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I hope everybody enjoyed the group qualifying because that was pretty intense and a little different than single. Car qualifying when you got guys actually going to head-to-head like Kobe advancing your did and it makes for an interesting finish and that certainly was the case today. Now the mini Sox are ready to go the defending champion of the division Erik Burgos Erik poor goose has a retired so uh he had his fire suit on today for the first and only time as part of our. Ceremony and now we are getting ready for action Jared Roy Doug curry making up the front row so Pete this should be 15 laps of fireworks pace. Car is often they make their way out of turn number four and Bobby puts the green flag in the air. They are underway the jump is jarred Roy started on the outside and will lead them down into turn one and trying to make a move on the inside is Doug curry mahal ski is in the neighborhood in car number 44 then. The 19 off to a great start but as a blowtorch they're way off of the corner it is going to be your first lap leader. Is Roy and I made a mistake that is a 79 and that's Dave Trudeau jr. in contention curry looks to the bottom he's hugging the bottom of the racetrack through the first and second turn right up to the left rear quarter. Panel of Roy but the caution flag comes out we've got a spin in turn four and that will negate that battle for the lead so the yellow comes out quickly before a lap can be put on the board or one lap put on the board with. Jared Roy out in front so it's Dave Trudeau heading on the pit road and this has not been a great. Weekend for him had headaches yesterday I think he ran out of excedrin because he has more headaches today and there is Evan Burgos card over 78 before becoming a mini stock driver he had a lot of success running on the. Wild thing cart program it Stafford won a lot of races even though he was a part-time competitor as Eric said he is the best driver of the family Evan not referring to himself our contingency sponsors for the. Mini Sox northeast race cars and parts which will be giving a $25.00 product certificate to a random draw and also a $25.00. Certificate to the race winner and OBE acid a $50 prize to the race winner and of course this winner will be awarded pizza and beer in our Raceway restaurant after the race when you go up there to celebrate with the pizza and beer the winners can show off the beautiful icebreaker. Trophies that are being awarded down there in victory lane they look like a big block of ice which is perfect and each one of our winners this weekend are going to be taking those home well I'm remember isn't a slang for ice diamonds well could be so. That is a very special trophy that our winners will be awarded today the bests appearing trophies look pretty good in the winner of that that's appearing a distinction in the mini Sox was Doug curry so Dougie fresh works very hard he maintains. Two cars and both of them are competitive taking them here to get the lineup straightened out here and they communicate with the drivers to let him know where they're supposed to be for the restart Steve Mahal ski in car number 44 he was a most. Improved driver getting that award at the 2018 banquet and then the 79 DJ Trudeau he's having a lot more success than dad is this weekend he is in car number 79 former. Football player for the Coventry Windham Tech co-op and he had a great senior season so he is in the upper tier of the field at 4th place getting ready for of the restart appropriately 1st and 2nd position are held by cars. Number one and two as they are lined up right behind the pace car well that's pretty observant is that what you mean I scooped you man on car number 44 in third place. But now we get ready to turn it loose green flag is in the air and this time the inside row gets the jump Doug curry in the number. Two will lead them down into turn number one at mahaki trying to crow a little stutter except for Roy down the backstretch we'll see if. That slows them down here comes GJ Trudeau on the outside. And he is dead even wallpaper to the side of the Steve Mahal ski car yeah they mix it up out of turn four quarry will leave that lap now Roy runs right with him in the second spot a great. Battle for third mahal ski on the bottom trying to make the pass but just not enough to get around Trudeau's number 79 Doug curry in a hurry at the front of the field Scott mahal ski having a good run he is currently in fifth and he has some company that's Ian brew with car number 42 he is right there. With the 51 car race through the first and second turn the number 1 of Roy takes a look underneath. Cory but Cory's pulling them down the backstretch and leads him by a length and a half into turn three again they accordion back together again one two three nose to tail out of. Turn four and running fourth is mahal ski and a good job remember Ian Bruce arted pretty far back and the Rhode Island driver has climbed into the top five Roy taking a shot at Currie and came up with nothing but air just can't get back on the throttle fast. Enough to stay with him on the straightaway again he will climb. Right back up to the back bumper through that third and fourth turn as they race down across the strike score. Another lap in curries favour as now we have five complete. In the mini stock feature here comes Roy making a serious bit underneath curry once again he. Comes up empty-handed so Currie has the advantage but I hang it on the back like a post-it note is that number one a juror and Roy in third the 79 a GJ a DJ Trudeau and he has been pretty impressive this afternoon Roy taking another shot Roy we finally got a nose down underneath there. This is where he's made up the most ground is in the first and second turn and. Again gets almost halfway up alongside