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Right and so I want to be diversified an income. Stream but I also want to make sure that I'm saving saving have a nice and savings account I have an emergency fund I have a retirement accounts and then hey is Lance McGowan here and today I'm going to talk about the World Financial Group and what they offer and my own experience with. Them okay so wfg or real Financial Group is basically a financial services company that operates very similar to a network marketing or MLM based business and they're owned by the same company as Transamerica so Transamerica and World Financial Group. Are like brother and sister companies basically and so they offer a lot of different solutions for your financial needs and so some of the solutions here as it kind of says. I'm just kind of reading from their website here which you can see face your future with optimism it says no matter what financial challenges you face whether it's dead limited savings. And investments or a lack of life insurance they can be resolved successfully by providing you with a better understanding of your financial situation and access to products and solutions that are appropriate for your specific goals your world Financial Group associate can help you achieve your dreams and so I actually haven't done. Any videos so far on a real financial group but this could be the start of many and the reason is because I have had an experience to work for an intergroup and so you I oftentimes talk about Jordan Belfort's three tens so it's the person the product. And the company needs to be a 10 10 and 10 in your mind before it lowers the action threshold and you make a purchasing decision and for me ROH Financial Group is you know they're great you know they're a great company the products are good as well they offer lots of different options term iul-s whole lots. Of different assurances based on your needs and they work with other companies as well they're kind of like a broker in that regard similar to like a real estate brokerage the. Only thing that I had was I've had actually positive experiences with their sister company. Transamerica the person product and company as well it's just with World Financial Group there was actually a. Client of mine that bought from my company um and then they kind of had like hey I'll buy from your company if you buy from mine and I was just at the time I didn't really have the skills to know anything that question so I was just like okay and they were very pressure re hard. Salesy so that's more focused on the person but but yeah that's I. Was basically pressured into buying an associate account and becoming a business person with crowed Financial Group this was. Over about two years ago by the way so and I paid $100 for that and you know the next steps was like pay for insurance and licensing and all that stuff was gonna total like five hundred dollars told her or something like that and I was just like yeah I'm not interested in that but they really were you. Know pushing it and I don't think I I didn't have the skills at the time to let them know like hey I appreciate the amount. Of passion and effort you're giving me on wanting me to do that but that's just not where my needs are and so if that continues then the conversation is over so I would have to get to that point where I'm just that blunt because they did not understand and they were at the position and. Ralph and intrude where they were doing well they're definitely making six figures and they just wanted me to come along because they saw potential but I let them know that I'm not in what I do for the money like I'm in it because I want freedom like I want a positive work culture I want to work with moms. I want to work. With women with helping people accomplish their. Own dreams with their health and yes their finances are. Important in a part of that but for me I'm more passion about the health side because. Of my family history with my mom and my dad and their hell all their health you know issues and stuff. Like that and so you know they already knew. That story but they had an agenda in their mind right and so they did what Eric Cory tells you not. To do when it comes to selling a business opportunity which is. You have to know the person really well which they didn't know me really well and so they kind of they they knew me they knew me but they didn't know me really well okay and they araguari also says you have to know that that person is looking looking for a business opportunity you have to know that they're. Looking for business opportunity and you. Do that through asking questions so not a you know not one time did they say like hey you know what are you looking for with your business or you know what type of income. Are you looking for I mean they did kind of do that but I think it was one of those situations where no matter what answer I would have said they would still try to push the business opportunity with just as I talked in other videos more of a trick network business model where it's focused on recruiting. And selling and leading with the business opportunity which is most network marketing companies and some people are like well wfg is not a network marketing. Company technically no but it operates like one so you know it is very word-of-mouth of referral base because they don't do commercials or magazines and. Stuff like that ads and all that stuff and then people aren't commissions it's like strictly Commission base but I but I say you know like the company I'm with and what I teach and live out is teaching and sharing and leading with powerful products let's help you first right let's. Help you be a product of the product then let natural sharing occur like you hear things like oh you have something with your digestion or yellow energy Oh are. You open to natural solutions would you like to try sensual oils. Where you open to trying essential oils. You know that's the better question and then just have a conversation and blade okay would you be open to learning more and then you know it's that you want to get people on the yes train right they were just had a train of me going to be an associate so I was just like okay well. And again after all that I'm not I'm not bashing wfg I think wfu is a great company I think wfg has some great products it's just the people there and that doesn't even turn me off from being a customer from them like I'm actually like if I like I already know somebody Transamerica who can actually is basically the. You know because their sister companies like if I. Wanted to get some type of financial vehicle in the future I would just consult with him based on what they actually say on wfdys website which is you know they offer. A financial needs analysis so they figure out you know how much you make in how much you save in how much you got retirement. How much dead what's your goals all that stuff and so I would just. Do that process right now I'm at the point my businesses where I'm just you know stacking that. Paper right I'm just trying to make the money and take that money and reinvest it in my other businesses and I read somewhere whether the purest definition of entrepreneur is one where you make money in one business you take money from there maybe not all of it you know you just take. You know whatever percent that you want that makes sense and you try another investment vehicle and if it works you double down on that until it works and then you just keep lifting and shifting money in different businesses to. The point where it says the average millionaire has seven streams of. Income right and they drive a car that's like less than $30,000 so for me and that's that's true like I don't drive fancy cars I mean I. Have cars but they are you know income-generating they're not strictly you know cash hold black hole pits right they developed cash flow but then also I have businesses multiple to diversify my income stream because I always want to make sure that if there's a recession if. One of those income streams disappears because a company goes. Out of business or whatever it is that I'm covered I have you know maybe a 20 to maybe 30 percent loss in my income but not a hundred percent stream but I also want