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A wee bit scary! Stomach-churning footage shows a daredevil base-jumping off remote Scottish peaks  Daily Mail

Video footage shows thrill-seeker and former Royal Marine Commando Tim Howell falling at high speed and swooping over a number of snowy landscapes.

Daily Mail
Base jumper Tim Howell leaps from Ben Nevis  BBC News

The former Royal Marine Commando says years of experience go into preparing for a jump like this.

BBC News
Base jumper falls to his death in Italy after singing Happy Birthday to friend  NEWS.com.au

A British base jumper plunged 182 metres to his death off a mountain moments after he sang Happy Birthday to his friend. According to The Sun, Rob Haggarty, ...

The Lorax Project, climbing and base jumping in Tasmania  Planetmountain

The film The Lorax Project featuring Kamil Sustiak, Martin Buchauer, Lee Jackson, Pete Wyllie, Jared Irwin and Simon Blair as they embark on a unique ...

DDP YOGA $1 Million Challenge, PJ Black Talks BASE Jumping Accident, Stardom 8th Anniversary Results  Wrestling Inc.

Above is NWA Ten Pounds of Gold: Episode 47 featuring PJ Black's story about his BASE jumping accident in 2017 that nearly ended his career and life.

Wrestling Inc.
Three Golden Knights Injured In Parachute Accident Over Homestead Air Reserve Base  CBS Miami

Follow CBSMIAMI.COM: Facebook | Twitter. MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Three US Army Golden Knights were hurt in an overnight training exercise at the Homestead ...

CBS Miami
Why a trip to the top of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa was a let-down  South China Morning Post

Thousands of people visit United Arab Emirates' 2720-foot-high skyscraper every month since it opened in 2010, but ... , writes Harrison Jacobs.

South China Morning Post
WATCH: 2 people seen BASE jumping off crane in Midtown  Atlanta Journal Constitution

Cellphone video obtained by Channel 2 Action News appears to show two people BASE jumping off a cran...

Atlanta Journal Constitution
Three Army parachutists are injured after Mission Impossible-style HALO jump goes wrong  Daily Mail

Three members of US Army's demonstration and competition parachute team, the Golden Knights, were injured during a training exercise at Homestead Air ...

Daily Mail
Sajid Chougle: skydiver, BASE jumper, wingsuit flyer  Red Bull

Mumbai-based skydiver, BASE jumper and wingsuit flyer Sajid Chougle understands the risks of free falling to the earth, but a desire to live a great life is why he ...

Red Bull
Residents warned after man filmed BASE jumping off Humber Bay condo | Watch News Videos Online  Globalnews.ca

A man has earned notoriety after attempting a BASE jump from the top of a Humber Bay condo development on the west side of Toronto's waterfront.

Tribute paid to dead base-jumping father of two  BBC News

Mark Hart, a father-of-two from Sheffield, died during a base jump in Switzerland on Sunday.

BBC News
Toronto police warn against BASE jumping after video shows man in Santa hat leaping off condo  Global News

WATCH ABOVE: A man has earned notoriety after attempting a BASE jump from the top of a Humber Bay condo development on the west side of Toronto's ...

Global News
Bradley O’Neal | Moto BASE Jumping Pioneer  Transworld Motocross

Bradley O'Neal continues to push the boundaries of moto BASE jumping, and we chatted with him about his most recent leap in Caineville, Utah.

Transworld Motocross
Dominik Loyen: German base jumper dies in Portugal jump  BBC News

Dominik Loyen's parachute did not open during the 100m (330ft) base jump from a cliff in Nazaré.

BBC News
Swedish woman killed in Norway Base jumping accident  The Local Norway

A 30-year-old Swedish woman has died attempting a Base jump off Norway's 800m Katthammaren precipice.

The Local Norway
Police 'strongly discourage' BASE jumping after Toronto man leaps from Humber Bay highrise  CBC.ca

The forecast was bright, the winds were good — and for one Toronto man that meant BASE jumping from the top of a Humber Bay highrise on Christmas Day.

Reddit video appears to show person BASE jump from building in Midtown  11Alive.com WXIA

11Alive wanted to know if there was any surveillance video that captured the jump.

11Alive.com WXIA
Central Oregon athletes set New Year’s goals  Bend Bulletin

New Year's resolutions often involve a fitness goal, but for a few Central Oregon athletes those goals for 2019 are larger-than-life. Rarely do people pledge to ski ...

Bend Bulletin
Tales of unravelling minds: a neuropsychologist’s darkest days  The Guardian

Neuropsychologist AK Benjamin has written a funny, truthful and shocking book about his own struggles with drink and drugs as he tried to help his mentally ...

