 stores not 50 but that no it'll be the partnership the the alliance will have will be running discount side of the business or for our group. We won't we will retain no discount stores in the Elkanah group of stores exactly okay I got you and then can we talk about just in terms of. Your your sale of increase and appreciate the comment area. Just now I'm market share in traffic is it possible to break out how much of that was came from those discounted sales and how much of it was increasing the legacy network or an increase in wine and beyond. Yeah we don't talk about it publicly but obviously if you do the back of the envelope math with the information that we provided in the NBA telling you that the kenabeek discount stores were up 110 percent over last. Year and using kind of average store metrics you can do the back of the envelope math. To tell you a fairly significant portion of our increase came from there the wine and beyonds were positive this quarter and then with the the liquor Depot side of the business wall down is still growing market share at this stage but they know. Does the deep discount stores were a positive. Contributor to the positive sing store sales increase anyone and the line of JumpShip yeah okay and then there's last one for me and I miss my district you weren't. But just you know given and we talked about this before but given Loras ownership you know Kenna when are you guys expecting some clarity from the Ontario government as it relates to LP ownership whether that be you know it might already interest of LPS and retailers. And what that's gonna look like going forward oh I think they said by the end of the month so you know it'll be where it'll be dark the they I heard that they're accepting license applications starting December 17th so presumably don't want retailers to know the rules or a few weeks before that so people can get. Their plans in order start applying for licenses you know we're not overly concerned but it'll be when it'll be and we will comply with whatever. We don't have any does we'll be able to participate on the market as to exactly how or what structures that we use to do that will depend on the roles that are gonna place and a little comply by the rules okay thank you very much I'm sure thank you very much mr. Johnson barrel from partnership you've. Already converted ten your own stores that sounds like you're going pretty well what's the behind adding them as a partner to the mix rather than say converting these 50 on your own and it it just you'd rather you know direct redirect your attention to the wine and beyonds and the rest of the network and. Cannabis ores or some other element here that's partly it for sure there's just bandwidth than me converging so much but it's probably a little more fundamental than that we've learned that the. Discount business it's a different business it's a different way to think you run the stores differently I mean you know from our outsiders tell the licorice all the liquor but that's really just at one level extra but how you. Approach the business how you merchandise how you select inventory how you are you price how you go to market and various promotions it's quite a different philosophy and to try to do them both from the same from the same office from health as a marketing team same operations team gets me realize that while we did our experiment. With just 10 and that was okayed. If you want a more comprehensive basis we really would want to have it stand alone and focus on its business and really innovating and driving in that business alone and you know we've been very clear since I got here anyway and December January that our objective is to we are not letting these discounters shouldn't take. Our market share away with impunity anymore and we're taking them on head-on and I believe without getting into over details you can figure it out the reason we now have a partner's a discounter than our strategy and positioning of ourselves in the market was very effective and we have what we believe. Is the best of them exceptionally talented impressive individual mr. vendor to comment be our partners and I will also say without spelling it out you know we named the Alliance is chosen for a reason and alliances tend to have more than two partners okay thanks maybe. We can pivot to renovations I know you gave it a number for the capital required with you did you disclose the total number of renovation expect. In 2019 or 2020 so we didn't we have him given any guidance on 2019 2020 as we sort of mentioned in the MD&A we're saving our gunpowder for. All of these initiatives we really want to see how ontario shakes out in the next month on the cannabis side and we believe in the coming months on the liquor side obviously there will be some renovations that we. Do in the Alberta and BC market and the Alaska market where it's necessary or where we see opportunity but for the most part we're gonna hold back our capital until we know. What Ontario looks like on the cannabis front. This might have been in the MD&A apologize I missed it but when do you expect you'll have your 37 up and running and I know there's still you know a ton. Up in the air but is it more likely to. Be by the end of q4 by the end of q2 next year what what can you see there the real answer is we are not sure we many. Sights ready and we are being a little careful how we're building out at the moment because a number of our sights and mostly they were. The better ones were initially rejected at the municipal level for proximity to Hertz and things that we challenged and have taken to the sdab which is the equivalent. Out here of the LMB in Ontario and we've appealed three so far and won all three adding a thousand and so we're switching which. Sites are which in terms of some of the ones we might have done I like a V site let's call. It now we've got some a sites we're getting these appeals successfully processed and that wouldn't supply constraints