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Trying to find this car it's seven floors a car can be anywhere that's pretty selfish no let's just try to find. A second what's going on in Zant I'm from Anton Daniels calm it's another beautiful sunny day on my. Way to take less less the best here to school less was sold over this morning she was imitating people that. Have hot flashes but she was acting like she was in church do you have anything to say for yourself less today we'll be going to review the Maven app which is a. General Motors product and what it is is it's a how do I want to describe it peer-to-peer car-sharing ride-sharing something like that right subscription no it's not exactly that but it tolls along those lines of you don't need a vehicle you can go and get one when you need it use. It for what you need to use it for and then drop it back off which I think and it's concept because. I haven't tested it yet but in its concept I think that it's a phenomenal idea especially for a person that's looking to move. Or transition my lifestyle however I want to. Transition it quickly however that's not going to happen because of restrictions and things that I have going. On and too much to get into but we're gonna go and book a car through the app use it for however long we need hopefully hopefully everything goes on off without a hitch I'm looking forward to. It because I think that that's the wave of the future car subscription you know I prefer to live in a walkable area a place where I can live work and play all of us in the same area and not have the need for you know owning a car and all of the. Things that go with it it's a little bit different for me because you know what a business is and a restaurant and you kind of need the cheap and all that other type of stuff but yeah I don't really care for the idea of needing to own a vehicle or needing to own certain things in order for. You to be able to live your life the way you. Want to live it I'm kind of moving into a minimalist phase and while we're at it since we're riding. In the Jeep I think all of that is videos to come stuff to come. Things that I'm working on and I'm getting it together so about the drop less off of school go pick read up head over to find a vehicle or something like that. My first time actually I downloaded the app a long time ago but it's my first time actually using. It to see what it's really like so yeah let's go giving you one last chance to say what you. Need to say defend yourself defend your hot. Flashes in church this morning oh and are you an actor oh snap Leslie's last year in this school you guys didn't know that but you do now hey where we. Say you're gonna say that for years now it's worked it's paying off that's my baby so strolling through mmm so equinox up there Chevy Cruze Hatchback pass another Equinox I want to test drive a Volt I am looking to go green so. That may be it right there see this doesn't have a specific address though so do I reserve it and then they give me an address it says I have them all the way to rain 80s see now this is a Chevy Camaro and these are around $30 an hour or at 315 a day but then. I have seen like some that was a lot cheaper so then the question then becomes like am I getting s s am I getting less or something like that like what am I. Getting what kind of Camaro is this I. Don't plan on getting a Camaro today simply because it's raining outside yep got the Chevy Malibu and 775 a Tahoe so. On and so forth but I think I'm gonna check out this Volt simply because it doesn't have a specific address and then in addition to that I always kind of wanted to check out the new. Volt because you know I got this thing about electric cars right now so if I wanted to start now when I wanted to and 12:43 what's a our o lady she can n do this to 32 hours basically they pay for insurance Wi-Fi and. 24/7 support we pay for gas and tolls so my cost will be $15 a 90 cent for using it for basically an hour and 45 minutes so let's reserve it for reservation okay where do I find this thing 1001 brush let's. Go to 1001 brush I'm less than a half a mile away so I'm in Greektown I think I've located the vehicle where I know where is that so it's in a parking garage but the problem is is that how do you know what. Floor it's on in the parking garage I'm paid there before 8:00 as soon as they open it up so I'm gonna try to find this car they say you don't need any keys all you. Need is the nap so we're gonna find out how that works so I'm undergoing this goose chase this car is seven floors a car can be anywhere call them and say work maybe they know what color is it blue I guess this is pretty tough dog is that it that Chevy writer or you check that I'm gonna. Throw it over here does it. Say bolt on it this is pretty crazy I don't think that's it all righty then yep that's it I think I located it but at the same time I think I lost a lot of time though yep that look like I said yeah I found it but it took me a while a little bit of. Work we found the vehicle my bluetooth was off all right so let's unlock the vehicle and I could have did the horn or it's an unlock it's. Successful that's pretty cool all right so let me throw my stuff in the backseat it's fully charged come on hon we have 58 miles of range. Is it I think it's on it's an electric car so I think we can go Oh didn't make any noise but we control everything through the phone so we can control the audio everything currently I didn't know that there was a parking pass for you to get. Out of the garage and you put it here okay so there's a little bit of a learning curve however so far I really like what's happening here maybe I should put my seatbelt. On I think the service is good the same price is like a rental car can't you get like no it's