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J Bullock you from a small border town tucked up right on the very northeast of India the town here is called Moray but now I will cross. A little-used border into the country of Myanmar a small border town mayor called Tamil this border between India and my Armour was closed for 50 years but just a few months ago they opened it to tourists and saw him one. Of the first people to. Walk across the border from India into Myanmar exciting let's go and check. Out what my arm has got to offer the border is just 200 meters ahead what are you guys you going to Miyama yeah okay England long way away very. Far everyone's going to me arm are today there's a lot of cross-border trade because things are cheaper in the armor and so people from India go across. There and buy things or the armor people bring things across into India to sell to lot of illegal trade as well a lot of narcotics apparently coming across antique that's been chopped down illegally from the teak forests this whole town of more day is. Full of teak shops teak furniture which is then exported further into the nation of India so all right then. I can see soldiers already staring at me I'm not even at the board hello good morning are you going to Burma yeah yeah okay see you there what happened party. Hello waiter guess it well the journey hasn't gotten off to the best start the gate over there is gate number two I need gate. Number one which is the one. For foreigners apparently they didn't really know what they were talking about down there so let's see if this is it hello I go to gate number one hundred rupees to gate number one it's like two minutes but chef C you get for chess see ya hmm that's a good. Bargain who steals by me. Fifty tiga jello they said alright found the rickshaw here's some Goods coming from my armor all the way into India hello sup going to India okay wow it's cold here in the borderlands it's 7:00 a.m. basically so I wanted to get across the border before everyone else does because. I need to find. Transport the other side further into Fiamma I keep. Wanting to call it Burma because obviously growing up as a Brits we call it Burma but the country seems to change its name to me Armour so I'm just trying to call it the army if I can remember be. My heart it was beautiful Wow these roads it's gonna be so interesting later to contrast India to me Armour and see what's different and what's the same this already this region may call this remote districts of Manipur up. In the far northeast of India already doesn't feel like India it looks different the people are different the food is. Different the language is. In and the culture is different so it's gonna be interesting to see how it is on the other side baby guard big army camp here okay many soldiers okay Wow because this is dangerous city yeah I'm bored of them so you need soldiers to the car for India okay well almost a crash there that is. Isis militants yeah they want separation from India right I see and you are from Mary food okay what language do you speak. With your friends 2040 2040 okay may tell a question I might say like a joke it six separate language interesting interesting okay as a church there a lot of the people. In this region a Christian so this is a Christian area so he comes an old army truck you see up here because of the war between Britain and Japan the World War you see a lot of old British army trucks that were. Left over in Japanese trucks are left over from the war that they didn't take with them and so you see people driving around in old Land Rovers and things from the 1940s it's a real fascinating part of India I recommend anyone to come. Here I think brought us a gate number one so my heart for my. Camera way in a minute yesterday they threatened to delete to delete all my footage and it'll be terrible to have everything deleted so I need to be a little bit circumspect a little bit careful have you ever been to me Elmo you've been Miyama yeah yeah. Do you like it okay are they good people nice people in Miami yeah okay good this is Gary number one okay I'm gonna put my camera away because I think. It's problem here okay okay forever I just done the first immigration post this is Miyama here so just down here this is my homage I see over the bush Wow and this side is India and this side is Mohammed just here I'm almost in the. Armor so he asked me lots of questions the Indian military took my passport number they. Took my photo but they said they'd only ever seen two foreign Possible's before so they had no idea how to read my. Passport anyway these. Are more another old truck smuggling teakwood I've been dropped off by the rickshaw wallah who saved me as far as he can and now how to walk. Across the border there's a bridge I was built by the Japanese Army in 1940 when they were fighting here against the