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it's very touching the loyalty that the workers have had to their work family I've seen nothing like it I've been in this industry my entire professional life and the commitment and loyalty that workers have had to each other sharing money with each. Other over the holidays and obviously the predecessor employer what was what was especially disappointing about the situation for them was the. Canadian operation was a cash flow positive operation and the the predecessor company serve account that had gone bankrupt was having more troubles with their US operations so this team was working. Hard and was very successful for their clients so the fact that they had some problems with their paychecks was very disappointing we're very proud to provide them a stable environment going forward with good diversity a good capital base and a very diverse set of. Clients we're currently employing four hundred and eighty workers that is roughly 93 percent of the workforce that was employed here on the day of server comms closure which was December sex in the months prior. To that there was a hundred and some-odd more workers in addition we've received over 400 applications from new prospective workers and we're beginning the process of engaging them and hiring them and getting them. In our training classes where we're standing right now. We hope to expand about another 100 seats this is a 435 seat facility and we're going to grow it to a 535 seat facility and if you. Run two shifts you multiply times two and that'll be a thousand seventy right so I don't think we'll get up there I think we'd be pretty happy to having five six seven hundred workers here on a stable consistent basis transitions been nothing short of amazing there was some nice technology and integration that this. Company already had instead of reinventing the wheel we hired a number of server comms us account management and information technology staff and them as well as the. MCI team along with the Sydney team worked very hard to re-implement things there weren't a lot of things that were broken so there weren't a lot of things that needed fixing it was a matter of re-engineering it to work within the MCI systems and it compliance and secure way which we were able to do very quickly. In particular with the help of the tremendous client base which has an affinity and affection for Sydney because of the long tenure of the workers and the high level of quality and. High level of performance when you're opening anything quickly there is risk of timing and there were some things that went down to the wire and as a result you know you have to stay up later or work over the weekend but the team has been highly committed to doing so what. I've learned about this. Workforce and frankly all all the people of Nova Scotia that I've met that the sense of community in the sense of family is really second to none it's it's a little yesteryear as it compares to the level of family and community and extended family that you see in. The US and I think it'd be advantageous for Canada in the communities to hold on to that because it's something very special that is pretty sad when it gets lost so. It's been nothing short of amazing and impressive the fact that the team could have moved or seek other employment or I mean let's face it ninety-three percent of workers came back right and there's different programs there's education you know employment insurance. Types of things and just different options etc and the workers just wanted to be back with their friends and family earning a good hard. Honest paycheck which just says a lot about the people of Sydney just true salt of the earth so we've. Signed a nine year lease right with the Crombie Reid who owns this building and there's a little room to expand here they've got a space next door should we need it that's kind of a kiddy corner to this I see. No reason why we'd go anywhere I think you know especially with the exchange in a long term hedge is a little bit of a higher margin here and this foray into kind of North American International work near shore if you will etc I think that this is probably going to be our. Highest priority service delivery facility so I would be shocked if one here in a decade I mean this place has been here for 20. Years in multiple iterations first it was Ron Webber than it was servic on but I think it'll be MCI for you know the permanent foreseeable future a very tumultuous time you know over the past month and a half and there were a lot of ups. And downs more downs than ups but you know our team really rallied together and you know over the last several weeks we've talked long. Hours these long days to try and get to where we are today and you know like I'm very happy to say everything is up and running smoothly and all of our contracts are back and employees are happy and you know people woke up this morning and check their bank accounts and and I paid today so very big. Day here the weight that's been lifted off my shoulders and you know I'm sure I speak for. Everybody else that works here when you know I said say it's on Metropole to be honest it was a. Very long road the last time that you know anybody from the psych hi-c okay was the 28th of November I believe so almost two months and you know it's it's nice to know that moving forward we are going to have that worry everybody was very very excited lots of comments you know positive. Comments in terms of jokes you know one of those numbers in my bank account you know if acceptor etc so everybody's very happy today you know that the move is definitely up and the buzz is up and you know I will say that we'll probably have an excellent performance day today riding that. Way from four model to happy faces this company MCI mash America it's the strength and the support and the the. Resources that they have our you know something that we are not used. To seeing you know we could come from a different environment and so already just things that you may have taken us a long time to implement or you know. Where we had to jump through hurdles to get these changes or improvements etc etc it's so fast here you know they have a very strong workhorse and everybody is very very committed to you know making sure this operation continues to run smoothly and you know continue to implement