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The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes: Nicaragua is safe again - though its troubles remain  Telegraph.co.uk

The lifting of a Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) warning about travel to a given destination is generally a reason to be cheerful. In some cases, it is an ...

Fears rise in Nicaragua over new social security overhaul  The Seattle Times

MANAGUA, Nicaragua (AP) — Nicaraguans revolted last April when the government announced it was raising payroll taxes and cutting retirement benefits to ...

The Seattle Times
Nicaragua: Crisis and Depression, a Personal Experience  Havana Times

Illustration: Gabriel Benavente. “I was crying every day, I couldn't sleep, I had panic attacks, and I felt alone among millions of people.” By Ana Siu (Confidencial).

Havana Times
Nicaragua Crackdown Forces Residents To Make Hard Choices  NPR

The Central American country has been in turmoil since last April, when President Daniel Ortega launched a brutal crackdown on protesters and other ...

Nicaragua crisis takes an environmental toll with plunder of turtle eggs  Mongabay.com

Some 2,000 sea turtle nests were raided and at least six turtles killed in La Flor Wildlife Refuge on Nicaragua's Pacific coast during the summer of 2018, ...

Three Requirements for a Political Negotiation in Nicaragua  Havana Times

The Ortega-Murillo government fails to divide the Private Sector. By Ivan Olivares (Confidencial). HAVANA TIMES – Private sector sources informed Confidencial ...

Havana Times
First ever sports health centre opened in Nicaragua  FIFA.com

The Nicaraguan Football Federation (FENIFUT) had long realised the need for not only improving medical support to Los Pinoleros but actually establishing a ...

Analysis of Nicaragua's Paramilitary Arsenal - bellingcat  bellingcat

All times appear as local time UTC-6. Human rights organizations and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have, in recent years, become aware of ...

U.S., European Diplomats Urge Nicaragua's President To Speak With Opposition Groups  NPR

Top level U.S. and European diplomats are visiting Nicaragua urging its president to return to a national dialogue with opposition groups. The pleas come at a ...

The Deadly Arsenal Used by the Paramilitary in Nicaragua  Havana Times

Paramilitaries raising the FSLN flag after “liberating” Masaya. Photo published in the government website: el19digital.com. Bellingcat investigation detects the ...

Havana Times
Nicaragua bishops keep cajoling Ortega to dialogue with opposition  Crux: Covering all things Catholic

Nicaragua's Catholic bishops are urging the government of President Daniel Ortega to a dialogue with opposition leaders to resolve the country's political and ...

Crux: Covering all things Catholic
Nicaragua set for crisis talks to avoid expulsion from regional group  Financial Times

Under threat of international isolation, hurt by the loss of an ally and reeling from last year's protests, Nicaragua's veteran rebel leader Daniel Ortega is facing the ...

Financial Times
In Nicaragua, 2 Prominent Journalists Face Charges Of Terrorism In Attack On Press  NPR

Two journalists imprisoned in Nicaragua will hear the evidence against them in court Friday. The government says they fomented hate while reporting on ...

European parliament scolds Nicaragua over 'democratic crisis'  Reuters

MANAGUA (Reuters) - A European Parliament delegation on Saturday urged Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega to release political prisoners, permit the ...

Journalist flees Nicaragua but vows to continue reporting - ICIJ  International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

ICIJ member Carlos Fernando Chamorro has fled Nicaragua amid a series of escalating attacks against his newsroom by the Ortega regime.

International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
Nicaraguan Journalist Challenges Regime, and His Own Family's History  The Wall Street Journal

A leading Nicaraguan journalist is in exile, fighting an increasingly repressive regime, in an echo of his late father's story.

The Wall Street Journal
Nicaragua: The Story of an ex-Sandinista and Army Officer Accused of Treason  Havana Times

Maskiel Hernandez confirmed she was pregnant just one day after Roberto Cruz was arrested. Carlos Herrera /Niu. He grew up in the ranks of the Sandinista ...

Havana Times
Éric Toussaint talks about Nicaragua with Bill Fletcher on US radio  CADTM.org

On January, Friday the 18 th, Éric Toussaint was interviewed by Bill Fletcher for WPFW FM, a progressive Washington based radio station, about the current ...