The Guardian
German thrill-seeker Dominik Loyen dies during BASE jump in Portugal  DW (English)

BASE jumper Dominik Loyen died after his parachute failed to open after his leap from a 100-meter cliff on the coast of Portugal. The German was a well-known ...

DW (English)
A BASE jumper who posted white-knuckle videos of his stunts online died after his parachute failed to open  INSIDER

German BASE jumper Dominik Loyen died when his parachute failed to open after he jumped off a 330-foot high cliff in Portugal.

BASE instincts: How safe is jumping off the Perrine Bridge?  Idaho State Journal

TWIN FALLS — It's a bird! It's a plane! It's an adventurer plummeting nearly 500 feet down into the Snake River Canyon!

Idaho State Journal
GRAPHIC VIDEO: Base jumper falls 300 feet to his death after parachute fails to open  Fox News

This is the sickening moment a thrill-seeker loses his life after his parachute fails to open in time and he crashes to the ground.

Fox News
Kiwi base-jumper killed in Switzerland was an adventurer from young age, says mum  Stuff.co.nz

Gwillym Hewetson climbed out of his cradle when he was seven months old and didn't stop pushing limits until his death while base-jumping last week at the ...

Dozens leap off hanging bridge in Sochi annual base jump festival  The Straits Times

SOCHI (REUTERS) - Dozens of base-jumping enthusiasts from different countries took part in an annual base-jumping festival in Sochi, Russia on Saturday (Oct ...

The Straits Times
Apparently, BASE Jumping Off A Flying Bike Is A Thing  RideApart

In the realm of stunts and adrenaline-inducing acts, moto BASE jumping is the latest addition. Watch this rider parachute off his motorcycle!

Thrill-seeker shares shocking video of base jump from London tower block  Evening Standard

A thrill-seeker has shared shocking footage of him base-jumping from a London tower block. British base jumper Sean Nolan posted a video on social media of ...

Evening Standard
Right This Minute: Extreme Sports Athlete Pushes Boundaries of Moto BASE Jumping  WKRG News 5

An extreme sports athlete keeps pushing the boundaries of Moto BASE jumping to the next level.

WKRG News 5
Toronto cops advise against base jumping after video goes viral  Toronto Sun

One man got his holiday jollies by base-jumping off an under-construction highrise in Etobicoke on Christmas Day.It was all caught on video and posted to social ...

Toronto Sun
Moray man takes part in base jumping world record attempt  Press and Journal

A Lossiemouth man who combined his love of photography with skydiving has snapped the moment the world record for base jumping was broken. Ewan Cowie ...

Press and Journal
Base jumper Dominik Loyen dies jumping off 330ft cliff after parachute fails to open in Portugal  The Independent

A celebrated German base jumper has died after his parachute failed to open during a jump from a cliff in Portugal. Dominik Loyen, who was known to post ...

The Independent
British BASE jumper dies in Switzerland's Lauterbrunnen area  The Local Switzerland

A British BASE jumper died on Sunday after he slammed into a cliff face during a jump near the village of Mürren in Switzerland's Bernese Oberland region.

The Local Switzerland
Man arrested after base jumping off crane in downtown  CBS 8 San Diego

A man wearing a parachute jumped from a crane in the East Village early Friday morning and was uninjured when he landed on a street several hundred feet ...

CBS 8 San Diego
Teenager Dies Attempting Base Jump With Homemade Parachute  Newsweek

His mother was watching the stunt and bystanders filmed on phones as the 15-year-old leapt to his death.

Dozens leap off bridge in Sochi annual base jump festival  Euronews English

Dozens of base jumping enthusiasts from different countries took part in an annual base jumping festival in Sochi, Russia.

Euronews English
“I Taught My Girlfriend to BASE Jump and It Terrifies Me”  Outside

My girlfriend and I met while she was going through a breakup. She wanted to learn BASE jumping, so I taught her before we started dating.

Sydney BASE jumping: Why idiot threw himself off Sydney crane  NEWS.com.au

POLICE say a 24-year-old French national could have killed himself and others by launching himself from a 250-metre crane in Sydney's CBD yesterday, but the ...

Kiwi man dies base-jumping in Switzerland  Stuff.co.nz

The 37-year-old New Zealander fell in rough terrain while wearing a wingsuit, Swiss police say.

Man BASE Jumps 29-Storeys To Get Milk In Hilarious Clip  LADbible

Is there anything more annoying than looking forward to making a brew only to find you've ran out of milk? Meaning you have to nip to the shop to fix your ...