improvements throughout the year. And then for the years to come so I'm very very excited it's been tough to be honest you know there are many many many people here that you know could tell you stories about the hardships that they have faced I mean. Myself included but you know a lot of our employees in terms of the last two months and especially around you know the Christmas season and you know it was an awful. Time for this to happen and so it's been difficult but you know I will say that you know this this work family really rally together you know over the past two. Months and you know they really stuck by one another side and you know just pitched in to help any employee or you know any co-worker that. Was in need and we made it through you know and we're on the other side today and you know looking back you. Know at the last two months nobody ever wants to go back there ever. Again so everybody she's been you know looking very forward to the future very emotional absolutely yeah hands down absolutely I'm sure every single person that works for this company at one point or another had a breakdown already you know over the past two months and absolutely it's very emotional I mean. You're talking to people's lives and their livelihood and you know being able to support their families or lack thereof you know over the past you know 60 days so it's absolutely very emotional day today it's a very emotional day because you know there's some hope and there's there's some promise and some you know stability. You know good afternoon everyone before I get started and turn it over to the first speaker I want to extend a heartfelt thanks. To our employees here at the Sydney call centre over the. Past month and a half we have all experienced a situation that was like no other there were so many difficult and unexpected occurrences that you know that we had to go through and through it all you know through our darkest days we all really rallied together and we. All supported one another and I'll help lift up one another up at a time where we could have done the complete opposite the outpouring of support from one another to one another was something second tonight I've never seen anything like it in my life and you know I think I'd be safe. To say that many of us here in this room probably could say the same thing there are so many stories that I could tell you today in regards to employees assisting other employees with groceries or pooling money together to purchase. Oil for people so that. They were not cold or bringing diapers and formula two you know moms that work here who needed to further their children or just. Reaching out to our co-workers to make sure that every single person on your team was accounted for and was. Ok and knew that they had someone that they could reach out to if anybody did need assistance it was a very dark time for all of us it was a very unexpected situation and you know at one of the worst times of the year that it could have possibly happened and at. A time where it would have been very easy to basically give up and quit and scatter and go our separate ways instead we rally together we stuck by. One another we lifted one another up at times when everybody needed it I'm sure at one point or another I don't think it would. Be a lie to say at one point or another everybody had had a good cry right from the time that we we closed I also think it's safe to say that nobody here felt alone and that you know the support that we received from one another you know we are honestly a work family this. Is not just. A job for all of us and you know here we are. Six weeks later on the other side of it stronger than ever and looking forward to a fabulous 2019 and beyond so give yourselves around the body we all met was on December the 6th and was probably the most difficult unfortunate act that unfortunately we had to. Go through calling that meeting and just finding out to hours into the afternoon that hey we're gonna shut this site down it was just. A whirlwind of emotion I can't thank you guys enough as I said before for your dedication your support your commitment looking at where we're at today guys this is probably one of the happiest days that I've seen in a long time I really this community rallied rallied around this organization like no other I just saw the gentleman. Come in from the Salvation Army I want to give them a I'm speechless and that's a rare occurrence I just got a call about an hour ago that I. Was invited to come let me just say that opening my window my curtain and seeing you guys in the parking lot crying embracing one another it really pulled on our heartstrings this wasn't about receiving glory for ourselves this wasn't about the publicity or this wasn't about me being in the media every night this was about you people and. Showing you the love and compassion for our fellow neighbor and we are just so proud we really did see a lot of Christmas miracles this year from you know. Yeah yeah many partners stepped up to the plate community. Businesses so bees especially donating six hundred Christmas dinners so through our office this year and our church we we. Helped nine hundred people with Christmas whether it be dinner Christmas presents so that's a huge accomplishment my assault my divisional commander Major Wade budgie Oh Nicole McLane and all my. Staff we wish you. All the best and what I going to say to you it might sound rude but don't come back next Christmas god bless you god bless you I will say we will be back to help and support that. Next Christmas so Cory get. Used to our faces will. Be definitely helping you guys thank you again okay I just want to thank as well people have come down from from our core team we have Chris we have mark of course we have Dan Kaplinsky Jason went back today and Gord these guys are hardcore man I'll tell you love. Have them down first time I met them they were just like family perfect guys thank you for media you guys have been just amazing over this this turmoil that we've went through since since October 19th actually. When we went through the chapter 11 right through. December 6 with the bankruptcy you guys have been nothing but supportive everything that you guys have have put on on paper has. Been just pristine there has been just the highest regard to the media and I gotta thank you. Guys very much for supporting