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Live from Laserfiche headquarters in Long Beach to further record a repository of Laserfiche stories featuring product insights a look at life at Laserfiche and a special behind-the-scenes preview of empower here's your host van raffle hello and welcome to you for the record a repository of Laserfiche stories my name is Benjamin raffle and for the next hour we're. Going to be connecting with some of our Laserfiche experts they'll be talking about our vision our product and most importantly our people these are some of the people who are on the front lines here at laser finish the ones who bring you all the product that you know and love today will. Be bringing out five of our product experts to hear their. Stories their favorite product features which could give you some insight into some of the features you might not be using cool projects coming down the pipeline fun stories about how they got here and empower our annual conference we're just coming up quickly and making all of us here at laserfiche really excited to reconnect with. All of you you know what Laserfiche is. And after today you'll have more of an insight into what it does but how did it start laserfiche was founded by nailing wacker in 1987 and unlike other companies in this space she wanted to create a. Software that people love to use this idea has guided the development of our products from when we first started as a method to organize documents to bold new projects like robotic process automation to get things started let's invite our first guests to join us please welcome to the stage Justin PAVA and Connie Anderson Conny Papa. Thank you so much for joining us today I know you guys traveled pretty far from Seattle and YouTube's been with Laserfiche for a while right and I've been here about 15 years well that's amazing I'm curious what was laserfiche like 13 15 years ago as. Opposed to the. Way it is today well when I started it was definitely a lot smaller just in terms of number of people the development team was about half the size it is now in fact we shared the. Building that we're in with I think it was a dentist and a doctor's office and a lawyer and now of course we had the entire five floors of the building. It's all Laserfiche and are even expanding and Connie what do you specialize in here in Laserfiche well. I specialize in a lot of the administrative topics. In education particularly security security is a topic that is near and dear to my heart I teach about at the conference and it's definitely something that I love because it really rewards digging into it learning it you can if you if you really kind of get familiar with it you can make it sit up. And do tricks you don't get familiar with it it can make you sit up and do treasure so what are some of the interesting. Things that you can do with security that people might not know about well one of the things that people often ask me about when I'm looking at security is things like can we make one thing I. Often get a request for is is it possible to make like a Dropbox I don't I want I have a workflow that's filing various things and I. Want to make sure that users are just putting documents in and then the workflow is gonna whisk it up to where it needs to go so so I want to be. Able to make sort of like a like a blind drop where you can put people can just import things and then they'll be handled by the system and they always ask that as if it was a feature and and I think no you can actually just do that as it is. Now with security similarly people often want to do make to be able make a system where they. Can have different views for different users maybe one person needs to be able to see documents by their type and another person needs new documents by their filing dates either a Records Manager or something like that and. So you can actually use security to to show different parts of the repository in different ways different people in a very powerful way I often get the question and empower people will say well I don't know if this is possible it seems like it might be a feature request might be. Kind of hard and one of the things that I love is being able to say no you could actually just do that right up in the box with. Security it's really cool so speaking of empower PAVA you're actually a pretty popular guy in empower you're coming attractions class is something people are always really excited about very well-attended but I think a lot of people want. To know have you always been an expert in ECM well when I started at laserfiche my first project was to benchmark the laser fish server the idea here being hey let's run some automated tests so that every day we can make sure it's running to the proper performance to the proper. Speed and my tests were horrible I was I was absolutely wretched at it fortunately. At about the same time we started our records management initiative and so I was. Able to focus on that and make sure that was where we wanted it to be and leave the. Automated testing to someone else yeah well at empower what's your favorite product to talk about there oh well my favorite product is definitely laser fish connector basically laser fish connector is a way for organizations to link two applications together without requiring a developer and without needing to program basically there's a wizard interface and you can do things such. As have an external application like your CRM system and say there's information in there that has associated documents within Laser fish and you can. Actually just put a button on that screen that you click it and it brings up those documents and laser fish so it runs that search for you automatically without you having to switch between applications a connector can. Actually do a lot more things besides that as well for example it can actually write and populate data so it can read data from one map one application and use that for example to fill out a laser fish form to help kick off a business process in the most recent release of laser fish connector of version 10 3. We added the ability for it to directly launch workflows so now laser fish connect can actually start from a user in the front-end and launch back-end process. Automation in one operation and again this whole thing is done through a wizard interface so you don't have to bring in. A developer anyone