American man killed in Base jumping accident in French Alps  The Local France

A 38-year-old American man was killed on Wednesday in a Base jumping accident in the French Alps.

The Local France
Base jumping, whip cracking and dog surfing: Sunday's best photos  The Guardian

Main image: A reveller cracking a bull whip on top of her ute at the annual Deni Ute Muster in Deniliquin. Photograph: Peter Parks/AFP/Getty Images. Sun 30 ...

The Guardian
British man is killed while base jumping in the Swiss Alps  Daily Mail

A British man has been killed base jumping in the Swiss Alps. The 38-year-old died on Wednesday afternoon practicing the extreme sport, also known as ...

Daily Mail
Deputies: Three BASE Jumpers Arrested near Foresthill Bridge  KTXL FOX 40 Sacramento

Three men were arrested Sunday after Placer County sheriff's deputies say they were seen BASE jumping from the Foresthill Bridge.

KTXL FOX 40 Sacramento
British man killed while trying 'double flip' base jump in Swiss Alps  Daily Mail

The British BASE jumper who died after crashing into the side of a Swiss cliff 'while attempting a double flip' has been named as a father-of-two from Sheffield.

Daily Mail
Hilarious moment a daredevil base jumps from a 29th floor balcony to 'fetch milk for his wife'  Daily Mail

Stephen Shipman, 54, filmed the sketch with a friend who played the part of his wife. The daredevil, from Dubai, sprung into action and jumped from a 29th floor ...

Daily Mail
This week in history: People BASE jumped off the Space Needle  Seattle PI

Though the new glassy remodel of the Space Needle may give you the feeling of falling, it's a lot different than the actual thing. Just ask the folks who jumped off ...

Seattle PI
The Five Highest Commercial Bungee Jumps Around The World  Boss Hunting

The phenomenon has taken over the world, but only a select few are worthy of the top spots, i.e. the highest bungee jumps on Earth in 2019.

Boss Hunting
Watch as daredevils recklessly base jump from Clifton Suspension Bridge  Bristol Post

They fall towards the Avon Gorge below for what feels like an eternity before releasing their parachutes.

Bristol Post
Sickening moment US adrenaline junkie crushes both legs after botched base jump  Daily Mail

WARNING: Distressing *content*. John Michael, from Texas, crushed both of his legs in a botched base jump attempt after unexpected winds. The jump took place ...

Daily Mail
British base jumper dies in the Alps after crashing into mountainside wearing wingsuit  Mirror.co.uk

The man, named locally as Robert Haggart, opened his parachute after jumping from Busazza mountain but hit a ledge less than 200 metres downstream.

Legendary Russian daredevil dies while base jumping from 22,000 feet in the Himalayas  Washington Post

Russian base jumper Valery Rozov was known in the realm of extreme sports as “the limitless man,” an internationally famous daredevil who could leap from the ...

Washington Post
Dover base jump HORROR: Witnesses reveal terror as thrill-seeker's parachute fails to open  Express

A MAN has fallen off from a cliff near Dover after his parachute failed to open, officials said.

Despite What You Saw on Facebook, You Can Not Base Jump the Mackinac Bridge  K1025

You may have seen a post floating around on Facebook promoting an event featuring base jumping from the Mackinac Bridge. Don't believe it.

Watch: Base jumping video from Burj Khalifa  Gulf News

Three base jumpers took off from Dubai's Burj Khalifa and the video is stunning.

Gulf News
Metro Exodus tips and tricks  Tech Advisor

We've compiled our top tips and tricks for gamers jumping into the post-apocalyptic world of Metro Exodus. By Lewis Painter | 18 mins ago. metro exodus world.

Tech Advisor
Footage released of Frenchman's Sydney CBD BASE jump  9news.com.au

Sweaty-palm inducing footage has been released of a French daredevil jumping from atop a crane and parachuting down to a Sydney CBD street. The GoPro ...

WATCH: Video shows Martin Tower BASE jump from January  lehighvalleylive.com

Demolition of ancillary buildings is underway in this Oct. 14, 2017, photo of Martin Tower, where asbestos remediation was also being done, according to the ...

Marco Milanese Tre Cime di Lavaredo triple free solo & BASE jumps  Planetmountain

Yesterday Marco Milanese free solo climbed Cima Piccola, Cima Ovest until half height and Cima Grande in the Dolomites before BASE jumping off all three of ...

Miles Daisher takes BASE Jump World Record  Red Bull

TWIN FALLS, Idaho – Around 10.40pm, on the longest day of the year, the last sliver of light finally disappeared over Idaho's Perrine Bridge. World-renowned ...

