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What's up guys welcome back to news waves so yes THQ Nordic announced that one of their three announcements when we. Talked about and it is that game and it's not a remaster it's a remake it's it's crazy now of course they're also doing another game today so keep an eye out for that and what we'll talk about that one tomorrow as well but at this. Point after seeing what they just revived nothing's off the table from their library and that's really exciting with with THQ Nordic is kind of the mystery around their announcements and the wealth of IPs that we have where I talk about all that in a little. Bit later on the show and also several more mystery SKUs stock-keeping units have now popped up on Amazon for all different platforms seemingly ahead of e3 so some interesting stuff going on right now ahead of the show. It's gonna it's a I think I think III is gonna be a little bit more fun than people are realizing right now as always guys doing these videos makes you like button and get subscribed and had any e3 to keep you guys up to date on everything that's happening because trust me there's gonna be quite. A bit of stuff now today we're actually gonna start with doom eternal because it looks like there it's gonna be their big like showpiece game at e3 and that's for Bethesda as you see here they actually outfitted all the buildings you know how like the buildings will get painted up and everything and they look really really. Cool well they were doing that for to maternal and I know people were pointing out Evan even did that they did Fallout 76. A HUD the year before but then we've also seen things like God of War get painted on the buildings and stuff so it's not just all bad games it's not like a curse it's not like the Madden curse for buildings or something you know where you put your game up there and. It's gonna do poorly I have a lot of confidence in doom eternal so far from what we've seen we've seen full gameplay and everything it looks great it's coming to like all platforms exciting stuff there with doom and that is a game that I'm really looking forward to by the way I think it's coming. Out this holiday so we hopefully don't the way much longer also since. We have that stadia stream happening later on today noon Eastern Time I'll be streaming it here it looks like one of the games outside of Baldur's Gate 3. That we've already talked about that's the reveal that's me really fun for people because it's not just me on stadia like. I said I'm not really you know streaming games are like a I'm ready platform but for people who are playing on PC right now you're probably gonna be able to enjoy Baldur's Gate 3 later on this year. Which is pretty cool but stadia is going to be interesting because one of the games that has been essentially leaked out is destiny - so it sounds like destiny - according to Kotaku is going to be a stadia game and the way this is. Gonna work because it will have cross progression that can move between platforms that includes between PC stadia and Xbox one so I guess essentially if you're on the road and you have your laptop with you but no means of playing destiny - because your laptop isn't. Great and you have the internet you can set you can pretty much login to stadia and start playing your destiny - file just not on. Your Xbox one or on your PC that is at least compelling and interesting for people who have it as a companion. Thing again and that really has your main as your main platform I'm curious how that would feel with the latency as well with stadia and a first-person shooter like that because doom didn't translate over. As well with people who are running tests at the stadia. Vent so something like destiny - that one might be a first-person shooters in general RPGs work well for streaming slower paced games right solar paced third-person adventure games work alright but first-person shooters that are supposed to be fast generally don't work that well with streaming but we'll see what else they have I think they have to hit us with. One really good exclusive and hope - today's the day if they're gonna do it also Microsoft just decided to start teasing ahead of their event now look their events be pretty big on Sunday I think most people realize that I'm really looking forward to but they. Put this tweet out right here that says we invited something new to Xbox III this year and that's it and honestly they have a two hour show there's a lot of surprises in store we see them getting buddy-buddy with Nintendo they could be talking about Nintendo and Nintendo reps showing up on their stage they could be talking about. The Xbox Scarlets showing up they could be talking about a. Brand new game. A new studio that they're working with there are a lot of possibilities here and this is exciting stuff because it's actually kind of hard to guess what Microsoft's gonna show outside of of course Halo. And Gears of War it's strangely it doesn't seem like there's gonna be a force a game there this year so that's different I guess they won't have a car leave they're just. Kind of DLC for forts our horizon so that's something I guess but interesting stuff and wolf to see what. They have because right now honestly I'm looking forward to the Microsoft event a lot like maybe more than all the events because I think there's a chance that they can just have everything there it may be including Nintendo will say. And guys some of the pictures of the way let's get into the bigger stuff THQ Nordic made. Some headlines yesterday made some people pretty happy because they announced a remake of a pretty old game from 2003 it was on the PlayStation 2 I remember playing it a bit on the Gamecube and I think it was on the Xbox as well Game. Boy Advance even it was spongebob battle for bikini bottom and it is being completely remade they put out screenshots they put out a trailer and they put out a little fact sheet as well and this is called spongebob battle for beat. Bikini Bottom rehydrated and it is a full remake they put out actually some screenshots that look pretty good play a spongebob. Patrick and Sandy you can use their unique set of skills you meet countless characters. From