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Good morning welcome to stock market today it's Monday December 10th 2018 I hope you all had a great weekend I. Am your host Andrew so the chief market strategist at shaken analytics you can follow me on twitter i'm at dan russo underscore CMT and if you're over on stocked wits i'm there as well under the same handle stock market today brought to you today and every day by cheeking analytics and you can follow along. With this show by signing up for a free email head over to cheek and analytics comm. Forward slash today so US equities were down in friday's trading with. The Nasdaq faring the worst of the major markets the sp500 actually moved into negative territory on the year Treasuries were mostly stronger with some curves deepening the dollar was down against the euro but little. Changed on the yen cross gold finished up 70 basis points and oil was higher after an agreement on an output cut WTI settling up 2.2 percent on the day you're out performers on friday where utilities energy and consumer staples while you're under performers were tech consumer discretionary and industrials and as we get to the. Desk this morning SMP futures are down about 30 basis points after that sharp sell-off last week Asian equities were lower overnight with Japan underperforming down more than two percent European equities are. Weaker Treasuries are weaker with some curve flattening the dollar is weaker versus the euro but little change on the yen cross gold is flattened WTI crude is down 1.8% after gaining. More than three percent last week and as we dive right in you can see that we are. Testing support as selling pressure continues there's that big sell-off on Friday to pull back to test that 26 30 level and we are trading just below there in the futures market this morning so that is the key support level for now the interim high nears 28. 15 is the key level for. The Bulls the RSI on the test yesterday on Friday rather did make another positive divergence so from from an indicator standpoint that is a positive momentum divergence but as always divergences need to be confirmed and we need to see the market stabilize and move. Higher and really take out that 2815 level to signal that the Bulls have regained control another potentially positive development is the fact that shake and money flow does remain bullish as the market has sold off here now it obviously does come in a little bit but it does remain bullish so the indicators are showing. Some signs that this level could hold but as always as I said the key is now for confirmation for the Bulls to take the ball and run with it to pull the market back through that 28:15 resistance level that's been holding up so far obviously something we're going to be keeping an eye on as well the market does remain. Below the 200-day moving average which is now starting to move lower once again your market in a minute if you're following along in that email at home again check in analytics comm forward slash today you can get the bullet points see. Kind of what I'm talking about in my note to cheek in analytics members today SP 500 tests support a 26 30 and. Is now negative on the year we talked about that already the Nasdaq underperforms his growth and Rameau mentum remain under pressure 10-year yield. Falls to 2.8 5% in a flight to safety oil holding supports so far at around the $50 level after becoming deeply oversold and Treasuries do point to a lower open here thus far this morning looking at the major indices from. A chicken power bar perspective just a reminder the power bars tell us how many stocks in each of these indices are bullish neutral or bearish based on the cheek and power gauge rating and we can see that everything is skewed to the bearish side of the coin the Dow - Bulls - 5 Bears. Sp500 sees a big reversal on Friday 46 bullish or very bullish stops 110 bearish or very bearish stops Nasdaq there's that Nasdaq underperformance underperforms the S&P 500 by more than. 1% and skewed greater than 3 to 1 in favor of the Bears here is their 23 bearish or very bearish stocks for only seven bullish or very bullish stops Nasdaq slight out performer on Friday but that PowerBar ratio still skewed heavily in favor of the Bears 145 Bulls 487 bears bonds rally and price sending the. Yield lower again we said the 10-year yield is at two point 85% we'll take a closer look. At that one here today so according to the chicken power bar small cap stocks and large cap stocks are bearish and the major indexes are all skewed to the bearish side now our stock of the day every day in that email that I mentioned we will auto-generate a stock for you to consider you want to. Kind of run through the analysis and see if the trade makes sense in the current moment or if it bears being added to to a watchlist today's stock is our Connick ticker symbol AR NC close to $20 29 cents on Friday down 1.1 7% so a fairly decent out performer on the day as it did not go. Down nearly as much as. The S&P 500 and the chick. In power gauge rating for our conic is very bullish due to very strong earnings performance very strong price volume activity as well as attractive financial metrics and as we dig in to the chart here what do we see we have a. Very bullish stop. With a strong trend but it is in a weak industry group turning to the bottom of the screen now we read our charts from the bottom up the ribbon tells us where the power gauge rating is and has been over the past 12 months and you. Can see really since the July timeframe we've been predominantly bullish and then somewhere around the end of August stock started to outperform the market and the intensity doubt performance has been increasing notice the stock is really held in as the market has sold off that's a bullish sign alright so a very bullish stock. That's outperforming the market tells us this is the type of name that we want to consider as a potential long idea potential long idea what we really want to do then. Is wait to see if the setup is there and right now I would say it isn't first off we have that week industry group second off we are we're overbought we're rounding out of an overbought condition but the stock is overbought in. An environment like this as all we always kind of would rather buy a stock when it's oversold rather than when it's overbought but that's especially true in an environment. Like this where the markets choppy it's testing key support levels it hasn't been. Able to hold on to rallies you can be really selective with your entries and exits and I think you want to be selective here I think you want to add our conic to a bullish watchlist due to the. Fact that it is overbought right now money flows bullish it is above the long-term trend line long term trend line is flat. In line with price here you think this is an interesting name to have. On a watch list I do not think it makes sense to pull the trigger on the long side