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So James and I haven't really reached a consensus on why exactly it is we are doing this video do you mind grabbing an end oh wow I don't need it it's really not very heavy but thank you anyway he figures it's because well we keep doing. All these cheap display videos yeah and then we were doing these Walmart videos yeah so why not just make a sandwich. Of those two you know what sure let's go with that so this is the 43 inch LED HDTV class full class and we're gonna find out if how much does this thing cost I think a. Hundred and sixty eight bucks some people have got it for 125 on clearance we're gonna find out if the 43 inch 125 dollar TV is worth. One hundred and twenty five dollars if it even makes it to you alive really shaking your head and this video is brought to you behind story blogs story blocks offers to use studio-quality stock video clips for a fraction of the cost check out story blocks at the link in the video description I think. We should actually assess the. The shipping and packaging this it has a huge gen it's possible or possibly it's possible that Tyler drop-kicked this but I don't think so and the reason I'm doing a concern is because inside there's really not a lot of extra packaging so not only is this a cheaper a hard type foam but this is cheaper among the hard. Type foam packing materials that I've encountered did you see the way that piece just came apart okay can we do a video together with you not throwing absolutely no video no it's in my contract there's. Nothing we crunch there's nothing a front small correction just after mine and James's styrofoam fight to the death we actually found that there is a little bit more protection on the panel side there's this piece of cardboard it weighs like nothing the spec sheet. Says eighteen point five pounds but it feels lighter doesn't it just because it's so big it's like there's nothing in it so there's our IR receiver on a little PCB there there's our stereo speakers that I have. Oh very high. Expectations for I will say that cheap TVs have come a long way in terms of their i/o or. At least I don't know this one has so it's. Got an audio pass-through so if you have HDMI audio coming in from your cable box or your console or whatever you can pass that through to your standalone speakers optical in or out unclear at this time and then you've got actually component in as well. As composite and then you've also got three actually three HDMI count'em three HDMI ports including one with audio return channel so that's neat cabling. What is this big that some kind of old people. Connector and of course there's one USB port which I mean it's nice to have especially since this is not a smart TV so if you want to have any Smart TV features you're gonna have to get like a fire TV stick or Roku wherever they call theirs yeah so at least you can. Power something with it even if you don't want to just load videos onto a USB thumb drive and plug them into your TV like my parents did until actually I'm pretty sure they still do that it's got a base. Amount and you can probably just double-sided tape it to the wall for how much good waste I'm kidding don't do that but like holy crap that's even with a metal backing like this isn't even a plastic backing like the panel itself was just way nothing and it's not like. It has an external power brick or anything eat it wait where's the stand are you there you go that is not very impressive. Like I sincerely hope this thing is decent. But this is one of the sort of issues that I take with low-cost electronics is that because they have a very limited lifespan both in terms of how long they're gonna just continue to work and in terms of their features and no real resale value they tend to. Generate a lot of waste it feels like compared to higher end stuff it depends. On who buys these things if you look at their page. It looks like who they're targeting or the type of the people who actually are still. Using a CRT you guys see what just happened there on the description page it says is your TV 20 years old and blurry you are a lie. So I think this is like for grandpa when he finally makes the switch because this giant CRT is just actually kick the bucket after 25 years blue team left team left hold on hold on think you can do with one hand ha no look did you hear that I think we're. OK I don't think I didn't cracked but yeah you got to have. Somebody to push against oh man this is great integrated button layout they like they have this on here as though that's some kind of desirable feature but instead. Of can I power it on it's plugged in instead of a joystick configuration it's this like orbiting configuration that just kind of feels like nothing to. The back of your hand and obviously you're not gonna like you're not gonna leave this stupid sticker here so you just have to kind of like guess this isn't even the good. Pete like the good peeling peel this is just like tape yeah it just feels like a like packing tape oh my joy is so Rob oh bottom. Ones not too bad this is like lady in the Tramp oh I. Mean at least it does have an included remote control oh I wasn't gonna show you that until later cuz I wanted you to struggle with the buttons on the back people in the house put your hands in the egg yeah you don't care no we don't. Care we've got picture roads oh it comes in eco by default that's interesting I wonder if that's part of their like good power efficiency ratings that they just like dim the friggin backlight out of the box kind of makes sense cuz a lot of the reviews on Walmart's product. Page say how you absolutely must change it to dynamic picture mode video or graphic that could be like an. Image return retention thing oh you know what it might be is like like a limited versus full range mode maybe this will become more clear on. To have a signal going through and you can actually see how it jazz so what sound mode are we supposed to choose movie movie sound and. Dynamic picture is what. Everyone says makes it mint if mint is like a flavor you detest it's mint voice guidance please keep this on how do you like it I feel like we're disabling how that is this thing Daisy it sounds so sad alright alright alright oh let me help you with that. Thank you so this was the hold on a second yeah the fact that you got signal okay please don't interrupt me on the fact that we got a signal is actually pretty. Nice because there's a lot of people in the reviews saying how they. Either connected to the computer and it didn't work or they connected to a dongle and it didn't work or all these different things so so far I've connected this to an Amazon fire stick. And a computer and it's worked so bless up. So graphic is how you get rid of overscan what so no it doesn't have to do with like limited versus full range black levels it's how you do like just scan like pixel one to one pixel mapping instead of having it over skinned it's been a while since I've looked at. A 1080p display from this close it ain't great it's not a great experience I remember there was this guy that I used to go to LAN parties with back when I had a life I. Mean