can do it I can I can set them up yeah which is really important people like me are not able to do that stuff yeah very helpful the neat thing about connector as well is how we're evolving. It so we're working on a product called robotic process automation RPA and what this does is takes a lot of the functionality of laser fish connector and automates it so instead of relying on someone sitting there and pushing a button it actually allows you to say receive an email and based on the contents of. That email maybe it's got an attachment that contains a spreadsheet of data it can automatically go through and populate these forms work with the external applications set all that up in a more autonomous and automatic manner. And that's something we're very excited that we're working on right now and aside from that what's your favorite thing about in power my favorite thing about in power is when I get to go and people have asked for a particular feature or they have asked for something or they really want something to make their lives. Easier and we're able to show it to them to give it to them one. Of the things that has happened in the past. Few years is I teach a security class at empower and years ago people would ask this is really great but I need a way to report on it so that I can make sure the security sense the way I want it to. Be and we took that back to the teens and a couple years ago we were able to go back to power and. Say here's this new you know we've actually included these security reports and and so now you could actually do this thing that you've been asking for and and we got applause which really made me. Made me happy because it means that what we're working on is actually making a difference to. People I have a co-worker who actually showed a feature that she was really excited about and an attendee actually popped up and gave her a hug because because she was like this is this is make my life so much easier I didn't even know so that's really rewarding for me and Paula same question what are. You most excited about in power well definitely what I'm most excited about is talking directly with our users and our customers we put a lot of effort. Into what we work on and we want to ensure that it's really helping people's day-to-day life and making sure that it's making their work smoother and easier for them so for example we want to talk with them about our new functionality and see how it's working. For them and we also want to talk with them about opportunities for new items that maybe can address pain points that they still have that we haven't been able to discuss yet the. Main venue that we do this in is the Information Center and this is something that we've had an empower for a number of years now and it's grown into quite a large. Area and what we do there is we staff members from every product team there and attendees to empower can come in and ask us any question they want about how the product works how they might set up certain things to address their business processes and also give us feature requests. Directly so that we can go and continue to enhance the products in the future that sounds great well I know I speak for everyone when I say that we're. Really excited to see what you guys have going on in empower Connie Paula thank you so much. For joining us today well I'll have you guys back in a little bit thank you yeah so let's keep our power talk going my next guests are representatives of two departments that play a huge role in empower please welcome Anita Chang and Andrew channa so Andrew let's. Start with you what is your role here at Laserfiche so my role here leave the features part of the wetly team the auto shell team. And a few other in develop teams that I'm working on my main role now is actually working with our customers to kind of figure out how they use Laserfiche and how what our next big feature is in development to make a big impact for our customers so. To do so really is I work closely with the vertical team we set up calls with their customers like I mentioned we try to. Figure out how our customers are using our products are they're running into any kind of issues how can I take their ideas take their solutions make it take it one step further or take their. Problems and find a solution out of that so we can actually make everything better with the next release nice well Anita what about you so I'm a member of the pre-sales team so. There's a lot that we do one of the main things is we talk to our customers you know similar to Andrew we try to find out what their pain points are. But see what we can do with the Laserfiche product suite to basically get rid of those problems and even make them a better solution in the long run in addition. To that we also need a lot of user trainings so we'll fly around the country and we'll teach people how to use the software so those are a couple of things we're also very. Involved at empower I mean yeah that actually sounds amazing so let's keep going on empower and you know what is your favorite thing about empowering so I did kind of hint about it but empower is really kind of our marquee user training. Event so pre-sales puts a. Lot of time and effort into it so every class every lab that you're in is something that we've prepped and thought a lot about we spend so much time on empower that we actually move the entire team down to downtown Long. Beach for the entirety of the conference so while we're there we have a lot of team bonding going on last year we actually made some t-shirts so we have our pre-sales problem solver t-shirt that we made for the team while we're there we also do a lot of collaboration. With the other teams that work to put on empower so every single department from laserfiche is represented but we spend a lot of time with the developers so that we can provide a huge source of knowledge for and users who are there and Andrew what's your favorite thing about in. Power so one of my favorite things about empower really is it's a week long so it gives a lot of people at the office a week to get outside and into the conference and speak directly with our community it's a great way to kind understand how they're. Using our products and what we can learn to improve for me the most impactful moment was when I was still on the Laserfiche app team and we just released offline forms for the mobile laserfiche