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Hey what's going on guys I'm Eric surf six and welcome to Eric beard time today I'm at the big boy family restaurant in. Japan let's go have a look can you guess what kind of menu this is it's a grand menu yeah look at that meat huh looks like prime rib. Roast beef yeah and get 330 grams the prices for 330 grams 3,000 yen. Less than 30 bucks mmm a lot of steaks good that filet whoa boy prawns prawns are looking good how about grilled salmon huh this chicken looks pretty good too boy hamburger hamburger a hamburger and no buns more hamburger with cheese no buns got the curries with egg beef curry he got shrimp curry some pastas here. They have a salad bar here -. That's really nice mm-hmm appetizers yeah who they got onion rings mm-hmm then of course the dessert menu mmm it's feast well look at this thing jackpot the size of that it's a deluxe tall parfait for about seven bucks yes taller than this kid yeah that's. Great to order the food you gotta push the doorbell that was quick at the roast beef no clue the hot cheese your grandma sauce hey it'll be my sir so uh so be sure you wanna be salmon the buffalo wing Jupe so onion-ring so still I could drink power son. Of the bar runoff that's it substitute here we are at the salad bar look they've got they've got lighting cheese my favorite I love these things slide she party different types of. Jellies isn't that interesting yogurt right there mm-hmm toppings pasta noodles pasta potato salad more noodles cold noodles these are get and love these there's the sauce for the noodles what's that that's. Healthy I forget what does that called go yeah I think yeah I also we got well should have started over here along with the veggies you have different greens yeah these are the best and these are the best yeah you got to have seaweed hunt every salad mm-hmm it's made a momment corn tomatoes cucumber mini corn mountain vegetables these. Are really good yeah you got their sprouts and onions yeah different dressings yeah which one's the best you guys know which one it's this one waffle japanese-style it's very light introducing the drink bar yeah here we go this. Is the coffee machine uh-huh lots of different types just regular hot cappuccino hot cocoa iced. Coffee iced cappuccino iced cocoa yeah good stuff these are the tea's right here mm-hmm an ice dispenser it's the soft drinks right there and this is soup over here right it's Chinese soup right there yeah egg flock soup that's a good one this here is can you guys read that it says corn soup yeah it's smells like corn it's. Actually pretty rare this you get a salad bar and a family restaurant that you. Can serve yourself now so this is impressive let's go right in brother let's go. Right in for the spinach spinach sauce got sesame seeds sesame oil in vinegar muscle big fan of these mini corns real corn mid-morning now I don't feel like eating salad anymore I'll just give up on the salad right let's throw. This out the window seaweed in a solid you can't beat it couple different types the best way to practice how to use chopsticks beans mm-hmm corns pretty good too you. Know from the water time let's how you get good at using chopsticks it's a good solid spinach so two kinds of spinach is raw spinach in here and cooked spinach and they've got red onions No right onions mmm my. Favorite I'm good solid park - it's the free let's go right in for a lie -. This is one of my favorite fruits mainly because. They're hard to find you know Southeast Asian fruit lights you you guys have lights you in your country see you then. Up but it's really sweet you see Oh it's almost like a coconut taste yeah. Different tough to describe there's a pet mm second one wasn't as good that's all I just went to his watering first one was really rich how's the third. On the test tonight order all that did I. Really order all that hmm yes okay let's finish up this salad and get into the main dishes shall we love me some pineapple right no seeds mm-hmm all right moving along so I guess I'm gonna go with the roast beef since that's the dish it's closest to. Me no bond and I went with the wasabi and to show you for sauces get to choose I wonder if. I could have got the horseradish whatever wasabi when you're in Japan you got to go I saw beep yeah so this is 180 grams of roast beef yeah you tender fatty let's try. It out let's try it. On a little bit show you just show you me by stopping just a little bit or something he goes wow that is a nice piece of meat supersoft yeah cut so easy look at that make. Sure you get some fat on there to. Show you monsterpiece here it's almost like prime real it's. That tender fabulous it's not a bad cut of meat for how much is it like twelve bucks pretty reasonable I went in for the mashers actually doesn't need any sauce at all perfect the way it is and maybe just one more bite you can move on to something else yeah forget that let's get some wasabi. On this one zombi a little bit of show you that's gonna be perfect perfection roast beef rise down don't let's try some of the green beans nice variety next up is the shrimp and scallops and it comes with a baked potato this is very rare in Japan to get a baked potato I can't think of the last. Time I had a baked potato have you ever seen me eat a baked potato in one of my art mealtimes probably never this might be a first you know a bit of lemon on it comes in the show that's beautifully prepared and love it when they're serve like this like it's got some kind of butter. Or garlic sauce on it maybe there and this one no sauce I think let's do it without the sauce first one honesty listen yeah it's kind of. Buttery I'm tasting some garlic now let's have a scallop I'm not a big fan of these so that means lots and lots of sauce it's like almost like a tomato sauce hmm go scallop I'm not my cup of tea hmm have another one - do you so the shrimp is fantastic