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What's up YouTube ace aviation here and welcome back to another episode of aviation news today I'll be doing the 9th episode of aviation news this time for the month of June 2018 got a. Lot of stuff to cover so that further. Let's go ahead and jump right into the headlines for this month first off World Airways in case you've never heard of them they were a America they were an American charter airline they used to be based in Georgia and operated a fleet of three passenger md-11 s2 747-400 freighters and four. Md-11 freighters unfortunately world airways seized operations back in 2014 but now they have been resurrected not as a charter airline but they are on track to become the first-ever ultra low-cost carrier long-haul airline based in. The United States they'll have hubs in Los Angeles and Miami as of now we don't know the final plans for world Elvis's fleet and we also don't know the kind of services they'll offer onboard but we do. Know that World Airways they have been in talks with Boeing for an order. Of up to 10 Boeing 787 Dreamliners considering. Other long-haul low-cost carriers such as Norwegian we can assume that maybe a World Airways will offer similar services such as paying for meals paying for in-flight entertainment and other things like that but as of now we don't. Have a clear view of what kind of services World Airways will offer onboard next on June 11th a Lufthansa Cityline Airbus a340 - 300 registered D - a IFA was being moved to his departure gate at Frankfurt Airport when the tug that was towing the aircraft caught fire this fire. Caused substantial damage to the planes nose area this plane was going to be operating a flight to Philadelphia that's why I was getting towed to the gate I'm too bored for his 5 - Philadelphia at the time the incident occurred after this fire happened a different a 340 D -. A IGP film and it filled in for the plane and departed two hours late more information about the aircraft D - áifá is an 18 or was in 18 years old a 50 40 300 and delivered to Lufthansa in 2000 it was. Operated by Lufthansa Cityline since 2015 and was repainted into the Star Alliance livery that same year Lufthansa Cityline for some reason they repaint all of the a 40 s that they operate into the Star Alliance livery but they don't feature any Lufthansa branding anywhere on the. Plane which is a interesting fact but now moving back to the aircraft because it is 18 years old I've heard that Lufthansa has written it off and. They will eventually scrap the aircraft unfortunately so it will not be returning to service next Canada's newest low-cost carrier. Swoop Airlines which is a subsidiary of WestJet they finally had their inaugural flight on June 20th from Hamilton to abbotsford Hamilton is a Toronto Area Airport base time nothing I think it's about 30 40 minutes away from. Downtown Toronto a swoop is the low cost of city of blessed like I said and as of now they only serve the Canadian cities of Hamilton abbotsford Edmonton Halifax and Winnipeg but they do have plans to expand into the u.s. later this year on June 7th United Airlines. Debuted their first Boeing 737. Max 9 registered n67 501 on flight 686 from Houston to Orlando later that day so on the other max nines flew from Houston to Austin and Anchorage United will have 10 737 max nines at the end of the. Year and they will all be based out of Houston operating routes to other cities such as Los Angeles Sacramento and Tampa finally Sun Country Airlines kind of out of the blue announced that they will be changing their livery as the airline shifts from a traditional low-cost carrier to a no-frills budget airline. Kind of like what Allegiant and spirit are today sorry country gave four choices and their employees were given a chance to choose which livery they thought was. Best choice a or hashtag team a was the design that one and this will be the new livery for Sun Country Airlines I honestly don't know what to think of it it looks pretty interesting with the. Orange in the front but I kind of thought it would be cool if the orange covered the entire plane to be honest I kind of wanted choice C to. Win but either way it's so pretty cool that Sun Country is changing up their delivery and I can't wait to see this livery in real life all right now moving on to fleet news for June 2018 we'll first start off. With Sunwing airlines they rolled out this Royalton resorts livery on their newest Boeing 737 max eight registration see - GM xB I believe Royalton Resorts is some. Sort of resort company in. The Caribbean and either Sun wings a sponsor of them or they sponsor Sun wings so that's why they kind of painted it in this. Livery pretty interesting look to it for some reason it kinda reminds me of era Mexico's livery. But I don't know maybe that's just me I don't know next WestJet their first Boeing 737 max eight and the first plane in their fleet or the new livery C - f n WD has been rolled out not sure if it I don't know if it's doing revenue flights yet but I at the time you're. Watching it probably is I really loved the new Westat livery now that I actually see a picture of it in real life I actually really like the look of it it it's much better than the old one and it gives the planes a really modern look I can't wait to see 737-600 there are seven hundreds and. Of course the 787 767s being repaid into this livery the first a 421 neo wearing the Alaska livery is now doing revenue flights this is registration n 9 - 8 VA the livery looks really really nice on this aircraft it looks I don't know it looks pretty modern and can't wait to see the 3. 