Red Bull
Minimum Wage Laws Destroy Our Economy  The Jewish Voice

The Socialist/Progressive/Lunatic legislators and governors of NJ & NY have set in motion a $15 per hour minimum wage base for their hard working ...

The Jewish Voice
Michael Jordan on Hornets fans’ restlessness, hosting All-Star Weekend, Kemba’s moment  Charlotte Observer

Charlotte Hornets: Amid All-Star Game prep, owner Michael Jordan gets it that the team's fans are restless and that the club has 'a lot of work to do.'

Charlotte Observer
BASE Jump World Record Video | Miles Daisher  Red Bull

Relive Miles Daisher's remarkable career as he attempts to reclaim the world record for most BASE jumps in 24 hours. Around 10:35 a.m. on June 21 — the ...

Red Bull
Base Jumping Into Big Waves Is Now A Sport  D'Marge

Some say the final step of a BASE jump feels like suicide. Paddling into a wave at Europe's premiere big-wave location—Nazaré—probably evokes something ...

When Padres became Manny Machado's 'mystery team'  New York Post

The Padres may not be the “mystery team” that was supposedly chasing Manny Machado. But they do qualify as a surprise to be involved with the superstar ...

New York Post
Computershare shares swell after it loads earnings guidance upgrade  The Australian

Share registry company Computershare has bumped up its full year 2019 earnings guidance, with interest rate increases in the US, Canada and the UK beefing ...

The Australian
How 7 Travel Photographers Get Their Perfect Shot  Thrillist

The top cameras, mobile apps, and everything in between to up your travel photography game.

Big Sur Bixby Bridge base jumpers caught on camera  KSBW The Central Coast

Big Sur base jumpers use a drone to catch their drop on camera in the no-fly-zone.

KSBW The Central Coast
Base jump terror: Emotional witness describes seeing man plunge from bridge  2GB

NSW Ambulance has confirmed it's responding to reports a man has base jumped off a Hume Highway bridge, south-west of Sydney. The incident happened at ...

Meet the father of BASE jumping  CNN

BASE jumping -- parachuting from cliffs, towers, skyscrapers and bridges -- started in the '70s with a man named Carl Boenish.

Base jumper, 27, whose parachute failed to open after cliff jump tells of horror as he fell  Daily Mail

Chad Smith has been identified as the 27-year-old base jumper who was filmed free falling when his parachute failed to open during a jump at St Margaret's Bay ...

Daily Mail
Archana Sardana is a sky diver and BASE jumper  Red Bull

The first Indian civilian woman to complete a BASE jump tells us why she has been attempting to defy gravity for over 20 years despite the several risks involved.

Red Bull
British Thrill-Seeker Dies Performing Base Jump in Italian Mountains  Al-Bawaba

A British thrill seeker has died while performing a base jump in the Italian mountains.The man, named locally as Robert Haggarty, 47, was killed instantly when ...

Men BASE jump from local cell tower, find police waiting for them  WXIA-TV

Two Georgia men were placed under arrest after jumping off a metro Atlanta cell phone tower earlier in January. Armed with parachutes and a GoPro camera, ...

BASE jumping: the life-or-death appeal of the world's most dangerous sport  Telegraph.co.uk

Last weekend, two prominent members of the BASE jumping community died after an accident in Yosemite National Park. Dean Potter, 43, and Graham Hunt, 29 ...

Caught on camera: Man jumps 500 feet from crane in San Diego, arrested by police at bottom  WSMV Nashville

A man was arrested in San Diego Friday after he jumped about 500 feet from the top of a crane and used a parachute to safely land on the ground.

WSMV Nashville
Cowboys News: Two Cowboys veterans most likely to be cap casualties  Blogging The Boys

The Dallas Cowboys veterans who are most likely to become salary cap casualties this offseason - Staff, SportsDay. It happens every year, some veterans are ...

Blogging The Boys
Deaths renew calls for national parks to rescind BASE jumping bans  High Country News

In October 1999, five people climbed El Capitan in Yosemite National Park to commit an act of civil disobedience: parachuting off the 3,000-foot-high granite cliff.

High Country News
Best trampolines 2019: Fun and exercise from £99  Expert Reviews

Read our guide to the best trampolines to buy for you and your family.

Expert Reviews
Fred Fugen & Vince Reffet: BASE jump into a plane video  Red Bull

Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet have completed an incredible stunt that saw them fly into the cabin of a plane as it flew over the Swiss Alps. Find out how they did it ...