British Army. Spans the river that is the border between Miami and India I had to walk across it just across the river here is my armor I need to. Be a little bit careful with the filming border areas are. Always sensitive or we can have a look here this is the river and there is man across that bridge there all right let's go across welcome to India my armored friendship bridge alright. I have to switch the old camera off now well I'm in Miami I've made it across it was very simple formality walked across the bridge and that bridge all the way down there and now Here I am here's the first sign I've seen look at this writing is Burmese. Writing I'm going to town of tamo which is 1.7 miles away but look at this who can understand this writing squiggle squiggle squiggle squiggle squiggle squiggle squiggle big squiggle squiggle squiggle squiggle Wow all right there's. Walcott in then I see a sign ahead that says welcome to my arm oh it's go and have a look. At it it's exciting first time here I don't know too much about me armor BAM very very excited to find out about this country see how it's different it says squiggle squiggle squiggle tamo warmly welcome all right it's a nice friendly welcome. From the Mayan McGovern's and there is Tam ooh please visit again squiggle squiggle I like the squiggles can check out tama this town of tama see what it's like there he's changed some money I've got Indian rupees it's gonna get some Burmese squiggle money I don't know what it's called yet I think scats key at crap I don't know. Something like that it's gonna find out a nice chilly morning in Miyama there is India. In the distance those white buildings bye bye India feel my leg a may Bop us quite bad knee but I have a big decision to make do I go straight on to squiggle. Or do I go left to squiggle or do I go right to squiggle hmm where does. One go squiggle squiggle squiggle I don't know let's carry on - straight squeak I think hi girls hey whoa friendly Burmese woman on a sheet is in squiggle welcome to Indo Miami friendship Road now I know in squiggle language how to write tamo like a circle. And a 3/4 circle a little bit of a belly with two legs tamil right left turn Clyde's a squiggle town hello how are you hello you speak English so that's all a little bit my name is bald bald and your name Rohit um oh my like you okay what's so funny here guys okay. I'm going to squiggles you live in Sweden yeah. You speak squiggle all right okay huh money what's money what is money money I don't understand what is money you got a tattoos what's this hey know this how old are you you're like 10 years old tattoo yeah lovely ow dude. What the hell you want money for tattoos probably gonna spit on heroin never mind what is about ten that born he's got a chassis up his arm welcome to Miami whether kids are pretty hardcore already asking for cash and having tattoos there's some builders sundar Courtis Phil. Disrupt see I like the hats and the women hello we're gonna do mug me to come to mug me for that money that you want I'm going to squiggle wheel careful guys is a bloody truck come in Eunice's Wow I don't have any more tattoos once enough wait well that was random all right push on. Further into its huh Moo squiggle veal after head up her. Head hello guys I've just seen a market like some kind of flower market or something maybe just the center of Tama maybe I've reached it let's have a look I need to have a shave at some point maybe I can get a shave up here hello hi hello Oh a little food. Place outdoor I don't have any Burmese money yet let's check out this little mark yup here see. What this is like hello our vegetable market hey hello. Hello sir hello cool your place no shifting well what strike II didn't understand a word of that well this is an interesting place all kinds of Bush meats and things hello everybody and that's it I'm here what do we have here something to eat maybe no nicey all right ah Tom Kyte Tamil Tamil Tamil Tamil Tamil squiggle. But where's the centre like bus stand. I woke up busting positions where you wait I'm going into Miyama further member loue yes this one here yeah and there's bus station yeah okay thank you I'm mummy change part are you. Also here bus station somewhere thank you perfect thank you yeah so same same same but different. Thank you guys whoo it's game lively up ahead I think I'm finding the center of squiggle Ville this seems to be a bit of a disco village disco up ahead and hear some music honking out Chevalier what about the music's like here when they see him squiggle it is a pretty sound enough . Giggles meows from England England England in London that man just arrived and looking for bus station master stand a new Miyama okay I'm watching music why mama music squiggle okay I'm here for puja I see. Okay okay okay Bonnie yeah Bonnie I yes the monastery making taking money to build monastery