us during this time guys media thank you elected politicians there as well that. Have given us great support I want to thank Jim McCloud counselor they own that Whitney pair Eldon McDonald counselor former deputy mayor. Up in the shipyard area of course Ivan Doncaster Ivan there's cake in there afterwards he's the deputy mayor as we speak he's gentlemen I saw at the hockey rink I saw them traveling through the community. And always coming over. And asking how are things going what can we do to help I got to thank Cecil Clark as well Cecil is not here today but again. Those guys have put great support behind us and ensured that hey anything that we needed from a. Transparency standpoint they were there for us. So good guys thank you very much dereck homework at and Jeff McClellan I mean I'll tell you when this situation occurred they took the bull by the horns they had with mark liking the the setup going down at a cola I mean the group from a cola n SBI HR DC I mean they rallied the troops got us. In Friday morning and start you know brainstorming on what we could do to make some money back. Before Christmas because it was a tumultuous time where nobody received any pays. For four weeks but I got to tell you you. Guys stepped up at a time of need you guys do you know from a community standpoint how valuable this resource was and I can't thank you guys enough for calling every day but making sure that you know you delivered on what you had guys that I had committed to so thank you Derek and Jeff. Thank you thanks goes to Julia I'm sure Julia you've been up every night or watching Anthony work over the course of the last I would say five or six weeks in. Particular since I've been getting to know him and I'll tell you he's a workhorse but I got to tell you you must have suffered a lot of this this you know emotion with him up and down on the purchase or we thought the purchase and finally the purchase happened so I just want to personally. Thank you for being so supportive during this time okay with that being said I just really want to turn it over. To the guy man the guy that took us like a Breton and has. Embraced it like he's been here forever and I'll tell you he's been. Down more times than our former predecessor and I. Look forward to seeing them much much more thank you. I try not to get emotional I've really never seen or experienced anything like the people of Cape Breton before anywhere in my travels around the world or in the u.s. anywhere in my entire life the sense of community and family and friendship. And extended family and loyalty it was just second to none and we're very fortunate as an MCI team to have you part of the MCI team and family our company is you know 2,500 people ten contact centers multiple operating companies and in the very short time that we've been running and our sea level leadership team here today just. Walking this building and. Meeting the team and meeting the people you know everyone's initial reaction is that this is this is our best team already right and and that has a lot to do with your hard work dedication perseverance aptitude competency you know desire to remain in your community and to give. Back to your community what we you know experienced it witnessed early on when things happened with what was going on with the Salvation Army and amongst co-workers and on Facebook was just unbelievably moving and motivating to to say the least to want to be part of this community Sydney Cape Breton and. Nova Scotia without a doubt it's just been absolutely an unbelievable experience and I'm you know happy to say that I now have you know hundreds of new friends right four four four hundred and eighty new friends right most which have friended. Me on Facebook right all sorts of chats and morning evening weekend and no it was great I hope that you recognize that I tried to at least we try to listen to what was being said that evening at the ASPI Legion relative to benefits relative to pay relative to. Just confidence and commitment etc etc so one of the you know one of the first things we did and it was very important to me was to make sure that the company was providing and covering you know essentially giving our individual workers free benefits for our. Workers small thing but you know. The least we can do you know raising the entry-level. Wage for our newer workers etc and. Over the course of the coming weeks and working with Tanya and Todd and Shana who have you know been tremendous leaders along with the the remaining it's not that some of you have worked you know. In the market whether it was Ron Weber or serve. Accom for 19 years you've been with you know the predecessor for five years or 10 years or 15 years and. Although we're a new employer and we're not the former employer it was important for us to take a look at your tenure in the industry and give you that consideration. You know I think Judy helped you. Right now give you the consideration on what level of vacation time you accrue and these types of things right so um as as most of you know and for our guests if someone had worked here for a long enough period of time where they are we're accruing a larger percentage of vacation time we you know allowed that to. Continue under us as a new employer honestly it's just fair right and we're fair and pragmatic people and it's very reasonable and fair and you've got to be fair and how I mean how could you not be fair to a group of people like this I immediately you know felt that night at. The Legion and frankly in dealing with some of the early discussions with Todd and the community leaders the leaders of this community you know Minister McClelland Minister mom Burkett you know the the city of Sydney an SPI Akola all these discussions just unbelievable around-the-clock representation of you know whatever you. Know MC I really needed to to pull this off and their commitment for for the people and the team was was really second to none and you know regardless of where you're from or what your politics are none of that was you know ever even. Contemplated or even thought of the commitment to get this team back to work transcended you know anything political or anything logistically it was really the love of thy neighbor that motivated everyone to work very hard to get back and up and running as quickly as. Possible and I want to thank you know