app after teaching one of the mobile classes I had a group of users resellers for us. Come up to me and tell me how much they loved offline forms how big of an impact it affected their workflows and how it made their work just that much more powerful. Because they can now like submit forms without a network connection um this really helped make me. Really feel very motivated because our team actually spent a lot of long hours a lot of overtime working back and forth with a development kind of disgusting arguing trends around what the best approaches and after hearing that from our. Users our community it really helped me understand that the hard effort that we put into our product our community Laserfiche community really does feel it so those are one of. The main things I liked about empower another thing I like to do at the info center as you someone you may know I'm always there is helping our community answer some of the questions for example I love it when a customer or a bar come up to me and says Andrew we need a feature request we want to. Do X so I look at that menace smallest I go but guess what we can already do X. And here's how you do it and. Then they immediately go on and call the IT guy say hey we can already do X. Let's do it now well I don't know if you know. This but any day you are one of the most popular class presenters at last. Year's in power I feel like the pre-sales team is kind of like the life's blood of empower so where do you guys. Bring it to the table this next year we also work on some things like the virtual machine so you can take laserfiche. Home show it to people who couldn't come to conference and basically show off all. The new things that you learned and built while you are with us but really you'll find us all. Over the place well I'm super excited to see what you guys bring to the table in empower thank you so much. For joining us and Nita Andrew everyone next up we have a special guest today. Ryan Schooley is going to walk us through some of his favorite tips and tricks when working with laserfiche take it away Ryan thanks Ben hey everyone I'm Ryan Schooley I work on the development team for the web client and today I'm gonna share with you. Some of my favorite web client. Features that not everyone may know about these features my mind are a. Great way to. Make using the web client even more convenient so first up we have breadcrumb navigation you might not know this but if you click into the last folder of your breadcrumb bar you'll enter into the editable breadcrumb mode from there you can navigate to any folder in your repository simply by typing out the folder path and usually you can. Do that a lot faster by net than browsing folder by folder as soon as you enter that editable. Breadcrumb mode it'll display a list of the last ten folders that you visited you can jump to. Any of those folders by selecting them in the list or you can continue typing and that same list is going to autosuggest folder names based on your input I think the breadcrumb navigation bar is a great feature because it makes navigating through your folder. Structure faster and more efficient after that we have column filtering column filters allow you to filter entries in your contents pane based on the data in your column display they're a narrow down to a specific set of entries without having. To set up a search and they make fine-tuning reports super easy we also have custom actions custom actions are really cool because it allows you to add your own customized feature to the web client toolbar you can think of these as a framework. For writing your own code that you can put inside of your web client instance custom. Actions are great for streamlining. Certain manual repetitive features such as approving a student's application by setting a field value a last thing I want to talk about today are custom tabs. Custom tabs let you embed a web page into your web client metadata pane you can embed any internal page on your network you can embed external pages you can actually even embed other laserfiche web products so for instance you could set up a custom tab that embeds a Laserfiche form into. Your web client and set it up so that when you select an entry in the web client it'll auto populate that form with information from the entries fields that's all I have to talk to you today about web client features if you're interested in any of that please check out my class at empower integrating with the web client. I'm gonna talk about all of that. In a lot more detail Ryan that's great thank you so much but before we let. You go I'm just curious how did you get started at laserfiche um I remember when I first heard about laserfiche I was reading about nailing and I was really inspired by her vision. For the company I like working at Laserfiche because unlike some of the other big tech companies you get to feel like you have a real impact on the product that you're developing thanks Ryan that was some good stuff like a mini empower class all right we're back with our guests I need a Chang Andrew Chan Justin Palma and. Connie Anderson welcome back everybody now Anita how about a preview what classes are you gonna be teaching it in power this year well this year I empower you can actually find me at the intro to SDK class and also be doing a business process workshop where we go ahead and pick. A process and I'll build it on the fly but the one I'm most excited about is a. New lab that we're going to be introducing it's for process automation in the cloud so what process automation is for those of you who aren't familiar with it is it's going to be a new automation platform for our. SAS offering Laserfiche cloud and so what it's going to do is it's going to. Bring in a lot of that functionality that exists in our on-premises Laserfiche workflow it's also going to pair it with new stuff. That no one has seen yet so things like decision tables business rules a lot of new functionality as we move a lot of our automation pieces closer together excellent and pavo what about you well I'm doing two classes this year at empower so the first one that I'm doing is Connie and I actually both doing this and this is. Basically going to be advanced tips and tricks geared towards power users so. We're going to be showing off a number of items that end users can use in the lathe and fish web client to you know help them