beloved series and the remake features include a faithful remake of one of the best spongebob games ever created high end visuals and this is going to be going to all the platforms including a switch Xbox one PlayStation 4 PC and it will have a brand new horde mode. Multiplayer for up to two players online and split-screen as well as restoring content that. Was cut from the original game like the roba Robo Squidward boss fight and more this is for people who are hoping for this and trust me there were a lot of people who are hoping for this game to get announced Jordan was one of them who kept talking about it this what this really. Shows is that teach to Nordic will bring back anything from our childhood or our younger days playing video games and to me I'm I love that I it's one of the reasons I. Enjoy seeing what THQ Nordic has at these events. They have a booth at e3 so I assume a lot of these things will be playable if they're putting their stuff on everything by the way it's like generally look at each key Nordic you. Don't have to ask if it's gonna be on the switch it's just. On the switch most times right this is the way it is bio mutants gonna be the big test I think they show it at e3 like they should it will switch logo pop that is a good question because these are like older style games. Right this one's a full remake but Sphinx for example was basically moved from PC to the switch and it got a physical copy but I'm thinking more along the lines of like Darksiders three bio mutant will they start moving that to the switch which with this new relationship that they seem to have but this is this is. This is fun I have no idea what they're announced today I I thought it'd be destroy all humans but maybe that's waiting for e3 these are pre e3 games which means they'll have some other announcements for e3 some big announcements maybe is that where timesplitters is or is timesplitters today or tomorrow I don't know that's the fun. Part next up let's talk about Game Stop because we've been talking about them quite a bit recently over the past few weeks months even and that's because they are struggling I don't think it's a secret to anybody they're having a hard time right now they've done some restructuring at. The top we talked about that here and it looks like they turned in some earnings that were less than what was anticipated expectations from different analysts and they turned in a number that was fairly low and they cut their investors dividend which. Is not a great sign for investors generally they will sell off in Mass if they lose that dividend and like they cut it completely. I didn't just lower it a little bit they just cut it and that actually had their stock tanking so if you're. Wondering why it tanked it mostly has. To do with them cutting their dividend and investors pulling out because of that because they're not essentially getting paid just have their money there a dividend will actually pay you money back to anyone who. Has invested in that company a percentage of each share and that's how it works out whereas now game stops basically saying we're not gonna pay you guys anything. Anymore because we need that money to do other things and apparently that will save them about a hundred and sixty sixty million dollars per year that they can now use in other avenues like working to rebuild the business because the business is struggling right now they do still appear to be. Turning a small profit but that profit. Is shrinking and once they go into just losing money completely then they're gonna be in trouble but it does seem like they could turn things around I think they're gonna make it to the next. Generation which will help there will be a big jump there in the next generation but you're seeing these stock prices drop badly down five dollars sharp like over 30% one day and again then I doing this dividend. Not necessarily that the company's just going out of business now so. Look forward to the PS five and the xbox Scarlett days and I think even this holiday with things like Pokemon a possible switch many up maybe a switch revision those are the things that could help them going forward but they need a plan and they need a fast at least they have some more. Capital work with after cutting that dividend next up we'll talk about. Grandia HD collection because it will be at e3 they put out information about this whole thing a full press release they even. Do a little nice little banner. Actually looks pretty cool it's it's Grandia HD it has the first one in the second one it's gonna be on the switch and the PC appears to. Still be on track for 2019 and they said that it will be at e3 now I don't know if that means well I assume that means it'll be playable they'll show some actual footage of it as they've outlined that they would. So we're gonna see this game it's gonna be really really cool now I like the older grandia games. I'm ever playing one of them on the Dreamcast and I enjoyed it but I really haven't revisited since then I do have it on Steam and I'll be curious to see how this version I guess is a bit different from the one that I have on Steam if they've really redone a lot of stuff but they put out a. Press release and they detailed a few things a lot of it seems to be geared around PC for a lot of the features you know things like oh it has you know gamepad support and stuff like that. But they have enhanced details to you. Ice price texture art basically they have made it sort of look a bit better on your monitor or HD television they have language support for original English and Japanese plus French and German translations and then on on your PC it. Will also have achievements steam cards that will. Have wide screen support and customisable resolutions as well for PC and you know. What I'm just excited to see this come out this this grandia collection and HD it's me really neat but there's a lot of people that missed. Grandi in general it it wasn't a big RPG back in the day for a lot of people like it wasn't me it wasn't followed by z7 basically I'm trying to say nothing like that but it. Was still really good series and it's gonna. Be really exciting to see it come up to like current times especially