only the forecast of supply being spotty at best speed of the euphemism for the next few months will most likely continue to build our. Stores and we need to be slow on opening them not much point opening a store up is nothing to sell that we definitely this supply thing is a short-term thing it's a blip maybe it's. Two months maybe it's Warren hasn't really mattered and the grand the grand scheme of things it won't be we'll all forget about a twin when the supply catches on it'll be nothing it's just a little speed bump teething pain so we'll be prepared for us but we're. Also cognizant of making sure we're responsible to the customers into our employees in the meantime until it's ready so indicate she would be still left level you're always. Aiming at and that's still pretty good target little early our little later you know maybe a little all sorts of stuff bunch of supply. It's really VP's and in these appeals are changing how we're thinking that which ones we're gonna do that sort. Of stuff right okay like it's last one from me David earlier he can point you but for the most part the the current consumer base in the early days the ones that wanted to wait in line were existing. Users they wanted to participate in the legal market and they came out in droves as you probably saw in the media but what we are seeing today is a transitioning of that consumer base a lot of new. Consumers a lot of people that may have used it a number of years ago or. Haven't used it at all or starting to come into our stores given that there's no supply there's. No lineups and they're coming in to educate it and to learn about the product and so it's going to be interesting as it takes shape as we get new products coming in the fall I think those new users are gonna be much more receptive to using animals and topicals but we won't found in the existing. User basis they definitely want an en out experience and so we're. Designing our stores to make sure that we have Express Lanes for those individuals that know what they want and they. Want it fast first of the others that want to sale cycle that might be twenty to thirty minutes long so we're incorporating that in our. Designs going forward yeah yeah I think that's exactly what I would agree with all of that we know it's a surprise it's pretty the fact. That so many in the target market and these customers were black market customers on. Twelve or sixteen and now they're all coming the illegal market as well as a suprising number of medical cannabis customers consumers who are coming to illegal stores just because it's so much easier to get. There the products they need medically and haven't have met a whole prescription swirl but they'd rather just buy it straight off the shelf and not have to go through silica all the hoops that that are required to continue to get medical marijuana prescription so both of those are. Very cursing for the long run new people again that just smoking is not all that popular and a lot of people are waiting until the rest of the products that are you know likely retail but don't make a bulk of the market Mallon in American states where it's legal by. Quite a substantial margin our waited till those come on board people aren't going to wait in line two to three hours to come and ask any questions and go home now that the lineups of abated larger because there's not much to combine the stores of give and taken. Enough we are getting carry UPS people and people who are coming in and just having a chat and exploring and trying to understand the product so that and that will evolve more as time goes. On yeah I can't just emphasize something Jeanne said I don't know there was surprising but it was a great confirmation there is a high degree of willingness for people that are in the black market today to come to the legal heart more than what the black market is charging today and so that. Was very encouraging for us and I think bolsters are resolved. To enter this space in a big way yes okay great design ambition to color message for me thank you thank you the discussion around Robert gets in from p.i financial leave guide thanks for. Taking my call. Last quarter you mentioned that you could put a wine and Beyond into a smaller footprint just wondering with these new floor stores may not make. This far sighs Paul speaking yeah I think that the widen beyond footprint is an interesting footprint we talked about curvature we talked about driving traffic and I don't see be quite honest you know market share and driving traffic solely in the in the discount area wine. And Beyond is a significant opportunity you know I thought been in this industry from a traditional retail environment for last five six months and I truly see an opportunity as a disruptor in this in this business and the liquor retail business is ripe for a disruptor I see over and over again the. Same kind of liquor stores in. A convenience model and a traditional small footprint with racks of liquid and stacks of boxes and wine to be on gives us an opportunity to provide a new experience Ulrike of concept retail concept that truly provides knowledge experiences unique to the business I get cup customers and outlet to to try new products and and be able. To leverage those new products in in the different occasions that they find themselves in in their life I think that on the whole retail has seen disruptors over the last ten years that. Had really positioned them in the marketplaces market leaders by creating retail concepts and building out that experiential retail ends and and we see wine and Beyond as that opportunity can it be done in 10,000 seats we've seen success and conversions. Out of we're Depot stores and our self gates at a location to convert it to a wine and beyond and and seen results that truly is blown away my expectations I think the footprint fits better into a larger larger footprint and gives us an opportunity to create those unique experiences in. This environment