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Air racing is a highly specialised type of motorsport that involves airplanes or other types of aircraft that compete over a fixed course, with the winner either returning the shortest time, the one to complete it with the most points, or to come closest to a previously estimated time.
The Reno Air Racing Association has been organizing the Reno National Championship Air Races for over 50 years. Taking place each year during the month of September, just north of Reno, the Reno Air Races have become a tradition for Northern Nevadan’s and an attraction for aviation enthusiasts from across the country.
The purpose of the Sport Class Air Racing Association is to highlight new and innovative work being done in high performance kit built race aircraft.
"Blueberry" is one of the top Formula V air racing airplanes. Built in 1978 by Ed C. Fisher of Painesville, Ohio, "Blueberry" is the oldest Formula V raceplane currently active on the circuit, and has flown in more Formula V air races than any other raceplane. It is always in the thick of the action and really stands out due to its distinctive color scheme.
Black Hex Series Drag Race Air Filters . The highest flowing Drag Race air filters you can buy! Over a year of development on the track and the dyno has culminated in the release of the most significant media technology ever created for high powered applications such as race cars, high demand street applications and those that utilize turbochargers, as well as diesel racing vehicles.
Air Filter/Cleaner Assemblies. Keep your hot rod running cleaner and longer with one of our many low-priced air filter assemblies. We feature the most-trusted names in automotive air cleaning, including Edelbrock, Moroso, Summit Racing, Mopar Performance, K&N, Proform Parts, Holley, and many more!
Wecome to Unleashed Air Racing, home of a Lancair Super 360 named Unleashed that races in the Reno Air Races.
Racing Beat offers our Ram Air Duct for use with the Racing Beat REVi Intake Kit on all 2004-2008 RX-8s. The inlet of this duct is positioned in the mouth opening of the Mazda RX-8 to allow cooler ambient air to be force-fed directly into the REVi intake tract, converting your intake into a true "cold-air" intake system!
The Reno Air Races, officially known as the National Championship Air Races, is a multi-day event tailored to the aviation community that takes place each September at the Reno Stead Airport a few miles north of Reno, Nevada. Air racing is billed as "the world's fastest motor sport" and Reno is one of the few remaining venues. The event includes races in 6 classes and demonstrations by airshow ...
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