to make sure that. I'm saving saving have a nice and savings account I have an emergency fund I have a retirement accounts and then I am reinvesting most importantly back in my businesses to make them more money so that I have more money for those other three things and so that's my financial gameplan and for me that's what's. Most powerful and when you know I've done videos on Primerica Transamerica now on World Financial Group and these all three kind of. Follow again a network marketer MLM business model you don't have to do the business side and if you have a good person that you know like and trust they'll also. Tell you that they're not gonna try to sell you on the mansion and Ferrari philosophy that I don't you know gravitate. Towards because already have my businesses like I'm good like like if they if you know not many people follow their follow Eric worried but they need to because he is the man like he talks so much about like making sure you add value and understand people's needs and stuff. Like that but then also put in an effort in the time and then getting your skills up and all that stuff and getting. The right mindset and so it's so important but yeah I I guess I'll close with rel Financial. Group is not a scam because there's other people and you see this say they are and other people so it's not a scam it's a legitimate business they change products real products and services for money. It's not headcount for money that's illegal according to the FTC link with the in description below so always using facts to support you know what we're saying there and then yeah it just comes down to. What your financial goals are and for me like I have my company that I'm with and other companies I will be a customer of and if if I have. A need number one and and two if that need not already being fulfilled right that's huge and if I know like and trust the person product and company and that person specifically provides excellent customer service so I know what I'm. Looking for like I know what I'm looking for when it comes to things and I'm not looking for a lot of things okay so. Because almost all my needs are met so for somebody. From a network marketing company or even whether its financial Primerica Transamerica World Financial Group now that. I have the skills and self-awareness or other network marketing companies you've seen me do videos on Isagenix and you know other ones. Like that or Young Living or things like that for different them to come to me with anything I have to run through all that like do I need your product is my needs already being fulfilled do I know. Like and trust the person product and company do I feel like the person would provide excellent customer. Service and overall do I just get a good feeling about all of that do I get a good vibe I felt extremely uncomfortable. Sitting in that chair at the mall with the two ladies from World Financial Group because they're a hard selling me on the business opportunity and I did not have the skills I'll take you know I'll take the shoulder a lot of that blame and and you know I but it served as you know emotions. Should serve as something that we that motivate us to take a next step my next step was I don't ever want to feel uncomfortable in that situation when I'm a whole heart so when I'm hard sold again. How do I develop the skills to be able to handle that and set boundaries and let them know what my needs are and see if they respect those needs when I communicate them because. A lot of people aren't even going to communicate them. They're just going to feel pressured into buying something and then not either refer that person or not repeat Buy and referrals and repeat purchases are the. Lifeblood of any business like you talk to any business. That's what they want they want not just getting customers but keeping them for repeat purchases not just once every 10 years I'm talking about like once a month or once a quarter or something that makes sense for the frequency of the business but also referrals and if you if you see surveys pay attention to them because they're gonna. Say you know the really basic good ones are just would you refer me to your friends on a scale of one to ten one being heck no and ten being heck. Yeah like and so that will determine a lot and I think about a lot as a business owner myself and when I talk to other businesses like what I repeat by what I refer and if the answer is. A yes and yes then they're doing something well they're. Adding value some way that makes me want to say that but if they make me feel uncomfortable they make me feel hard-soled they don't understand my knees they don't try to. Close the gap between my needs and my goals I don't know like and trust them they've bad response time all that stuff is gonna make me not want to repeat by not one to refer and I'm not just a one and done type of person like I'll give them feedback you know saying I'll keep it real you know. That's how I do but at the same time I need to see that they're put an effort or they're trying to develop their skills too or they respect what I'm. Communicating to them in a way cuz because I'm a very different customer than most people I believe I have more self-awareness than most and I believe I'm more patient than most and so because of that and and I believe and I work on my conflict resolution skills and my communication skills to the point where. I'm just very brutally honest but exceedingly kind like. I'm not gonna call you out your name or cuss at you but I'm gonna keep it 100 okay or as big boy likes to. Say one foul year okay anyways all that to say. This was an interesting experience this video went a lot longer than I. Thought it would but I just want to get all that off my chest because it's important that you kind of have that perspective as well just in case it happens to you again I'm not against the company and the PIA the haters that may watch this probably won't even hear that they'll. Just look at the title he's against it it's like no no it's just I think they like I in quasi in contact with the people from one financial group but again I have somebody from James America that I talked to as well so it's cool it works out but. You know again there they were both clients in mind like I have clients and Transamerica have clients will world Financial Group so it's cool you know they just it just wasn't a fit I'll just put that that was just summary it wasn't a fit it wasn't a good fit for both ends and there should never also. Be an ultimatum or something where it says I'll buy from you if you buy for me because that doesn't work on a grocery store and it doesn't work it shouldn't work from one MLM or network marketing or. One business to another like if I'm gonna buy bananas from the grocery store and put in my green smoothie there should not be an expectation from me that the person at the cashier register is checking needs to buy some essential oils or something like if they have a need if we develop a relationship if I can close the. Gap if they know like. And trust me yes maybe but otherwise no like I just need to keep buy my bananas become a customer and keep it moving so I can make my green smoothie that's not the only thing to put my green smoothie. But I'm just giving you know very basically I put lots of other stuff in. There too so good anyways okay cool well that's it for today's video make sure to hit the like button if you did hit subscribe for future video updates and most importantly check out the links in description below so you can learn more about world financial group so you can learn about my other videos and kind. Of get more. Perspective on all that and you know just kind of poured my heart out today you know just let you know an experience and. Just want to make sure that either you have that you know experience in your mind of what parts selling feels like so that you either don't do it or that you know how to handle it if it's done to you or if you do. Hard so you only do it because you know again the person is. Looking for it and you know them really well right so that has to be present other than that thank you again for watching and. I'll see you in the. Next video.


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