the number two but he just can't pull alongside curry completely and falls back in line on the backstretch curry getting a lot of lift off the corner here comes Roy again sticking out of. The back bumper like a dart and curry able to hang on DJ Trudeau making up some room in the third place position so curry Android might be slowing the field down a little and Trudeau is making some late games seven laps completed so we're just about at the. Halfway point of this 15 lap mini Stock battle Ross flags are up and here comes that battle for the lead once again this time the back end comes out ever so slightly underneath curry and that allows Roy to drive right down underneath and get even going into turn one here's where Roy's been better through that. First and second turn but curry hangs tough up on the outside and it's a drag race on the backstretch yeah Roy had. His opportunity as he tried to torpedo his way underneath curry he's. Gonna try it again as a jitterbug there way off of turn number four the driver were the most bounce in his step continues to. Be curry as Roy has tried everything except siphoning the fuel out of the tank and nothing has. Worked yeah he's throwing everything at it this time he follows Currie through the first and second turn rather. Than try and stick the nose down underneath he's a half a length behind going into turn three but quickly makes that up this. Time right into the back bumper of curry gets Correa gives him a little wiggle and they race down the front stretch curry again. Able to pull him on the straightaway well he left his footprints in the back bumper of the curry car but couldn't get by it and DJ Trudeau is not giving up he is third try to narrow the gap between himself and Roy see Bohol ski for the-- andrew is fifth and Scott Belsky six but the battle. Is up at the front let's see what Roy does this time another strong move on the bottom but it's. Just not strong enough he makes that car turn to try and get underneath coming out of the turn and just that's where it takes away the momentum and he's just not able to get up the draw alongside of curry and like he did a couple of laps ago. To really give him the challenge as you. See he's able to pull right up on him going into the turn tries to stick the nose down underneath but of course the car on the outside gets to keep the momentum and get in that throttle just a little bit quicker. And and he leads him down into first into the first turn once again a serious move posed by Roy around goes curry and getting caught up in it is Roy Roy is slammed against the wall so our top two frontrunners are in serious. Trouble Roy he is able to move on and the car that might have suffered the most damage is. Curry he went around there was nowhere for Roy to go except into the wall and the top two become the bottom two that was a tough one as we had said Roy was making up time going into the first turn and he thought he would try. It again only that time curry trying to hold his ground up in the. Second groove they made contact Roy was got into the left rear quarter panel of. The number two and sent him around and then as Roy Roy tried to go to the outside and go around curry he too got put into the wall yeah he tried to go to the outside the only problem there was no outside as he was squeezed into the wall and. The hook he's being used for Doug curry as he was a dominant. Factor for 12 laps we had quite a battle between Jared Roy and Doug curry but those two cars turned into Rock'em Sock'em robots with three laps to go and taken over the lead car number 79 DJ Trudeau looking for his first ever mini stock win yeah. That's kind of like look what I found and that is the lead as the two leaders take themselves out there coming. Out of the second turn and we've got a new top five yes Santa Claus could have given up a better gift than that as look what DJ found out there is a Christmas tree the lead but he's gonna have to go. Up against the veteran see Bohol ski has been around a long time and another guy who. Has a nose for late heroics and brew car number 42 Edie has struggled the last couple of years. But last year he made a comeback and he looked like the old Ian. Brew so we'll see if he could do it on opening weekend in 4th is Scott Mahal ski then Everett Burgos has had a few headaches along the way here today but he is running strongly right now in car. Number 78 then Russ Barbosa is next and then the birthday man you can't really call him a birthday boy can you Pete because he's celebrating 40 years old I think that's the cutoff of hey birthday boy ok whatever the case he is having a great run Doug Curry's car has been hoisted out coming up next our competitors. The best drivers in the Northeast ready to go. At it for 150 laps in the traditional icebreaker justice in boxing you're looking for two in a row and he has a pretty good spot on the outside of the front. Row but Doug curry here Doug Kobe excuse me he already has one win this year and he was supposed to start that race on the pole but they had a Fanta ppreciate party at Myrtle Beach. And he ran over a nail they had to change the tire and he was told he had to go to the rear of the field didn't really matter because he was able to win the race well we have a reminder that our next event here Thompson. Comes up on Sunday May 19th it's a long-distance race for the limited sportsman but it's also active military and veterans get in free with proper ID that Sunday May 19th the next event here at Thompson so mark that on your calendar and be sure to tell everyone particularly those. That you know in the act of military and the veterans they will be saluted on that night as we make our way towards Memorial Day weekend Sunday. May 19th here at the Thompson Speedway set for the restart Dave Trudeau jr. has chosen the outside the jump for Mahal