yeah it's really easy to peel - sometimes it. Can be a bear to peel the sentence but yeah pretty simple right we bought the sauce this time it is sort of a tomato based sauce like a cocktail sauce you know it's better without the sauce now the wonders. Just buttered or anything they don't give you any butter no sour. Cream no chives well that's a fluffy potato this is an Idaho Potato mm-hmm fine just the way it is super super fluffy does not need any butter can you believe that next up is the grilled salmon get a bit of lemon on this as well too and oh look again jackpot it's another Idaho Potato dig right into this . So good that. Is amazing no little bit of saucer I think this is for the salmon but what the hey alright moving. In on the fish this is a big piece of meat right here you know this is like a it's like a tartar sauce here interesting really tangy sauce it's a nice piece of fish for about a dollar reasonable mass. Media goes really well with the sauce now it's tough to beat grilled salmon going for the sauce here homeboy GameChanger way better with the sauce all right now they're the bomb amazing what a little sauce will do now bumped it right up to Hooters level huh now tiny that is good fun eats now that's five camera man. Gets the other five up is the onion rings oh boy these look good comes with mayonnaise and ketchup also iceberg. Lettuce I'm gonna go for this big fatty one right here on top look for the fatty get a little bit of both the male and ketchup yeah that's about the perfect. Mixture I'm very sweet mmm really super sweet sweetest onion rings I've ever out to s'more like handy mm-hmm small like handy than onions I bet small children read like this hi hey he likes to pop it come for buddy. Month she says it takes time that's it's like I don't see the kid he's probably three feet tall so using that as a reference it's probably 18 feet high yeah size of a two-story building mix berries bananas vanilla ice cream apple cheese does that say grapefruit or something yeah lots of surprises problem is. I'm so full so full but in Japanese they say that's about like our demos that means separate stomach for. Sweets it's right over right here yeah empty still this is full this is empty bring it on the deluxe hall parfait has arrived and look at this spoon and it comes with you know I'm actually more excited about this spoon that I'm about the parfait I. Am loving this. Spoon let's go fishing in the water here care for a little while subby it's way over on the edge side of the table I could still grab it yeah almost ruined my appetite let's get in here okay so I think what I'm gonna attempt to eat first of these berries down. Here in the bottom just gonna go in on the side see if we get some berries look I got this going for the berries at the bottom first Oh problems that was a bad idea that was a bad idea wait I got one this is very right there I got one right there that came from the very bottom right. There it was worth it mmm that's a good barrier yes it is and a messy sponge what do they got these are salad croutons salad croutons croutons that. He said oh they're sweet like sweet / tongues super sweet that made it sugar it's interesting very interesting . Looks like a real super sweet breakfast cereal like Golden Grahams or Captain Crunch or something apples all the apples are hot cinnamon apples oh this is banger banger it's bangin there's caramel in it but oh here's another berry so many different items in this thing Oh what is. Good the one doin is it's hard to describe it so many things in here it's like pie apple pie apple cobbler some blueberry mmm-hmm suck apple cobbler banana. Vanilla Iseman Wow this is a tree full of sweet it's like they stuffed the. Whole cake in here yummy was that pineapple raspberry write down perfection so there it was the big boy family restaurant in Japan there's not a whole lot of these in Japan I mean. I've seen them. Around but they're not as popular as some of the other chains like the Denny's or the Gusto's yeah but overall I like the salad bar a lot I think this is the only family restaurant of Bindu that has the salad bar mm-hmm and it's got the light see it's a good it's a full-service solid bar with. Sakes has got fruits and vegetables fault the roast beef was amazing the shrimp was amazing really enjoyed the entrees yeah the what was it the salmon fish was really good that what is it called grill salmon mm-hmm yeah what am I. Trying to say the onion rings were horrible but that's okay as to be. Expected they're not really a Japanese item and that super saw super tall parfait was just the bomb yeah for sure and this spoon right. Here gets extra points in my book I really like the spoon I'm just fascinated. By the speaker you know let's see where it's made it says stainless steel that's it yeah so on my Eric ranking scale of 1 to 6 Eric heads I'm gonna give. This meal at the big boy restaurant I'm gonna give it a 6 I'm gonna go full 6 that's right this is the best family restaurant experience that. I've had in Japan so far but I'm on a mission to find more of them there's several others that I haven't tried yet so I'll look for those coming. Up in the future and because it's a perfect six star ranking that means I've given a three up. To get some snack packs so. The only thing you need to do for your chance to win one of those is post a comment down. Below so that's it guys that's gonna wrap it up for this episode give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and as always I look forward to reading your comments we'll see you next time. If you're new hit that subscribe button top center of the screen and also consider supporting me on. Patreon that way you can help me create better videos for you click on the link. Bottom center of the screen for that you can see many of the different reward levels or your. Support be.


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