be more efficient with what they do and then of course the other session that I'm going to do is laser fish coming attractions I do. That every year and it's a great window into what the development team is working and we're really excited of course to be able to show off and give. These sneak previews of our upcoming items that were working on so people can really expect a lot of exciting. Things from empower you know for a. Lot of our community empower is a time for them to not only take amazing classes but they can get info on products they might not know about inner information about things coming down the pipeline you know enjoy the beautiful Southern California weather we. Take advantage of but Andrew earlier we were talking about the information center and I know you're kind of the boss of the information center can you give us some insight about the info center that people might not know about I would not I'm not the boss really but it's more of a. Place where like Papa mentioned where all the laser fish community can come and meet the face behind the software the people that developed it people that tested the people that design the product you can learn about each product you can ask questions as how to something's not working right things like that one of the things about the information. Center that I feel is really cool too is you can try out the new software that we've just released. If for example you saw someone teaching a new class about a new product come to the center there'll be someone there they can answer your questions and also. I find it's a really great I tell everyone that comes to the info center you're welcome to just come grab coffee just relax I mean you can network with your people network with other customers number with resellers or even. Network with us I mean we're more than happy to just be there to get to know you and have you know us and there's a lot of other amazing things in the exhibit hall as well right um I know that this year the customers can watch you run smarter Awards in the exhibit hall which. Is how we wreck nice people that are using. Our software and innovative and exciting ways but I also hear that there's going to be a repeat of something fun we did last year the escape room Anita can you uh go into some detail about that so this is a project that was really creative and allowed us to showcase a lot of the features. That we wanted to bring to people and introduce them to in a way that wasn't just about how they work or you know something that was a little bit more mundane so we wrapped a lot of new Laserfiche features into our puzzle room where people can. Solve challenges and escape the room in a certain length of time with a group of other users so one story that I actually heard while I was out teaching a regional training was that there was one woman who came to empower without anybody else from her organization so she was there and trying to meet new. People and really find out more about Laserfiche and one thing she did was sign up for the escape room so she got paired up with five other people. Who were just at empowered by themselves they made. It out of the room of course and they were they were also able to you know establish some connections and learn more about each other I'm really looking forward to it because I don't work on the escape room so I get to actually do it and see if I can escape which is. Always really exciting to me yeah so I can't spoil it. Too much for Connie so I'm not going to tell you what's coming in the escape room but definitely look forward to when you can sign up for it yeah it was actually a really cool thing to do I know you guys. Are gonna take it to the next level this year but Andrew what has been your favorite project to work on here at laserfiche favorite project that's a bit of a tough question because honestly every project I worked on has always been special to me but um let's go with the recent project that I worked. With weapon public portal MacLeod so basically my role here was that I really got the privilege of making taking to weblink 10 a step further in. Which basically I spoke with a lot of our customers try to get an idea of how they use public portal what they used it for any kind of bottlenecks that they ran into whether something that was a showstopper for them things like that so the kind of give an example was. Where one of the users came back to us and said that they would hope that. They were able to zoom in in the preview tab to kind of see more details within the document as they brought them through the folder browser and so we took that to consideration and we now added a. Zoomin and zoom-out button for them so they can easily navigate through the documents without opening them another feature for example will be they will have a long mini maybe 50. 200 pages of documents and they want to search within the document back then with web link you weren't able to. Do that so what we did was that we integrated the searching within a document so users can actually search when they're inside the document beaver view into document. And look for keywords so that they don't have to just scroll through pages over and over they can just. Search for it find it click it view it done so those are really just some of the few examples that I was able these. Are actually requests that our users gave back to us so all the features that we have was all from them and mama. Same question well for me my. Favorite project really has to be records management I mean it's something I've worked on for quite awhile here and I think it's really interesting because a lot of people think there's not much to records management but there's a lot. Of nuances there and what I've tried to do over the years is make sure that it can be efficient. And streamlined to really make people's jobs more easier and we're continuing to add functionality to. It later this year we're bringing in some new. Features that will really help people expand how they're using records management we're adding functionality that will allow people to be more flexible with how they set up their retention schedules and their retention. Policies throughout the repository and then we're also adding native activities within Laserfiche workflow so that people can. Really take records management and make it part of their overall business processes thanks and Connie what