Mothers of slain Nicaraguan students unite to seek justice  WPLG Local 10

The two mothers walked shoulder-to-shoulder ahead of a casket in the northern Nicaraguan city of Esteli, wailing in shared grief at the killings of their sons ...

WPLG Local 10
With Unrest at Home, Some Nicaraguans Flee to US  VOA News

After an exodus to Costa Rica, Nicaraguans are streaming to the United States in search of asylum or temporary protection after months of political unrest and ...

VOA News
Nicaraguan resistance group speaks out, refutes Nicaragua pointing finger at Costa Rica for attacks  The Tico Times

Four policemen dead. A bombing at a town hall. Nicaragua has blamed Costa Rica for a recent escalation in the country's ongoing conflict. Unrest in Nicaragua ...

The Tico Times
Without a voice at home, Nicaraguans ask Washington-based OAS for help  Crux: Covering all things Catholic

The Ortega administration, which has ruled Nicaragua for more than a decade, has been accused of using the country's judicial system to quash any significant ...

Crux: Covering all things Catholic
Nicaragua: Council adopts conclusions  EU News

The Council adopted conclusions on the situation in Nicaragua, where recent measures targeting civil society organisations and independent media aggravate ...

EU News
Council conclusions on Nicaragua (21 January 2019) - Nicaragua  ReliefWeb

Nicaragua: Council adopts conclusions. The Council adopted conclusions on the situation in Nicaragua. Since April 2018, demonstrations in Nicaragua have ...

Euro MP Describes Meetings in Nicaragua with Political Prisoners and Ortega  Havana Times

The testimony of Ana Gomes after taping the political prisoners at the La Esperanza women's prison. She was impressed by the strong state of mind of the ...

Havana Times
Top journo who fled Nicaragua says nation's press threatened  Miami Herald

One of Nicaragua's most prominent journalists says President Daniel Ortega is working to close any spaces of freedom in the Central American country.

Miami Herald
How California Student Anais Gonzalez Is Supporting Nicaragua's Uprising and Activists  TeenVogue.com

Anais Gonzalez, a California student, is shedding light on the uprising in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua utility outlines water, sewerage tenders  Business News Americas

Nicaragua's national water and sewerage utility Enacal is moving forward with tenders to carry out potable water and sewerage projects in .

Business News Americas
La Prensa publishes blank front page to protest Nicaraguan government  The Tico Times

La Prensa, Nicaragua's oldest newspaper, had a blank front page this Friday for the first time in its 93 years. The special front page was protesting the ...

The Tico Times
Nicaraguan doctor flees political turmoil after defying orders not to treat protesters, faces uncertain future  Orlando Sentinel

A Nicaraguan doctor seeking political asylum in Central Florida still has swelling under his left eye that he said came from a brutal beating by a paramilitary ...

Orlando Sentinel
Nicaraguan resistance group claims responsibility for police killings near Costa Rican border  The Tico Times

A Nicaraguan resistance group named “Los Atabales” has claimed responsibility for deadly attacks on Nicaraguan police officers near the border with Costa ...

The Tico Times
4 Nicaraguan police killed by gang near Costa Rica border  The State

Police in Nicaragua say four officers have been killed by members of a criminal gang in the country's south near the border with Costa Rica.

The State
Stephen Kessler | Lessons of the Nicaraguan revolution  Santa Cruz Sentinel

The only time I've ever been a political activist — and even then as a journalist and translator, not an organizer — was in the Central American solidarity ...

Santa Cruz Sentinel
El Cuá, Nicaragua: Community-Owned Hydropower Transforms Rural Economy  Resilience

Drinking water systems that capitalize on pristine mountain water resources tapped into for the hydro-electricity plant has access to clean drinking water.

'GLOW' Actress Shakira Barrera Shows Solidarity With Nicaragua With Her SAG Awards Outfit  Remezcla

When Shakira Barrera arrived on the red carpet for the Screen Actors Guild Awards, she came ready to make a powerful statement. The GLOW actress wore a ...

What's Happened to the Icons of Nicaragua's Civic Protests?  Havana Times

Left to right: Miriam Matute, known as dona Coquito; Flor Ramirez; and marathon runner Alex Vanegas. Photo: Carlos Herrera, Franklin Villavicencio / Niu.