cheaper car for a whole day like $15 when my mom went to work I don't know pushy I've never dated a car. I don't know what to cut I mean it depends on the type of car depends. On the service and depend on your loyalty. Depend on your points I know it it's depending on how fast these people there's going they're going really really slow we ain't got much time you know what I'm. Saying we don't have to put any fuel back in this thing because it's all electric and that's the one thing that you do have to pay for is holes and fuel and it looks like the Lions have a game today Monday Night Football so traffic is. Picking up a little bit I had to come out here anyway so I might as well use somebody else's started to leave these lines we literally been in here how long you think we've been in here been here seven minutes ain't nobody waiting in that I hate to be giving you a free promo but I'm. Gonna give you free promo Sam's Club and Walmart so I just scanned all my stuff as I was shopping for it I ain't waiting in the blinds then ever technology is everything this time is. Money I feel like these companies should be a me for this exposure but then again if I start charging and then start paying me I'll become like the corporate places and. Then I alright let's unlock seen the lights flickering oh wow I got honey all right well I guess that's that my final thoughts on this maven app GM's car peer-to-peer sharing program I'm not even really sure what you call it but it's a convenience app for people that. Need cars that want to use cars to do what it is that they need to do or get done and then drop it back off and don't have any obligation to maintain the cars your only obligation and priority is to make sure that you can get to and. From that it's in the same condition that it was. When you picked it up and to make sure the gas is back in it which we didn't have to put any gas back in it because we just plugged it back up and that part was pretty. Dope also because I hadn't driven in a Chevy Volt so I'm really really interested in electric cars a completely different conversation I know you can hear the game through my headphones one of the reasons why we're gaming hefo and you know i play on xbox also I'm not a PC. Player I'm not a ps4 player Nunda you want to give you a final thoughts on the Maven app and I've been you know kind of selling Reta on this whole transition and of a different lifestyle and you know. I'm kind of over the whole suburbs thing and all that but like I said a completely different conversation but you want to give your thoughts on the. Maven app and a specific car the Chevy Volt that we had got I like that awesome I like that I like that like you have to go to. The gas station just plug it up and go so I think that my next car will be a chick ain't it anyway she wants a Tesla specifically probably a Model S but yeah it was pretty dope I really loved it I really liked it I. Hope that other car manufacturers keep it up and at General Motors continues to push and promote this thing because it's the future it's the way over the future even if it's slow to be adopted by certain cities because you know they're used to operating in a certain way and it takes a shift and a change in culture. And it takes companies really large companies like General Motors in order. To push stuff like this you know. I've been reading about car subscriptions I think that that's a phenomenal idea especially for people like me and the majority of the population. That don't want to be tied down to anything specific you want to all look you know it reminds me of the music industry and how you know at one. Point you used to. Have to go to the store and sift through records or and then you had to you know the whole cassette tapes and then CDs and then eventually there was a disruption and it was uncomfortable for a long time for a lot of people and a lot of different companies that dependent on an old. Model when they wanted it to stay the same which that disruption was file-sharing Napster so on and so forth long story short now we have you know you you can stream and subscribe so I have Apple music I love Apple music I'll probably never ever personally go and purchase a CD or you know anything like. That I just want to be able to get what I want to get. And listen to when I listen to y'all figure out how to monetize it y'all figure out how it makes sense from a financial perspective for the companies and for the artists and things like that but we want what we want we want convenience we want. To use technology to better and make our lives easier and get the things that we want. When we want it and I think that cars and hopefully probably somehow. Someway even homes or probably transition into this new. Wave of subscription-based get what you want to get and get something different whenever you want it type things so I love. It I absolutely love it I'm gonna try to use it as much as possible and I'm even a petition you got shared this video with maven I'm even. In General Motors I'm even gonna petition them to get more vehicles out in areas where I live at specifically because I don't really care for I mean I love my cars I love my Jeep I love my Lexus but I don't like being tight now I really don't and I don't really care for. Driving as much I know I have to do some driving because of the things that I you know the businesses and all that other type of stuff but I don't know it's different for me um I'm transitioning and more than than just wanting to be a certain type of way I'm slowly moving my life into a different. Direction so I will Holly child later I appreciate you I'll make sure you holiday me dance on Daniels comm and although my social media platforms I. Check. Y'all.


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