on the switch I think I'll actually pretty well on the switch to be on like that's the switch is a place to put these type of games because it will do it's a handheld it works for both RPGs obviously because of that and. In general smaller indie style games sell and I expect this to sell also and it's also gonna PC so good stuff there we'll have to see what it looks like when they actually show it and our last bit of. News let's talk about these Amazon UK switch placeholders because there are quite a few of them and I'm gonna say. This now but I'm also gonna. Explain it a little bit there is a. Hardware SKU for the switch that is unnamed right now technically. A mystery SKU if you will for hardware I believe it's a bundle though so before you start thinking switch Pro switch many I don't think that's. The case here I think this is some sort of bundle whether it's a Zelda bundle for Link's Awakening or more than likely. It's a pokemon or an animal crossing one either way I think it'll be unveiled in the treehouse probably within like the first hour or something just saying hey look Animal Crossing bundle or hey look a. Pokemon bundle you know like we had a Pokemon bundle last year actually two of them I believe so yeah don't be surprised if there is a bundle and that's what that turns into but on to the game's a ton I mean. A ton of these mystery SKUs these placeholders have been found remember we saw a ton of game stops this is kind of lining up with what Game Stop had as well that we're all hidden with just basically placeholder SKUs but why are your 64 spotted them and kept going through them and he came. Up with this post here that. Outlines several of them take to having six ubisoft having nine sony having eight coke having six that's a coke media for THQ nordic and everything a nintendo having 14 you know they said there's also a 3ds dummy there which is interesting and it sent to nintendo switch accessories i'm hoping one. Of those at least is a different joke on variant activision having three Namco having 13 Microsoft having seven and then Warner Bros having five Nintendo though having 14 is quite a few that's more than any of the other ones although I believe one of those is a 3ds dummy SKU. So that that would actually be weird I don't really know what the 3d s is. Doing there because I thought we were done with the 3ds persona q2 just came out which by the way I'm having a hard time finding that game I need to like really look around for that thing like to the. Game stop simmer you don't have it Walmer doesn't have it Amazon it doesn't have anyway I'm not really sure what that 3ds game would be unless is from some third party like a like a like an atlas there's something otherwise I'm not really sure what that would be. There for the big look is that are the 14 switch titles because that's a lot of switch games to see eight from Sony isn't surprising considering there's a lot of third parties. There that will rep Sony just because they're gonna put it on the largest install base possible and that also take to is another interesting one but yes the switch 14 titles there we. Have over 21 with Game Stop I think Nintendo's gonna show up with a lot of third-party. Support at e3 I think that's where a lot of these SKUs are coming from The Witcher 3 has been heavily rumored we saw a kind of funny The Witcher 3 voice actor even tweeted out for for Geralt saying yeah that'd be interesting if the. Switch had Witcher 3 wouldn't that be cool with a little winky face like come on let's get to next week before we start doing all that so it's gonna be interesting to see like. So let's say the which lets me interesting to see how that runs on the switch. One it looks. Like cuz having that game is a portable game is gonna be very weird at first a fee to feel like we have we're just playing that on the go but interesting stuff I think if you're. An attending you're in for a good time this e3 I think is be a lot of stuff to look. At and a it's starting to feel like III it's exciting stuff and we're to close that with commented a actually just being here from. Juho saying what if Rocksteady reveal its game in stadia conference that would be. Funny if so I think at this point people just want to know what. Rocksteady is working on it's been able it's been a while since Arkham Knight and even that didn't go over that well and they even hope that they even worked that much on fixing it I thought they had another company come in and fix it I believe but it's. Been a while since we've seen Rocksteady and you know what if they have to show up it's a to you to show it whatever it is show up it's a dia show because it's not gonna just be a stadia exclusive game right it's. Me everything so whoa it's gonna be on as many platforms again I know. It's me ps4 Xbox one and. PC the switch is well I mean hey Warner. Bros seems to like the switch they put me little combat on it so I guess you never know but yeah Rocksteady is confusing me a bit because I'm trying to think of where else they would show this thing the game Awards a random tweet. From WB it's interesting I guess they could do a live stream as well they're big enough to do that but the miss III completely it's just weird if I were them I would work up to next. Year's e3 with some sort of teaser stream or something and then have a big blowout next e3 lazy was going to here for a news way if you enjoyed this video guys that like button really helps out if not it's a dislike leave. Comments down below but everything we talked about whether it's teased to Nordic just outright reviving not even like remastering it like they have done before remaking spongebob let me know about that one with multiplayer that's it sounds. Crazy to have all my multiple there with an older spongebob game but THQ Nordic guys I'm telling you they're there you never know what they're gonna announce at. This point and then what do you think some of those. SKUs are for the switch for Amazon interesting stuff there as well thanks guys for watching and hey I'll see you later on today for the stadia Weiss we're gonna have spent a lot of funds feeling like III guys so let's have some.


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