everyone for their seventy-five organizations that donate it to the workers here and for the members of media we the team has put together a list I think it's very important to be very difficult to recognize all of them obviously the the Salvation. Army provided a tremendous heavy lift and you know. Todd let the cat out of the bag. There a little bit but as a team we have chosen as an organization and 20:19 to get together and provide as much support back to the Salvation Army as being possible so we look very much forward to giving back to helping other neighbors in Cape Breton Nova Scotia sometimes our. Middle management they're where the rubber meets the road we have 400 and you know 80 workers and you know a huge portion of them eighty-five ninety percent of them are our you know front line production advisors and agents inside sales customer service etc by the. Way we're going to be bringing some inbound customer service here in March will be about sixty to seventy five jobs 50 FTE for an. Inbound inbound customer service complex care for United States furniture retailer and they're very happy to along with our skies but our suits each have about 15 people there their moms and dads and coaches and mentors and fathers and and just just the leaders right if someone is new they need. To work with them if something something someone has something going on at home they need to work with them if they have the top sales agent in the center and but that person's got you know a big ego or something they have to work with it right so you know the supervisor we're where's. A substantial amount of hats and they kind of get lost in the shuffle I mean they're really where the rubber meets the road I. Mean if the management team the account management the IT staff program management the directors I mean if we all went and did a meeting and it's the soups running this operation right so I want to call the soups up one by one at least the ones that that are here and and and just say thanks let's start. Off with Inez Harrison here are the paychecks for you and your team I'm a remix you. Go so Linda you were number one yesterday right we ran a little contest today are you in the lead I'd like an update please Jessica Fillmore. And Donna Gracie William way and Joanne Landry olive Bartlet and Ken Jenny Kendall Patrick Raya I see George McDonald and then for our general staff I want to have. Tonya Todd and Shawna come up and grab these please so um I think I got a phone call in the airport from the Canadian Press on my way out of Sydney last time I was in town after the légion meeting and coming for the first visit after the bankruptcy auction and it was. Approaching Friday afternoon and the judge was entering the final paperwork to make the sale official and they were texting me I was catching a flight and you know I I said two things I said one let them know the place is theirs again and two that. I'm gonna buy everyone a beer right unbelievable and wonderful experience I can't thank you guys enough I can't wait to get to know you more over the years there's a lot of opportunity this company's going to continue to grow we're gonna right where you. Got I mean I love that we have the space to do these meetings but we're gonna put seats right there ninety-three percent of our work the workforce the former workforce came back to work and we've received over 400 new applications. From account management information technology from the American portion of the predecessor business have joined the team including you know Dan Copa Lansky a senior vice president of information. So I'm going to turn. It back over to Todd or Shawna whoever's gonna wrap us up. I want to thank you guys enough friends family you guys are welcome to join us tonight and I got a little mug yesterday from my neces team said an honorary Cape Breton. Er right so I think I'm gonna have to put it to the test. This evening it's a rare occasion for me but I hope it doesn't hurt too bad on the flight home so happy new year congratulations unbelievably proud to be part of this family thanks for. Having us all of these paychecks have been signed personally by Anthony. SF yesterday everyone over 480 Wow before we let everyone go into the cafeteria for this evening guys we will have tickets so you'll probably see myself or Shawna Anthony Tonya will have tickets for you guys at the location so please see. Us we're gonna have a great night there we're gonna have some refreshments we're gonna have some food I know Glen Joe look at. Him he's living the dream down. There ready to roll man before we cut the ribbon guys we just got a couple of gifts parting gifts for our you know famous so I guess we'll call them. Now visitors that have never been down to Cape Breton before including dk3. But with that being said I'd like to take up Gore's Dan mark Chris and I know Jason flew back today Jason was an integral part of the planning that we had since day. One and flew back today to Colorado to see his daughter this evening let's let's give those guys a gift let's give them again. Thank you guys very much Julie up come on up we. Got a gift for you and for Anthony as well come on up we want you to open this is from all of us at the center guys everyone everyone hold it up welcome to Cambridge that's a Cape Breton Jersey there you go thank you. So much everybody and it's just an honor to have you all as part of our family and under are a lot. Of single mothers out there and I know there are people going through those health struggles or whatever and I just you guys have shown so much grace and so much optimism through this you know challenging time it's just an honor to get to know all of you thank you let's go. My baby we have a gift for Anthony as well please don't look at it let's look at it the middle over here it's a hefty price for three beer now we have a little gag gift but it's not r-rated the cage rent evils I want to thank you guys again for coming today anybody. That was on the night shift that came in for this really appreciate your time again all the personnel that was here today again guys thank you so much for everything you guys. If we can invite up yeah counselor do counselor Eldon and also let's. Get up counselor or deputy mayor Ivan Doncaster as well for. A new beginning the difference friends.


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