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Hi Eric Bakker naturopath thanks for coming back we're still talking about stool testing we've got a question here. From somebody who wants to know about LabCorp LabCorp comprehensive stool. Analysis could you please do a review on their stool testing well I've just spent a good 10 15 minutes on the lab core website I know about lamb core because I. Deal with many clients in the u.s. who know LabCorp tests on primarily blood LabCorp tests but after spending some time looking at the lab core website they can find scant information on stool testing I did find a parasite stool test where they're checking for basic of basic parasites but I can't really find anything anything in. The league of doctors data or Genova Diagnostics so I deal with every day in my clinic and these other tests from labs for example of doctors data or doctors data ever you want to answer far superior than anything I've ever seen from loud pool so. If you look for example I blend out the patient's details here but this is for example a doctor's day the stool tests where we've got. A beautiful panel here in the bacteriology culture at the top where we're checking for expected flora imbalance flora and bad floor we're also doing a. Yeast culture here so these tests here would all be separate if you went with a lab call you have to do literally fight with six separate tests to get to the level of this test here and it would. Cost you a ton of money I'm also not sure of their methodology I'm pretty sure they would use PCR you're quite similar to this land but they just don't do all. The aniline see in one spot with this kind of price so of course here we've got a parasite screened each of the three samples is screened for parasites we've got digestion and absorption panel here we were the inflammation panel here we got our immune panel here it was so much in the doctors no test if I don't see in. Leg four test you know we've got our short chain fatty-acids here for. A colonic health we've got our intestinal health markers you know all sorts of stuff so if you just want to do a pure parasite screen and look you're looking at Salmonella you see near Giardia you know bugs that LabCorp may be sufficient for you LabCorp. Seems to be a lot more medical and traditional medical orientated rather than a functional in a testing. Lab like doctor state origin. Over Diagnostics these labs are just mentioned with a more suitable. For naturopathic way and also more for. Medical doctors you've done quite a bit of training in my field you know they. Will be well used to using those expanded functional test reports or as LabCorp tends to be a lot more you know showdown information for medical doctors we tend. To see tummy problems generally as parasites that's all they see doctors would never investigate beneficial bacteria in a client which to me is just like stupid it's just crazy why you wouldn't do that in fact I'm discovering now that try to assess a patient's beneficial bacteria count may be even more important than looking at. Yeast or parasites it's incredible but I've come to that conclusion in the last four five years with extended amount of still testing I'm doing I'm noticing what is becoming. Increasingly important now is assessing the health of. The gut in general particularly the. Balance with the good guys and the bad guys and to see where that balance lies and not many labs will actually do a good screen on the beneficial or. Expected flora if you only want to get a good essay on that in your tummy go to doctors data or go to Genova diagnostic labs.


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