Red Bull
How This Kindergarten Teacher Leveraged His Side-Hustle To Become a Pro BASE Jumper For RedBull  Forbes Now

Love your side-hustle more than your job? Learn how pro BASE Jumper Jokke Sommer went from being a Kindergarten teacher to making BASE jumping his ...

Forbes Now
Adventurers document climb and BASE jump from Tasmania's Frenchmans Cap  ABC News

Filmmaker and adventurer Pete Wyllie talked five of his friends into taking on and documenting a climb, and then a jump, from Frenchmans Cap.

ABC News
Base jumper may have taken off from West End building during fireworks  CTV News

Police in Vancouver are on the lookout for a daredevil who allegedly pulled off a dangerous stunt during the Celebration of Light finale this weekend.

CTV News
Highest BASE jump: Watch Rozov jump from 7,700m  Red Bull

There are people who like the comfort of their living room – and then there are people who just can't help but break world records, over and over again.

Red Bull
Wingsuit Pilots BASE Jump Into Flying Plane Video  Red Bull

Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet perform an incredible stunt that saw them land in the cabin of a plane as it flew over the Swiss Alps.

Red Bull
Keeping up with New York’s micro-trends  Financial Times

Whether it's cauliflowers, The Class or chin jobs, no other city is so mad for fads.

Financial Times
Two Minutes of BASE Jumping in Switzerland  Outside Magazine

From filmmakers Clair and August Popkin, BASE Jumping Switzerland brings you into the mind of ex-military parachutist Jon Szylobryt. He quickly fell in love ...

Outside Magazine
Steph Curry’s Game Is More Than Just His Shot  The Ringer

Steph Curry's stroke changed the game of basketball, but his ability to turn weakness into strength has vaulted him up the list of the greatest players of all time.

The Ringer
The Trick to Getting BASE-Jumping Insurance? Be American.  Outside

Many travel insurance providers don't cover the deadly sport of wingsuiting. But the case of one American man whose $161 plan covered the $175000 cost of ...

Workout review: Flow and Fly yoga in Longmont helps perfect peak posture  Boulder Daily Camera

Flow and Fly is yoga that works towards a more advanced move, also called a peak pose.

Boulder Daily Camera
Northwestern Corp. (NWE) CEO Bob Rowe on Q4 2018 Results - Earnings Call Transcript  Seeking Alpha

Northwestern Corp. (NYSE:NWE) Q4 2018 Earnings Conference Call February 12, 2019 15:30 ET Company Participants Travis Meyer - Investor Relations Bob ...

Seeking Alpha
Base jumpers die in Switzerland  The Guardian

Swiss police investigate deaths of Briton and Italian who crashed into cliffs while Base jumping in Alps.

The Guardian
He leaps off Yosemite cliffs, knowing it’s illegal. Can his court case make BASE jumping legit?  Fresno Bee

Austin Carey says he loves to leap from Yosemite National Park's towering granite cliffs. Even a near-deadly plunge in 2015 hasn't stopped him from being a ...

Fresno Bee
Saving BASE Jumping's Most Famous Party  Outside

On the 40th anniversary of its namesake, Bridge Day is swinging back from a decrease in jumpers and leadership changes.

Flight Deal: 2-for-1 Tickets on Emirates to Athens, Milan, and More  Condé Nast Traveler

This year, airlines are really pulling out all the stops when it comes to Valentine's Day sales. All-business class airline La Compagnie is offering a $2,500 ...

Condé Nast Traveler
Video: New BASE-Jumping Record Set on the World's 6th Highest Peak  Outside Magazine

On October 5, Red Bull athlete Valery Rozov looked over the edge (at 7700 meters above sea level) and prepared to break the world record for the highest ...

Outside Magazine
Alexander Polli, Wingsuit and BASE Jumping Pioneer, Dies in Crash  NBCNews.com

Legendary skydiver and BASE jumping trailblazer Alexander Polli has died following a wingsuit crash in the French Alps, authorities told NBC News. He was 31.

Apex Legends Breaks 25 Million Players in First Week  Mammoth Gamers

Apex Legends has taken the video game world by storm and has even beaten Fortnite's record in blowing up. With over 25 million players, everyone is jumping ...

Mammoth Gamers
Meet the Mayor of Norway's Secret BASE Jumping Hangout  Outside

I made my first trip to Norway this spring to document the quieter side of BASE jumping. So much of the imagery I had seen was this wide angle, GoPro-style ...

VIDEO: Norway base jumpers somersault off Kjerag mountain  The Local Norway

Breathtaking drone and GoPro video of base jumpers leaping from the edge of Norway's Kjerag mountain has gone viral, with almost 30 million views in the ...

The Local Norway

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