Havana Times
Former President of Costa Rica and Former Vice President of Nicaragua to Speak at UT Austin  UT News | The University of Texas at Austin

WHAT: Luis Guillermo Solís, former president of Costa Rica, and Sergio Ramírez, former vice president of Nicaragua, will discuss challenges facing Central ...

UT News | The University of Texas at Austin
Nicaragua’s expanding crackdown  The Christian Science Monitor

Nine months ago, a harsh response to protesters first led to calls for President Daniel Ortega's resignation. As the crisis continues, thousands have fled the ...

The Christian Science Monitor
Owensboro native killed on Nicaraguan island | Local News  messenger-inquirer

An Owensboro native was killed on a Central American island along the Caribbean coast over the weekend, according to Nicaraguan media.

Nicaragua's Economic Collapse Has Already Begun  Havana Times

The flight of 28% of deposits, 30% of reserves have been lost, and credit contracted 13%. Government plans to increase taxes and contributions to social ...

Havana Times
Latin America Brown Bag: "The Nature of a Canal: Universalizing Nicaraguan Culture in the 1960s"  UMN News

Abstract: The 2013 Nicaraguan Canal Concession signals yet another shift in the history of the prospects of digging a canal through Nicaragua and Lake ...

UMN News
Resort Guide: Malibu Popoyo, Nicaragua  Surfline.com Surf News

Malibu Popoyo is an all-inclusive, eco-friendly, boutique surf resort and retreat center that caters to surfers, yogis and adventurous souls. Located beachfront in ...

Surfline.com Surf News
Nicaraguan Journalist Exiled In Miami Wins Prestigious Prize – And Vindication  WLRN

There is another political crisis raging in Latin America besides Venezuela. That's Nicaragua, where the authoritarian regime has all but criminalized.

Spartanburg Day School students Skype with Nicaraguan counterparts  Spartanburg Herald Journal

There was plenty of talk about sports and untried recipes and cultural differences between Latin America and the United States Wednesday morning as a group ...

Spartanburg Herald Journal
Nicaraguan Friends of Cuba Support Constitutional Referendum  Prensa Latina

Managua, Feb 14 (Prensa Latina) The Association of Friends of Cuba in Nicaragua expressed on Thursday through an extensive announcement its position of ...

Prensa Latina
With journalists jailed and activists in hiding, Nicaragua enters a new ‘reign of fear’  The Washington Post

President Daniel Ortega has shut down civic groups and news organizations critical of his government.

The Washington Post
In Nicaragua, Ortega Was on the Ropes. Now, He Has Protesters on the Run.  The New York Times

MANAGUA, Nicaragua — A life on the run was not one any of these Nicaraguans ever intended. But many people in this desperately poor Central American ...

The New York Times
Nicaragua in Crisis: What to Know  Council on Foreign Relations

Political and economic unrest in Nicaragua could stoke the flames in a region where insecurity has forced tens of thousands to flee in recent years.

Council on Foreign Relations
Nicaragua’s dangerous new attacks on the press  The Washington Post

DANIEL ORTEGA, Nicaragua's authoritarian president, is an old hand at repression, having first used it to self-serving effect in the 1980s as the firebrand ...

The Washington Post
Nicaraguan Supreme Court Justice Slams His Former Ally, President Ortega  The New York Times

The resignation of Rafael Solis, an ally of President Daniel Ortega since the 1970s, is seen as the highest-profile defection in Nicaragua's political crisis.

The New York Times
U.S. imposes sanctions on Nicaragua’s vice president, national security adviser  The Washington Post

The Treasury Department on Tuesday imposed sanctions on Nicaragua's vice president and its national security adviser, in the latest move to put pressure on ...

The Washington Post
‘I will continue to fight’: How Nicaraguan students are leading the push to oust Ortega  The Washington Post

MANAGUA, Nicaragua — Hector Saballos, a member of the underground student movement here, sits at a table in a safe house planning how to deliver rice, ...

The Washington Post
U.N. Sounds Alarm on Repression in Nicaragua  The New York Times

Extrajudicial killings, rape, torture and disappearances have created a climate of fear, leading thousands to flee the country, investigators say.