the traditional liquor. Retailing just can't compete with to be quite honest so we do see our wine and Beyond store is growing and and growing at that 20,000 foot footprint that said we're certainly not going to pass up opportunities of high-performing liquor depots where the branding might. Represent well to to look to build out in that smaller footprint sauce the two sites Bob that we specifically called out that we've done deals for unless bridge and st. Albert they're really. New markets for us and so and we see those markets as one store markets less virgin scene Albert so we're gonna put our best foot forward we found some great real estate so sometimes the real estate in the area dictates the size of the store and in those cases of about 20,000 square. Feet but as we look to you some of the other cities as we look at bolstering our presence in Calgary we. Do see opportunities to fill in with 12,000 foot stores as well okay and just quickly switching to cannabis I was just wondering if we could get any color on on the real estate in Ontario and and Lord what it's like. To try to grab leases oh yeah well I can say right off the bat we're not trying to grab leases we'll wait for the rules and basically I note with some amusement at the same people that grab laces and build stores out here and are now sitting on a whole bunch of bull built. Out bed states are doing it again in Ontario and they're more than welcome to we have discussions. With our landlords and once we've been dealing with for decades and I've got many sites 91 trade areas identified we will then see what how the rules work and again you know there's no supply so there's no particular panic. Both money prefers to empty shelves if that's the case little get our sights signed whether the time comes that it's makes commercial stand'st assignment and what we don't see a very very different real estate market in alberta dominated by two big cities with very concentrated retail notes frankly. Places that are zoned Ontario's very different that the cities were built differently and zone differently and with the Ontario government having legislated out the municipalities entree and taken away any ability they have to to impose their own restrictions and radius which is what happened. Here in Alberta and I'm sure the Ontario government was very cognizant of the issues in Alberta and took very very well advised in our opinion stuff to make sure it didn't happen in Ontario especially given the little behind in terms of timing. In order to be able to get there their legal retail system into the marketplace quickly and take the black market on I would wear this not concerned whatsoever about that there's lots of real estate insurance it's very different than. Here okay great thanks so much thank you this concludes today's question answer period I'll turn you back over to mr. James burns please watch oh yes thank you very much earlier I'm just going to turn it over to our president with her Paul Reid to just provide a summation and. Our vision of our liquor business oh thanks Jamie you know I did it's in a relatively short period of time it feels like I've been here almost a year or longer but at the same time I can't highlight the opportunities I see in the year in the business and where we see that business. Going yeah the discount as I said before the discount banner isn't the only banner we see it's opportunity to drive market share wine and beyond presents a significant opportunity to not only drive market share but bring to bring to customers. A very new way in different way of retailing alcoholic beverages and I think that in this day and age and general trend that retail was on customers will will like that concept and. As we've seen over the last on the five months some of the tests. That we've done have proven to vote with their wallets and have visited those line of Beyond. Stores and we've been able to drive significant sales significant traffic and increased margin out of those boxes providing new retail experiences isn't just about bricks and work it's also about providing opportunities like delivery in markets where we see significant opportunity Vancouver markets there we just launched yesterday our delivery service we've been delivering products new markets. You know Albert Edmondson to Calgary for a period of time we've been successful in that environment and I'm confident with some enhanced marketing support and focus and infrastructure that business and online business or yiquan business as we will build out will. Continue to drive awareness to our brands and and gain significant market share in this environment there's a lot of tools that we can employ to drive margin and as I said earlier I'm pretty confident and very comfortable in that area and driving margin through many different different initiatives in the current economy that we see ourselves in where Alberta. Is in a depressed economy where we've seen the quarter-over-quarter decreases we posted a positive comp result last quarter and it really highlights the initiatives that that we are working on are. Resonating with our customers we have continued to take market share and see that our competitors without their arm using ground in the same way that we're getting in ground building out significant retail opportunities on the line beyond enhancing our brand cementing those relationships with our customers are. Significant opportunities as as we go forward in the end you know retail is is retail and you know we're all competing for the same share of wallet and I think the way in which we go to the market and and relate. To our consumers touch base with our consumers will take on certainly a new and interesting way and successful way of driving business into our service thank you thank you everybody thank you the conference call has now ended please disconnect your line at this time we thank you. For your participation.


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