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Yeah I got the RAM 2500 long bed blue the five nine swap 10 to 6/7 got big injectors big turbo got the tune naturally nine. Thing makes 600 horsepower seventeen hundred thousand torques I'm towed anchor CH run five to the Ohio Valley most importantly it rose this is everything you need to know to get up to speed on Cummins okay let me ask you. Something what's the most successful diesel engine ever that's right Cummins classy Lisle Cummins was a simple farm boy born in Columbus Indiana in 1888 his parents were farmers and such plus he toiled on the family farm from a young age I can relate my dad made me farm for gold. On his World of Warcraft account while he was at. Work even though I was 19 when the game came out anyway Plessy was fascinated with engineering and anything mechanical and apparently. He built a steam engine when he was like 11 years old after graduating eighth grade class he quit school to focus on the farm honestly if my kid built a freaking engine in our backyard I'd let him do whatever he wanted I probably will anyway because I plan on being a lazy parent a few years later khalessi left the. Farm and became a full-time mechanic he must have been pretty good because when he was 23. A racer named ray her own asked him to join his team as a mechanic ray was one of America's pioneer racers he set the chicago to new york speed record in both 1903 and 1904 ray was a. Really famous guy in those early days of racing so it means a lot that he wanted khalessi for his team plessy's first job was to help raise teams sort out the engine in his Marmon wasp race car not to be confused with the Mormon was it's a wasp that lives in Utah it doesn't drink and has a lot of. Wasp life the wasp was a custom-built racer with one of the first designs that was ever focused on aerodynamics it also had a nice little peace attack called a rear view mirror which totally. Eliminated the need for an onboard mechanic to tell ray if there was anyone behind him this was some groundbreaking stuff my babes Plessy helped make some changes to the engine and car and the team set off for Indy and. On May 30th 1911 ray her own drove the wasp to win the first-ever Indy 500 with a little help from a boy classy Cummings the farm boy from Columbus now had a little heat on his name some strut in. His step when he was 30 years old he saw something that would change not only his life but transportation as we knew it four amps Cummins laid his eyes on a diesel engine which had been imported by Dutch engine maker H V ID have it have it of it plus he was very impressed. With this technology the diesel engine was invented by Rudolf diesel in the late 1800s and was different from other engines because it used the high temperature caused by extreme compression to ignite its fuel making it super efficient compared to the steam engine unfortunately it. Was only after Rudolph's mysterious death that see that the engine gained popularity Plessy got in contact with the. Hood company and worked out a licensing agreement to build the engines in the US so he could sell them a year later in 1919 Plessy got. Some money to start his own company and he promptly opened up Cummins engine company at first Cummings was building Diesel's for stationary applications like water pumps and other farm stuff but classi had a bigger vision for the diesel engine he imagined vehicles like tractors and even road. Cars could be powered by his engines this was kind of a revolutionary idea so to prove that it was actually possible Cummins installed a diesel engine into a 1926. Packard sedan and drove the thing over 800 miles to New York City getting 26 miles. Per gallon efficiency like that was really impressive back then plus ease next drive would. Be a little further than 800 miles general motors held in New York to LA speed record with their gas engine completing the. Drive and 103 hours and 59 minutes and classy wanted to beat and he would do it behind the wheel of a diesel-powered cargo truck in 1931 Cummins carefully modified a truck to accept one of his engines and. Got on the road plus he had a team. Of dudes with him he switched off driving the truck gasped our trucks might have been faster but the Cummins were more efficient so it didn't have to stop for fuel as often but it wasn't an easy drive the brakes failed the engine overheated and the freaking cabin caught fire but despite all that the Cummins made the trip in. 97 hours and 20 minutes beating. GM by six hours and 39 minutes to further prove his point plus he did the same. Drive again the next year this time in a friggin bust and he did the drive six hours faster reaching speeds of 65 miles an hour this was especially impressive because the Cummins completed the trip faster than a train could back when the interstate. System was just an idea oh hello I was just having some prime rib oh this no it's not a bib it's a doughnut shirt available at donut Mediacom we have tons of different designs like this one based on the. Times when I say lightning a bunch of times in this series time after time this classy dude was proving that Diesel worked but he still wasn't done he went back to. Where he got his start and he brought some diesel-powered racecars with them the first time was in 1931 with a Cummins swapped Duesenberg the car finished near the back of the pack but accomplished the entire 500-mile race without stopping that's really really sick and really really funny cuz he knew he wasn't gonna. Win he's just like. You look what I can do he went back to Andy many many times over the next 20. Years until finally in 1952 the Cummins powered number 28 diesel special qualified on pole position the car made over 340 her Spurs from its J Series engine which had been specially modified so that it could