The New York Times
Nicaraguan police 'beat' journalists protesting at office raid  BBC News

Nicaraguan police are reported to have kicked and beaten several journalists who were protesting against raids on their offices. The journalists were outside a ...

BBC News
The Escalating Attack On Press Freedoms In Nicaragua  NPR

NPR's Scott Simon talks to Confidencial editor Carlos Fernando Chamorro about the Nicaraguan government's brutal crackdown on press freedoms.

Nicaraguan Supreme Court Justice Resigns in Protest  The New York Times

MEXICO CITY — A Nicaraguan Supreme Court justice has resigned with a scathing open letter to President Daniel Ortega, who faced down protests against his ...

The New York Times
Nicaragua's Deepening Crisis Will Send More Refugees Northward  Defense One

Political and economic unrest in Nicaragua could stoke the flames in a region where insecurity has forced tens of thousands to flee in recent years.

Defense One
‘They took my humanity’: Pro-government paramilitaries terrorize Nicaraguan protesters  The Washington Post

About 600 people have been captured by armed groups and have gone missing, according to one human rights group.

The Washington Post
Nicaragua: The other revolution betrayed  CADTM.org

The violent repression against demonstrators protesting brutal neoliberal policies, which resulted in more than 300 people being killed by regime (...)

One of Nicaragua's Most Wanted Refugees Plots His Comeback  OZY

Luis Sandino is at the vanguard of Nicaraguan refugees organizing against the regime from Costa Rica.

Universities 'held hostage' in Nicaragua's political crisis  Science Magazine

Intensifying oppression by President Daniel Ortega paralyzes higher education and research.

Science Magazine
‘There’s No Law’: Political Crisis Sends Nicaraguans Fleeing  The New York Times

MANAGUA, Nicaragua — There is always a line outside the main passport office, often with several hundred people or more clutching documents and manila ...

The New York Times
Marines withdraw from Nicaragua, Jan. 2, 1933  Politico

Beginning in 1904, President Theodore Roosevelt framed a “Big Stick” policy to advance U.S. interests and to restrict European influence in the Americas.

Nicaragua's Ortega pushes ahead with crackdowns on dissent  Fox News

In barely a week's time, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has cemented the authoritarian reputation of his government by shuttering the offices some of the ...

Fox News
Nicaragua Expels United Nations Team After Report Critical Of The Government  NPR

Nicaragua has kicked out a human rights team from the United Nations, just two days after it published a report detailing repression, torture and abuse of ...

Rights group: At least 10 shot dead in Nicaragua violence  USA TODAY

MANAGUA, Nicaragua – A Nicaraguan rights group says at least 10 people were shot dead as police and paramilitary groups attacked roadblocks set up by ...

Nicaragua police arrest demonstrators amid crackdown  BBC News

Human rights groups are calling for the release of dozens of people arrested during an anti-government protest in Nicaragua on Sunday. Police said that 38 ...

BBC News
23,000 Nicaraguans Have Fled to Costa Rica. 50 Fugitives Are Hiding Here.  The New York Times

At a secret safe house, protesters wanted by the Nicaraguan government hope their exile is brief. All want to return and renew their uprising against President ...

The New York Times
House OK’s bill to impose sanctions against Nicaraguan officials who violate human rights  USA TODAY

WASHINGTON – The House has sent President Donald Trump a bill that would approve new sanctions against the government of Nicaragua in response to a ...

Cathedral protests highlight Ortega's broken alliance with Nicaraguan church  The Guardian

Catholic church has provided sanctuary since the earliest days of the uprising in the country, in which hundreds have been killed.

The Guardian
Nicaragua strike brings country to standstill as crisis continues  The Guardian

Shops, banks and businesses across Nicaragua stayed closed on Friday in the latest 24-hour strike called by opposition leaders since protests against the ...

The Guardian
Acid attack on Nicaragua priest during confession  BBC News

Mario Guevara had just finished hearing confession when a woman threw acid in his face.

BBC News
Nicaragua crisis: The people caught in the middle  BBC News

Nicaragua is in crisis. During five months of anti-government protest and the government crackdown that followed, hundreds of people have been killed.