20s with Sharklets week repainted I think those will look really cool Icelandair acquired their second Boeing 757 - 300 registration TF is X this plane used to operate for Archaea Airlines of Israel as 4x - baw the aircraft as you can see is painted in a special livery inspired by the. Icelandic flag to commemorate Iceland's a. Hundred Independence Day this is the third special livery and the iceland air fleets following of course the Haeckel Aurora and the Ivana yokels m57 200s I really love the look of this delivery isin't no special deliveries are just so unique and no Icelander special liveries are probably my favorite special deliveries in the skies. Today for sure next similar to Iceland their lot polish airlines celebrated the 100th anniversary of poland's independence by painting their newest 787 - 9 registration SP - l SC and a 737 max eights SP lv d in deliveries commemorating the occasion which looks pretty awesome Wiz air took delivery of their 100 aircraft and they. 321 - 200 registration H Ltd this plane as you can see is painted a special 100 aircraft delivery and is equipped with 230 seats with air is going to be taking delivery of 268 additional a320 family planes over the coming years and those that are unfamiliar with was there there a Hungarian low-cost carrier with. A very extensive route network. Across Europe tap Portugal's first Airbus 830 - 900 neo has been doing some test flights before it's officially handed over to the. Airline the aircraft still has it the. French test registration of fw km and will soon enter service with tap Portugal as CST UA and as you can see the aircraft does have a special sticker towards the back of the plane which says a330 neo first to fly and if I'm not wrong all of taps. A330 Neos will have the sticker on them up next Iberia's first a. 350 - 900 registration EC - mxv has been delivered to the airline this is the first of 1680 50s to be delivered Iberia flies through a 350 s in a 3 class. Configuration with 348 seats total and I heard today that apparently the winglets on this 8050 since it's one of the newest 18:59 hundreds the winglets are a bit taller than previously 259 hundreds. I think that something about the wings is more improved than the previous 900 so if anybody knows for sure what the improvements are let me know in the comments below but what I've heard is that the wind le'ts are a bit taller and longer than the previous - 900 which is actually really. Really cool so throughout the video we'll look at airlines that have received their first AP 20 neo family aircraft the first of these airlines is Air Malta they took delivery of their first a320neo registration 9h neo. This aircraft were some special and Nickelodeon decals in anticipation. Of the Nickelodeon treasure. Hunt which is a family event set to take place in Malta. Next year air Malta's livery is really really awesome I love the tail design and everything. It's an absolutely amazing livery Gulf Air is first ft28 neo has emerged from the paint shop the registration of this aircraft will eventually be a 9c - ta the new delivery actually looks pretty good on a320 and I can't wait to see more planes being repainted into this livery of course the. Engines and shark let's not apply to the plane yet but they will be soon Pakistan International Airlines is latest aircraft to wear the updated euro white livery has been put in a service a triple. 7 200 yard registration AP - bgj this is the third plane in the fleet to wear this new euro white. Livery following a PA - BMS at triple 7 300 yard and AP - b gz @ triple 7 200 lr i personally am a big fan of this livery i love that it gives the aircraft such a fresh and. Clean modern look and to be honest I really think that Pio with this livery over the new mark or one Jet Airways took delivery of their first as well as the first 737 max in the entire Indian. Subcontinent VT - GX a which is in 737 max 8 Jet Airways has 225 total orders for the 737 max a few. Days ago they used to be 150 order. As few days ago but we just recently Jet Airways announced they'll be getting 75 more so now they have 225 orders in 737 max which is absolutely insane Philippine Airlines took delivery of their first 821 neo registration our PTI nine-30 earlier this month Philippine Airlines has 20 more orders for this aircraft and deliveries are. Expected to last through 2024 they will deploy these three 21s on routes such as Manila to Brisbane Manila to Sydney Sapporo Delhi and Mumbai as more aircraft are delivered this. Is actually some old news from back in May but I forgot to cover it so I'll do it now our Royal Brunei airlines took delivery of their first a t20 meal registration v8 RBA they also received their second neo v8 rbv this month. And they'll be sieving three more as time goes on since one airlines of China received their first 8021 knee over desperation B - eight six eight - this is. The first of six 321 Neos to be delivered to the airline Singapore Airlines and its first five-eighth 387 in the news a lot recently and once. Again they have returned to the series unfortunately the news is a bit less light hard at this time as we know Singapore Airlines. Retired their first five a380s because their 10-year lease expired and for some reason that release was not renewed two of those. A380s were supposed to go to high fly and the remaining three were returned to their lesser dr. Peeters group. Just recently dr.. Peters group decided that they would sell the first two eighty three eighty s 9 v - ska and 9v - skb for parts meaning that those three three eighties are gonna be scrapped this decision comes days after negotiations with British Airways Iran air. And high fly failed and to make up for the loss of the five a380 Singapore is going to take delivery of the five. A380s they've had on. Order meaning their a380 fleet will remain the same number so I'm not too sure this is a bit confusing to me I'm not too sure if high fly is gonna still get the a380 or not I think they still 9 V. - sk c might be going to high fly but if anybody knows for sure please leave a comment below Cathay Pacific retired the world's first ever born triple 7 built registration B - H and L this aircraft was originally built as n 777 1 n was the triple 7 testbed from 1994 to 2000 when it was delivered to Cathay. Pacific it was stored in German China on June 1st 2018 at 24 years old but the aircraft has since been donated to the Museum of Flight in Seattle where it will join the 737 747 and 77 prototypes. Cathay flies four other triple seventy-two hundredths which will also be retired soon however they won't be donated to a museum like this one was United Airlines also flies some of the world's first triple sevens out of the first ten triple sevens built United operates the second third fourth fifth and seventh triple sevens built. These planes are n77 for you a 7 7 1 e way and 7 7 3 ua + 7 7 2 ua + n 7 7 7 u 8 in that order these. Are all domestic configured triple sevens and United does not have any plans to retire them anytime soon even though they are over 20 years old now more on Cathay Pacific they receive their first a 250 - 1000 registration B - LX a Cathay ordered 20 of these. 