run on inside the sitting sideways motor held bring the car center of gravity closer to the ground and thus it made it drive. Better the diesel special was the first turbocharged car to run at Indianapolis and set a track record for an average speed of just over 139 miles per 5 miles an hour faster than a v12 Ferrari that was running that day but unfortunately bad luck would strike the car the diesel special started the race. At the front of the pack but fell behind over the course of the race before finally getting retired the team found that besides air the turbo was also sucking in a ton of rubber and that's what. Made the car break down regardless of the loss the diesel special gave Cummins. A ton of publicity but it was the last time a diesel car ever ran at Indy in 1955 plessy Cummins retired from the company he started leaving J Irwin in charge under Jays leadership. The company grew at a lightning pace in 1956 Cummins opened a factory in Scotland and by the 60s Cummins had their foot in 98 countries Miller was such a G that in 1968 Esquire magazine. Suggested that he run for president people liked him by this time Cummins was a powerhouse in the diesel game their engines were in everything from commercial cargo trucks and heavy-duty tractors to giant generators but plessis dream of mainstream road use had yet to come true until Ram. By the late 70s. Ford and Chevy were killing the pickup. Truck game and dodge felt a little left out they needed something that would bring them. To the forefront of the truck world something that would leave a mark just like my dad on my back with his bill by the mid 80s dodges were. The only pickup trucks without a diesel engine available Chevy. Did it first in 78 Ford did it in 83 and Dodge had done it yet it's like you're at a sleepover. And I've done it John Chevy have you done it I've done it of course I've done it then Ford what about you have you done it yeah I've done it you know I've done it we know oh my god you. Guys shut up Dodge hasn't done it I've done it. Oh shut up no you haven't John I have dodge you have not done it please don't. Even try to lie to us I've done it I swear dodge be honest I haven't done it oh my god dodge needed to do it and lucky for them Cummins was working on a medium beauty engine called the B Series and they were looking for a truck to put it in in the US there are four different duty ratings. For trucks there's light which is your typical pickup like a ram 1500 then. There's medium which Dooley's typically fall under then heavy which can be box trucks and semis then they're super heavy which are basically semis on steroids anyway Cummins invited dodge to come on over and check out their new medium duty engine and dodge. Liked it over the next few months Cummins and Dodge we're sharing technical data seeing if they were you know right for each other then in 1989 they made it official dodge unveiled the Cummins powered Ram with. The 5.9 liter 6bt straight-6 under the hood making 160 horsepower and 400 foot pounds of turks this was unheard of the truck world this was. A pickup with an engine built by Cummins a world leader in diesel people freaked out what made this much power possible was air both Ford and Chevy's diesels were naturally aspirated they didn't. Have turbos they couldn't pack it all that sweet sweet air that the engines craved the b-series also had a little secret wasn't designed for pickups Cummins had really designed it for medium commercial use meaning it was over engineered for the RAM but that came at a price the engine block was made of cast iron and had. To be super beefy to handle the high compression that those diesel engines grade as a result a 6bt weighed over 1,100 pounds by 1996 the 6bt was making a mean 200 Hertz per and in 2003 Cummins updated the engine with a new 24 valve head that means more power baby power baby well power baby well Paul. Baby but power baby I got more power. And finally in the model year of 2007 and a half Cummins introduced a newer bigger engine the 6.7 this behemoth made 350. Horse pours and 650 Turks Cummins kept setting the bar higher and higher with the current 6.7 now making 365 horsepower that's. A horse for every day of the year from January 1 to December 31 you don't ride the same horse twice that's a new horse every day so many beautiful horses so muscular so gallant ah look. At those guys run so fast so free I'd ride any single one of those dudes for. Sure because coming. Diesel's are so freakin strong it's pretty easy to tune them to make even more power people are. Beefing up their trucks and take it the dragstrip even. Their Cummins powered trucks that run nine second quarters that's absurd Plessy Cummings passed. Away in 1968 but his legacy lives on in every truck with a Cummins under the hood but that isn't limited to Rams anymore in 2017 the Nissan Titan XD was offered. With a 310 horsepower Cummins v8 turbo-diesel breaking from Cummins long exclusive deal with RAM and giving drivers more of those sweet Cummins diesel options for decades now drivers have seen the power of Cummins and now they get it in something besides a Dodge for the. First time it's good to branch out a little bit Cummins I'm proud of you Cummins was started by a Midwest dude who wanted to follow his passion and make the best. Stuff he possibly could and he took over the industry in the process he stuck to his guns even when it wasn't what other people were doing or even know that that's what they. Wanted and that's why I'm using it Meyer and most importantly he smashed that subscribe button we make videos all the time check. Out this episode of wheelhouse and this episode of up to speed follow me on instagram at chains Pumphrey do you buy the merch. There's a link. In my bio. I.


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