BBC News
Nicaragua accuses U.S. of financing international coup as OAS considers punishment  McClatchy Washington Bureau

The Nicaraguan Foreign Minister accused the United States of financing an attempted coup d'etat against the Ortega government as OAS threatens to suspend ...

McClatchy Washington Bureau
What is happening in Nicaragua  The Economist

DANIEL ORTEGA, the president of Nicaragua, was once lauded for ending over four decades of rule by the dictatorial Somoza family. Back in 1979 he was ...

The Economist
Nicaragua Lawmakers Block Operation of NGOs Critical of Ortega  Voice of America

Nicaraguan lawmakers on Thursday blocked five nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that had been critical of President Daniel Ortega from formally ...

Voice of America
Nicaragua Slashes Budget Because of Unrest  VOA News

Lawmakers adopt a 9.2 percent reduction of the 2018 budget, projecting $180 million less in spending to partly make up for a drop of $220 million in government ...

VOA News
From rebel to strongman: How Daniel Ortega became the thing he fought against  The Washington Post

MANAGUA, Nicaragua — Daniel Ortega was a young, victorious revolutionary in olive fatigues and oversize glasses when Jimmy Carter welcomed him to the ...

The Washington Post
Nicaragua: Revolution and restoration  Brookings Institution

Richard Feinberg outlines Nicaragua's history of civil strife and explains how the country might be able to escape from its latest crisis, brought about by a ...

Brookings Institution
Nicaraguan Migrants Fleeing Turmoil Test Costa Rica’s Good Will  New York Times

Tens of thousands are seeking asylum, shelter and work, posing a challenge to the government and society of Nicaragua's neighbor to the south.

New York Times
‘¡Las Sandinistas!’ Review: Women Remember Revolution in Nicaragua  The New York Times

The documentary “'¡Las Sandinistas!” compiles the reminiscences of women who fought with the Sandinistas, the revolutionary group in Nicaragua that toppled ...

The New York Times
This Nicaraguan journalist is still reporting in exile  PRI

Nicaraguan police raided one of the last remaining independent media outlets in the country in December 2018. The increasingly authoritarian government of ...

Nicaragua Clamping Down On Anti-Government Activity  NPR

More than two dozen protesters were arrested in the capital over the weekend. Authorities also pulled two human rights activists off a plane and detained one of ...

What Will Become of Nicaragua?  The Nation.

Civil unrest marks a crucial tipping point in the country's history of political revolution.

The Nation.
‘The people lost their fear’: How Nicaragua’s new revolution took shape  The Washington Post

Daniel Ortega faces the biggest challenge to his long rule in the Central American nation.

The Washington Post
Complicating the Narrative on Nicaragua  NACLA

Recent news coverage of the crisis in Nicaragua has sought to simplify a complex reality. The prevailing coverage lays the blame for the conflict on Nicaraguan ...

Nicaragua Clergy, Siding With Protesters, Becomes ‘Terrible Enemy’ of Ortega  The New York Times

The government “has declared war on the church,” said one opposition member. President Daniel Ortega responded that leaders in the church are part of the ...

The New York Times
Nicaragua deports reporter who covered anti-Ortega protests  The Guardian

Austrian-American Carl David Goette-Luciak had reported on unrest since April.

The Guardian
They fled violence in Nicaragua by the thousands. What awaits them in Costa Rica?  The Washington Post

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica — In a tree-shaded downtown plaza, in Central America's most peaceful nation, few could have predicted the angry mob. Hundreds of ...

The Washington Post
Political upheaval in Nicaragua leaves scientists under siege  Nature.com

Government's response to the protests has led to funding cuts for universities and the firing of faculty members.

Nicaragua issues new warning to protesters  Financial Times

Nicaragua will “not permit” a resurgence of the violence that erupted in April and that the government of President Daniel Ortega has branded an attempted coup ...

Financial Times
After months of protests, Nicaragua's government says life has 'normalized.' Many citizens say life is far from normal.  CNN

Since April, the Central American nation of Nicaragua has been a country in turmoil.

'We’re going to kill you': Nicaragua's brutal crackdown on press freedom  The Guardian

Journalists have been beaten, arrested, and robbed in the wake of the civil revolt that paralysed the country earlier in the year.