was your favorite project I've already talked about how much I love security but another. Thing that I really like is yeah what I think it was. Kind of one of the hidden gems of Malaysia fish suite is a federated search the REO suite and the. Lynch REO suite and federated search is really cool because and its. Most basic it allows you to search across multiple repositories from a single interface so you have several repositories with different information and you can search across all of them at once. But as of late fees 1031 we actually expanded that functionality such that you can now search across basically any website you might want so if you have information. In for installation Ares discussion site or even a third party site it's not related to HP fish at all you can you can kind of take that into federated search and it gives you kind of a one-stop shopping for. For searching whatever information your users might want it I think it's super cool and finally Anita what about you favorite project yeah so as a pre sales engineer I get to actually. Make stuff using laserfiche so one of my favorite projects was actually for Laserfiche. Itself so we had an Arts Initiative where we were an inviting local artist to come by and paint murals for our buildings so to collect the submissions from these artists we created a Laserfiche form we customized it had them upload their portfolio so we could save it within the Laserfiche repository and view them all from the same place and. Then the other cool thing we did with that was for each of the people on our floors we wanted them to be able to vote as to who is going to paint the mural on their specific floor so we sent out a form and I know Connie you guys got to fill it out - yes but yeah the. Form lets you send a link to someone for. Them to fill it out remotely so we collected the information and we even use some of the. Built-in reporting tools so instead of having to tally everything by hand we just went to the reports tab and collected the information for. Who gets to paint the mural on each floor essentially you are some of the people that helped create laserfiche and i think a lot of people want to know as product experts what are your favorite products at Laserfiche Andrew I would say my favorite product would be. The laser fish app the reason why I say that is because nowadays if you look through statistical data everyone's always on the go always traveling so people are doing work on their mobile devices viewing reports things like that so unless which perspective I mean you have people using the laserfiche app using offline features also by having notification notify. You when you have to check for tax there's something assigned to you you got to review it a lot of these things that we're. Doing with the laserfiche app is to make your life easier and more efficient when you're on the go you don't have to check your form will tell you when to your phone so things like these I feel that as me it has off of. These moronica features for our community it will really make em put laserfiche the Laserfiche app into a more powerful and impactful position excellent excellent and anita so for me it's gotta be workflow it's extremely logical so once you can. Get your hands dirty with building workflows you can do quite a while and then you know what are some of the cool features people might not know about workflow ok so I'm only gonna list a few because I can keep talking for days about this but first off you know a. Pretty simple one that not everyone knows about is a token dialog so that's pretty much built in anywhere you can use a token in workflow and other places too but you can apply formatting different functions all within that one place that you're trying to use your. Token so instead of having to do a lot of activities to change the information you're inputting you had that built-in system right there the next one that. I'd like to talk about is something I learned about just last year and this was actually told to me by meruna who is basically a workflow guru and all-around Laserfiche celebrity so she actually told me that within the. Update update Word document activity which was something you can use with mail merge documents to format information and send out dynamic dynamic content that you're generating there's a checkbox in the advanced properties pane that you can just check and it will take all of that content that you have format it and throw it into the body. Of an email so for those of you who have made emails with workflow sometimes it takes a little bit of you know HTML to make it look exactly how you want but with. An merge document all you have to do is take that content and they're really just zap it up into that one token so that's really cool the final thing I'll leave you with this is more of a did you know but within your search activities when you're searching the repository you're finding. Entries sometimes you're going to want information about those documents and instead of having to retrieve field information after the fact there's just again checkboxes that you can just click and select which properties you want so. You could say oh I know it's going to have this template I'm just going to grab those field values or you can even get information about its records management properties for example and then once. You check it off it's all ready to go and you can. Keep proceeding on in your workflow. So what's the coolest thing you've ever seen workflow do so I saw an answers post where someone actually used workflow to kick off a process to make a pot of coffee so what they were doing is they were using a lot of the. Integration features that workflow has built in but wrapping it with some other cool tools so basically they were kicking the process off by sending a text and that would go ahead and trigger workflow using the REST API and then it could go ahead and send you know other signals basically to turn the power on or off so. Definitely a pretty cool use of workflow I would probably turn the. Coffeemaker on and off myself but it's really cool to see how you can have workflow interact with things that are not just within the repository I mean that sounds insanely convenient I'm gonna be honest I really don't like doing laundry so is there a way that I could take workflow and have it do my laundry fold. My laundry how can I become enough