sort of I went to LAN parties and I don't even think his was 1080p and he was like yeah that's great I'm like yo it's like measurably like like with the like with the measuring tape not great just play it up for properties or these. Gonna come up that's weird I've never seen this they hope they come up is that because it you have no properties that windows are homeless they don't call it windows for nothing here have all the windows windows 10 at least they're. Allowing you to close them in whatever order you want all right so I guess probably like what we want to watch some content on it like really we're gonna watch mkbhd instead of our own channel you know what fine he's not gonna copyrights frankest so I guess this was your agenda here you pulled up mkbhd. Because you figured well we want something with known good audio and we can't always trust ourselves so we can properly evaluate the speakers fine I can take it you clicked on this. He sounds like ass no offense yeah like no offense dude 10 grand for that machine the a. Mac Pro starts that somehow it really does sound like it's coming from like under the table or something I was watching infinity war yesterday on Netflix and it was basically like everybody was in the bottom of a barrel but like like it somehow doesn't sound like it's coming from here it somehow sounds. Like it's coming from lower let's watch a trailer this is a great hold on this is a great freeze-frame with him that's exactly my thoughts on this TV Ron action I rewatched this recently it was still good I liked it did you put the movie mode now let me check let. Me check okay oh just like glitched out you're gonna go to the menu that's this might actually be worse like I can barely like make out the dialogue even though this is like a trailer and typically the dialogue is so I did some I ran Cal man. And I can I can. I do a subjective evaluation it looked like. Weird artifacts in my eyes oh do you see that is that a compression issue with playback or is that the TV that is not handling darks very well you can actually see the same thing in my mouth I actually need to grab a laptop no that's not present on. The laptop what do you think just the colors overall I mean they're not right. But they don't stand out to me as particularly terrible there's not a lot of depth there's some over saturation going on. In the default profile here at the very least it's less noticeable in this kind of a dark scene but here you can really see that's not a very natural look for me oh oh wow. That is really overdone sorry people suggest this mode yes that doesn't even look like would launch pull up the results here okay and this is in dynamic or standard this one's dynamic standard didn't fare too much better so to be clear guys a delta. E of less than 2 is considered color accurate with less than 5 being fine for consumer-grade this is anywhere from an average it's an average of twelve point six. And a maximum of 23 so we have dots here that are so far off their boxes it's hard to tell what box that it went with color space 97% of srgb is that right yeah that's actually not terrible should we play some games check out the. Input lag all right well if we had any doubt that the scaler in. It is a steaming pile of hot garbage resolved on its a pokemon so we selected a fast paced game to evaluate the TVs input leg because I could actually see this making a. Ton of sense for like just like a side room like that like a den or something where you just play video games and it doesn't need to be the. Most cinematic or kids like a rec room for the console gang exactly exactly now that's weird is this like Oprah's over sharpening artifact or is this because. Of the low res like these are look at my edges of these strands they look like a cheap stereo 3d effect or something because of how sharpened they are now I had another idea you know how I was saying that it was hard for me to tell if the issue. Was to do with just the low resolution I haven't looked at a 1080p display from this close up in a long time so we can figure out if it's sharpness or if it's low res by just adjusting it and it was definitely that's right wow that looks so much. Better and the crazy thing too is like yeah text here - same thing now I can make out the low contrast more easily now oh that was probably the I know it's still kind of there yeah it's still there you know what though honestly it's not that hard to tell it's not. That there's no game mode but and it's not amazing but considering this is a 60 Hertz display this is very very usable for sure so really what it's competing with then is the Septor model that was how much 230. Bucks so 50 bucks more and how big 50 inches 50 inches now what sceptre we actually had pretty good luck with those guys when we did the cheapest 4k monitor on Amazon that was a sceptre. Oh I got a peach we got a good one and from the reviews on Amazon they're pretty hit or miss so what would you do do you buy this one turn the sharpness off and enjoy the the dynamic feeder quality set oh yeah you have to factor in an extra 70. Bucks for an entry level sambar just so you can hear dialogue you for watching The Evening News so at that point I think I would. Just spend a little higher or if if you want to chip out just get something used so we want to hear from you guys in the comments below they both had kind of bad speakers and kind of bad color this one had worse color but do you take the scepter 4k but smaller display that we featured last time or. Do you take the online 1080p 43 inch one or do you just go used or do you step up a little bit in the product stack. Do you want us to take a look at that sceptre 50 inch in the future let us. Know we will. Be reading them because I think we are far from done with cheap displays can it run at 120 Hertz like can you overclock it did we try no didn't try all right well that didn't work but you do you know what does story blocks. With story blocks you can download all the stock video your heart desires from their member library including HD and 4k footage After Effects templates motion backgrounds and more we use it quite a bit here on our tech quickie channel plus you can get. Exclusive discounts on millions of additional marketplace clips where you save 40% on every purchase compared to non-members and the original artists take home a commission on the sale price all content is royalty free so you can use it for commercial or personal projects such as YouTube videos or whatever else and new clips are added regularly so there's. Always something new to download check it out today at the link below to learn more so thanks for watching guys if he dislikes this video you can hit that button but if you liked it hit like get subscribed or maybe consider checking out where to buy the stuff we featured at the link in the video description. James and I are sort of not really in agreement about whether you should or shouldn't or whether this. Has any application whatsoever but I think. What we all agree on is that we should probably have a styrene fight to the death don't sign him though because I knew.


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