8051 thousands and. They also have six more 1850 - nine hundreds on order in September Kat they will be launching service from Hong Kong to Washington Dulles using the a2 video - 1000 this will be s around 17 hour long flight and it will also be the longest flight of any airline from Hong Kong finally let's go. Ahead and move on to root news for June 2018 got plenty of new roots that I've started up and will be covering most of them in this video first. Of all American Airlines launch service from Miami to bon-aire in the Dutch Antilles with their a319s wood Sharklets this service will run on Saturdays. Only for the most part and this is also Americans birth destination in the dutch antilles after Curacao Aruba and Saint Maarten earlier this month Ethiopian Airlines launched flights from Addis Ababa to Chicago here if I'm not wrong this is the first-ever time an airline is offering nonstop service. Between Chicago and the continent of Africa the flight first goes from Addis Ababa to Dublin and it refueled in Dublin before continuing onward to Chicago the flight has around a two and a half three hour layover in Chicago before proceeding directly back to addis ababa this service operated on the Ethiopians Boeing 787-8 and unfortunately the service these. Flights are pretty hard to spot since Ethiopian lands in Chicago around. 7:00 in the morning then departs back to Harris Ababa around 955 Frontier Airlines will be returning to central Illinois Regional Airport in Bloomington Illinois. After leaving the airport three years ago frontier will once again link Bloomington with Orlando and Denver starting this fall with Denver service starting September 24th and. Orlando service starting on October 2nd frontier served Bloomington from 1997 to 2001 and then most recently from 2013 to 2015 but now they are back in Bloomington as a restructured ultra low-cost carrier and I've actually. Flown frontier on this route. From Bloomington to Orlando in 2013 and there was an absolutely amazing experience Spirit Airlines announced a major expansion from Orlando adding 14 new destinations with nine of them being international the this is a mainly Central American and Caribbean based. Expansion with the new destinations being Guatemala City Guatemala Santo Domingo Dominican Republic agua del Puerto Rico Panama City Panama San Pedro Sula Honduras San Jose Costa Rica San Salvador El Salvador st. Thomas US Virgin Islands. And Medellin Cartagena and Bogota. In Colombia the domestic us destinations are pretty sad it's only in the in the Carolinas they are Asheville and. Greensboro North Carolina as well as Myrtle Beach South Carolina all flights are supposed to start between October and November of this year wider o Scandinavia's largest regional airline announced that they will be launching twice weekly service between Bergen Norway and Liverpool England starting on August 17th this service will be operated by the airline's brand new Embraer 190 to aircraft. British Airways will be suspending their daily London Heathrow. To Calgary service on October 27 they say this is only a temporary move but they haven't said when flights will be restarting to Calgary this. Could have something to do with the engine issues the 787 as you may have heard that many airlines around the world have been experiencing issues with the 787 engines but British Airways have not stated why the Calgary flights are being suspended as of now getting. To North Korea has become slightly easier as Air China recently restarted flights from Beijing to Pyongyang with flights running. Every Monday Wednesday and Friday Air China suspended this route in November 2017 citing low demand but I've now restart Adeem their Boeing. 737-700 s this makes Air China the only airline other than Air Koryo operating out. Of Pyongyang Emirates began service to their seventh destination in the UK and their third London gateway London Stansted Airport the service was inaugurated on June 8th and is operated by the Boeing triple7 300-yard with this new service Emrys now has ten daily flights in the City of London with three flights daily to. Gatwick five daily to Heathrow and one daily to stansson Emirates will soon have eight destinations served in the United Kingdom with flights to Edinburgh Scotland starting. In October Emirates also announced they will be operating the first ever a380 flight to Pakistan with daily a380 service to Islamabad beginning on July 10th the a380 will be operating with flight ek6 14 in EK 615 around four to five times a week Saudi. Arabian Airlines launched four times weekly flights from Riyadh and Jeddah Saudi Arabia to Vienna Austria On June 16th after around a decade of not serving the airport the service as of now be operated on the a320 the inaugural flight was flown by HSAs B. And Satya has stated that if the Vienna route does well they will eventually upgrade their flights to a wide-body aircraft and also maybe increase their frequency of the flights to Vienna and with that we have reached the end of this aviation news episode thank you all so much for watching this video please leave a like below if. You enjoyed and also subscribe if you're new if you have any questions or any concerns any feedback please let me know and comment those below cuz I'd love to hear. Your questions and feedback how I can improve these aviation news videos and that's it for now thank you all so much for watching comment like. Rate subscribe and I will catch. You all next.


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