ski and Steve Ahoskie will lead everybody into the first quarter. Ian brew who's in a second and look. At that three wide action going down into turn one that is the race for third and unfortunately up on the outside the problem for Trudeau but just unable to keep the pace and has dropped kick back to the fourth spot trouble here is Beaulieu getting mixed up with Barbossa so somebody has snuffed out the. Candles on a birthday cake for Balu he is in trouble in turn number three trying to get off the track we are still under green with less than two laps ago at SIBO Hall ski last year's most approved driver is looking for big-time improvement this afternoon less than two laps away from a victory yeah he is scooting away. To open up a comfortable lead down the backstretch try as he might he and brew trying to reel them in but they go on to the white flag this time and now less than a lap to go in the middle of. What Mahal ski sandwiches he and brew Steve in front of him Scott behind him let's see if brew can do anything making a. Move on the outside that is DJ Trudeau moves into third but here comes Steve Mahal ski as he rabble-rousers his way out of the fourth turn Mahal ski on his way and he will win it as he goes across the stripe in the 44 room. Will be second Trudeau will hold on for the third spot and fourth we'll go to the 51 of Scott Mahal ski and then finishing in six Jared Roy made a pretty good recovery after being slammed against the. Wall Tom Silva in seventh Russ Barbosa in eighth Doug Currie ninth Keith Ballou tenth Glenroy 11th Chris Taylor 12th and Dave Trudeau 13th so when Steve Ahoskie won the most improved driver at the banquet in 2008 18 he said the reason he got it the way he improved her in. The second half of the season so obviously he has been able to take that momentum into today's action in the season opener you know he had some help as Doug curry and the the Jared Roy Carr. Car number one they were the dominant factors but they had a little meeting a little summit meeting in turn number two and when the dust cleared Mahal ski was able to have a. Great restart against the race leader DJ Trudeau and he will get a win I don't know time that steve Ahoskie is one of race it's been a while but uh one of the old veterans making his way to critical sides victory lane don't forget if you need trophies. Awards of any kind see Sean and Jennifer and they will hook you up and save you. Money that is the most important thing to remember so Steve Mahal ski I think he was pretty good remembering the way to Victory Lane Pete yeah he got down there in no time and will collect that beautiful ice breaker trophy and Dave will get to. Talk to him in victory lane and hear all about it boy his crew was pretty enthusiastic victory lane that is a one place you don't need a GPS to find Steve did a good job on his own a guy. Who's been around Thompson for. A long time and I sprayed her success today maybe he wasn't the fastest car at the start of the race but he did a great job on the restart he is ready to vault his way out of the car your icebreaker mini sock. Winner Steve Mahal ski getting ready to talk to Dave Berra ball and we're. Down here in victory lane with our winner in critical signs making lane Steve Mojave and Steve opening day a win at the Icebreaker last year's most improved driver what does it. Mean to you it's awesome awesome mark Suzanne everyone on the car my family everyone that supports me you know we just little. Changes here and there try to keep it out of the wall and you know improves every week well you were able to play the waiting game and get you know get a good break there but you also had a challenge for me and Bruin late yeah the car was real free at the beginning. I wasn't sure it was actually going to come. In but it did. So and Doug was fast and I figured Doug was gonna walk away with it but a little accident there and put me up front to go for the win and great tuning on the car and it goes some people behind the 44 you want to thank for getting you here. Today yeah look at the car Pete's oil entire dual temp insulation ap it's Jeff's graphics which is now outlaw graphics Ken's Auto and anyone else I missed. I'm sorry a psychic moment guys you have a. Very happy winter here in victory lane Steve maja ski so the Mahal ski family celebration continues there have been a lot of people named Mahal ski who have bid this Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park over the years and you see a lot of people are. Wishing stiva congratulations because uh I wouldn't say a cagey veteran but uh he knew enough to keep his car in one piece and he had some V low when he needed it the most so next up will be the Whelen. Modified Tour now remember when the tour race is over stay with us because the late models will be in action and that is going to be a great race so usually on the Icebreaker the tour closes a show that won't. Be the case today so we want everybody to hang with us after the tour is done and we will have the late models in action so uh we want everybody to remember. That that the late models are gonna. Be putting on a great. Show today yeah they've been chomping at the bit to get out there they. Were all strapped in and ready to go then we had a change up in the schedule due. To the timing so they will definitely be ready to go once this one is over so we will be getting ready for to bring the tour cars out and Kobe will be the first to move his best time in the group qualified eighteen point eight five five and if he told you that translates to a speed of. 119 and 1/3 miles an hour and that is a pretty quick he was the only driver to have a speed in the 119 by our category so our cars are getting into position and. Pretty soon we will be getting ready. To. Start the race.


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