The Guardian
Nicaragua Expels Watchdog Investigating Violent Protests  Voice of America

Nicaragua on Wednesday expelled two missions of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) dedicated to investigating anti-government ...

Voice of America
Nicaragua’s ‘House of Cards’ stars another corrupt and powerful couple  The Herald-Sun

Nicaragua is a political stage where a real-life “House of Cards” is now in its second season. President Daniel Ortega and his wife and partner in crime, Vice ...

The Herald-Sun
Nicaragua crisis: Families march for 'political prisoners'  BBC News

Families of activists jailed during Nicaragua's anti-government protests have marched in the capital, Managua, to demand their release. Human rights groups ...

BBC News
Revealed: Ice teams up with Nicaragua even as US decries Ortega’s crackdown  The Guardian

White House condemns Daniel Ortega's 'indiscriminate violence' while countries join forces to deport Nicaraguans from US.

The Guardian
Migrant money could be keeping Nicaragua’s uprising alive  PRI

Migrants do not just change their home countries financially. They also influence the way local residents think.

U.S. compares Nicaragua to Syria, warns of potential regional crisis  Reuters

(Reuters) - The United States on Wednesday declared Nicaragua's civil unrest a threat to the region's security, saying government repression of protests risked ...

OAS Seeks to Activate Democratic Charter on Nicaragua  Voice of America

Costa Rica said Saturday it has received a request from the head of the Organization of American States to activate a process of invoking the Inter-American ...

Voice of America

Nicaragua Videos

Eurodiputado: “En Nicaragua estoy convencido que reina el terror\
Eurodiputado: “En Nicaragua estoy convencido que reina el terror\"
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Nicaragua Images

Esquipulas | Esquipulas, Matagalpa. Foto enviada por ...
Esquipulas | Esquipulas, Matagalpa. Foto enviada por ...
Michael Johns with Nicaraguan contras, Nicaragua-Honduras ...
Michael Johns with Nicaraguan contras, Nicaragua-Honduras ...
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Cerambycidae Species Details
Turnera ulmifolia L.
Turnera ulmifolia L.
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Mapas de Nicaragua: Mapa de Nicaragua con nombres
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Encyclia diota (Orchidaceae) image 35433 at ...
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Terremoto de Nicaragua de abril de 2014 - Wikipedia, la ...
RAOnline EDU: Wasserstrassen - Panamakanal (Panama)
RAOnline EDU: Wasserstrassen - Panamakanal (Panama)

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Nicaragua ( (listen); Spanish: [nikaˈɾaɣwa]), officially the Republic of Nicaragua (Spanish: República de Nicaragua ), is the largest country in the Central American isthmus, bordered by Honduras to the northwest, the Caribbean to the east, Costa Rica to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the southwest. Managua is the country's capital and largest city and is also the third-largest city in Central America, behind Tegucigalpa and Guatemala City. The multi-ethnic population of six million includes people of indigenous, European, African, and Asian heritage. The main language is Spanish. Indigenous tribes on the Mosquito Coast speak their own languages and English.Originally inhabited by various indigenous cultures since ancient times, the Spanish Empire conquered the region in the 16th century. Nicaragua gained independence from Spain in 1821. The Mosquito Coast followed a different historical path, with the English colonizing it in the 17th century and later coming under the British rule, as well as some minor Spanish interludes in the 19th century. It became an autonomous territory of Nicaragua in 1860 and the northernmost part of it was later transferred to Honduras in 1960. Since its independence, Nicaragua has undergone periods of political unrest, dictatorship, occupation and fiscal crisis, leading to the Nicaraguan Revolution of the 1960s and 1970s and the Contra War of the 1980s.The mixture of cultural traditions has generated substantial diversity in folklore, cuisine, music, and literature, particularly the latter given the literary contributions of Nicaraguan poets and writers, such as Rubén Darío. Known as the "land of lakes and volcanoes", Nicaragua is also home to the second-largest rainforest of the Americas. The country has set a goal of 90% renewable energy by the year 2020. The biological diversity, warm tropical climate and active volcanoes make Nicaragua an increasingly popular tourist destination.