here today. I think we want to add our conic to our bullish watch list keep an eye for an oversold reading to set up a better entry point turning now to our sector tracker let's look at. The major movement over the last 5 days for the sectors in the S&P 500 and one thing should immediately jump to mind and that is flight to safety over the past five days the utilities and the real estate stocks are leading those are bond proxies as investors bit. Up bonds and yields come in they're also bidding up the safe haven bond cropsy parts of the market utilities in real estate as well consumer staples have been outperforming now they are still down but they've been outperforming that's a sign of safety in the marketplace. Financials under a lot of pressure as yields come in industrials under a lot of pressure as trade tensions continue health care has been a bright spot but even that was not. Immune to the sell-off last week down five and a half percent over the past five days in the middle of the road or your comms your discretionary and your tech we really want to see tech and discretionary get in gear as those tend to be risk on type sectors of the market. They just are not there yet flight to safety has been the key theme in the marketplace for a while and speaking of the financials our industry in focus today is regional banking services and we can see that over the. Past six months this sub sector has underperformed the S&P 500 by nearly 15% and it's PowerBar ratio which measures future potential is very weak with more bearish than bullish stops you. Can see here 16 bearish or very bearish stocks zero bullish ors group is currently the worst ranked of the 21 sub sectors that we look at coming in at 21 of 21 and it has moved down nine slots over. The past week some of the indicative very bearish names there our first Republic Bank FRC. A westerner Bank WABC and heritage financial hfw a all with very bearish shaking power gauge rating so if you own these stops you have to ask yourself why do I own them hfw a is a very bearish stock we trend weak industry group you can see it's below. The falling long-term trend line and it's just beginning to once again underperform the market now money flows been bullish closer to oat we are closer to oversold than we are to overbought but notice that the indicator did not get to overbought reading so this is definitely the type of name that we want to think about if we own. It why do we own this stock I don't think the setup is there for a bearish trade just yet but I don't like this name here I think you want to add it to a bearish watchlist here today H FWA not a name that we want to consider on the long side turning now to our trending names. Yesterday's S&P 500 movers or Friday's rather ppl no real news sends that stock up nearly three percent Newmont provided an outlook that sends that stock up two point two four percent. SLB slumbers j rallied with oil iix increasing their dividend that sends that stopped up 1.7 percent no real news on re4 a percent and a half gain there Ulta down 13 percent following their 4q outlook. Co o down over 12 percent following their earnings print American Airlines caught a downgrade to send the stock down 9 percent AMD and HPE just part of that tech sector that's been under pressure those stocks both down over 8 percent on the day so here's. What we're talking about in our note today here's the Nasdaq underperforming but it is kind of getting close to the support level these are the cues the invest coke uqq ETF you can see we're below the 200-day moving. Average which is beginning to turn lower RSI has moved into bearish ranges is once again heading down and shaking money flow which was holding in with a bullish reading has now actually ticked ever so slightly. To the negative side you do have some support here in the 155 to 157 area so we'll be watching that key level closely but Nasdaq has really been underperforming to the downside as investors have been taking a risk off view they've been selling the high valuation growth. And momentum names during this most recent leg lower and really since the correction started in the late September early October time frame so as it nears support we want to see how it how it reacts we did. Kind of hold that support level back in mid November we'll see if it can hold that level again interesting name here though to consider on the bearish side is box very bearish stock weak trend weak industry group below the long-term trend line triggered a sell signal. Our relative trench strength sell signal was triggered here this morning very bearish stock underperforming the markets became overbought now and money flow has been intensely bearish now we're slightly bullish here but it's been. Predominantly bearish since the August September timeframe I think box sets up a compelling entry point for bearish investors you know via puts or put spreads I definitely think this is a name that you do. Not want to own just given the pressure that the Nasdaq is under the pressure that software stops are under and the fact that this stock did trigger a sell signal. Here at shaken analytics today here's that 10-year yield heading lowers and investors gravitate towards the safety of fixed income 10-year yield double top here unconfirmed by momentum notice the RSI made a lower high as yield matched the recent highs and it's now turned lower below the 50-day moving average. Below the 200 day moving average support comes into play around the 2.8% mark for the yield. And we will notice that they are deeply oversold yields are deeply oversold meaning that the bonds themselves are overbought given that and the fact that we are close to support I wouldn't be surprised to see yields stage a little bit of a rally here but there. Is heavy resistance just overhead I just don't see in this. Environment how yields are going to get a ton of traction to the upside at least not here in the near term and here's crude oil holding support around that $50 level now again we are down 2% here this morning but we were deeply oversold tested support at $50 below the 50-day below. The 200-day the 50-day is cross. Below the 200-day as well I think there's a lot of resistance over ahead in the 60 to 64 dollar range but what's interesting to me is that energy stocks on a relative basis this is the XLE relative to the SP y are actually holding support so we'll see if the energy stocks can stage stage a. Little bit of a rebound here as they've hold relative support at oil rounding out of that oversold condition so a lot of moving parts here the market this morning obviously we'll be keeping an eye on them as we always do sign up for that email you can get daily stock ideas for. Free jaqen analytics dot-com forward slash today and if you like what you're hearing here help us spread. The word you can share our link on. Social media I will see. You back here tomorrow.


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