of an expert to make that happen because I think that'd be very helpful in my life so I think you should just do your laundry but you have a lot of resources out there. For you so if you're just getting started we have the getting started guide we have. Online certification videos so you can take these interactive classes online at your own pace and get certified of course you can also post on Laserfiche answers which is our user forum we also have a lot of people you'll see these people on their answering questions for people. All the time and we also have in-person training so like I mentioned earlier pre-sales conducts user trainings all around the country and you can. Come sit with us in person and we'll teach you all the things you need to know and of course you can come to laser fusion power you can. Get a lot of help there well that's good to know about that I think I need to get on that pretty. Soon but unfortunately guys we've run out of time before we go I wanted to share a question that was posed by one of our users and I wanted. To see if you could answer it based on your unique viewpoints what opportunities for growth do you see in the future of ECM honey let you start us off future is a way providing ways for users to be able to access their information their content in sort of a unified way kind of like a dashboard because. People have documents they have discussions they have tasks they have maybe analytics. Reporting and right now we have a lot of tools for that kind of thing but it's nice to be able to pull it together into someone like a one-stop shopping but that kind of information I'm really excited about that moving forward well what well I think what I see is sort of the future future possibilities for. ECM lying machine learning and AI for example when it comes to capture the idea of having intelligent capture for example a lot pretty much all organizations have invoices and purchase orders but they'll come in from all different. Organizations and you can't control them they're not standardized but they all have the same information that you want to extract a a Pio number you know the total the total cost and so the idea behind intelligent capture is to look at those documents and learn. And know hey this. Is where this piece of information is even if it's in a different place from invoice to invoice and the same idea also has applications for you know things like robotic process automation where. You set it up and that's great and then the. External site changes how it looks and the idea here is that the machine can learn hey I know what I was trying to get this is where it's moved to and it'll keep working you don't have to keep going back and updating it Annina yeah so my answer kind of blends Prabhas responses. But with Laserfiche and kind of the growth of the enterprise what I hear a lot of customers asking for is a place for all of their information. To be centralized whether it's things that they're storing or something that's coming from our process so as we're getting all that information I think where laserfiche is really going to grow is on the analytics side you know making the most of the information that's stored in there and with that machine learning giving you some insights into. What you can do better at your own organization and finally Andrew so kind of what everyone here sended up is just I see that there is no boundary between enterprise content management ECM and business process management BPM because what really matters is that laserfiche as a whole. Makes a product that our community wants and making something for them that doesn't even. Know that they want yet so for me I feel that if I come back basically having easy and BPM together not having a boundary really makes us laserfiche and makes us develop and put us in the forefront into making the whole entire enterprise. Content management business process management into one singularity and make it so that our customers will be very very satisfied and empowered by us thanks for that everyone well folks we hope you enjoyed your time here with us now go and apply all of this amazing Laserfiche. Knowledge and if you'd like to meet these amazing guests in person. Learn some more. Tips and tricks to get the most out of your system or try out the escape room and we hope to see.


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Laserfiche Introduces the Future of Work at Empower 2019 AiThority Laserfiche a leading global provider of enterprise *content* management (ECM) software—will hold its annual Empower Conference Feb. 5-8, 2019, in Long ...
Wed, 06 Feb 2019 08:00:00 GMT
Laserfiche Unveils New Tools to Build the Future of Work at Empower 2019 - PRNewswire
Laserfiche Unveils New Tools to Build the Future of Work at Empower 2019 PRNewswire LONG BEACH, Calif., Feb. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Laserfiche—a leading global provider of enterprise *content* management (ECM) software—this week ...
Wed, 31 Oct 2018 07:00:00 GMT
Laserfiche Named a Challenger in 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant - MarTech Series
Laserfiche Named a Challenger in 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant MarTech Series Laserfiche, a leading provider of enterprise *content* management (ECM) and business process automation solutions, was named a Challenger in the Gartner ...
Fri, 21 Dec 2018 08:00:00 GMT
Laserfiche unveils massive plan for new headquarters in Los Cerritos • Long Beach Post - Long Beach Post
Laserfiche unveils massive plan for new headquarters in Los Cerritos • Long Beach Post Long Beach Post Laserfiche, the Long Beach-based software development company, has unveiled its massive plan to build a 74-foot-high, 102,848 square-foot office building ...
Sat, 02 Feb 2019 08:00:00 GMT
Laserfiche Long Beach Hosts Empower Conference | Business - Gazette Newspapers
Laserfiche Long Beach Hosts Empower Conference | Business Gazette Newspapers More than 4000 people from more than 30 countries will be coming to the Long Beach Convention Center on Feb. 5-8 when Laserfiche hosts its 12th Empower ...
Fri, 04 Jan 2019 08:00:00 GMT
Laserfiche building new headquarters in Long Beach - KABC-TV
Laserfiche building new headquarters in Long Beach KABC-TV Laserfiche is building a new headquarters. The Long Beach-based software company plans to build a 74-foot-high, 102848 square-foot building.