okay I see that makes sense okay cool okay. Hey nice to meet you sir see you'd like raising money bye-bye I'm liking the armor so far so far so good I heard some reports that in the armor the people this from people it been said that people not so friendly. Like in other countries and the government's there and they're always like the police always setting you put. Your camera where you can't peel miss you can't be on that a little bit of a police state mm-hmm but of course democracy of sorts came to me Armin not so. Long ago long sans souci was elected as the new prime minister or president prime minister probably hmm and so maybe things have changed hello collecting money for. Their temple I can give you some Indian money it's indian money I think Buddha doesn't care if it's Indian money or and so as I was saying democracy has come here and so I suppose has led to. Changes and maybe now things are more relaxed haven't even seen a policeman yet even on the border the border guard said sure I could film whatever. I wanted once I was across into an Burma so yeah interesting days ahead I. Think in Miyama so this is the first. I've seen a picture in the country of Aung San. Su Chi by minister and her father. Over here on Sam who is also a freedom fighter it's the National League for Democracy her party you support the party on Sam su Chi yeah you're a fan okay uh-huh I'm not gonna pretend I know anymore anything more about politics in Miyama there now hello guys but I know anything more than that about the. Army's politics but interesting to see her picture just a few years ago I'm sure her picture would have been banned throughout the country when she was on the house arrest because the military junta she was under house. Arrest for many many years Burma hi sorry even in my arm are they have just cows wandering around like in India I imagine in this border region with India's a lot of Hindu people living here as well mm hmm hmm and so there's probably some Hindu traditions being continued here I've seen a. Lot of churches I will say that I passed about three or four churches so far so there's obviously a lot of Christians here as well I see action up ahead buses and minibuses and all kinds. Of stuff hopefully a bank as well for this picture but that's what my Army's girls look like then it's gonna be a fun trip let's see this. Is definitely the bus station where is that Bank there's a bus here going to Yangon. The capital or as in England we still call it Rangoon for a little bit behind the time for these things Burma Rangoon Myanmar Yangon market down there oh there's lots to explore here but first a bank with no money I can't be much exploring well hello there there's not much I can do let's find one very. Thank thank thank thank thank that's right okay great thank you okay well this doesn't look very promising the bank looks firmly shut this is kbz. Bank there is an ATM I wonder I wonder close bang close thank is closed Oh money change no no this working open ATM open okay thank you okay let's see if my English bank. Card works you're not rich real cash. It's gonna charge me 6,500 continue by how much one it's a cow I want to take out. Oh gosh that's a good question so what's a hundred thousand then actually I meant for a hundred thousand receipt this transaction definitely I'm getting a hundred thousand squiggles out Wow take a long time to counted it thank you and thank you wow. It's a look at his money Wow what beautiful money which. Way up does it go I can't read squiggle I'll either look here 5,000 cats that's where it's cool here central back a Myanmar all right put that mop off yet and get the hell out of here I've just bought some decid. Aru some dragon light 4.2% tracking Bevis this is this is for the bus journey this is. Your shop are nice all these different things you can buy washing powder and whiskey and washing powder I like. The combination diversification I like you that's a big ball of old scotch whiskey I like it and this one super strong brew Diablo Wow died a blow 12 percent for export only Wow. Super strong brew I think I'm gonna be drinking how much is that below 1300 for. A jaunt Diablo ok next time ah thank you very much for. The change thank you ok speak English little bit bye bye very giggly I've. Got desiderio already oh I reached on a bus please get some and delayed the road to Mandalay as George Orwell once wrote I think I was it the rotor we can peer think he wrote something about Mandalay right Mandalay Mandalay. Yangon Yangon mandala mandala mandala mandala bas yes possible okay where this met a guy who speak Hindi here he said I can't drink my desiderio on the bus it's illegal how they gonna know I'm already a lawbreaker in this country 20 2002 Mandalay I don't have s cute or bad alright guys bye bye from squiggle town and am.


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