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My name is. Grady how might. Simply embedded and today I'm going to show you. How to create your first project on FPGA using Bovada design suite software you will learn how to go from not being able to turn on an LED using a switch to being able to do that so let's get started in order to accomplish this project fully you will need a development board that is silence SSC or. Fpga-based if you don't have a development board yet you can buy one using one of the links in the description below so make sure you check them out also you will need pavada design speed software if you. Want to know how to download and install this software check this link right here but if you just want to learn about FPGA. Programming feel free to stick around as I'll be talking about it as well if you have any questions leave them in the comment sections below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can now let's begin with the tutorial now open. Up your revolver design suite software you'll be prompted with the welcome page click on create project in this window click Next you can name the directory as simply embedded and the project as switches to LEDs then click next choose RTL project here click Next skip add sources step click Next skip add. Constraints as well and click Next at this point you would choose to fpga or SOC chip that your development board has you can follow the letters and numbers on the chip to successfully complete this part choose general purposes. Category unless you know that isn't correct in my case from the chip on my development board I can see the sync trademark which indicates that the board I have is using sync 7000 series SOC as family also from the chip I can read that the package is CLG 400 last to speed grade is negative. 1 which can be found from the schematic of this board you can also select the temperature grade but we're going to skip this. Step right now you will now have. Four options for parts to choose from you can finalize the decision by following the exact code on. The chip on your. Board so in my case I can use the product code XC 7 z 0 0. 7 s to finalize which part to choose after you've done this click Next then click finish project window will pop-up you can see the project summary here which gives you an overview of your project such as project name part name etc the target language for this project is very log HDL which is hardware description. Language used to describe Hardware on the left side you can see the flow navigator project manager includes all necessary things to manage your project you'll be able to learn more about it as you follow my future tutorials next you can see IP integrated from where you can create block designs which I will. Show you how to do as well in the future after this you can see simulation section which will be covered in the future as well RTL analysis stands for registered transfer level design and we'll be discussing that in the future tutorials as well synthesis and implementation are two processes that are necessary to generate. That stream which can be used to program or FPGA last program and debug which is used to program and debug your device now go to the sources tab right click on design sources folder and choose add sources you'll be prompted with add sources dialog click. On add or create design sources click Next click the plus. Sign to choose to create a. File or press the create file button to create one name the source file as top and press ok click finish then click OK and press yes the source file chopped that you created has shown up on their design sources folder double-click. To open the top. Module if you want to fill out at the comment section here feel free to do that I'll just delete it for now you will see timescale on the top timescale is a reference for simulation files which I'll show you how to handle and use. In the future at this point before starting to write the code you want to pause and think about what you want to design in FPGA programming you're not just doing. Some simulations and computer you're making actual physical connections on your development board you're making connections to some wires that are connected to FPGA using configurable logic blocks clvs interconnects and some input/output blocks you can think of it as connecting a wire in an FPGA so that. One end of the wire is connected to a switch and the other end to an LED so the final goal for. This project is that when moving to switch physically on the board the LED would turn on which is not the case right now because we haven't finished our designer we haven't created that wire yet that. Would connect the switch to an LED we want to create this wire so how do we do that think of it as a system in this case our system consists of an input and an output our input is a switch and the output and LED thus we can write it out. Exactly like this within the module bracket input switch comma alpha Delhi D make sure that there is. No comma after allottee just the end of the parenthesis and a semicolon now that. We have an input and an output we want to make the connection between these two we can do this using a signed statement we're going to assign the LED to the switch think. Of it as saying LED equals to switch which can be translated to if the switch is turned on the LED is turned on as well which means that they are equal to each other technically if we program this code into the FPGA we should be able to see that if you flip the switch we're able to see that. The LED turns on which is not the case. Right now we need something else in fact we need to be able to say what pin is a switch and what pin is an LED on the FPGA currently the soccer doesn't notice thus we need to create a constraints file that would tell the software where is the switch and where. Is the LED right click on the constraints folder select add sources make sure add or create constraints is selected and click Next create a new file and mehmed switches LEDs constraint press ok and click finish go to constraints folder. Click on the small arrow and double-click to open a. Dot xdc file use hashtag to comment within that's the C file and comment so that you can show where the LEDs and switches are in code so you want to follow the syntax as I'm showing you said. Property we want to say di CT then start curly bracket and write package pin and we will leave this space empty right now continue with IO standard LV CMOS 33 close the curly bracket start a regular bracket and type get port start and end curly brackets and close the bracket for the. Dead port finish with semicolon dead ports will be your input or output from the very log module we've wrote for this line we can say that. Get ports will be the led we created you need another line of code similar to this one now you want to make sure this line will have get port's from switch make. Sure that the syntax is exactly the same on point make sure. You have switch here lower case and same here an LED here lower case and same here in order to finish writing the constraints file you need the schematic for the. Board you're using if you're using the same development board as I am you can download the schematic from the link in the description below when opening up the PDF file go to page 6 from there you can see the connections. That are made to the FPGA a lot of development boards have their own master ecstasy files already out there so that you wouldn't need to write the ecstasy file in the first place you could just copy-paste their code and you can use it for your own projects you can just look for the master ecstasy files on Google by looking. Up the board name and writing Master ecstasy after that and to search that so we want to use switches. 0 on the board so we can find switch 0 in the schematic here and see which FPGA pen it is connected to in this case it is connected to our. 17 so let's write that to ecstasy far now this is the package pin number now we want to do the same thing for the LED from the schematic I can find LEDs 0 and I can see the FPGA pin code for this is n 20 now write n 20 SDIO standard in the X DC file. Press control s to save this file also make sure that you've saved your top module now we are ready to move on you can go ahead and click on run synthesis and then run implementation technically you don't have to do these steps one by one you can click on generate bitstream and the software will automatically go through all three. Steps synthesis implementation and Jared bitstream now that the synthesis is complete let's check out synthesize design before running the implementation so the very lock code that we wrote was turned into a logic level netlist which can be used to go through implementation process we can see our input switch. And our output LED here which is great this is what we were expecting now we can go ahead and click run. Implementation implementation would check if all timing requirements for a meant also that all FPGA pins. Were mapped correctly and so on if there are any problems in the design you'll be notified via errors or warnings in the messages tab if the design isn't very complex and large don't worry too much about regular warnings but still be cautious and question yourself and the. Software whether everything is correct if the designs get more complex we should be paying more attention to the warnings typically if. There's a big problem you will see a critical warning which might not let you generate the bit stream now that the implementation is complete click on generate bit stream after bit stream generation is complete open hardware manager make sure that your board is connected to the computer turn it on press open target and select. Auto connect you can now program the device. By clicking program device you will see the top dot bit as a. Bit stream file you can click program now you can see that. The LED is turning on and off when moving the switch congratulations you have. Finished the first. FPGA. Programming tutorial great.


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